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  • Morning Bell: A Budget We Can Believe In

    There are now two ten-year budget plans being offered in Washington. One budget dumps a staggering $9.6 trillion in new debt onto the American people; the other borrows $3.6 trillion less. One budget creates $63,000 in debt per household; the other creates $23,000 less. One budget raises taxes by $1.4 trillion; the other avoids all tax increases and even simplifies the tax code. One budget does nothing to address the unsustainable costs of Social Security and Medicaid; the other begins to reform these programs. One budget permanently raises federal spending to over 22% of GDP; the other lowers it to pre-recession levels.

    When President Barack Obama unveiled his budget he told the American people: “We need to be honest with ourselves about what costs are being racked up, because that’s how we’ll come to grips with the hard choices that lie ahead. And there are some hard choices that lie ahead.” But then his budget went on to avoid all of those hard choices, instead moving to borrow and spend at historic levels. Yesterday, House Budget Committee ranking member Paul Ryan (R-WI) offered a clear alternative that does make hard choices. Heritage analyst Brian Riedl details what Ryan’s budget does:

    • Freezes non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending at its current level for five years.
    • Reforms entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are currently growing 8 percent annually.
    • Takes back stimulus spending that would be spent in 2010 and beyond, when the recession is expected to be over.
    • Places a moratorium on earmarks until the system can be cleaned up.

    The most ambitious part of Ryan’s budget is the effort to contain the $43 trillion, 75-year unfunded liability in Social Security and Medicare. Specifically, it would slowly transition Medicare into a premium support program for individuals who are currently below age 55. This would provide seniors with a health plan similar to the one that Members of Congress and federal employees currently enjoy—one based on consumer choice and competition. The alternative budget would also allow future adjustments to Social Security benefits for upper-income seniors.

    The alternative budget would also go a long way to restoring American competitiveness by making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent, lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, and simplifying the tax code by allowing individuals the choice of opting into a system with a 10% marginal tax rate on all incomes below $100,000 and 25% rate on incomes above $100,000. Even with all these changes, the alternative budget would bring in revenues averaging just below 18% of GDP, which is near the historical average.

    The contrast the two budgets create could not be starker. President Obama’s plan saddles Americans with historic tax increases, runaway spending, and a doubling of the national debt. Ryan’s alternative reins in spending, simplifies taxes, and lessens the debt burden on American families. Which vision do you believe in?

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    42 Responses to Morning Bell: A Budget We Can Believe In

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The choice is obvious but the problem with Paul Ryan's plan is that President Obama and the Left will not hear of it. Theirs (the Left)is the Game Plan that we will be going with because "They Won!", they want the control, and Paul Ryan is a Republican so he will just be laughed at.

      This is reality, folks! The Left is holding 4 aces and we have a pair of 2's!

    2. Jon Mason, Wilmingto says:

      Dear Senator Kay Hagan,

      Thank you for your recently expressed assessment that Obama’s 2010 budget proposal is “completely unsustainable and unacceptable” which it truly is…this is on top of the $787 Billion bill of providing for limitless bailouts and special interests spending and a $410 Billion spending bill to mainly fund over 8,500 earmarks for his campaign contributors who gave a record $750 million. .

      Clearly, this proposed budget is not about jobs for America’s unemployed or creating confidence with investors so that Americans can start rebuilding our great country; it’s about implementing his socialistic and liberal agenda that has no resemblance to the constitutional framework and its goals for individual freedom, self reliance and responsibility. Our Constitution was framed with the idea of limiting the powers of the central government, keeping autonomy with the states and advancing individual growth and prosperity by doing the necessary hard and productive work and utilizing the genius of our citizens.

      The CBO says these bills will add $9.3 Trillion to the national debt, doubling it in six years and nearly tripling in ten years. Federal spending under Obama this year will top $4 Trillion which is 28.5% of our GNP! By 2019 the debt would reach 82.4% of our GNP, a level not achieved since 1947, when we had ensured that German would not be our national language. Now we have the equivalent internal forces of socialism, governmental elitism, arrogance and political appeasement. These forces are aided and abetted by the majority of our congressional members with near complete disregard of the long range consequences of massive, multi-generation debt and crippling new income and sales taxes and fees on all Americans to fund the debt and interest spending.

