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  • The Obama Assault on Sovereignty

    G20 leaders Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz (first row L), Chinese President Hu Jintao (first row R), (second row from L to R) US President Barack Obama, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) Meles Zenawi pose for a family photo during the G20 summit at the ExCel centre, in east London, on April 2, 2009.

    President Obama’s trip to Europe has been revealing. Many people had high hopes that Obama may turn out to be a closet moderate. After all, his position on Afghanistan wasn’t all that bad, some said. Unfortunately, the picture is now clearer; his statements and actions in Europe show just how unrealistic those hopes were.

    Consider what Obama did in Europe:

    1. The day after North Korea launched a missile that someday may be capable of delivering a nuclear weapon against the United States, who did he put in the nuclear dock with North Korea? The United States! Obama’s speech on banning all nuclear weapons and testing implied that the U.S. is as much a part of the nuclear problem as North Korea. Why else focus on a global ban of nukes and testing that could affect us adversely but would not affect North Korea at all? Yes, he condemned the North Korea launch, but he completely muddled the message.

    2. After getting roundly rebuffed by Europeans at the G-20 meeting for pressing them to increase their bailouts as he had done, he agreed to commitments that are as irrelevant to the global financial crisis as they are dangerous to our future prosperity. Worse, the promise to subordinate the pay and practices of America’s financial institutions to the political whims of ‘corporate social responsibility’ and a new international regulatory board strikes a blow at our economic freedom and political sovereignty.

    3. He called for new nuclear arms agreement with the Russians that will be negotiated under the pressure of a political deadline. Russia will undoubtedly use these talks to minimize any adverse U.S.reaction to its bullying of Georgia and other countries that it deems to be in its sphere of influence. That’s called “linkage” by diplomats, which in this case will “link” our desire to continue the talks to Moscow’s commitment to destroying Georgia’s independence.

    4. On French soil, he accused the United States of America of “arrogance” (yes, that was in France), and he called for a “collective action” that essentially demotes America as a world power. Obama relegates America to the status of a second-rate power—think of us as the chairman of the board of international consensus.

    5. Again, on French soil, he accused America of torturing people, which produced rapturous applause from his French audience. They sat mute when he bemoaned European anti-Americanism and said the war in Afghanistan must be won.

    6. He turned his personal popularity, which should have been a U.S. asset, into a cruel liability for U.S. interests. He got precious little from the Europeans on Afghanistan—essentially trainers, most of whom will be based there only temporarily—and he was rebuffed (thank goodness) on his main agenda item, more stimulus spending. Because his popularity in Europe is based on the premise that he will deliver European priorities, he ended up giving European governments’ all the political space they needed to prevail on their agenda (which actually is Obama’s agenda, too). What should have been American priorities–protecting Americans from missile attack or getting lots of European combat troops in Afghanistan—were not even taken seriously by the Europeans, much less honored. Obama’s wink and nodding that it was all Bush’s (read: America’s) fault strengthened the political hand of the Europeans in ways they could not have dreamed of..

    7. And, at the very time he was crisscrossing Europe pretending to be the first European president of the United States, his defense budget cuts were announced. They include a $5 billion cut to the military’s modernization programs, and a near 17 percent cut in the budget for missile defense—just two days after North Korea launched its long-range missile. Why is national security the only area of the budget in which he shows fiscal restraint? Combined with his abdication of American leadership at the G-20 and NATO summits, this weakening of American military power heavily implies that Obama has consciously accepted the idea that America is and should be a declining military power.

    A lot of people said “give Obama a chance to show what he can do.” He did that in spades in Europe. He’s showing himself unconcerned not only about safeguarding American sovereignty, but about defending American interests and security. This was a sad week for the United States of America.

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    61 Responses to The Obama Assault on Sovereignty

    1. Jordan,Salt Lake Cit says:

      Honestly, every day I am surprised by the more radical ideas that come from Obama's camp. It is unbelievable to me that even our own wonderful MSM lets him get away with it.I love what Heritage does with the posts and briefs which provide facts and figures to support those of us in the Conservative movement. Thank you for this post, it made great material for tweeting/blogging; helping to get the truth out.

    2. Washington, Arizona says:

      What a bunch of hogwash, Are you guys on the right really hell bent on stupidity?

