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  • The Latest Obama Threat to U.S. Sovereignty

    Ceding control of financial regulations to the European Union is just the beginning of the Obama Administration war on the sovereignty of the United States of America. Just last week, President Barack Obama nominated former Clinton administration official Harold Koh to become the State Department’s legal adviser. Koh describes himself as a “transnationalist” and in a 2006 Penn State International Law Review article he described what this meant:

    Generally speaking, the transnationalists tend to emphasize the interdependence between the United States and the rest of the world, while the nationalists tend instead to focus more on preserving American autonomy. The transnationalists believe in and promote the blending of international and domestic law; while nationalists continue to maintain a rigid separation of domestic from foreign law. The transnationalists view domestic courts as having a critical role to play in domesticating international law into U.S. law, while nationalists argue instead that only the political branches can internalize international law.

    The transnationalists believe that U.S. courts can and should use their interpretive powers to promote the development of a global legal system, while the nationalists tend to claim that U.S. courts should limit their attention to the development of a national system.

    NRO’s Ed Whelan explains what Koh is trying to accomplish with his transnationalist faction:

    What judicial transnationalism is really all about is depriving American citizens of their powers of representative government by selectively imposing on them the favored policies of Europe’s leftist elites.

    Koh has been a particularly big fan of assaulting U.S. sovereignty via the International Criminal Court. Hudson Institute senior fellow John Forte explains:

    Koh’s proposed remedy to American exceptionalism is for “American lawyers, scholars and activists” to “trigger a transnational legal process,” of “transnational interactions” that will “generate legal interpretations that can in turn be internalized into the domestic law of even resistant nation-states.”For example, Koh suggests that, “human rights advocates” should litigate “not just in domestic courts, but simultaneously before foreign and international arenas.”Moreover, they should encourage foreign governments (such as Mexico) and transnational NGOs to challenge the US on the death penalty and other human rights issues.

    Supporters of the International Criminal Court should, Koh recommends, “provoke interactions between the United States government and the ICC” that might lead to the US becoming enmeshed in the ICC process (by, for example, having the US provide evidence in ICC trials). These interactions with the ICC would show cooperation with the tribunal and therefore “could be used to undermine” the official US “unsigning” of the treaty because it might “constitute a de-facto repudiation” of the “act of unsignature.”

    Heritage fellow Steven Groves summed up the situation for Fox News:

    The president should have the right to choose the most conservative or liberal legal advisers to give them advice, but this is much more than that. The concern is that he cares as much about — if not more about — international law and integrating that into the American judicial system than he does about protecting American prerogatives and American sovereignty.

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    31 Responses to The Latest Obama Threat to U.S. Sovereignty

    1. Franklin's Lock says:

      These propositions are stealing the People’s freedom and liberties in piecemeal. How the People have their constitutional and God given rights when some tribunal in Europe is doing the litigating.


    2. daniel hopper spring says:

      Since Koh is adament about imposing international law one would expect that we could use the laws of Saudi Arabia to provide swift punishment to criminals that are convicted. Beheading and mutilation of extremities would be an accepted practice here as in Saudi. I reckon I am just a "transpunishmentalist" who wants to see the punishment fits the crime. Probably to far to the right for this dude.

    3. SylvanusThayer, CA says:

      US drives world commerce. G20 knows this. They won't fold.

    4. ra,ohio says:

      Obama and his administration and the congress are a menace to our society.

      They are raping the Constitution, taking over the private sector, and trying to insure the dependence of the American People on the US government.

      This country was not founded on these principals.

      They are our servants, we are not theirs.

      We can fire them on election day 2010.

      The wizard of UZ is not our leader, his puppetmasters are.

    5. D Kasold says:

      Undermining the sovereignty of the United States of America is treason, period. These positions cannot be reconciled with our US Constitution and all members of the government trying to do this need to be held in contempt to the Constitution and prosecuted.

    6. Geoffrey, South Caro says:

      Koh is a very liberal speaker who believes America's laws are flawed!:[ Let him go to another country and see if laws in other countries are better!

    7. Richard, Washington says:

      We fought a war to begin our national sovereignty and countless others to preserve it. Thousands of our citizen soldiers have died protecting our sovereignty and Constitution. I'm damned if I will stand by and see some wacked-out liberal judge give it away because our noveau Stalin wills it so.