      Illegal immigrants probably cost the taxpayers $100 Billion every year with border protection, crime resolution, incarceration costs, health care, education and EIC “welfare” payments (that escapes the knowledge of most taxpayers); the EIC payments are in the millions annually in addition to refunding any income taxes paid through payroll! When are the Administration and Congress going to demand the enforcement of our current laws against illegal immigrants?

      Further, all states, counties and companies are cutting back on operating costs, employees and activities to be able to pay their bills and not once have we heard that the federal government is reducing its budget and/or the number of employees. It would be very refreshing and responsible for all members of the Congress to cut their office expenses by 50% each and the overall federal budget by 5% this year and 5% each year there after for the next three years. America, as a nation, can not sustain massive and irresponsible borrowing and spending without having devastating results. It’s very simple that we can not spend our way back to prosperity…the Chinese know there is not $4 Trillion in the world to borrow without us printing more money to pay the debt back.

      As you know, another Carter administration with 16% home mortgages and 21% inflation will be “knocking at our front door” as long as Congress continues to approve massive debt spending to the detriment of all Americans that you, your peers and the Administration were elected to serve.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,

      Jon Mason

      Wilmington, NC

    3. Jim Pearson; Groves says:

      What is the best way to voice support for Paul Ryan's budget proposal?

    4. daniel says:

      we must work hard to unseat the unprincipled democrats.

    5. Candie Robertson, Ho says:

      Ryan's plan sounds good, but why don't we put a freeze on the expenses in Washington also? No pay raises for 5 years or a decrease in travel allowances.

    6. oscar says:

      Thank-you Thank-you Honorable Paul Ryan for you

      well thought out budget, we pray it will be approved, you are our hope!!!

    7. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Although 3.6 trillion is unfathomable, at 2/3 less than Obama's 9.6, it's an alternative we could better swallow. Even so, we've heard of solutions not even considered by our elected officials. Such as: no one pay income tax for one year, instead, putting that money back into circulation or ones business.

    8. Kevin Burnett Ft Way says:

      I suggest Ryan and others get off their asses and "market" their plan. Where have they been living in a cave? Conservatives are painting themselves as whining obstructionists with little vision for the future. Its decision time- new alternatives, new ideas, fresh candidates (not Alaska or Louisiana)OR JUST 4-8 YEARS OF WHINING ??

    9. Seymour Mclean says:

      Greetings America,

      What will President Obama have in his hands when he return from Europe? what did he recieve from the Queen of England?

    10. Seymour Mclean says:

      President Barack Obama

      Office of the President

      C/o the American Embassy

      24 Grosvenor SQ

      London W1A 1AE

      12 February 2009

      Urgent and Confidential

      Mr President,

      Please accept our Ras Tafari greetings and best wishes, in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Conquering Lion of Judah . Defender of the Faith. Father of African Unity. Ras Tafari.

      Please refer to our previous correspondence, concerning the G20 meeting this April in London, and to update your office of the planning objectives, unless changing circumstances cause you to abort the planned meeting in April, it is of the utmost urgency that you do not leave London empty handed and unable to agree a correct policy to impact upon the global economic events, and to plug the dangers of a whirlpool effect should one or more of the G20 economies become victim like the banks in London and America of the failed enforcement system leading to the ongoing convulsions started in London and America affecting the global economic community and the reason for this G20 meeting.

      Measures must also be agreed to protect the smaller economies who are more vulnerable to failed economic systems exposing again the unacceptable face of capital only based systems who quickly become victims of predators from within.

      T combat this present crisis before your meeting in April, we recommend you cause to be audited the resources of the World Bank, I.M.F., and E.C.B, and to establish the strength of the economies untainted by deliberate action. Through agreed procedures we wish to establish early warning of any major economy in need of supportive action, we do not support the “Bail out” policy current for the London and American Banks, as a way forward for national economies, you are able to measure the public distaste even among elected representatives of your own Country for that policy.

