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  • Morning Bell: A Missile Defense Wake Up Call

    Barring a sudden change in weather, sometime tonight North Korea will likely launch a multistage rocket over Japan, far into the Pacific Ocean. The Kim Jong Il regime is claiming the launch is a test of their civilian satellite program, but it is widely understood that this claim is just a pretext for testing their Taepodong-2 intercontinental ballistic missile. A 2001 National Intelligence Estimate by the U.S. Intelligence Community assessed a two-stage Taepo Dong-2 could target Alaska, Hawaii, and the western United States while a three stage missile could threaten all of North America with a nuclear warhead. And just last week the Washington Post reported that U.S. and independent intelligence experts agree that North Korea has built or is attempting to build nuclear warheads small enough to fit on its ballistic missile arsenal.

    Whether a ballistic missile or a “satellite,” the North Korea launch will be in direct violation of United Nations Resolutions 1695 and 1718. The U.S. response to the North Korea launch should be swift and strong: 1) Demand that all U.N. member nations fully implement the existing sanctions of U.N. Resolutions 1695 and 1718 and request a firmer follow-on U.N. Security Council resolution that imposes stronger punitive measures as well as a deadline for compliance; 2) Urge South Korea and China to join the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) to better defend against North Korean proliferation of missile- and WMD-related technology and components; and 3) Continue U.S. and allied missile defense development and deployment.

    That last item may just be the most important. According to a 2008 report by the International Crisis Group for the U.S. Army War College, North Korea has become “the greatest supplier of missiles, missile components and related technologies” in the developing world. North Korea has sold missiles to Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. When Iran launched their long-rang Safir missile in February, they used North Korean missile components and technical support. And Pakistan’s mid-range Ghauri missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead, is actually a renamed North Korean Nodong.

    President Barack Obama has been, at best, incoherent on his support for missile defense. February’s Iran Safir missile launch and this weekend’s Taepodong-2 launch should serve as a wake up call to this administration. The requirements of today’s world demand a strategy to protect and defend the U.S. and its allies. The Cold War strategy of retaliation-based deterrence is insufficient. Ballistic missile defenses are therefore an essential component of a protect-and-defend strategy for the 21st century.

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    29 Responses to Morning Bell: A Missile Defense Wake Up Call

    1. Kort Walsh, Stamford says:

      Did I hear correctly?

      Did the President agreed to have our banks and ultimate ALL US companies subject to compensation oversight by the G20 FSB?

      Has he just ceded sovereignty of the US economic system to the G20 in on fell swoop?

      Tell me it's not true.

    2. Kort Walsh, Stamford says:

      Did I hear correctly on Fox a few minutes ago?

      Did the President agreed to have our banks and ultimate ALL US companies subject to compensation oversight by the G20 FSB?

      Has he just ceded sovereignty of the US economic system to the G20 in one fell swoop?

      Tell me it's not true.


    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "The House and Senate both approved $3.5 trillion budgets yesterday without a single G.O.P. vote."


      If Obama fails,

      America Fails


      Let's discuss it on FaceBook -

      Reagan Started this MESS

    4. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Why does one of the primary political parties of our nation want us to "fail"???? I know, sounds dumb; but everything they do or say says that that they do. Not a good way to put the GOP back together again….and we need them to be active and carve a Conservative niche for themselves. It just works better if we learn to play well with others….throwing rotten eggs won't ever work. Ask Newt about his experiences with that.

      I was hoping that Michael Steele would be the leader the GOP has needed so desperately; I still hope that he is that leader and he is joined by others to succeed.

    5. DannyFLA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: Always' take advantage of a good crises-even if you created it, is the way it should be written. So probable starting in the east someone, will eventually do a good one, in flinging a missile for the good, of the World.What if that scenario happens here, right in The United States Of America? Will you survive/ or will you awaken, to a New World With Troups marching down Your, street to stop crime/ And -in -The- Spin- Flip, the coin For a Permanent Dictatorship where you, and -everybody else is a Slave. Tell me that can't Happen.

    6. michael hutchings says:

      we can set aside our founding documents,

      walk and grind to dust what was intended,

      become one more in a long string of tyranies,

      leave to others hostile to our way of life and

      let them write our history from the smallness

      of their souls and goodness only a dream gone,

      this piracy of missiles exists because of weakness

      and only that,how much tribute do they want so the

      liberals can turn and listen to the wierd music,

      your country is the land beneath your feet and the

      people who came before and with knowlledge of god

      established unique in the world our foundations,

      the bones of those who had no shame in their love

      lay under our feet and the living who also love will be bound by law created at whim by tyrants,

      are we to be bound by our enemies in childish ignorance of the world as it is and let them destroy what they could never be,free people


    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:




    8. Kent, Virginia says:

      Judging from the myopic and ill informed comments posted following the above article, some lock-step liberals are checking out the Heritage web site.