    3. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      The 'arrogance' of which Obama was speaking in France, may turn out to be his own. President Obama expects Europeans to follow his lead – even if it leads nowhere. Mssr. Sarkozy apparently had enough of this. In the end, Obama gave some great speeches and held a town hall meeting. He accomplished little.

    4. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      The 'arrogance' of which Obama was speaking in France, may turn out to be his own. President Obama expects Europeans to follow his lead – even if it leads nowhere. Mssr. Sarkozy apparently had enough of this. In the end, Obama gave some great speeches and held a town hall meeting. He accomplished little.


    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Remember the saying "… a photo is worth a thousand words". Compare the facial expressions of Prince Saud and Obama. Such images don't need translation. Clever choice of pictorial.

    6. marcy pompano beach says:

      and to think that less than half the nation is aware of our presidents agenda…. it's beyond sad…..seems like so few care

    7. sherry Burleson says:

      This should be no surprize to anyone if they had followed his actions (not words) from the beginning of his presidency. He addressed our "enemies" shortly after being sworn in. He has insulted almost everyone in America except the Muslims.

      He has given hope to our enemies that we will be easy to push around. He has tried to make something of the UN. This is the most ineffectual group of people in the world. Not to mention they care less about doing anything for the US.

      He is not working for socialism as most people believe. He either wants to be dictator or he plans on giving our country to the Muslims.

      We should try him for treason for giving our enemies succor and protection. The only thing he does well is speeches.

      The media is going to be responsible for the failure of this country if the media doesn't become aware of this man's plans.

    8. Israel, Chicago IL says:

      Kim. Thank you for your very well written article about Obama's little trip overseas. I agree that we he has shown his "true colors" by bashing former President Bush and the USA. He actually even seemed to be more comfortable alongside all his socialist pals. I'm sure all his radical pals he hung around with while he was busy "finding himself" must have been mighty proud of their buddy.

      This truly has been a very, very sad week for American's. I have watched this trip and could not believe what my eyes and ears have seen and heard! Never in my life would I have expected a president of the greatest country on the face of this earth apologize for all our sacrifices and the help we have given to the Europeans in particular. What a blemish on the American people. As though he and his administration have not done enough damage while here on American soil!

    9. MARK, TENN. says:

      Obama is not even a US citizen so why should he care about the United States of America. This country was built on beleiving in god and the bible. He is not a god fearing man are he wouldn't be doing the things he is doing. If you you go against god you will loose. The people voted for him, I did not. We need to get him out of office as soon as posible or I beleive we are headed for trouble. The republican party which I beleive in needs to start working hard towards 2010. We need to get the White house back as soon as posible.

    10. Don, Texas says:

      Barack Obama…the price of ignorance!

    11. Engineer, Mississipp says:

      This trip was no different than the one he took to Germany last summer while campaigning and had the audacity to want to speak where Reagan spoke and equally audacious to appologize for Americans to a country that fostered two world wars and killed millions of Jews. Interestingly he used Barack Hussein Obama overseas and yet does not allow it to be used in America. This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    12. Richard, Ogden, UT says:

      Hopefully Americans will wake up and conservatives will in 2010 will put in a congress that will start to check some of this radical goings on.

    13. ame, PA says:

      Obama's "European" remarks concerning our nation demonstrated such ignorance on his part of the sacrifice of the USA and her military persons who gave their lives for Europe's freedom and who have also died protecting and defending Muslims. Michelle shows the same ignorance when she says clueless things such as: Just like most Americans, I didn't pay much attention to military families and what they do. EXCUSE ME!!!

      The Obamas smack of foolishness – real ignorance – about our nation and are an embarrassment.

      Europe owes the USA big time, but apparently all Obama wants to do is shame the USA, a country about which he and his wife are clueless. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT OBAMA AND MICHELLE, not about the greatest nation on the face of the earth to whom they OWE everything. Their empty sense of what America is all about is symbolized by the trashy, meaningless gifts they gave to Brown and Queen Elizabeth – The Obama's, who have done NOTHING for the USA but take from her, are as common as their "gifts," which reflect the most mundane pretensions of our culture and symbolize the Obamas perfectly…mundane,self-centered, puerile … total absence of appreciation and knowledge of the arts of our country, much less elegance, quality, and taste. As if the gifts weren't humiliating enough, Americans have to again be belittled by Obama's fluff and puff People Magazine soundbite speeches – mere noise blown out of Obama's elitist nose in the air, laughable for the seriousness he thinks they convey and that degrade Americans and our beloved country.