      In the absence of any agreement from the policy coordinators and G20 secretariat, we submit direct and sustained Government supervision of the financial sector, within and without the G20 area be considered as an agreed way forward, this policy can be applied to others sectors in isolation or as required, that a strengthened global enforcement regime under the authority of the Secretary General of the United Nations be authorised to conduct an effective audit of all the U.N. economies and to apply new standards and enforcement procedures to the same.

      The complicity of the host, who would normally Chair such a meeting gives us cause for concern, as national self interest is not in order, a joint or independent chairman is recommended.

      That you do not leave London completely empty handed, our spiritual and cultural policy objective is that you will be presented with digital copies of six of the Ecclesiastical manuscripts from the Royal Library as an act of faith, Her Majesty the Queen will receive you at Buckingham Palace, that your leadership be fortified by faith, hope and confidence during these changing and testing times.

      A copy of this correspondence will be forwarded to all G20 members, World Bank, I.M.F., E.C.B. and European Union attending the meeting.

      And so, Mr President, assuring you, your officers and your peoples of America of our highest consideration we recommend you to the protection of the Almighty.

      I am Ras Seymour Mclean

    11. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "The largest tobacco tax hike in American history is nearly three times as likely to affect low-income Americans as it is to affect high-income Americans."

      When did the HF start caring for the poor?

    12. Ron, Derry NH says:

      The responsible one, that doesn't place more burden on it's people is my choice!

      Government mismanagement is as bad as monetary wastefulness, how any one believes Obama has some sort of magic wand available to change government MO is beyond me.

      A scorpion is a scorpion, is a scorpion. His plan will add more debt for sure, that is a fact, he will enslave the country to more taxation that is a fact, he will cause less equality because he is erasing work ethic to be replaced with extortion through government controlled leveraging, all other words of promise are totally on the scale of wishful thinking and fantasy.

      If this were a competition at who could corrupt the American work ethic into servitude to the government by means of favored status gain by political leveraging rather than a fair attempt at survival through merit and effort, Obama wins by a mile. Apparently he has a vision of some sort of purity in government servitude. I don't.

      He is as foreign to me as an American that believes in independence and self destiny, as chains are to a free man.

      Debt means enslavement to some one elses direction, period.

      I would prefer to choose my debt than have a government impose it against my will on projects I see as detrimental in every shape and form upon our future liberties of us all. I am against a government so powerful that it can flaunt it's arrogance at the present and the future and steal the strength of economic recover to force an agenda of servitude to it and not a pursuit of life, liberty and happiness upon its people.

      As it is today I spend 40-60 hours a week trying to survive and don't get to hang around pool rooms, bars or shop for fancy clothes. I need total concentration on what I owe the government each quarter, with no waste. With insurance, liability and every other license and cost I barely get to keep 1/4 of my earnings. If the government continues on this present path of stealing the efforts of the willing and the able, there will be no desire to earn the extra it takes to make tax payments on this level of embezzling of societal worth.

      The forging of the chains of enslavement, through taxation and debt, seems all too easy for him, I am worried for America.

      Obama has no faith in us nor does our government. The forced servitude to government imposed spending is evidence enough.

      That he says one thing then does the opposite is even more evidence of his treacherous nature, and evidence of his true self. Character comes from actions and words being the same not in diametric opposition to each other.

    13. Mavin, Gilbert Az says:

      The Heritage Foundation is great and the effort and emails are very good. But help us make a difference. Put in you emails and web site a way to find our congress men with their email and phone # so we can use your research to tell them how we want them to vote. If it is too much to add this feature then add a cross reference to a site that will, like Grassfire.org. Your great work will be for not if you do not get the people to call their Congressmen and tell them on every email and on your web site to please encourage readers to do it.

    14. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      More debt more spending is not the answer. Just as more give away programs is not the answer. It is time to stop this nonsence and tell people the government{us] will no longer give them all they want and need. I am all for helping those that need help, but at some point they must be willing to help themselves. The left is so full of themselves and spending they can not see the wall for looking.

      The next election will not come soon enough, 2010 is the time to put the dems in the street or on a slow boat to a socialist or communist country.

