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  • What Will You Give Up to Fight Global Warming?

    The current recession is causing Americans to take a second look at their household budget. Well, if Congress enacts cap and trade legislation, recently proposed by Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Edward Markey (D-MA) of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee, families will have to take an even harder look at their budget and be forced to make additional cuts.

    As recently acknowledged by a top White House official, a global warming tax could generate as much as $1.9 trillion in tax revenue over eight years, which amounts to a nearly $2,000 tax every year for every American household.* For comparison, the chart below indicates how much typical household expenditures cost families.


    Even if you’re fortunate enough to handle an additional $2,000 per year tax, think of all the low income families that must seriously consider eliminating one of these payments from their budgets. Sure, there’s discussion of rebate checks from “climate revenue” generation, but will they offset the costs of higher energy prices? Unlikely.

    * The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) calculations confirmed this. CDA took the CO2 allowance limits from the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade bill, which was more lax than the Waxman-Markey bill. CDA then multiplied the CO2 allowance for each year times our estimates for the allowance price for each year. The summation of these products for 8 years (2012-2019), divided by eight to get the average per year and divided that by the number of households (about 110-120 million households) gave us an average per household tax per year of nearly $2,000.

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    27 Responses to What Will You Give Up to Fight Global Warming?

    1. Brook says:

      the whole notion of "fighting climate change" is nonsense. Has anyone even defined what they are talking about? 47% of Americans do not believe in man-made global warming, which makes a clear majority. Forcing us to pay for cap and trade would constitute tyranny.

    2. Geoffrey, South Caro says:

      More global warming nonsense from the liberal Democrats!:(

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The figures in this article are conservative. This Global Warming is just utter nonsense but now what we have been saying for several years is coming true. The whole "concern" is nothing but a ploy to tax without conscience and who benefits? No one!

    4. Marty, Gakona Alaska says:

      Without public debate amongst the scientists, we have little chance of changing the present course.

      The ice growth in the arctic regions continues with severe cold, but it's hard to find evidence or note in the main stream media…

    5. jr., Michigan says:

      nothing. the global warming falacy needs to end.

    6. Valerie Pajak, Deerf says:

      I wouldn't give up anything. I live in Chicago, where global warming clearly hasn't affected our climate. It's so cold in Chicago, that I had to buy a new fur coat this year … which subsequently ticks off the PETA people. I just can't win as a human living in Chicago! Global warming is a ruse for the foolish.

    7. Ricardo Espinosa, Mi says:

      I don't know from where did you get the chart of expenses. It is unreal. We are 4, my wife can not work (health)and the monthly expenses: Mortgage, Utilities: electicity, water, Communications: Phone, cellular, internet, satellite, cars, tolls, gas, repairs; public school expenses,food (every day more expensive),dressing, don't let us to take 2 weeks of vacation per year. We must be realistic, globalization mean to place our level of life at the same of the rest of the word, in order to our workers compite with the rest of the globe. For this reason, the money value is deteriorating on daily basis, $ 500 don't buy anything. The cost of living is increasing, the increase of salaries no.

      Thank you.

    8. Ricardo Espinosa, Mi says:

      .. and Mr. Barac Hussein Obama is conducting this nation to more poverty giving our money to amoral companies and corrupted CEO's. Money to descapitalized entities that must follow the bankrupcy laws. Money to unproductive organizations. Conducting this nation to the submission of UN. Conducting this nation to obsolete and inoperative socialism. How must of the voters felt in his words? We must go back to count manually the votes, I don't believe in electronic machines, they can be programed as in Venezuela….

    9. Ricardo Espinosa, Mi says:

      Thank you for let me express some of my ideas.

      R. Espinosa

    10. larrydalooza, Religi says:

      AGW help us if we do not do something about the evil CO2. AGW bless America for leading the world in the destruction of this trace gas that is the foundation of life. AGW damn those who love the life giving CO2. What is AGW's name do people think they are doing.

    11. peter, new hampshire says:

      In an era when we still cannot accurately predict tomorrow weather it is shear foolishness and dishonesty to pretend that we can predict the weather years hence! These predicitons we hear about for the year 2050 or the year 2100 are balderdash!! Giving Al Gore the peace prize was the ultimate in tomfoolerly! Even if he was accurate, what did that have to do with peace. If anything, he and his cohorts have caused less peace among nations, by trying to hinder the growth of developing nations!!