      Obama is a walking, talking false ego of arrogant superiority – Europe should have kept him because that's where he belongs. The USA is in dangerous times and voters have elected Obama simply as an Affirmative Action concession – as a "I am an opened minded (elitist idiot)" surrender to the "race and guilt" card played by the Democrats and the "media," – and by doing so have put the USA on a course to fascism, statism, and destruction of capitalism and individual rights. Obama believes our Constitution is a list of negative rights for pity sake! Fewer than four years of the Obama circus to go, but the cleanup after the animals have left the tent will be enormous.

      The article – Barack Obama really does go on a bit –

      (Posted By: Iain Martin at Apr 5, 2009)

      states the obvious:

      Isn't it time for him to go home yet? … his long stay means that we are hearing rather a lot from him, way too much in fact.

      His speeches …[leave] a faintly empty sensation in this listener …. am I alone in finding him increasingly to be something of a bore? (No, Americans agree!)

      … most of the serious answers that I listened to were interminable, windy and not very impressive. At points there were pauses so long that it appeared he had simply lost his train of thought. (That is obvious here and also was obvious during the campaign to elect TOTUS).

      The crowd in Prague was huge .. but what [Obama} served up was not any more impressive than his damp squib in Berlin last year. Is there a computer which churns this stuff out for him? (Yes, TOTUS).

      But Obama was only warming up. "When I was born," (Everything usually leads back to him, you'll notice)...(Obama is solipsistic.) Few people would have predicted that someone like me would one day become an American President." (Him again)...

      ... I'll wager that within a year [a year? NOW!] or so he'll be marked down as a wind-bag. (Obama already is so marked!)

    14. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Tyler, most of the founders were, in fact, Christians of one stripe or another. A couple were deists. America was, in fact, founded on Christian principals. Perhaps if you knew history a bit better, you'd be in a better position to understand the current political climate.

      "Avarice and ambition would break the strongest cords of our constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams

    15. Bill, MI says:

      It reinforces the premise most people if given the opportunity will reach their level of incompetence. Not ready to lead, not a leader. Two years as a junior Senator – then President? He is completely incompetent. Hopefully he will be removed before his complete term and before he does further harm to this great country.

    16. Tom, St. Louis says:

      The Obama administration is dangerous. Never before have I been afraid for my security and the value of the U.S. Currency. President Obama is recklessly increasing our soveren debt to an unsustainable level, has embarrassed us internationally, weakened our defences and has pounded our world wide respect with a sledge hammer! Obama does not have the experience to govern this great nation and does not even have good advisors. It is time that the conservatives in government stand up, throw themselves on the sword (if needed)and strongly object not only privately but publicly! The majority of the American people will support them. UNITE CONSERVATIVES AND STAND! There should be serious arguments for IMPEACHMENT of Obama. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!

    17. Denise says:

      I want the Obama to quit speeking for me

    18. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      We all knew Obama was a socialist before the elections. Now we know he is also a trador to this

      country. What we read on this site and what we here on Fox and most conservetative radio, is not

      getting out to the general public due to the liberial news media. The number one problem that must be destroyed is this media. How do we do this

      without taking drastic actions that would put us into a second civil war? Sadly it just may take that to get out country back.

    19. Carrie in TX says:

      We've got to rescind this president, he's destroying OUR country. I've never been so ashamed!

    20. S Barringer, Michiga says:

      Please note: "“Avarice and ambition would break the strongest cords of our constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams."

      It says for a moral and religious people, not christians, alone and specifically. Read the Federalist Papers and you'll find that the founding fathers wanted freedom of religion for all religious persuasions, including those who have no religion at all!

    21. Jason Gault, Ortonvi says:

      People are entitled to any opinion they wish, and because of that reason our founders knew that a republic (NOT a democracry) was necessary to ensure liberties and freedoms for all citizens. A Republic uses the rule of law to protect the rights of all citizens; Democracies only protect the rights of the majority. I am saddened to report that quite a few of my friends who voted for Obama were unaware he was even in Europe last week, let alone aware of the content of his speeches. This was not a scientific poll and I am not drawing any conclusions from this data, just an observation.