      One suggests wanting Obama to fail is akin to wanting America to fail, even proposes 'discussing this' on Facebook–now there's a format for solving the problems of the world! Lets all 'twitter' our way to utopia.

      The most revolutionary form of government to come along in the last thousand years was the American Republic. Obama and his cohorts in Congress have plunged this Nation deeper into a Totalitarian, Fascistic, dictatorial, top-down government that shreds the Constitution and robs future generations of their right to pursue the American Dream. Do you all really want the government dictating to private industry, banks and lending institutions, and private health care? The people running your country believe more in the writings of promoters of failed twentieth-century socialist experiments than the ideas and ideals promoted by John Locke, Adam Smith, and other giants of the Enlightenment.

      If Barack Obama succeeds, the American Republic will fail.

    9. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Obama is setting his own self up for failure. He does not know how to run this country right.He better take care of the protection of our country from north korea.He and his administration are the ones who are already failing.If you have common sense wake up , and see him for what he is. He is the evil one.He is not my president at all.I am ashame of him and all his dem, and all his followers.

    10. mike, hickory, nc says:

      Pointing-out the facts of life in the real world, such as those in “A Missile Defense Wake Up Call”, is only right and proper, and in some cases at least a noble effort.

      However! Pointing-out such facts of life to Leftist government elitists and statists, such as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their Comrades, including such facts as those in the aforementioned article, and not only expecting them to admit such facts as such but also expecting them to effectively counteract them as such, is to be on what history repeatedly proves and shows to this day is a foolish and vain "fool's errand" which always has, always does, and always will prove what at least used to be common sense, as in "Present a problem to a ploughman (plowman) and a professor; the former will solve it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules" (Thomas Jefferson).

      In other words, pointing out such facts of life may be ok, as long as we know better than to expect Obama and his Comrades to admit them as such and act accordingly, especially since they and their International Leftist counterparts do, after all, share an agenda which is in essence the same, as in the Leftist Marxist so-called "Inevitable march of (Communist/Socialist) history".

      The bottom line is, it is the government elitist and statist Left, including here in America, which we the people must now indeed defeat and stop if we truly appreciate and want to keep what remains of our freedoms as individuals, corporately, and as a nation, and we'd better wake-up and see to it that we do so now before "the last, best hope of mankind", the United States of America, is sucked into the diabolical black hole of Socialism, and all too possibly also a One World Socialist Government.

    11. Chris says:

      We need to impeach Obama. Only 4 other Presidents in the history of our country have been impeached. I researched the reasons for impeachment, and Obama has committed more crimes against the American people than those past Presidents.

      Unless we get him out of office, the country will be ruined. I am not willing to stand down from Washington. We need to "clean out" the whole mess that is happening there. If anyone has any great ideas about how to create an uprising in this country – - – I am in! Thank you for listening. Chris

    12. michael hutchings says:

      i am loyal to not to a party but a country;

      that was the way it was intended to be;

      free individual,no one has to buy me,

      within natural law leave me in peace, let me be;

      the price has been paid, you dont understand?

      are you anything at all without your group?

      are you anthing at all without your hatred?

      why are you, who are you,find out and be that;

      that is what we are;

      that is why we are;

      its being free to find;

      its being free to be that;

    13. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I am with chris on the uprising and the impeachment.

    14. Ben405 says:

      Ken Jarvis – Las Vegas writes:


      If Obama fails,

      America Fails


      Ken, the policy that he is implementing has to fail or WE will fail.

      If I was working on something suspicious living next door to you, and you found out that what I was working on could ruin your lovely house, would you want me to fail or succeed?

      The spending that this left wing Congress has been doing for the last 60 days is bankrupting the country.

      Congress has broken the "LAW OF THE LAND," namely the Constitution.

      Get a copy and read it for yourself.

      Article I, Section 9 which states plainly "NO BILL OF ATTAINDER OR EX POST FACTO LAW SHALL BE PASSED." Retroactively taxing at 90% and targeting a single group of people is PROHIBITED.

      While you're at it, look at Section 8 which lists the 18 powers granted the federal government and let us know which one allows the federal government to run a Nationalized Health Care.

      Now read the Tenth Amendment and see what it says.

    15. Ben405 says:

      Ken Jarvis – Las Vegas writes

      Reagan Started this MESS

      Ken, you need to do a little research.