    12. Pastor Jeff Doud says:

      Thanks Obama! I pastor a church of inner city Native Americans and the average income is $30,000. or less. Do you have any idea what these policies are doing to the average American. I don't think so. I don't think Obama knows an average American. All the Natives I know are in disbelief.

    13. Nell, Huntington Bea says:

      What ever it takes. I want my grandkids to have a livable planet!

    14. sherry in az says:

      this is the biggest rip off in history…global warming is another transfer of wealth along with the biggest communistic takeover attempt since the new deal.. we got a new deal alright…are people stupid or desperate we need to clean house.this prez has never worked a day in his life except to lead people to goverment…term limits for all of four years w/ no insurance no perks nada and a pay cut now…they all got a pay raise i see of 3.9% and we got the shaft Who is following the constitution of the U S who is following rule of law and not rule of self interest or democracy (which means majority which is not what we were founded on) IT WAS A REPUBLIC..this is beyond terrifying… the prez has no class no culture he is a b.s'r thats it……..

    15. Dave, Colorado says:

      Once it was global warming, they they realized the globe may be cooling. Oh Oh, no more hockey stick graphs . . . time to call it climate change so no matter what happens, they (whoever they are), can tax us, control us, and redistribute our wealth (or lack of it).

      Nike is a big driving force behind cap and trade. I will never spend a dime on one of their prodcts again.

      What will I give up to fight global warming? – - any politician foolish enough to support cap and trade.

    16. Helen65 says:

      I have done a tremendous amount of research and global warming is as much BS as the mini-ice-age they were scaring us with in the 50s and 60s. They just want to "carbontax" us and give the money to the UN. Bunch of lying, sneaky, irresponsible creeps. I would say much worse about them…but I'm being polite.

    17. JER0ME, Sydney says:

      I think I have a viable alternative:

      Individuals CAN prevent Global Warming

      I am not completely convinced CO2 has anything to do with Global Warming. That notwithstanding, I am certain that reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is both a good idea and necessary, for a large number of obvious reasons.

      The good news is that we can all make a difference. It goes way beyond buying a few (polluting) low energy light bulbs, and will have a real impact if even half of those concerned about Global Warming follow the proposals. The beauty is that even if only half do this, it makes no difference what the rest do! Renewable energy will become cheaper than fossil fuels with enough investment in the technology, and everyone will move over naturally!

      Firstly, buy renewable energy.

      As far as I am aware, you have the choice to buy renewable electricity in all developed countries. If you cannot now, you should campaign for that inalienable right immediately. Currently our own household buys 25% of our electricity as renewable, costing us about US$33 extra per year. 100% would cost US$183)*.

      Some argue that if millions of householders (and industries, I would hope) buy renewable energy, there will not be enough. If you do not buy it, there will NEVER be enough. If you do, the money will be used to INVEST in infrastructure for future renewable energy, so making the expense just as effective.

      Merely by choosing to buy this, you are immediately and directly investing in the renewable energy industry, and sending a powerful and undeniable message to those who matter, the people who actually generate electricity, not environmentalists or politicians who may have different agenda.

      Secondly, stop investing in 'Big Oil' and 'Big Coal'.

      It comes as a shock to many ordinary citizens to be told that the huge greedy corporations actually make money for THEM, not for some faceless consortium. Sure, corporate flunkies may make millions of dollars, but WE, as investors, make billions, and even trillions. Their huge payouts and massive junkets are insignificant compared to the profits the companies make for their investors.

      You may well think that you do not invest in these companies, but if you have a pension or investment fund, you almost certainly do. These funds will, quite obviously, be invested in the very companies that make the most profits and returns for their investors. All these corporations are doing is actually acting effectively YOUR instruction, ie to get the best possible return. If WE stop investing in them, they fail, and will be forced to change their practices to survive in a capitalist environment.

      The answer is to choose ethical investments (there may be different names). Talk to your financial adviser and make the switch now. ONLY YOU control your investments. Make the choice and stop letting others do it for you.

      You control the future, not governments or environmentalists.

