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  • The Need for Missile Defense: Now More Than Ever

    Powerful Ambitions

    • North Korean Dreams: The development of the ballistic missile program has been one of the top military priorities for North Korea for almost 40 years. As a result it now has the largest ballistic missile program among all developing countries. Not only does North Korea constantly seek to advance their own ballistic missile capabilities, but it also shares ballistic missile technology with other nations such as Iran.
    • But Will Their Missiles Reach the U.S? The April 4 so-called “satellite launch” demonstrated North Korea’s latest Taepo Dong-2 advancements. According to reports, the first stage of the missile traveled 170 miles, and the second stage landed 790 miles east of Japan, a vast improvement upon their July 2006 test. Fully functional, the Taepo Dong-2 has the capability to reach Hawaii, Alaska, and potentially the west coast of the United States, delivering a devastating payload.
    • Partners in Crime: Iran also has an active ballistic missile program. Most of their technology is derived from Russian and North Korean technology. Though the Iranian long-range ballistic missile capability is still in its early development phases, its successful satellite launch a month ago displays that Iran has the capabilities necessary to develop a long-range missile.

    Broad Consensus

    • General Kevin Chilton, Commander of the United States Strategic Command: “[W]e have to look at both support—in my view, support—to the regional combatant commanders, but certainly defense of the United States of America. And so I think we need a balanced missile defense program that goes forward that addresses both those critical needs, both for our citizens at home and for our deployed forces abroad” (Senate Armed Services Committee, March 2009).
    • Adm. Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff: “In view of the threats we face today and will face in the future, I believe the United States should deploy components of the ballistic missile defense system as soon as they become available even as we improve their operational effectiveness” (Senate Confirmation Hearing, July 2007).

    Obama Blueprint for Missile Defense

    • Cuts, Cuts, Cuts: Secretary Gates has cut $1.4 billion from the FY 2010 budget for missile defense. These cuts could place the missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic in serious jeopardy. In addition, the Multiple-Kill Vehicle, the second ABL prototype aircraft, and the remaining interceptors for the deployed missile defense system at Fort Greely, Alaska, will not receive funding.

    The Bottom Line

    • Do Not Cut Missile Defense: Since Obama took office, the threat to America hasn’t changed, nor has the need to defend the American people. Yet the new Administration plans to significantly cut and roll back a missile defense plan that has been in place for years to protect us—without having a serious national discussion on this issue. Until that occurs, Congress should leave the missile defense budget and program for 2010 fully funded.
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    9 Responses to The Need for Missile Defense: Now More Than Ever

    1. Cheryll Lawand F says:

      This isn't the time to even think of cutting into the missele defense budget! The administration is taking us all down a very dark and dangerous path, while chipping away at the framework of our Constitution, encroaching on our rights and liberties with such alarming speed. Our safety, economy and Constitution is at stake here. We are a nation under attack by the very party that leads. This gives reason to rise and revolt against the distruction of this great nation before it's too late!

    2. Appalachian Conserva says:

      "History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap."

      –Ronald Reagan

      Our Dear Leader foolishly believes that his supernatural charm can turn the enemies of freedom from their wicked ways. He's completely delusional and dangerous. If you want peace, Mr. President, prepare for war.

      For more inspirational Reagan quotes, visit my website… http://appalachianconservative.wordpress.com/

    3. Bobbie Douglas says:

      This is not the time to back away from a strong missele defense program that will provide adequate protection against such powers as China, Iran, and even Russia. They are beginning their attempt to reestablish their military and economic might (realizing that they are facing economic problems as well) but any of these powers will put their military power ahead of their people in order to outwit and overpower the U.S. and our allies in Europe, especially the newer democracies in eastern Europe. We simply cannot afford to let down our guard. There comes a time when some of the extensive and expensive entitlement programs, especially those that are politically directed, need to be curtailed in order to provide defensive security. If we don't it won't matter how many domestic programs we institute if our country no longer exists because of an attack by one of the established nations or they sell the weaponry to rogue groups of Islamic fascists.

    4. Gary Johnson says:

      Of all the things in this world, this has to be the scariest one of them all. I tremble at the thought of our fanny being held out in the open unprotected, by a man who has no thought but to ruin the power/standing of the United States, because of his non-experience issues dealing with the United States, and the military buildup and protection. Being a community organizer compares little or nothing with what is going on here. A strong force of protection is what is needed in America, not repetitiveness, and or, oration on how great this person is. I find this revolting that one man with all this power on the tips of his fingers that can drop America in her tracks to become the most laughable country in the world. I hope our founding fathers are not turning over in their graves at this time. We need America back to its original strength that will send a message to all those who dare to instigate trouble…that his will not be tolerated.

    5. Ralph Westberg Pays says:

      Spending & Earmarks – What Is Really Happening

      Why is our country imploding with a frenzy of out of control Congressional spending ? How can Congress justify any earmark spending with our nation financially strapped? Is there an answer to these questions ? Is this out of control spending Constitutional ? The answer is in the Preamble of our Constitution. It is the result of our Congress interchanging two words.

      The Preamble states the purpose of our Federal Government is “to provide for the common defense” and “to promote the general welfare”. A simple exchange of the words “provide” and “promote” explains exactly where we are today with Congresses misunderstanding of the purpose of our Federal Government.

      They now interpret it as “the purpose of our Federal Government is to promote the common defense and to provide for the general welfare” i.e. We don’t have a common defense with our unsecured borders and lack of an effective missile defense. And our Congress is now on track to provide for our health care, college educations and as well as subsidizing our food, housing, retirement, and apparently anything else they can think of to attract voters.

      This miss-interpretation of our Constitution has us on a path that will take us to national bankruptcy and result in total civil anarchy. Most of our current elected officials are failing miserably in their responsibility to full fill their oath to uphold, honor, and protect our Constitution. In 2010 we need to elect statesmen who will restore the meaning of our Constitution as it was written and restore fiscal sanity to our country.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      History shows us, beyond any argument, that any weapon ever invented, will be used.

      So the choice comes down to this, do you want Korea to Nuke us, or do you want to Nuke Korea? Do you want to Nuke Iran, or do you want Iran to Nuke us.

      It is called Occum's Razor. for those not familiar with the phrase, it means that the simplist answer is the correct one.


    7. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Lynn wins this one Hands Down! Another No-Brainer!

    8. Ross, Bradenton, F says:

      The only way that the United Nations seems to ever have had any success, has been the United States leading the way.

      Right up front, the United Nations is nothing more than a financial drain on the American people, a headache for the city of New York, and a useless forum for bashing the United States. Therefore, I would like to see the USA withdraw from the UN and let it die a natural death.

      The only ally that PRK has is the PRC, this would stop if the PRC would withdraw that support. Of course they will not, the PRC loves to see the USA grovel and apologize in front of third world countries and standing paralyzed over this North Korean "crises".

      I can't imagine that the Obama administration doing anything, they haven't a clue what they're doing. SoS Clinton's only experience has been Pres Bill Clinton's wife, thus 1st Lady of Arkansas, the 1st Lady of the United States and a one term Senator from her adopted state of New York(not Arkansas or her native state, Illinois).

      It is time that Japan step forward for their own security because the way things are transpiring, this administration seems to be totally paralyzed. The administration may apologize. Batuimus!

    9. Henry A Chabot says:

      Ross,of bradenton,Florida.is right on target,the un are paristites,time to say goodbuy to them .Get us out of, the U.N. now!!!! Henry…

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