      Carter started this mess by mandating that EVERYONE should have a house, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd continued this policy by mandating that banks HAD to make loans to anyone whether they could pay it back or not.

      What they never told you, and the media never reported was that they were both getting rich in the process. It all hinged on the fact that the TAXPAYER would guarantee the loans. There was a lot of selling and buying of these worthless mortgages and each time someone got richer.

    16. Judith of The Late, says:

      Dear Dorothy and Ken:

      You are darn right I want Obama to fail! Why on earth would I want The United States of America to become a Socialist country (The USSA) that will then slide into 3rd world status? No sane American citizen would want that.

      His ideas and policies are so outrageous and dangerous, there are no words adequate enough to describe them. Everyone here and around the world who are hoping Mr. O gets his way about degrading the USA, have no idea how devastating this would be for the entire world. Everyone would suffer and pay a unrecoverable price.

    17. Partisan Ranger, Mis says:

      The only failure I am worried about is the failure of my country, which Obama and his cohorts in Congress seem to be a big hurry to bring about. Why all the fuss from the Left about the GOP not falling in lock step with the Dems and Obama? I seem to remember when the Dems would take on Bush, and try to obstruct what he was doing, or calling him everything but a child of God, well, they were being patriotic. I, for one, am glad the GOP are standing up to him and would encourage them to keep it up, as long as Obama and the Dems keep pushing us toward 3rd world status.

      On the subject of N. Korea defying U.N. resolutions…..he is only ignoring 2 of them? Well, then he is in pretty good shape. How many resolutions from that august body did Saddam thumb his nose at? Somewhere around 14, wasn't it? If it wasn't for Bush having the spine to do what the U.N. was too (and still is)impotent to do, Obama would have another tin horn dictator to appease. Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

    18. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I agree with ben405 and judith.Ken you need to listen and wake up.

    19. christopher g scott says:

      WE NEED LEADERSHIP NOT CAMPAINING Why does this administration need to talk about the U.S.A and bash us to our allies (for whom our brave soldiers sacrificed life and limb for). America is the leader in this world, we defend and protect freedom all over this world on a DAILY basis.

      The Obama administration should think before it bashes our beloved country.Hey Europe good thing General Patton was arrogant huh.

    20. Rick, Iowa says:

      An informed citizenry is a must in a democracy. Talk to your families and friends and get the word out on what direction current policies will take our country. Truthful journalism no longer exists. Freedom of speech does. There's an election coming in 2010.

    21. Nancy Goodwin, Kentu says:

      Yes. things are really in the tank and getting worse. As unemployment rises so does crimes (court costs, jails overcrowded), medical care needs (mental health admissions, children hurt, wives abused),, child abuse is one the rise, animals/pets are being disowned, people can't feed their farm stock, one garden plant cost 3.50$, seeds are expensive, so how do poor people afford to garden if they have some land to use, (most plants and seeds are hybrid, so you can not save seeds each year to use for next years's garden like people use to, to name a few negatives so the costs are rising faster than any stimulus (of borrowed money, crazy) could ever catch up. Use the capitalist methodology which built us and Let businesses fail to bankruptcy as they deserve to because of their mismanagement but also apply punishment to the top management by hitting their wallets bigtime and making them do 2 years of community service.

    22. Craig, Albuquerque says:

      Don't count on an Obama response to Korea unless you plan on a basket of flowers and a congratulations note being sent. Obama will have to experience great pain on the U.S. people before he will move on any security plan. From what I hear, he is more worried about domestic violence than he is the U.S. being hit by a foreign country. Most people don't want a President to fail. However, when the policy starts to run counter productive to a healthy business environment, then something has to give. I fear we are in a lot deeper hole than anyone can imagine.

    23. Dwana Townsend Louis says:

      Let's see. Obama promised Change we could believe in, pfft. He promised that people making under 250K would not see tax increases (in payroll) however we are going to see taxes on oil and gas, (increasing our electric bills), taxes on ciggerettes, and who knows what is next to come. This should translate to increases in commodities, because if businesses and grocery stores have to pay more taxes on energy costs, don't you think that this will trickle down to the consumer by raising the cost of goods purchased.

      He promised nationalized Health Care. Who do you think will bare the burden on the increase in heath costs?

      Obama promised transparency. Specifically that the American public would be able to view all bills being voted on in the House of Rep. and the Senate via internet. In that way we the people would be able to contact our congressmen and legislatures in order to oppose the bill. Have any of you seen a copy of any bill?

      Obama promised to curb spending by reviewing the Federal budget and going line by line and getting rid of the pork, yet he passes a pork filled bill of 410 billion dollars, when he could have simply vetoed the bill. This in itself would have earned himself very much credibility with the American people.

