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  • The Cost of Global Warming: A Story in Pictures


    It’s no secret policymakers in Washington want to dramatically change America’s energy policy by regulating carbon dioxide emissions. Their most popular idea, a cap and trade proposal, should really be read as a tax on energy consumption. Indeed, it’s a very large tax that compares with some of the largest government spending items in history.

    This translates to real money stripped from real families – causing families to face difficult trade offs and make important budgetary decisions.

    Whether they fall on businesses or consumer, higher taxes reduce economic growth. Higher taxes force companies to cut costs elsewhere, typically by reducing production and therefore cutting jobs. According to The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, job losses resulting from cap and trade will surpass 900,000 in some years. Keep in mind; this is net of any “green jobs” created.

    Particularly hit hard is the manufacturing sector. Since fossil fuels generally make America’s economic engine run, especially the manufacturing sector, taxing fossil fuels would cause job losses to exceed two million in 2028 and 2029.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Manufacturing Vulnerability Index measures a state’s direct and immediate vulnerability to an energy tax based on the extent of the state’s manufacturing workforce and its reliance on coal power generation. Taking a look at the map, the Midwest will suffer most.

    And what should be the final nail in the coffin: All this economic pain is for very little, if any, environmental gain. Analysis by the Environmental Protection Agency concludes that if the U.S. reduces CO2 emissions 60 percent by 2050, it will reduce global temperature by 0.1 to 0.2 degree Centigrade by 2095. A multi–lateral approach wouldn’t fare much better. Why? Well, there’s a lot of reasons. After all, the science behind global warming is anything but conclusive, but one reason could be how small man’s contribution to carbon dioxide emissions is.

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    38 Responses to The Cost of Global Warming: A Story in Pictures

    1. Ed,Shreveport,LA says:

      The Earth has warmed and cooled long before we stumbled along and it really stupid to beleive that we can cause the climate to change. What is driving this insane belief that our little footprint can have any global effect?

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    3. Barb -mn says:


    4. Eve, Toronto says:

      The planet has been cooling for the past 11 years. We have lost all the warming we gained since the beginning of the 20th century. The sun is quiet which is why it is cold. It will get colder and the growing season will shorten. But rather than get prepared for the upcoming cool down, our government is only looking to tax us for heat. Does that make any kind of sense?

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    6. Char, Oklahoma says:

      We humans are so arrogant to think after billions of years we can have such massive affects on global warming. I wonder if ancient man was so arrogant or if he was too busy just trying to stay alive. I wish the "greenies" would get off our backs and find a new issueto pursue. God help us all.

    7. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      A researcher in Dexter Michigan recently published a letter to the editor in the Ann Arbor News reporting his findings on spring "Ice Out" from fifty inland lakes in Michigan since 1977. His findings conclude that ice leaves the inland lakes the same time every year – no statisically valid differnce since he began his sudies. He reported his funding is unrerlated to the climiate change industry. The last sentence in his letter noted that one of his friends suggested that "global warming" is not happening in Michigan. His response, "I suppose that could be one explanation."

    8. Mike,Mobile,AL. says:

      Global warming is beyond hoax.It has now become fraud.Follow the money and arrest these people.

    9. Tom Wulf, Sturgeon B says:

      The underlying problems is the broadly accepted conventional wisdom that global warming/climate change is a man made phenomenon and there has been and will be no debate allowed on the issue. It is every environmentalist's dream to be able to have CO2 declared a threat to mankind that contributes to this manufactured "crisis" and state of fear that we are all doomed if we don't eliminate fossil fuels. This is their gift that will keep on giving as environmental lobbies will never be satisfied that we are doing enough. But the real problem is that our political

      "representatives" have – as usual – followed the easy path of political correctness and generally accepted the no debate premise that man made global warming is real and must be dealt with. What they really need to do – must do – is challenge this false premise and call it the scam that it truly is or we really will be doomed! But they won't because none of them have the backbone to confront the real truth and ultimate consequences to all of us.

    10. Jason Gault, Ortonvi says:

      Excellent graphics. How sad it is that true stewardship has gotten bloated and corrupted into nothing more than a thinly disguised power-grab for the powers that be. It is again interesting that the "fly-over" heartland will be most affected by this system. Apparently my family will have to cut some costs to pay for this new tax on living. I have already made cuts in food, clothing, entertainment, autos, heating and cooling and travel. I guess the only thing left for me to cut is property taxes since it is my largest monthly expense. I am sure they will understand….

    11. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Wish the blogs had spell check!

      A researcher in Dexter Michigan recently published a letter to the editor in the Ann Arbor News reporting his findings on spring “Ice Out” from fifty inland lakes in Michigan since 1977. His findings conclude that ice leaves the inland lakes the same time every year – no statisically valid difference since he began his studies. He reported his funding is unrerlated to the climiate change industry. The last sentence in his letter noted that one of his friends suggested that “global warming” is not happening in Michigan. His response, “I suppose that could be one explanation.”