    22. achatteringmass Mis says:

      Tom in St. Louis Thanks for saying what you did, I agree with you 100%. I am 70 years old and have never before been afraid for my country like I am now.

    23. Kerry-Michigan says:

      This incompitent needs to shut up, come home and face impeachment! We've imprisoned others for financial support of terrorism and NO ONE is above the law! (I refer to his giving $951 MILLION of OUR tax dollars to HAMAS, an officially listed terrorist group. Surely this can be considered a "high crime or misdemeanor", the threshold for successful impeachment from office.)

    24. Dave. Kingsport, TN says:

      Conservatives need to unite under one banner. Forget political parties. We need to all come together for the purpose of guarding the constitution, guaranteeing our sovereignty, protecting our rights, and maintaining a strong military. We need to send Conservatives to Congress in 2010 and impeach Barrack Hussein Obama. And Tyler,PA, I don't care if they are Diests, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims or what just so long as they are not snotty nosed, weak-kneed, tree-hugging, American hating L I B E R A L S. And, we need to quit worrying about the left-wing slobbering up-my-leg media by ignoring them and any products advertised on their media.

    25. Tyler, PA says:

      Mark, are you serious? First of all, the Presidential election will be in 2012, not 2010. Second of all, most of the founding fathers were Deists, not Christians (See Thomas Jefferson). All elected officials represent all people, all religions and ethnicities, not just the “god fearing.” And since when is the Republican party’s trajectory the same as God’s? American Christians need to take a look at their actions and theology, and be Christians before they are Americans. Neither party is the party of Jesus, stop with all this “us and them” crap.

    26. Tim AZ says:

      You people cry impeachment all you want. Until you understand the democrats and some republicans control the House and Senate and are in lock step with Obummer. You can accomplish nothing without first removing all the liberals in both parties in 2010. Elect conservatives only and you may be able to box in the traitor Obummer for the remainder of his term. Start using your brains.

    27. Jolene Atkins, Dalla says:

      I couldn't say it any better than did Sherry Burleson and also Israel of Chicago, as well as a few others. Never did I think I would see the day that an American president would apologize for America, that would bow himself to a Muslim,etc. This is a very sad day for America and a very frightening day.

      Jolene Atkins

    28. Carrie in TX says:

      Kerry in MI, I couldn't agree more!

    29. Cliff South Carolina says:

      Impeach Now!

    30. DON IN ALASKA says:


    31. Jodi Witt says:

      May GOD, Who is Creator of the universe, Who brings the sun and moon on their course EVERY day since creation.( man is helpless to alter their course ) Open the eyes of men and women across our nation to be able to recognize deciet when they see it. May men and women by GOD'S help rise to the challenges that are facing us. May we recognize that we too, have led our nation to it's demise we are seeing. We see how men and women are bent toward doing what profits them personally. Without faith and obedience to our Maker and Creator, the GOD of the Bible, we labor in vain and our helpless to change our ways apart from HIS grace in Christ HIS SON. May we confess our sins corporately as a nation of sinners who have sinned against GOD and each other. The Bible records that GOD never ceased to turn HIS back against a people who cried out to HIM in cries of repentance. Read the book of Judges. God uses ordinary people to bring about deliverance through HIS equipping them to do so because of their turning back to HIM.

      Join me in asking GOD to have mercy on us. Ask GOD to forgive us of our sins. For Christ the Lamb of GOD purchased men for GOD by HIS blood. Revelation 5:9

    32. Pat in TN says:

      Please wake up conservatives and moderates, obama and his staff are giving away the "use to be" greatest country in the world! Impeach now for hamas aid! Please do not let this man "speak" FOR Americans, as his voice depicts socialism and the beliefs of his communistic Father. The media put him in office, along with his Muslim muslim buddies! Bow to Muslims or Iranians is sad.. Obama is not a patriotic President and the most naive President so far. We can not wait for history to show us how this administration handles our country… we won't have a country!

      God bless our soldiers, as they have to fight for our rights that Obama is taking away from us all.

      Was the home front too hot Obama? Had to run to your socialistic friends? Guess they showed you, as they do not believe in your stimulus plan and are calling us fools! Every other country is just sitting back and waiting for the day we become a second ranked country… it will be soon if something doesn't stop him.