    15. jonah Tazewell VA. says:

      Sad it is that republicans have been,because of their own neglect and culpability, literally thrown out of any meaningful ability to influence legislation. This should be an epiphany for them; return to monetary responsibility that voters can trust, but perhaps its to late.

      I once voted democrat but, like Reagan, their swing to the left is unprecedented, and is one of many reasons that their policy of protecting the "proletariat" at any cost, especially of freedom in a capitalist society, is now obvious. Vote the bums out.

    16. Tracy, New York says:

      It's great that Republicans are submitting alternative budgets but there's something that bothers me — they still don't get it. The people don't want a budget that spends a third less than Obama's. They want a realistic and sustainable budget. The people don't want to hear that the Republicans are finding a way around the lack of funding for the Medicare/Medicaid program by offering seniors private plans. Seniors aren't amenable to that language and it won't stick. They should be working on private healthcare, akin to private automobile or home insurance, so that we have a choice when national healthcare becomes a reality.

      It's time for the Republicans to step up to the plate with conservative principles and a renewed, unwavering dedication to do the People's work. That's what they get paid to do. They do not get paid to come up with a slightly "better" plan than the one submitted by the Democrats. If they don't start distinguishing themselves, and start offering something much better than this mediocrity, we're lost.

    17. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      The Ryan proposal cedes half the field of battle to the statists at the start. How much of his proposal excedes Constitutional authority limits? America's future can not be sustained on watered- down liberalism. A Republican should be able to campaign as a Libertarian, similar to Bernie Sanders caucusing with the Democrats.

    18. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      HF states: "This would provide seniors with a health plan similar to the one that Members of Congress and federal employees currently enjoy—one based on consumer choice and competition."

      You and I will never ENJOY the type of health care provided to our federally elected officials, unless you are very wealthy!

      Free Market health care has led to the single highest medical cost per person in the world.

      We lost our 29 year old son to Crohns disease in 2007, in part due to medical records cesspools and not-so-Enjoyable corporate health industry restraint of needed care.


      10 single payer 101 documents

      Conservative Republican Governor Mitt Romney found a way to provide single payer health care for all Massachusetts residents.

      Meanwhile – My advice is, if you want Capitalist Business Executives to run your health care system, do not become catastrophically ill and don't live too long. My letter to President Obama follows:

      President Obama:

      Why do you support private for profit health insurance companies who add absolutely NO value to health care and who profit by restricting or denying access to health care?

      My wife Katherine and I lost our 29 year old son Michael to Crohns disease after a 15 year battle. Most Americans will never understand on a visceral level the pain of watching a child slowly whither while health insurers rule out the most critical of treatments.

      Massive doses of steroids to control his Crohns ruined both hips, which were replaced. He had an ileostomy, which meant his intake absorption was very minimal. Somehow, the replacement of his steroid-devastated teeth was not "disease related"? I'll let the Lawyers twist that BS into a profit motivated response. They are and always will be wrong. And – my 6'5" and 138lb son is and shall remain dead!

      There is a time for optimum and rational unfettered capitalism. But making money is hardly ever a patriotic exercise, as witnessed by our present "US-lead Global collapse. Physicians most certainly should make a good living – but Health Care Companies in America add not one ounce of Value to Medical care. They leave the development and improvement of treatment to the universities and non-profits. They have only a vested interest in making profit from illness via treatment menus that resemble the "House Odds" at a blackjack table.

      I say plant a ruptured spleen on a HMO/CEO's lawn! It is landscape architecture they can afford and deserve.

    19. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      HF, My anti-free market health care response was posted for moderation at 12:43 pm. Just listing a fact.

    20. Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

      Dear New Jersey John-

      The world (and particularly our comment approval schedule) does not revolve around you.

      All the best.


    21. Terry O'Connot, says:

      Rep. Ryan's ideas are great ones. The Republican problem is we don't have a "single" leader to combat their controlling numbers in all three branches. We have to adopt a plan (this one seems good) and get the word out to the public. We have to fight the thinking that we only "say no" and actually come up with a plan some of the regular folks will want, over Obama's desires for big government.