      He promised more jobs. The only jobs I see being created are government jobs. As a matter of fact, his very policies and spending are the catalist for the joblessness we are seeing occur in the US right now. He says jobs in infrastructure and alternative energy sources will create more jobs. I pose the question: When will alternative energy sources be ready and costly for the American public (5 yrs). As for infrastructure projects, this creates jobs in only one sector of the economy (namely construction). How many of you out there are contractors?

      He promised bi-partisianship, but congress and HIS administration have yet to reach across the isle and hear what the other party presents as alternatives to our current economic crisis.

      When a president takes office he swears to uphold the constitution of the United States of America (our laws, our way of life), but from what I can see it looks as though he is willing to let other countries dictate to us how we should be handling our affairs here. Firing the GM CEO and now wanting to fire the CEO of Bank of America should be unconstitutional. Regulating how much money a person can be compensated (even to the extent that they can dictate how much money a bank teller can make). What industry will be next (the oil companies). The government is already making plans to overtake any company they see fit to do so. WHAT ABOUT THE UNION HEADS!!! Is this constitutional???

      He promised reduction on our dependency on foreign oil, however we are cutting domestic production on our own oil production. As a matter of fact our government plans to tax our oil and gas industry. How many jobs will this bill cut? Will our oil companies be able to afford such a tax? I ask the question, why do we continue to buy foreign oil and support those economies instead of our own!!!

      One of the primary roles of the Presidency is to keep the United States safe from foreign powers!!! what are we doing about Korea and Iran? Weak words and actions is what I see.

      Then finally what under the table agreements did he make with foreign leaders during the G-20 summit? One world regulation for the finacial sector?? One world currency?? There goes some more of our freedoms. Just as entrepenuers were able to make their businesses profitable without fear from government taking over. But today the Treasury has the power to take over any business they deem unfit.

      More over, we no longer supply goods for ourselves in the united states with the exception of some automobiles and oil and gas. These industries will become extinct in this country. Then what will we manufacture here? Alternative sources of energy?? Well people that technology is at best 5 yrs away from being effiecient. Currently it is too costly and not a stable source of energy.

      Let's watch and see how long Obama is going to keep blameing the Bush administration for this mess. From my point of view, Obama is rewriting our Constitution. They are overstepping their bounds. We must take action before its too late!!

      Protest, write your representatives. We need an uprising and we cannot wait until 2010 to vote more Republicans in office. Maybe we need a whole new party to emerge "THE PEOPLES PARTY".

      I just can't believe what I see happening to our country, it's sickening.

    24. Gibson says:

      1) We need to vote out any socialist that's up for election in 2010.

      2) War sucks and the Civil War tells a horrible tale of rebellion, state's rights, and slavery.

      3) All my middle aged friends and co-workers are buying guns every chance they can in case of government oppression. It's crazy because we live in one of the most liberal towns in NC.

      Raleigh had the first black college, and some other trivia…

      4) If this administration and the Supreme court do not protect our rights that our constitution mandates:

      a) Many religious people and some churches believe this may be the start of the "End Times" due to the total corrosion of morality and ethics that this administration demonstrates.

      They say the bible says "run for the mountains."

      b) Gun sales have tripled in this area and many guns are on back order. Does this not trouble this administration?

      c) If we cannot get a GOP majority back in the congress and the liberal agenda is forced upon us in the south, many men and women alike warn of armed insurrection. I really hope it does not come to this. -Gibson

      FYI: Do not trust your email to be private unless you use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy.)

    25. Pete says:

      I am looking out the window waiting for a pig to fly by. I never thought I would witness a President that makes Carter look good. What a disgrace. Obama owes an apology to the American people and then do the decent thing and resign. Sure we will be stuck with Meathead, but that will be better than Obama driving the country to socialism. Find a Tea Party near you on April 15.

    26. Mike, Missouri says:

      This is a ridiculous argument, but one that must be resolved. First of all, Jimmy Carter started this mess. Ok? That is just how it is. Secondly, the GOP does NOT want America to fail. We want Obama's immoral and/or socialist policies to fail. Why should we jump on the Obama bandwagon? Nobody forced the Dems to love Bush. If you support Obama, you don't support Second Amendment rights and you do support murdering defenseless babies and socialism. You should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you that don't support Obama, I thank you and encourage you to keep up the righteous fight.

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    29. Joe, Brooklyn New Yo says:

      Liberals and the news media laughed when Reagan proposed his nuclear defense initiative calling it "star wars" technology.

      It is the constitutional responsibility of the government to protect this country and its citizens. Apparently the Obama administration has either forgotten or chooses to ignore this while they play political power games.

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