      By the way, Michelle can't hold a candle to Jackie O… class is in-born folks… not entitled!

    33. Deborah Oklahoma says:

      Tyler from PA please do some research for yourself and stop letting other people tell you what to think. If you will honestly research our founders you would find that most of the founding fathers were NOT Deists, and they WERE Christians. And as far as Thomas Jefferson is concerned, yes he was more liberal than his counterparts as was B. Franklin, but the term liberal in the 17 and 1800's is not the same as liberal today. We are talking apples and oranges. Liberals today like to hang their hat on Thomas Jefferson they are wrong to do so.

    34. Connie W.V. says:

      If we are such a bad country ….Why the —- does he want to be the president????

    35. Jerome Zacny says:

      Perhaps Mr. Obama should have also apologized for the arrogance America showed when entering WWs I & II to save England and France from having to learn German. Perhaps he should have apologized to Russia for our arrogance in sending arms and supplies to that country when the Nazis attempted to destroy the Russian people. Perhaps he should have apologized for providing for the defence of Western Europe during the Cold War and for the funding of all our "friends" in Nato.

      Were we being dismissive or derisive then, or just merely arrogant? I would like to know. Those of us in our 60s would like an answer, because many of us are unable to get the answers from our fathers. They lost there lives in these arrogant pursuits.

    36. Robert Colorado says:

      It is not true to say,as so many revisionist historians say today, that most of the founders were deists. In fact they were Christians. I would refer you to Michael Novak's "Washington's God." Washington, an Anglican, wrote and spoke in the most eloquent and graceful prose of a "Providence" that governed the events of mankind and which had taken to his heart the American people.He spoke of his religion in the words and meter of the ancient Hebrews, in psalms, infused with a personal appeal to and conversation with a loving and responsive God.

      He thought that this "Providence", a synonym for God, took a personal interest in and in the shape of miracles, intervened in the affairs of mankind. While as a conservative anglican, Washington did not use the more emotive language of the then new Baptist and Methodist sects, he cannot remotely be said to be a deist. The same is true of Jefferson and the other founders. Indeed, Jefferson was exposed to severe criticism by some of the founders who suspected that he might be deist, a condition they thought to be aberrant. How for example, could an American president take an oath before God if he believed for all practical purposes that he did not exist?

      Remember a deist recognizes the possible existence of a God, or creator, or energy force, the deist names are legion, but asserts unequivocally as a tenet of his faith that this God takes no part or interest whatever in human affairs, is not made in the likeness of human beings, is impersonal and does not demonstrate his existence by miracles. This deist god, was most definitely not the God of the founders. All one need do is read their prayers and understand their hopes and sentiments to understand that it was not a deist god they called upon for succor, hope, love and miracles.

      Indeed, the idea of an act of prayer to a deist god is irrational. If one is a deist he must also accept that a prayer for his divine intervention or recognition is pointless.

      Current writers have also sought to excise from American history the two hundred years preceding the Constitution in which Protestants settled in America intending to create a new world in which protestant principles would shape American society. They were extremely successful in this effort. Indeed, the American Creed is nothing less than a perfect expression of protestant principle. This is a fact; it really is not subject to dispute.

      President O'bama did his country a disservice and as well, revealed an ignorance of his own American history. Notwithstanding his European speech, this is a "Christian Nation" if Christian values and efforts over the last several hundred years means anything at all.

      Now that said we are as well a secular nation only in the sense that the government is prohibited from establishing a compulsory national religion. The Amendment however also guarantees that the government will assure the "free exercise of religion."

      Since Earl Warren, judicial outlaws, have sought to treat religion as a disease, to remove it from the public square, to restrict its operation to behind closed doors, and to diminish by every means possible its philosophical impact on the function of this government. This theme has been taken up with a vengence by acedemia, the media, Hollywood and the American Left.

      Those 20th century leftist nations who successfully suppressed religion used the same murderous iron hand to murder one hundred million innocent men, women and children, created thousands of gulags, made slaves of the Russian people and worked upon the last century,nearly a hundred years of perfect human misery. We see that

      misery in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the Killing Fields of Pol Pot, the shallow graves dug by a murderousStalin, the Boat People, who died at the hands of a communist vietnam, in the sixty million or more who died so that communism might prevail in China and a "Cultural Revolution", the starvation and murder of millions to kill off Chinese religion and history.

