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  • Americans Support Protecting a Doctor's Right

    On March 9, 2009, the Obama Administration proposed to rescind a regulation that protects the conscience rights of health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, and medical students.

    Today, Freedom2Care released a polling company poll showing that 63% of all Americans, and even 56% of adults who said they voted for President Barack Obama, say they support the old conscience protection rule.

    Next respondents were asked:

    Earlier this month, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services introduced a rule change that would effectively eliminate the two-month-old conscience protection. This could mean that doctors and other medical professionals could be coerced to participate in medical procedures to which they object on moral or religious grounds.

    By a 2-to-1 margin (62% vs 30%), respondents opposed the rescission of the conscience protection rule.

    Federal law requires the Obama Administration to solicit comments from the American people and substantively respond to them before any regulation can attain the force of law. You can contact the Department of Health and Human Services and let them know how you feel about Obama’s destruction of the conscience clause here at A Doctor’s Right.

    You have until midnight  April 9, to have your voice heard.

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    15 Responses to Americans Support Protecting a Doctor's Right

    1. william boyer cincin says:

      Doctors should not be coerced to participate in medical procedures they do not approve of. I believe that the same thing was tried in Nazi Germany, was it not?

    2. Richard, Ogden, UT says:

      Doctors and health care workers must have the right to choose if they want to perform and abortion. To compell them would be tyranny in the extreme.

    3. Woodie Massey , Bast says:

      This is an open assault on ones beliefs and freedoms of each individual established by "OUR" original Constitution. Leave it as it is. Moral and religious issues in medical circumstances should be determined by the Medical profession and not the Government.

    4. Roby Bass, Midlothia says:

      STRONGLY opposed to our administration/government telling doctors what they cannot be opposed to!

    5. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Looking back at our history with the health community, it has always appeared to me and mine that segments of the religious community have protested doctors and pharmacists who wanted to care for women's reproductive needs….not the other way around. So allowing the free and protected medical community to have their own

      educated way would be a real boon to everybody…from contraception, life of the pregnant mothers, and stem cell research, just to name a few. Most recently the protesters marching in front of pharmacies in Texas because they are against contraception items is burned vividly in my memory. Really scary, in fact.

      So I see nothing but justice for all by allowing

      freedom to those who should know best….our medical community as a whole. Never could imagine it any other way.

    6. Glenn Steiding Pinol says:

      Do they make Muslims handle Pork, No! Is the reason because of Religious Conviction, Yes! They don't make Muslims do anything they say is a Religious Conviction. You can beat and abuse your wife to maintain her lesser status as as a Human Being. You can kill your daughter for the sake of Honer. They proclaim Hate and Superiority over Jews and Christians, (Infidels) because that's their Religious responsibility. You don't hear of Muslim Gay Bars or of Muslims being forced to tolerate people with a different sexual choice, Oh No! If you're a Christian or a Jew you will be charged with a hate crime for living by or believing in the Bible's Scriptures. If you have any Religious Convictions as a Christian or Jew you will have to keep them to yourself or go to jail. I would say all of this to my Mother at the Dinner Table because she believes as most normal Americans do, that a Doctor has a right to his or her Convictions.

    7. Mark Anderson Terrel says:

      Please, please, please do not rescind this conscience protection rule. It is the very foundation of medical practice and even our society as a whole to have the freedom to act within what our conscience dictates.

    8. NEAL RASMUSSEN says:


    9. ed,N.J says:

      what happened to freeeeeedom

    10. James ALberti says:

      The rights to moral and religious freedoms should at all times be protected. If prisoners are allowed to practice freedom of religion or life style choices, shouldn't doctors be given the same moral and religious rights in their practices.

    11. Leonor Vander Pluym, says:

      All medical professionals have always had the prerogative to refuse to perform a procedure if it went against their moral values or felt that it was harmful to the patient. As a long term R.N. I would leave the profession before being forced to perform a procedure against my will. With the shortage of qualified medical professionals that now exists, I find it unwise, to allow such a medical ruling to become law. It may be a large factor in whether or not person would chose medicine for an occupation.

    12. Barb -mn says:

      Any changes imposed by the government and on the rights of doctors, is to undermine the laws and beliefs of Christianity.

    13. Joe McCann, Converse says:

      This is an outright highjacking of one of the most basic freedoms in America – freedom of choice. No one should be coerced into doing anything!

    14. John in Virginia says:

      Do we force military consciencious objectors to fight–NO.

      Do we believe soldiers should disregard their conscience and follow all orders blindly–NO.

      I believe the liberals would go crazy if either of these long standing beliefs were to be overturned.

      So why, when it comes to murdering the unborn, do liberals think they can dictate to physicians and other medical personel that they must have no conscience.

    15. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      My Doctor is the only Person who can sway my vote

      for My Treatment! Will Congress give away their Medical Care?

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