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      OK, we all know this Obama is distroying us and our American way of life. How do we stop him and whoever is controlling him? I am firmly convinced

      Obama is not in control. Cutting off the head of this snake will not help unless the big snake's head and the heads of all the snakelets are gone. In this area, we have Mary Landreau, who is nothing but a lacky for the Democrat party and elected by Acron, our votes mean absolutely


    9. Louise, Maryland says:

      This if like living in a bad dream. There must be something that can be done about this even before 2010. The American people need to wake up, rise up and stop all of this before it's too late. When and where will this all end?

    10. Debra Crozier; Green says:

      I agree that Obama's intent is to globalize and socialize America; so in the next crisis, to whom will the world turn if America no longer defends economic and political freedom? Given the Obama team's control over the 2010 census and the courts it may become structurally difficult or impossible to vote him and the rest of the socialists out of office. I hope that I am wrong.

    11. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      John Steinbeck saw this coming 60 years ago; he writes out of Chapter 13 in East of Eden, "In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, and even our religion, so that some nations have substituted the idea of collective for the idea of GOD…And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world…And this I must fight against; any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual". I say, let any Man or Government official who wishes the collective socialist form of governments to become the standard for America: I say to them get out; leave our Nation. A World Court, A World currency will crush freedom and undermine our CONSTITUTION. These hypocrites have enjoyed every good thing our Nation's people have provided for them and now this Administration wishes to spit on the people; it is an outrage.

    12. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This just goes with the Global Poverty Act that obama introduced into the senate. This act gives the un total say so over how and when we as Americans do thing with our money, guns and natural resources. Obama is heading us to a one world government and his cronnies are following along. Our CONSTITUTION means nothing to the dems and especially to obama.


    13. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Fortunately our country tends to not tolerate extremism in either direction. The more OBama drifts to the left and his true ideology comes to the surface the more outrage will come from our country. My experience is that our populace tends to be pretty passive until it affects their wallet. Once the tax hikes hit there will be rage in the US and that is when the buffouns will be kicked out of office. It is up to us to come up with stellar replacements. I pray the new will be able to undo the changes made by the old.

    14. DAVID B. ATLANTA, says:


    15. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      I recall that the President took an oath to UPHOLD the Constitution, not to change it. He is either ignorant or a dishonest liar. Take your pick – there is no middle grouond.

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    18. Kevin, Addison,TX says:

      Can anyone say IMPEACHMENT

    19. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      The current administrations goals are to enslave all americans for the next 1000 year reich. They wish to control every aspect of our daily lives to the point that you can not go to the bathroom without their permission.

    20. Ken, California says:

      The thinking of Koh and others who are staffing Obama offices is very reminiscent of the 1980's Christic Institute which was aggressive against Iran Contra and the removal of Allende in Chile. They were leftist rabble rousers and their technique was to use the lawsuit as a tool to stop elected conservatives like Reagan from policy development. It would be interesting to see if Koh's circle of friends include alumni from this organization. Chomsky types.

      In that so many people cannot identify what is so abhorrent about what Koh advocates, they seem to be shrugging their shoulders and saying, "can't we all just get along." I have associates who are so willing to be accommodating to other's beliefs and so wobbly with their own, that they don't seem to be able to stand up for anything.

      What we are facing is bullying. C.S. Lewis wrote that the way to get rid of the bully is to face him in the school yard. Submitters to this subject would do well to develop firm, winsome and factual arguments for our cause. And then be missionaries for truth instead of spectators. We need to be as confrontational as the collectivists have been in the past.

      Who's to say how different things might have been if Pepsi had stood up to Jesse Jackson thirty plus years ago instead of wimpering and paying him all that money to go away. One: he didn't go away and Two: the shakedown encouraged others to do the same.

      Face the bully. There will others at your side if you're able to clearly show him for what he is. Humans are like that.

    21. NH says:

      Time for another revolution — withhold your taxes. ALL OF YOU!

      This is your PATRIOTIC DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Richard says:

      "None Dare Call it Conspircy"

      I would like to email this article to friends, but you have no way for me to this. why not.

    23. Paul, FL says:

      I agree with D. Kasold that this is TREASON! But, can WE the American people come together long enough to do as the Signers of the Declaration of Independence did to "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor"?

      We get ticked off if someone cuts us off in traffic. We get irate when the next door neighbor carelessly lets their dog "dump" in our yard. We bully a low-paid staffer in person or on the phone about a fee on a bill.

