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  • Understanding the Crisis: Is More Spending the Answer?


    Stop Spending Our Future.

    Posted in Ongoing Priorities [slideshow_deploy]

    11 Responses to Understanding the Crisis: Is More Spending the Answer?

    1. Jules, Missouri says:

      If I tried to spend my way out of debt, I'd be living on the streets. What makes the politicians think they can spend their way out of the current "recession" ? I suppose it has something to do with being able to print more money when they want to.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Urban Economics – keep spending and running up the credit until the bills stop coming in.

    3. Michelle, MO says:

      This is and should be a total outrage to all. Either our government has completely lost it's mind, or they have a very obvious agenda, to destroy America as we know it. There are enough people advising them with some degree of common sense to know that this kind of spending will not work. NOTHING GOOD can come from it, and the little they promise is only temporal.

    4. Tami,Nashville says:

      Many such things as these took place prior to the overthrow of King George's regime in the colonies. I say that we ban together and overthrow these tyrants that are not representing the real government of the US…the people. I call all of us together to not only come together at the Tea Parties around the country, but that we come together and throw them the heck out of DC and our state capitals!!! This man who claims to be our president and his administration and this Congress are running roughshod over our Constitution and our rights! They mean to destroy our laws and our country! I want him and all like him out of our government! People! Wake up! Move to get them out of our government now before it is too late! My family is being destroyed financially. There must be some way we can impeach the lot of them and try them for crimes against the Constitution and the American people!

    5. Jerome Zacny says:

      Spending your way out of debt is like drinking your way out of alcholism. Mr. Obama and his advisors think this is a good strategy.

      With millions of Americans unemployed and millions more afraid of unemployment, our President and his economic mavens are encouraging us to spend more, even if that means running up credit cards. When the bills, and Mr. Obama's new tax increases come along, where will the money come from to pay for this spending? Will those of left with jobs then be asked to pay for the spending of others through another bailout? Of course this is a rhetorical question; the answer is yes.

      This insanity must stop.

    6. Bob Potter okc says:

      At age 78 I experienced standing in church soup lines and was glad to be fed, and came away with the feeling someone cared here in OKC, and as time passed we all recovered and went on to experience the american dream of patriotism and pride of country.

      Now we have a leader who smiles a lot and wants to be liked and says he is sorry for things that he never saw only read about and talks constantly about his tax plan, He like so many in that line of work see the only avenue to recovery is with other peoples money given to thoes who choose only to set with their hand out and cry about how wrong they have been treated. My Mother an irish immigraint child during the 1906 califorinia earth quake was not allowded for years to enter parts of San Francisco Signs said "Micks stay out" But she got up and slugged it out with life and became a nurse and led a prodcctive life for 68 years Despite getting her feelings hurt, you can cry only so long then you either sit or Move, We are inindated with professional sitters and led by leaders of but one interest" RE ELECTION at all costs even their self respect!

    7. Katie, Nashville TN says:

      What an awesome video. And to put it on you tube….BRILLIANT!!!

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    9. Bruce, North Dakota says:

      Obama spending us out of this crisis is like an alcholic drinking his way out of alcholism, obese person eating their way out of the excess weight, pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out, digging ourselves out of hole by going down. bailing out a boat by putting water form the back of the boat into the front. But Obama knows this, he also know that the media is at his beck and call, so he spends, they justify it, and when the economy turns around on its own or in spite of his reckless spending, he will claim credit.

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