      The message is that YOU control the future of energy production with your wallets. The bad news is that it will cost, but nothing the environmentalists or governments will ever do about this issue will cost you less than this, and most of what they want to do will take control away from you and waste most of your expenditure in bureaucratic bungling and misguided foolishness, in my opinion. This simple two-step approach has all the potential to work and with no complex side effects that I can see immediately. It has a direct and immediate effect.

      It is so rare that we are able to do something so straightforward in this complex world. If Global Warming concerns you, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is, and make an immediate difference TODAY, before the power is taken away from you.

      * Based on a usage of 5,000 kWh of electricity.

      Source: http://www.originenergy.com.au/1142/Green-energy-


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    19. enerwise, sc says:

      What will I give up to fight global warming? – - any politician foolish enough to support cap and trade.

      The right answer for the right question, there are various way's to consider what the democratically controlled congress and democratic president are doing, now here's something to tell to a very large and active voting segment of our country,

      every penny that the president and congress are spending is borrowed money, there is not enough revenue income to finance all the current government programs. all the people that receive social security retirement, SSI, SSD, food stamps, etc, and as

      a growing percentage of those checks that these people receive is debt, if our government does not stop this growth at some point the money will fail, as I believe has already began by observing the rise in the price of food.

      The death rate of the elderly will increase as more and more can no longer afford proper nutrition when they must decide if they want heating or food.

      Perhaps we should poll the elderly to see what they will give up to fight global warming,

      and remember most of the elderly have voting age children and grandchildren.

    20. enerwise, sc says:

      To, JEROMY, Sydney,

      Very good idea makes sense.

    21. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Jerome from Sydney's idea is too complicated. Here's how you stop Global Warming and the CO2 problem. Have all the believers in the Global Warming Theory hold their breath for 30 minutes! That should get us through this problem and then the SANE ones can take over!

    22. Paige, Bossier City, says:

      I don't buy into GW and statistics show the earth has been cooling since it was formed…remember when the earth coalesced it was a red hot ball. That being said, have you ever tried to grow food in cold weather, it doesn't work to well, those darned plants just don't like to grow without warmth and sunshine. It stands to reason that less warm weather means shorter growing seasons … follow the trail and see what else would be affected! C02 is not the enemy and doesn't cause GW, it actually is a result of warmer temps and is likely to be released into the atmosphere when warming cycles take place as a designed by our great creator GOD!!! To Jerome from Sydney…by conservative estimates renewable sources make up less than 5% of all the power capability in the US…I'll bet its lower than that worldwide. The only reason you can have solar, wind, and biofuels produce is by subsidizing it from taxes on coal and oil. If you want to buy renewables have at it that is your choice. I don't think GOV should attack free enterprise and make them pay for being successful.

    23. Brian, Boise, Idaho says:

      50,000,000 years ago all of north America was under one mile of ice. It melted! There were no cars,very few people and no factories. This Global Warming scare is just another way of getting more money out of the American people. Just follow the money. Al Gore has made over $100,000,000 since starting his Global Warming rip off. The world temp has been going lower since 1998. The world would die without Co2.

    24. enerwise, sc says:

      The percentage mans influence on the climate of the earth is probably very small, and it also could as easily be keeping the earth cooler as warmer,

      but that said we also must now start doing something about our declining or soon to be declining supplies of finite oil and natural gas as we are consuming these two energy sources at unsustainable levels,

      I don't even like to use the word renewable because even that's not true since in the future all will fail, but alternate energy should be the goal and Mr Jerome's plan to pay for the changes that must be made do not involve tax money or government interference,

      I know that drilling for more oil and natural gas is a very popular answer but it is in fact not the answer,

      how long does anybody think it's going to be before gasoline goes above four dollars a gallon again?

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    26. Barb -mn says:

      I would give up the ability to ever trust the people of the government at every level, again. Global warming is not caused by man. According to history, had natural resources not been used, we'd still be in an ice age. Use natural resources until they no longer exist!

    27. Nathan says:

      the best way would be to use renewable sources of energy like wind energy,solar energy,tidal energy and so no instead of non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum as these release a lot of heat causing global warming.

      Source: http://www.sustainabilitywa.com.au/commercial-ene

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