      We have to remember that we are part of the millions who did not vote for him and his insane plans to have everyone totally dependant on the Government, after demonizing the successful and causing "class warfare".

      One Proud American of 61,784,800

    22. Bill Guyker,Greensbu says:

      The Ryan Budget is acceptable;its marketing is not.I will see no comparisons on any of the networks-only a whining anthem that the poor and illegals are getting screwed.The left have taken over POTUS.

    23. Charles Stefan,Kearn says:

      If only Mr. Ryan had presented this alternative budget with several democrats standing beside him it might have made more of an impact. This budget plan will just be cast aside like the GOP bailout proposal was. Too bad one of the 2008 GOP candidates couldn't have come up with a similar budget proposal before the election. We wouldn't have our current mess to deal with. What I have a hard time with is why do politicians keep throwing out these multi-year budgets. I would like to see what the next year's fiscal budget covers. Then if they want, include a 5-year projection of expenses and what taxes would be required going forward. Our politicians need to take a Dave Ramsey course in how to get rid of debt.

    24. mike, hickory, nc says:

      "One budget dumps a staggering $9.6 Trillion in new debt on (us)…the other, ($6 Trillion); one creates $63,000 in debt per household, the other ($40,000)…", and "the contrast the two budgets create could not be starker"?

      Actually, the contrast the two budgets create could and should be "starker".

      In fact, that so-called "alternative budget" is simply another proposition and attempted sale of "Democrat-Lite" which makes people say "Democrat, Republican, they're all too much alike, and they prove it, so I may as well vote for one or the other, or not vote at all", and strips us of much to effectively counter that with.

      The fact is, if indeed the Republicans in Congress would stop trying to sell such shaved and primped at the edges "Democrat-Lite", whenever they're not trying to "out-Democrat the Democrats" like stereotypical used car salesmen falling all over themselves to "make that sale" of so-called "bipartisanship", as defined by the Left, and instead steadfastly vote to insist on the major changes which must be made (including items in every real or claimed "wish list", including items presented in the article above) they just might manage to accomplish the following:

      First of all, between now and the next two (2) elections in 2010 and 2012, Republicans just might manage to slow down the Democrats (notice I didn't say "stop" them, since there aren't enough Republicans [Liberal Republicans and Conservative Republicans combined] in Congress to stop them, and both we and the Democrats know it), before they also, just like the former Republican majority, are "voted out" for being too much like the Democrats;

      Second, then, if the elections in 2010 aren't enough, then after the elections in 2012 also, we should have enough true Conservative Republicans in office for us, the people, to get our Congress and White House back, and so save, as much as that can, what remains of our freedoms, resources, and security after the destructive antics and machinations of the Socialist Left in the interim between now and then, and so also then…

      Third, we should then have, no later than 2012, both enough Conservative Republican votes in Congress and a Conservative Republican President to make the major changes which must be made, instead of shaving and primping around the edges to try to sell "Democrat-Lite" which, as proven by the consequences of it (including the elections in 2004, 2006, and 2008), is nothing other than a losing, freedom and prosperity-killing proposition and sale.

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    26. Sally Smith Birmingh says:

      Hey, How about whatever policies, proposals or taxes that Congress wants to put on the public, will also apply to them as well. Their pensions, retirement benefits, health care and any other mandates should be the same as ours. No differences, no loopholes; everything fashioned for the 'little people' will be applied the same for Congress. What a new world that would be!If that's not agreeable, let's throw them all out.

    27. ROBERT DAVIS says:


    28. Linda Middlekauff says:

      Thank you, Republicans for coming up with an alternate and better budget. Is it not a moot point, however? Where was the Republican Party during its majority or at least during the campaign?

      What to do now? Impeachment anyone? The president is supposed to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution", and most of what he's been doing so far including his "budget" seems unconstitutional. Would someone in the Heritage legal department please comment on this?

      In the meantime, we can participate in a Tea Party on tax day, April 15. These are being put together by constitution loving, peaceful citizens all across America. Go to http://www.AmericanSolutions.com for information specific to your area.