      Ours is a religious, largely Christian country. That is a fact. That the Constitution prohibits a national religion is no proof whatever of a deist founders.

    37. Terry-Wichita,KS says:

      America had better wake up quick,and I mean quickly! This administration is moving so damn quick,almost as if they are going down a checklist,checking off daily how many ways they can destroy our country! We now have a media that I truly believe is dangerous.We must find ways to get the word out! We now have a Govt media,an Obama media,the power is being gained daily. Polls coming out showing his poll numbers are either fixed,or the people just don't know what's going on,or perhaps both! We as conservatives had better ban together now if we are to save our republic. Our sovereignty is being given away,military is becoming weakened (if not slowly destroyed),govt is taking over corporations,global currency is being bantered around as if it is a near possibility,a judge for the State Dept that believes in Trans Nationalism,and Sharia-Law is being appointed,we no longer can call it the "War on Terror",Terrorist attacks are "Human Events",we are pandering to our enemys,Iran will obtain "The Weapon",Gun rights are being fought against daily,the Obama army is being formed to make mush out of our children's minds,environmentalists are taking over our businesses,the govt is setting wages on private enterprise,socialized medicine is being pushed on us without any say,activist Judges are going over the people's heads allowing gay marriage,and on and on! Stop the madness before it's too late! Ban together and pass the word!

    38. Robert Colorado says:

      I found it deeply offensive that President O'Bama would seek to abase himself and therefore Americans to Europeans and to a Muslim nation, Turkey.

      Two million Americans under General John Pershing intervened in World War I, to save Europe from German oppression. Had they not done so a murderous Germany would have prevailed. French particularly, but European vindictiveness generally, at Versailles, insured World War II.

      We intervened in World War II, and again gave of American blood and treasure to save a Europe which could not begin to save itself. France fell within thirteen days, then collaborated with the Germans. Its Vichi government saw to it that Jews were rounded up, men, women and children, crowded into trains, treated as if they were subhumans and shipped off to Treblinka and Austritch, there to find their immolation. To these people, we should apologize for our alleged arrogance. The very stones cry out.

      After the war, we rebuilt Europe on our dollar. Billions of them.

      We protected Europe from Russian aggression by the posting of American troops who have been stationed there since 1945.

      We won the Cold War.

      We provided Europe a nuclear umbrella again with American dollars. Americans paid this expense as Europe diverted their money from its military to its welfare state.

      We have fought the war on terror without Europe; and when O'bama asked for assistance, their meager response was a worse insult than had they not agreed to send anyone. A few hundred here and there provided they need not face a shot fired in anger.

      In Normandy, one may look across a sea of neatly placed crosses. Their silent rows appear to go on forever. They grip the heart with rending sorrow. There lie American soldiers, most in their twenties, who sacrificed all they had to give, life itself, so that this Europe might remain free.

      I will not document European duplicity. But their ingratitude knows no bounds; neither does their jealousy.

      President O'Bama should be ashamed.

      I am ashamed of him.

      I am proud of my countries efforts.

      I deplore her detractors.

      President O'Bama should read some history.

      And God bless Americans.

    39. Deborah NC says:

      So in point 2, are you saying that the US is no longer upholding the US-EU "TransAtlantic Economic Integration Agreement" signed by Bush in April 2007. The one that "is at the forefront of globalization" and "international criminal justice" and " a barrier free transatlantic market"

      Or are we just trying to ignore the fact that Bush layed the ground work for all this new global coperation and oneness.

    40. Kevin, Addison,TX says:

      Can anyone say IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Apologize for America is not in my Vocabulary and

      neither is anyone who does! Traitors!