      While these may be noteworthy as little inconsistentcies in our character, it may well be that some things would have to be held back for a better time to explore them.

      Tea Parties around the country are on the rise, even though it is a small thing compared to instituting a plan to take back the country from the radicals, which would have to begin with charging this administration and Barack Hussein Obama in particular with treason. The long road back to sanity for this country could very well begin with the first step of having a "Tea Party"!

    24. Mike, Texas says:

      This comes as no surprise to me. Obama has an agenda within an agenda. It was evident during his campaign and it comes more and more to light. They are purposely destroying the dollar and our economy and seek to bankrupt the U.S. His long term goal, and I have no doubt, is to be president of the EU. you'd have to be blind not to see it in his recent statements at the G20 and additional statements he has made as he continues his European tour. If someone doesn't figure out a way to stop this band of thieves, the U.S. will cease to exist when they're done.

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    26. Elizabeth, New York says:

      What's wrong with wanting the world to live in a unified, humanitarian manner?

      I am not a communist or a capitalist but I would like to see the people of this world behave in a caring and sharing manner.

      I would like to see international laws that prohibit the abuse and misuse of people in ALL countries (including the United States). I'm not sure if Obama will work towards this goal, but I wish someday this will happen. It may not be possible if the majority of people continue to live their lives in a selfish manner.

      Think about the repercussions of your actions and words and think about why you approve of people reacting with anger.

    27. Elizabeth, New York says:

      P.S. In respopnse to D Kasold's comment, the constitution could not be upheld in order to end slavery in the U.S.

    28. RSR says:

      There is more to Obama's plan to give away America's soverneigty. Obama has a Bill pending thats quietly being pushed thru Congress by his coharts called the "GLOBAL POVERTY ACT" senate bill (S.2433) This bill will cost Americans $845 Billion, but worse, Obama has 'locked' this Bill to the United Nations "Millenium Declaration" of 2000. Which basically will make America subservient to U.N. mandates & doctrines. Eliminate our 2nd Amemdment, put us under 'International Law', etc. This is very BAD. Learn about these two doctrines before your forced to live under them!

    29. anna says:

      i am so relieved and thankful that there are still americans out there who love our country and respect our God given constitution!! You people are our only hope. Please…please let us not sit around and allow Obama to and trample our constition…spit on we,the american people. He even looks like he is enjoying destroying us. Any one see one of his interviews..and hear his strange laugh over the issue of americans taking on 'toxic assets'?My first thought was the guy was..had to be on 'something' His laugh was totally inappropriate for the subject at hand. The look on the face of the interviewer was one of discomfort and shock at Obama.Please let us not just sit and accept what he is doing!! We need to get out in the streets and protest!! We need to bombard Washington with letters of disapproval. We need more than any other time in our countries history other than our revolution to arise and defeat this man's plans to destroy our america.What if we all refused to pay our taxes. What if millions of americans converged on D.C.'protesting obama's policies. And for heavens sake vote our democratic congress out of office 2010!!

    30. Jake-NM says:

      This article overwhelmingly supports my blog, which contains the results of my extensive research into, then Seantor Obama's personal and professional background-You Decide:

      Extensive Research Into Senator Obama's Background Completed On November 10, 2008:


      "Food For Thought"

      "God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe"

      Semper Fi!


    31. Richard L. Wilde Mu says:

      No threat to the US Constitution itself, by enemies foreign or domestic, can succeed without the cooperation of treasonous federal officials aiding and abetting them, since only they have legal access to it. Only they can manipulate the laws to remove original safeguards, distort, circumvent, or subvert it.

      Only they can usurp authority, strip citizens of God-given rights, minimize sovereignty, weaken our borders, military, and economy, impose financial bondage, advance tyranny, institutionalize secular humanism, legalize socialism, marxism, and fascism, create a militarized police-state, or suggest suspending the Constitution. Only they can destroy the principles of freedom our Founders and Patriots have fought for.

      America has no greater enemy, foreign or domestic, nor greater criminal offense than a federal official, past or present, who (willfully, or through neglect, bribery, or coercion) undermines the Constitution and violates the Founder’s intent.

      New laws protecting them are unconstitutional and obstruct justice, since no one, especially domestic enemies of the Constitution, can ever be above the law.

      The legal actions of every federal official should be scrutinized annually to determine whether they are supportive or destructive of the Constitution. Every enemy within should be identified, indicted, and permanently defeated.

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