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  • Did President Obama Attend the Alliance of Civilizations Forum or Not?

    Over the past month, the press in predominantly Muslim countries was abuzz that President Barack Obama was scheduled to attend the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum during his recent visit to Turkey. The AoC is an attempt by the U.N. to quell perceived tensions between Muslim and Western nations by promoting “dialogue” – an interesting word choice for what is, in effect, a one way conversation.

    The base document for the Alliance of Civilizations focuses on the supposed failings of Western countries while largely ignoring the faults of Muslim nations. For instance, little attention is paid by the AoC to overcome serious discrimination against and intolerance of Judaism, Christianity and minority Muslim sects in predominantly Muslim countries. As noted in an article in today’s Wall Street Journal,

    … the experience of Arab Christians living now amid majority Islamic populations is often repression, arrest, imprisonment and death. Coptic Christians in Egypt have been singled out for discrimination and persecution. Muslim rioters often burn or vandalize their churches and shops…. In 1995, the Saudis were allowed to build a mosque in Rome near the Vatican, but never reciprocated with a Christian church in their country. Saudi Arabia even forbids private worship at home for some one million

    The AoC also endorses the idea of constraining freedom of media, speech, and expression in order to combat “Islamophobia.” This is an agenda similar to the effort by the Organization of the Islamic Conference in the Human Rights Council and the U.N. General Assembly to prohibit “defamation of religion” by establishing an international ban on any speech or means of expression that could be seen to insult, criticize, offend, or disparage a person’s religion. The U.S. has rightly opposed the defamation of religions effort.

    Rather than attending a U.N. talkfest designed to constrain freedom of speech, perhaps President Obama could spend his time in the region more constructively.

    And maybe “conservative commentators” did persuade the President not to go. Or did they? It’s hard to say. Some media sources indicate that the President did not attend, others indicate that he did, still others indicate that he did not attend but did meet with foreign dignitaries on “margins of tonight’s Alliance of Civilizations dinner.” To clear things up, we contacted the White House scheduling office several times, but was told that they did not know. The White House media office did not answer our query. The AoC office in New York refused to confirm his attendance on the record.

    What harm could be done by confirming or denying the President’s attendance at the AoC? Perhaps he did not want to be associated with the forum? Or with some of the attendees? Whatever the reason, it is not a shining moment for the “most transparent administration in history”.

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    22 Responses to Did President Obama Attend the Alliance of Civilizations Forum or Not?

    1. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      Probably the same reason he will not let anyone see his birth certificate. Bill Clinton might have had the worst qualities of an American, but he was still American. obama is the first president that is Un-American. Words are cheap. Judge him on his actions. His first 40 days made the founding fathers roll over in their graves. Karl Marx has put on a cheerleading outfit. Cuba's slave-leader feels comfortable enough to try to get sanctions lifted. Hmmmmm. Our media is a joke. What does the world think? They are our best judge of obama. They love him. When a killer loves someone, would you?! You would at least step back and take a long look at them.

    2. James Young,China says:

      It's all deceived.Green economic is just a metrozal a special access to economic crumble.

    3. Sally Vose, Bath, Ma says:

      Just one more example of his muslim faith and his anti-American views. I can't imagine why so many true Americans have turned their backs on this great country. Maybe they aren't "true Americans". Even though main street America is being duped by the lamestream media, our congressional members must be able to see what is happeing.

    4. NEAL RASMUSSEN says:

      Some transparantcy huh!

    5. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I really don't know if Obama went or not. If it was bad for America-he went.


    6. Eileen says:

      Transparency? I was just hoping for the truth and it seems to be in hibernation in this administration. This will be the longest 4 years we've ever had. It will take years to fix all the damage this jerk and his wrecking crew has done to our beloved Country. Not unless the Taliban or al-Qaeda makes their feelings known about the distasteful Americans and their Jewish loving President. Two things could happen, Obama will betray Israel’s trust in the Middle East and that these two radical groups believe that Obama was once a Muslim and has now changed to a Christian. Muslim’s take their religion very seriously and they punish those who leave their Religion, some are tortured, maimed or kill to get the impact of their statements.

    7. Evelyn S , Los Angel says:

      The White House tried to cover up the bow that Obama made to the Saudi Arabian officials, denying it was a bow; yet clearly it was a bow. Now, the White House is not transparent with truth about the President and his attendance at the Islamic Conference? And, all the media attention on the President's trip has stirred away from Nam's involvement in Chicago with the Senate seat! And, I just wonder if our Congressional members are also duped – or just trying to cover themselves? Or, are they so close they do not even see the shame. – What is wrong with these people? And what is wrong with the American's that 'just do not see it!!?? I see and listen to Hannity, and the entire Fox cast,(and I also listen for comparative purposes to CNN and MSNBC); and am worried that Hannity, especially, with his fervor and passion for the Right, will get sick. Noone feels so strongly and I thank and love him for that. For his strength and courage permeates us all…I thank Fox and Hannity and Bill, and Laura, ANd Greta, and Glenn; and pray for all. Maybe Glenn Beck's monologue to Easter last evening will come true – hopefully. Evil just cannot outweigh Good. God is with us.

    8. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Beware of the Government Media Complex; Remeber the propaganda that surrounded Josef Stalin; and the German media loved Hitler; and the Italian media loved Mussolini. We are approaching the point where the freedom of Speech will be censored and we will not be allowed to defend ourselves against a tyranical government. It will all be done for the "good of the People" and the survival of the STATE.

    9. Barb -mn says:

      His transparency is his cover-ups. Pretty transparent isn't it?

      Evil can't outweigh good. The followers of Jesus will be blessed regardless. Endurance is a blessing and what keeps the strength. Honesty is #1 and very important. The good live by and stand for it. Evil will continue to indoctrinate but not without exposure along the way. It will be up to us to spread the truth. Pray for the weak to gain strength and accept the truth…

    10. Violet,Nazareth,Pa. says:

      re our true love for our country,while we can
      As Glenn Beck says”There are more of us than there are of them”
      if we will just unite,we will take our country Back
      Go to The912project.com and express yourself!!

    11. Violet,Nazareth,Pa. says:

      “There are more of us than there are of them”-as Glenn Beck says.
      it`s a good time to say what you mean and mean what you say!
      Go to The912Project and join others in expressing yourself
      Join others,also go to-
      and join others who love our country!

    12. duelles, Santa Fe, N says:

      unfortunately 'W' also made the bow mistake – please chastise me if I recall wrongly. Never-the-less BHO makes me ill. I cringe when listening to the progressives here in Santa Fe and decided that I will only interject truth into their lives when they ask what I think. Then they get a face full

    13. thedsealest says:

      I would just like to take time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

    14. winstoneackm says:

      This is just bullshit.





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