    12. earl mc mahan marion says:

      Global warming/cooling, is meant for control and to tax us into a 3rd world status.

      Man is trying to control us due to the fact he can't control the weather, so they want to control the sheepels with stupid laws and higher taxes.

    13. Loretta in Colorado says:

      Just another trumped up reason to get taxes to support ever growing government! Stop the insanity! We know people have little to do with global temperatures. Stop the lies!

    14. Rick Szczesniak says:

      It's all very simple, and keep in mind this is just my opinion, but the concept of Global Warming is discreet way to increase taxes. If a company buys carbon credits; who gets the money? Are we just creating a new industry? Or is this an indirect tax on businesses which as we all know business don’t pay taxes, the consumers do. I believe the earth warms and cools in cycles. Yes, I believe in clean air and water, however unless commonsense prevails it will be the economic doom of our country, and could very well the political doom too.

      It’s easy for someone in California to spout off about global warming when their economy is not manufacturing based, but to someone in Michigan it can and will directly affect the states economy and cost millions of jobs. They say it will create millions of jobs, but what about the time period between when these jobs are gone and the new jobs are developed. What do these people do in the mean time? My kids attend a public school in Michigan and my 12 year old son has had global warming drilled into his head. It has gotten so bad that I had to call the school and express my dissatisfaction with the class and the teacher.

      I believe we have the technology to reduce our oil consumption, but for some reason it’s being withheld. Granted I have no proof but………

      I pray that our elected officials use commonsense, but in Washington, that’s asking for a lot and giving them too much credit.

    15. larrydalooza, Religi says:

      Ask yourself this about "scientists"… Would you trust a whore as an expert about sexual awareness?

    16. Peter, Waxhaw North says:

      The only rationale for moving to more sustainable energy is investment in new sources – not new taxes. Taxes rob investment – and we are all losers. This global warming/climate change/ bait and switch (cap & trade) routine is another step and means to abdicate our sovereignty as a nation.

      We should not do it.

    17. manmarcourt says:

      I'd like to know when environmentalism is going to be established as a religion? These people believe this stuff is true and can't provide real evidence. Environmentalism should be called what it really is "earth worship", then we could get it out of the government and the schools.

    18. Carol Dines, Oklahom says:

      Since California has a superabundance of "greenies" and is going bankrupt, what does that tell us?

      I am all for cleaning up our messes, picking up the junk and recycling, but the EPA is about increasing the costs involved in all manufacture to the point on unprofitability, this is not good for business or jobs. Making sure we don't poison ourselves is good, but making sure you cannot hire anyone is not, it would be more economical to quit business.

      The latest thing I heard was that they want to make a tax on stiring up dust during the various processes of farming. If they ultimately make it unprofitable to farm raiseing vegetable based foods and eliminate animal flesh from our diet (manure etc. stinks and contaminate water etc.) what are we going to have left to eat? Guess we will have to get in line at the congressional cafeteria to find out along with the folks from the EPA, they don't seem to be worried.

    19. TedN, St. Petersburg says:

      The issue with (man made) global warming has been shown (and very well by Heritage's great work) to be based exclusively on junk science and an excellent example of "ignorance" being the most expensive commodity.

    20. TJ Scali Albuquerque says:

      I would love to drive an electric car, I could spend the fuel savings on food, rent, afford to pay taxes without getting a loan etc.

      However, there are very few choices that actually meet my needs. Our government is punishing us with fuel taxes so we will use public transportation and when we use it the Municipalities punish us by raising their rates! It's like we are sheep being driven into a pen for slaughter. We have no choice but to conform to their will. How funny it is that I say their will, as if the government is not our government…But that's not really funny at all!

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    22. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Lenin, the founder of Communism in Russia, once said,' A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

      It seems as if the World has bought two lies, 'Fossil Fuels' and 'Global Warming'. Now we all are about to pay for these lies, lieke Chicken Little, running around shouting,'The sky is falling!"

      Oil is comprised of 'Calcium Carbonate and Iron Oxide, the two most common compounds in our Earth's Mantle. Just do a web search under "not a follsil fuel', and you will also find out that in 2005 the Hypothesis of 'Global Warming ', was found to be completely unjustified, and undounded in any form of truth.

      I for one am tired enough of paying taxes on what is real, but to tax 'Imagination?'


    23. Moose, Spring TX says:

      This is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on man. In the United States it is nothing more then a new way to tax the American people and allow the Federal Government to get further into our private lives. If you want big government, this is the way to go.

    24. RJ Cross, Muncie, I says:

      Cap and trade is just another table for the thieves to feast from at tax payers expense.

    25. Brian, Eden Prairie says:

      This is too funny. I can't believe how stupid we've become.

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    30. Molly says:

      Come on people. These are not truths. These people are skewing the facts. Global warming is real, it's not a conspiracy theory to steal your tax money. That is called the War in Iraq. If you want to fight against something taking your tax dollars fight against the war on terror. That is the real myth.