    42. Mike, St. Louis says:

      As an American and a Patriot, I am critically concerned that teason and financial terrorism is being committed by our President, our Congress and those sworn to protect the Constitution and the people of this great country. Our Childern and Grandchildern may never get to realize the pursuit of the American Dream. For the last 30 years we have been sold a bill of goods by the left to allow our industrial base to be sold out and shifted overseas. The Union Bosses have marched its membership in goose step fashion to the policies of the self destructive liberal agenda and allowed these industries to be shipped out of this country to support a global agenda at our destruction. We have allowed our high tech industry to be forced out of this country. We have allowed the liberal left to guilt this country and people to undercut our ability to speak out in open discussion and have systematically undercut the constitution. We have allowed the liberal left through guilt of the population through PCism and blackmail banks into making extremely poor loans to illegal aliens and those that were unable to payback those loans. We have allowed ourselves to fall into total dependency on foreign oil and to become nothing more than a consumer service society that produces nothing and in debt to foreign enemies that would . We have allowed the blood of our brave soldiers to be spilled in the sands of the middle east, europe, asia and all over the world for an ungrateful world community. Our most valuable resource has been the blood of our brave soldiers has been spilled in vain. It is time for us to stand up and say no more. Throw the Bums out and work to build a sane strong foreign policy, rebuild the industrial base that made this country what it once was, become energy independent, to bring descipline and sound learning principles back into our school system, restore free speech to our industry/schools/society, pay off our debt and bring sanity back to government across this great land. Let us not be fooled ever again. Let us not allow the lies continue. Let us not allow any more of our tax payer dollars to support our enemies and the internal 5th element that is determined to destroy this great country. NEVER AGAIN – NEVER AGAIN.

    43. David, Hilton Head says:

      It's all going according to the Bilderberg Group master plan.

    44. RG, Ga says:

      With all the coverage about being sworn in on Abe Lincoln's Bible, to uphold the Constitution of the United States; it may as well have been a Spiderman comic!

    45. Beth, Montana says:

      Our sovereignty has been gone for years. Over the past 50 years they have been incrementally destroying our constitution, liberties and rights. It came in such small doses that most people didn't even notice. Now we are here! Obama needs to be impeached as do most of our elected officials. He can do far too much damage in a four year term. None of what he has done or said is a surprise to me. I knew all this was coming before he was elected. We were warned. So "we the people" are truly to blame. May the Good Lord help us.

    46. mognoliabel, pa says:

      56 million people have been exterminated under redistribution of wealth regimes.

      Obama will be no different. Just wait and see.

    47. geoerge says:

      Go tell your friends, Obama admitted, in Turkey, not only to be a Muslim … but that he wants Turkey in the European Union. Why ? In order to flood Europe with even more Muslims (presently 11% of the population in France, almost as many in the U.K. and Germany) … I worry about Israel.

    48. Ross, Bradenton, F says:

      Being a conservative and a constitutionalist, I have watch our liberties, values, and mores eroded away for years. As a retired military officer, I still believe in and support the cherished oath I gave to "support the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC."

      At this point the constitutions is hanging by a congressional thread that is very thin. The once great Democrat party was taken over by socialist, unionist, and social outcast. That was the reason that the south abandoned the party in the early 70's as did Reagan in the early 60's.

      The Republican Party is where the Democrats were in the late 70's out of touch with the people who elected them. So now we have a Socialist administration and congress.

      It is time to either start recalls our congress members who have not support the constitution with action(by their votes) or start looking for candidates that does support the Constitution of the United States. That does believe that were are a Christian nation. That does believe in liberty for all. That believe in equality under the law. That does believe individualism is the origin of greatness of this country.

      The late C.S. Lewis wrote, "'For democracy' or the'democratic spirit' (diabolical sense) leads to a nation without great men, a nation mainly of subliterates, morally flaccid from lack of discipline in youth, full of cocksureness which flattery breeds on ignorance, an soft from lifelong pampering. And that is what Hell wishes every democratic people to be."

      As I look at today's Americans, I beleive that Lewis is right, thanks to our education system, our welfare system, and the unwarranted entitlements showered down on a unappreciative citizen. Batuimus!

    49. Dennis A. Social Cir says:


    50. Tim AZ says:

      To those who cry impeach Obummer. All you are doing is asking someone else to do the heavy lifting so you can remain comfortable on your duff. Asking Congress to impeach the president is a silly notion. For Congress to impeach their president would require an admition of their own guilt in their treasonous acts committed in unity with their president. A president can do little on his own. To get anything done in DC requires unity among the Congress The Senate and The president. All three have skin in this game to destroy America. If you don't like their actions then its down to you getting off your duff and registering to vote and then firing them on election day. And every election there after until all guilty parties are purged from Govt.. Continued voting throughout your life will insure that you get the Govt. you want.