    29. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      The Republicans have had enough people in Congress since Clinton's second term to either frustrate or eliminate any chances of real productive change in government practice. So, why hasn't their strategies worked ? How is it the Democrats were able to leave the nation with an actual government SURPLUS in 2000 and the Republicans [ that would be Bush/Cheney ] left us with what ? You know the story too well.

      What we have for the most part is a whole lot of whining and "still dining". No real answers in spite of all the complaints about spending, bail outs and giveaways.

      Let's lead by example for a change, shall we? For instance, why did the Congress [ Republicans and Dems ] blithely accept their annual salary increase instead of saying to the American citizens, "You know what ? We understand and feel your pain. We will not take a salary increase this year. As a matter of practical fact and example, we will take a cut in our salary to that of the year 2000 when we last saw the surplus we took from you the people."

      Why can Congressional "leaders" not come up with answers and alternatives instead of the sniveling name calling and excuse vomiting of which they are so often guilty? The only thing they really know better than the electorate is "the workings of Congress" and how NOT to get things done, as in filibuster.

      Fortunately, many now being elected to those 'sacred' halls, know there are much smarter folks outside Congress than inside it. It was painfully evident that some still do not think citizens can read when Sen. Boehner presented the Republican "Budget" last week with NO NUMBERS included.

      Citizens are sick and tired of the one liners and fudged figures, the glowing accolades which say nothing and give no information on which to decide anything other than our 'leaders' in Congress are struggling to imagine themselves as having reasonable options to the problems they created over the past eight long years. We are sick of the constant whining and crying about how awful "the other side" is and how they are going to take us to economic ruin or collapse. We have see enough of that by clear and incredibly graphic demonstration for two presidential terms.

      If you want to be considered credible, then give options, data, figures and examples of workable solutions.

      No one, NO ONE has asked the American citizen to actually give up anything, except those who make over $250,000 per year. We have one of the highest standards of living in the world and a citizenry which will give when asked, if the message is clear, reasonable and believable. Unfortunately, the last administration asked the middle class to give up their belief in government by reducing agency budgets so they could not perform the simplest services. It also created a disbelief in 'leaders' who say one thing and do the opposite or go against citizen reason and world opinion by attacking a nation which had nothing to do with our calamity of 9/11. Americans will sacrifice a lot to get things right, though when lied to by their leaders so patently and openly, it will take a lot to get their trust built back for allowing those who lied back in positions of strength.

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    31. James Doerrer Lee C says:

      James Doerrer

      N. Fort Myers, FL.

      I have a actuary table for all to see. To this day I have trouble with people, small business and corporations that want to give away money. When it comes to insurance, the Broker makes 55% of the premiums up front. Then because there are thousands of companies getting money for repeat management,50% more of the premium is going to non medical costs. If the government does it, there is no profit, no salesmen and only one set of management which eliminates redundant management personnel which saves even more money. This will immediately cut costs for health insurance by 75% to 90% or more and the Doctors will make more and we the people will spend less, same is true for hospitals and drugs. If one pays between $400 to $800 for insurance the coast would be $40 to $80.

      This will save you about $8640.00 a year or $4.15 per hour. This is almost an entire check if you make minimum wage.

      To All Senate, House of Reps. & Presidential Candidates, Also all news media.

      Why are corp. against this? Do they like spending unneeded money. Please read this.

      1. This in the matter of universal health care. (I am not a speech writer)

      2. When a candidate is speaking of this matter the speech should begin:

      A. Do you, voters, businesses, and corporations want to save a lot of money? If the answer is yes, here is how Universal Health Care will indeed save

      You lots of cash.

      .a. How much are you insurance premiums? In most cases it is more than $400.00 a month. ($4800.00 yearly) More if you have a family and pre existing heath issues, as much as $1400.00 a month. (16800.00 Yearly).

      .b. If the tax was to be $1000.00 per return this would come to $100bilion .Each person would save $2800.00 – $15800.00.

      Using the sling scale, we use now, the tax on lower income earners might be as low as $100.00 a year to, for high earners,

      The top earners, would be about $2300.00 so the top earners would save between $2500.00 to $14500.00.