      Even if you don't believe Global Warming is caused by humans, can't you see the benefit of cleaning up our planet? Cleaner Air and water, freedom from oil bought from unstable countries, freedom from COAL which requires mountains that have been there for millions of years to be blown up in order for the coal to be extracted, and the maintaining of sacred lands. It's time we prioritize our planet.

    31. Barb -mn says:

      That's a good one, Molly. You really had me going. (how much are you getting paid?) As everyone knows pollution rises and dissipates into the air. This country has come a long way to reduce pollution and successfully. It wasn't reduced because of man-made global warming, it was reduced because of people suffering from allergies due to pollution. Man-made Global warming is A HOAX. A HOAX that is inappropriately spending money for MAKE-WORK. Alternative energy will NEVER be as efficient as oil, nuclear, coal IN OUR LIFETIME, OUR KIDS, OUR GRANDKIDS. We need to use what we have as there is abundant supply of all. Why cut off what is available? MONEY, POWER AND CONTROL.


      The environmentalists need to go back to school and research the truth. And then figure out alternatives in combination of what's available, with efficiency.



    32. Jack Landwehr says:

      Jack Landwehr writes:

      Man made Global Warming is a Myth…The War in the Middle East is not a Myth…Not all Muslims living there want you to die, but there is an estimited 200,000 individuals living there that want you to conform to their religion or die.

      The real Myth of the war is that why in 7 years we have not been able to fine Bin Laden? Why we have committed so few troops? Why is our Military at war and not our entire population?

      These questions have the same simple answer. Once the threat of Terrorism is destroyed, what will be the next threat to our nation? What will be the next reason to increase our Military?

      We have the strongest military force in the world; why not use it and end this fighting in the Middle East and provide military force to keep the peace in the Middle East as did the Ottomam Empire.

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    34. Loyd Reddig Weatherf says:

      Tell the US politicians about CNG. It's green enough to cook a burger on, we have lots of it, it is less expensive than gasoline and we don't need any from the Arabs. Isn't that enough to get anybody's attention? The automakers could be back at work in 3-6 months if they would build CNG powered vehicles and the US natural gas supplies will get us through the transition stage to solar, wind, or whatever. You also get hydrogen from natural gas. Wake up America. We have more natural gas than any country in the world. You could put a put the US Energy workers back to work. What is going on? Does this make too much sense for this government? Is this too easy for the automakers?

    35. Thiago Ferreira, Bra says:





    36. A. J. MOFFAT - IDAHO says:

      CO2 caused global warming is a hoax. if global warming is caused by green house gases, for every one degree rise in temperature, the CO2 from fossil fuel use would only cause approx. 1/3000 of that rise in temperature. Mother Nature produced CO2 would account for approx. 1/100th of a degree. It is water vapor that is the major green house gas. A solution to CO2 induced global warming IS:



      The need for a psychiatrist is obvious, The ice cubes are to remind us that we are presently in a cooling part of the cycle which could create the begining of an ice age.

    37. Dexter Massoletti, S says:

      Not to worry. The curious conspiracy of ignorance, cupidity and cosmic stupidity will fail as soon as the people realize They are the government in this country.

      Owebama, anthropogenic global warming, Congress, the supreme court and all the rest will cease to be a concern once the people refuse to resort to the courts or any of the rest of government. In preempting the Constitution they dissolve their authority, they are begging to be overthrown.

      At worst, that will occur about fifteen minutes into a lunch hour with no food or when the value of the dollar is seen as only of historical significance.

      All this is coming to a neighborhood near you long before the globe can warm in any case.

      It is because the American experiment is not a fraud, it is an ongoing process of learning.

      Of all things, fraud is the most fragile and most expensive to maintain, this is what we see being acted out.

    38. carlo, brighton says:

      The ice caps are melting. The glaciers are receeding. Both at significantly increasing rates. The permafrost is starting to melt, turning up fossils of animals died long ago. Siberia is starting to thaw.

      While it is not likely that we are the sole cause ( although observations seem to tie the increase in greenhouse gases to the change), nor is it likely that the earth is the sole cause, ( we cannot forget the last ice age ended JUST 10,000 years ago, so the earths tempreture is cyclic), we'd be out of our darn minds not to try to at least reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the trend.

      OF course, if we keep up the coal palnts and SUV exhauts into the atmosphere, we can speed it up…there has go to be an upside, right? Those in central Florida can now have an ocean front view…and New york, the east coast, lousiana, georgia…they'd all look so quaint under water. I do love to scubba dive to interesting places. Charlston N Ca and New york city would make such an interesting reef structure for my grandchildren to explore.

      Conservatives, stop your griping about what the primary cause is, or who started it. Unless we want some cataclysmic sea level changes to screw up life as we know it, lets do what we can to slow it down.

      OR you on the east coasst…you can just drown.

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