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  • Preventing the Rationing of Your Health Care

    When President Barack Obama included $1.1 billion for comparative effectiveness research in his economic stimulus bill, we warned that such funding would set the stage for government rationing of your health care:

    The House and Senate bills would establish a framework and funding for comparative effectiveness research and health information technology. While the Senate’s language is broad and vague, the House language provides further clarity. The House committee report states that “those [items] that are found to be less effective and in some cases, more expensive, will no longer be prescribed. This type of alarming language is similar to what exists today in the British National Health Service.

    In addition, billions of dollars would be spent on a health IT information “architecture” for exchanging information and training health care professionals. Combining the comparative effective research with the health IT portal opens the door to direct government intervention in the clinical decisions by physicians and other health care providers.

    Now Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is moving to make sure that that doesn’t happen. He has offered an amendment to the Senate’s budget resolution that would expressly forbid Medicare and other federal health programs from using results of comparative effectiveness research to deny coverage of any treatments.

    We will see if the liberal majorities in Congress will accept this protection of the doctor-patient relationship. The signs are not encouraging. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) dodged the particular question of assessing costs in comparative effective research but did tell CQ: “Controlling costs is part of health care reform. We cannot continue to spend as much as we do on health care. … We must find a way to contain costs, and part of the solution is reducing unnecessary costs and waste in our system.”

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    6 Responses to Preventing the Rationing of Your Health Care

    1. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      LOL! The health care pyramid. The more "essential" one is the more care options you get. EG: The president gets anything and everything, a gas attendant gets NADA! A tag to wait in line. Even then, your LIFE, is determined by another's slide-rule. The same gas attendant might be OK'd for a dose of antibiotic for a pnumonia, but declined for a heart by-pass. I don't care what country you live in, if you live by these standards, your whole country needs to be wiped from the face of the earth. Who is anyone to say what is to much. If I have a problem and can pay for it by selling everything I own to be cured, but then be destitute, then by GOD so be it. I could not, and cannot envision denying someone health treatment.

    2. mary genovese capacc says:

      what is going on? how did in a blink of a eye,we have a tyrant that is taking away our rights, raising our taxes and stripping us of the freedons we had living in a free nation? i worked very hard my whole life with the anticipation of enjoying my retirement one day…what a joke. i am disappointed in the people i voted for..when they were in office, did nothing to secure my future..greed, fraud and self serving politicians…i've pretty much lost faith in all of you. yes, i mean the republicans i backed all these years. this flurry all of a sudden…you people finally woke up, but a little too late. things must have been pretty comfortable while you were in office…you have no idea how angry i am. you know what …it's time to look out for me…just the way all of you took care of yourself…it must have been great being a celebrity when you were in office…senate and congress…the perks kept you placent…and now the democratice idiots are enjoying the limelight..and the perks…at my expense…if i had a ton of tea, i'd pour it on all of you. shame on all of you for destroying the country, i believed in. a soverignty no more.

    3. 4tner, Racine, WI says:

      I love this! Quote from article above:

      “Controlling costs is part of health care reform. We cannot continue to spend as much as we do on health care. … We must find a way to contain costs, and part of the solution is reducing unnecessary costs and waste in our system.”

      Funny how controlling costs and reducing waste is NOT in any way part of the government's budget that just passed. Tea party people, tea party now!

    4. mary genovese capacc says:

      do you know why we have the #1 rated, high quality health care in the world? it's because that care is between you and your doctor to decide what you need, and when you need it. the same reason why we have the #1 longevity status in the world, also..we can choose our healthcare, doctors and places for care. we aren't told what we can have, proceedures aren't rationed out,there is no priority check sheet for what you must wait for..for heart conditions, cancer, debilitating joint diseases…etc. the waiting lists will become very long. that is why canadians come down here for emergency care…their waiting lists for proceedures and hospital check-ins is too long. i can go on and on. obamba could care less…as long as he fulfills his fascist, socialistic agenda, he is a happy tyrant. i have to go now.. i just bought 10 pounds of tea…and i'm heading down to the bay…anyone want to join me?

    5. Pat Hall says:

      60 Minutes aired a program tonight about waste that occurs in hospitals with unnecessary tests and procedures performed on dying patients. It exposes the need to educate patients about choices that they can make when they have terminal conditions. However, it seems that doctors and hospitals are "forced" to perform test of minimal value when palliative and hospice care is probably what most patients would prefer. This appears to be a hugh waste and 85% is paid by the taxpayers. This is a strong case for "reasonable rationing" of health care particularly in end of life situations. Of course, this is an extremely difficult matter on which to develop policy, but I hope Heritage fellows have been thinking about this matter.

      Have Heritage scholars written anything that deals with this question?

      Pat Hall, Houston TX

    6. Pat Hall August 8, 2 says:

      My comment was written on Aug 8, 2010.

      Pat Hall

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