    51. Jimmy Konogeris, May says:

      "On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does." —Will Rogers

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    53. Patrick, Texas says:

      Tyler & S Barringer our founding fathers were mostly Christians. Do some reading of what they wrote without using revisionist history to tell you what to think. Jefferson and Franklin probably wouldn't be considered Orthodox by modern standards, but they weren't deist. Why would Franklin initiate a call for prayer to open their meetings and quote the Bible about God caring for the sparrow and comparing it to the birth of a nation if they believed God was no longer concerned with earth?

      The founding fathers opposed one denomination from becoming the official denomination much like the Church of England. They allowed other religions to be practiced, but never intended the Bill of Rights to be used to expel Christianity from the public square. Why would the first chief justice of the supreme court call us a Christian nation and that we should elect Christians to office?

      We can't lose our freedoms unless we allow our freedoms to be taken from us. Unfortunately, we continue to let them slowly erode away and now we have an anti-American president who thinks the UN should run the world, even when it gives China a seat on the Human Rights Council.

    54. CM Colorado says:

      Dear Mr. Barrack Obama. Please Stop apologizing for me and my country. your words are defacing the structure of the united states of America. I do not require you to go and apologize to the world. We are not arrogant, we are God loving people that have followed a concept for over 200 years that allows God fearing folk to live Free. So if your apologizing let it be on your behalf, and your administration , and apologize to your country men.

    55. Wilda, Mississippi says:

      Americans it is truly a sad day for our country, but we must not throw in the towel. Stand up and fight. Fight with your vote. Fight with your voices. Fight with your prayers of repentance if you are a Christian as I am. We have in the White House one who does not have the heart of an American. He has no regard for our Christian heritage and does not value the constitution which is our guarantee of freedom. Pray that the eyes of all Americans will be opened to what is happening to our once great land. Pray that our people will repent of our collective sins. We are being destroyed by our immorality. We have murdered millions of unborn babies created in the image of God. Our government leaders have been busy casting God out of our government and our schools. No one has to be a Christian in this country if they don't want to, but they do have the freedom to worship (or not) as they choose. At the beginning of our great country, we looked to God for divine protection and blessing. God does not need to punish us to cause us to see our need of Him; He simply has to lift His hedge of protection and hand of blessing. Apparently, He has done that. We are getting what we as a nation have been asking for. Mr. Obama won because the majority of our people voted for him. God is being removed from the public square because our people vote for leaders who are anti-God. Some of you reading this are probably cheering, but a nation without God is an ugly nation. Some of you are laughing today, but you will be oppressed and impoverished tomorrow. When you wake up, it will be too late. You will weep and wail to no avail on the day you must answer for your sin. I don't know if God will spare our nation. I pray He will, but I know He won't if we who are called by His name don't repent of our own sins. I know you Christians and conservatives didn't vote for Obama, but many of us have been far too lazy in our service and obedience to our creator. We need to repent of that. Conservatives, stand up, speak up, and fight. Christians, pray and do the same.

    56. Ellie, Illinois says:

      Reading these comments, I have learned that so many people who are calling for impeachment can't spell or form a correct sentence. I've been a conservative for most of my life, but I am saddened by the way they have fallen. I used to think the conservatives were educated, intelligent and reasonable. However, many of you on this site have proven me wrong. (One example is, Mark from Tennessee).

    57. Paul, FL says:

      To Tim, AZ – It may be a "Silly Notion" to impeach "Obummer" to you boy, but to many here it is a rallying cry. Where do you think movements start, anyway?

      Sure, the will has to be there in Congress, and it may take some years to change the minds of Congress and the American People. Add to this the congressional elections NEXT YEAR, with a possibility of the electorate doing an "about face", along with a GROWING MOVEMENT for REAL CHANGE.

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER underestimate the American People!

    58. Tim,HI says:

      A great leader will inspire and encourage those who are his charges. My suggested solution to our leadership: the secret to have other countries listen to us is not to browbeat them or conversely denigrate ourselves (They will not respect us), but rather give them a taste of a world without America. To take our ball and go home is a fearful thought to foreigners. This will take self discipline on our side but imagine those on the other?

    59. Newly Designated Rig says:

      I own a gun and ammo. I believe in a state's rights over the federal gov't. I believe in the constitution. According to DHS I should be lumped in with hate groups and returning war veterans.

      But I'm waiting for the report on left-wing radicalism because who knows I may fall into that group tomorrow.

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