      B. Businesses $ corporations, do you want to put billions into profits?

      .a. If you have 10,000 employees and you pay the bulk of the

      Premiums for your workers this would be $3600.00 per person,

      To $5000.00 per person. Total premiums are $50,000,000.00.

      .b. even if you pay tax on this you would save at least $35,000,000.00. The blue chip companies have far more employees, 100.000 workers = $350 mil. .and on up.

      C. Unlike HMO’s & PPO’s you can pick any DR. You will be able to get any supplement for elective treatments.

    32. Richard cancemi says:

      I support any conservative budget over Obama;s Socialilist one.

      But why is it I NEVER hear any mention of our stopping dumping money outside this country?

      We need to stop foreign aid, stop deploying troops all over the world, and most of all resign from that Useless Nuisance, The United Nations.

      And finally Obama needs to be impeached along with Pelosi, Reid, Franks and Dodd, as starters.

      They have been using the words of the Constitution to destroy the Constitution!!!

    33. Frances, Abilene, Te says:

      I just want to know where the nearest tea party will be on April 15, 2009. Sure wish I could be with Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Neil Cavuota.

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    35. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Frances, sean h will be in atlanta april 15.

    36. Jayne, northern Cali says:

      I'm sick of hearing about Clinton's surplus. If indeed there was a surplus and that wasn't just a projection, it was due to 1. the Gingrich led congress who actually has the budgeting authority – constitutionally speaking.

      2. The cut in military spending, which we now know was unwise.

      3. There was a huge internet boon which generated a lot of tax revenue, and Clinton was still riding the coattails of Reaganomics.

    37. Jayne, northern Cali says:

      For all of you who are complaining that Republicans aren't doing enough, aren't marketing well, weren't doing right during the campaign, etc. They are doing it now! So stop griping and start supporting and cheering them. We don't have the press to get the word out so it's up to WE THE PEOPLE. Call your congressman or senator, send the info on this page to your democrat family members and friends, go out and protest. You can't sit back and expect the minority party who has the rules changed against them and the press that will ignore them do everything.

    38. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me and the world. I, and a few other's here, just find it a bit manipulative when you fail to print a timely appology, for instance, for my bone headed rant the other day.

      You do, in the main, provide a very open and balanced pro and con.

      Unfortunately the world Does seem to revolve around a very naive batch of American's who sorely lack the depth or knowledge to see that unfettered capitalism is NOT the purist form of good in the world! Not even close to being true.

      You should have had the capitalistic pleasure of carrying a 1960's edition of the M16 the Army bought in Southeast Asia! Don't worry about my, or anyones' words, just speak to the outcomes you can quantify. That is something I find most lacking in the "crisis flavor of the week" in today's America.

      I contend, as always, if you give the average person or entity the keys to your bank account and oven for 40 years, you should not be surprised to find the money missing and the books cooked.

      Americas' wealth generators and technology were sold off to the highest bidder by my greedy generation. It's a long term systemic problem – and has little to do with Constitutional anything, unfortunately.

      Its your cyber-space – but not your country or constitution alone. If you don't like my take – you can do what you've done before.

      Health Care in America just plain sucks, especially if you are really ill. Great for check-ups though. And that's just a simple and verifiable fact, Jack! Your take on the Constitution be damned.

      Tea Bags, anyone!

    39. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Once again, we're using devisive attitudes; if we can't agree on the health and welfare of a nation's people, we all go down the tubes. The 'fix' is going to be hard on everybody…but much more difficult to those who have lost their jobs and homes already.

      Just recall how we got here; should make it more obvious what it will take to get out. BTW, it was greed and lack of business ethics what brought us to this dance. Robbers! And we've only brought one of them to justice; and that is where it will end……just one.

      Get behind something that will help your country,

      not your greedy self.!!

    40. Pingback: Republican Budget: Real Hope to Counter the Audacity of a Dope « Gadget’s Blog

    41. Kris Schnee, Melbour says:

      "slowly transition Medicare into a premium support program for individuals who are currently below age 55." Wait; does this mean expanding Medicare to cover more people, thus expanding government power?

    42. Thomas L Montag, Cin says:

      Please read:

      The law that never was


      Bill Benson

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