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  • Contest: Give the Queen of England a New Present

    As you are aware, the President took quite a bit of heat last month from British and U.S. media outlets, when it was reported that he gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of American movies on DVD, as the official gift of his state visit. It turned out that the DVDs were not compatible with British DVD players, and worse, that the Prime Minister had a vision problem that would make the gifts even more distasteful.

    Gordon Brown gave President Obama a pen holder carved from the timbers of the anti-slave ship HMS Gannet, whose sister ship supplied the wood used to make the Oval Office Resolute desk. The Prime Minister also gave the President a first edition biography of Churchill by Martin Gilbert. Gifts that can only be described as “priceless.”

    So, after this hullabaloo, surely Hillary Clinton’s State Department would consult with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on the gifts they would bring Queen Elizabeth II. Surely, they would be very special for such an important world figure who was meeting her eleventh U.S. President at Buckingham Palace. So what did he give her?

    He gave her a video iPod complete with photos of her trip to America in 2007 and a songbook signed by Richard Rogers. This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. The President gave the Queen of England an iPod. We are still waiting word on whether he made her a playlist.

    Putting aside the fact that this gift very well could’ve been bought at the Duty Free shop at Heathrow Airport, it raises so many other questions. Does the Queen already own an iPod, given they have been widely and cheaply available for nearly a decade? The answer is yes. She bought one in 2005, which was widely reported in the British press. Another question that one wonders is whether or not she would enjoy looking at photos of herself while traveling around London?

    But more importantly, what do these symbolic gifts from the Obamas tell us about how they view the world and diplomacy? What signal are they trying to send by shopping for heads of state at Target, Duty Free or the White House gift shop?

    So we have started a new contest at the Foundry. Either leave a comment below, on our Facebook page, or twitter us what you would’ve given the Queen of England as a present if you were the President of the United States. The best answer will receive a special present (not an iPod!) courtesy of the Heritage Foundation. Winner will be announced on Friday.

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    294 Responses to Contest: Give the Queen of England a New Present

    1. Cwright says:

      A Statue of Liberty Lighter

    2. Will, Arlington says:

      Recommendation: a mix-tape CD

      It's been a while since the Royals have had a full-blown scandal, Prince Harry's enlightened Halloween costume choices aside. And what better way to highlight the need to keep up the "Special Relationship?"

    3. Eric, Laurel MD says:

      Well, if I were Obama, I'd probably give her the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution, since he obviously doesn't believe in them. Perhaps he'd even like to become part of England again, and thus make us all eligible for their socialized medicine?

      On a more serious note, if I were president (with my own core values, not Obama's), I would gift the Queen with something that is one of a kind… Perhaps I'd have a bust of Lincoln (who made it possible for Obama to become president) commissioned to be made from a the same marble as his tomb.

    4. Matt, DC says:

      Copy of the Declaration of Independence

    5. Gerrit Lansing says:

      The very least we could do is offer Her Majesty some 80's Steve Bartman-esque headphones to go along with the Pod, as the standard-issue apple headphones are sure to irritate her ears…

    6. Matt, Cleveland OH says:

      A 1978 Triumph TR8.

      Triumph was a British car brand and part of British Leyland Motor Corp that was nationalized by the UK in the 1970s. The TR8 was a model made for export to the US while British Leyland was under government ownership. Very few were sold because of its poor quality and underpowered engine, and the model had the short lifespan of 3 years.

      Long story short, the UK kept Triumph on life support for a few more years until it finally faded into the pages of history.

      I think it would be a timely gift to remind us all of the successful history governments have in running automakers.

    7. AEM, VA says:

      I can see him handing over some Hershey bars and saying, "I don't know why anyone would prefer all that fancy chocolate you have to our great American Hershey's!"

    8. Will, Arlington says:

      Also, shouldn't the headline to this post be, "Give the Queen of the United Kingdom a New Present?" Efforts of the SNP and Labour of the past twelve years aside, the Union isn't quite dead yet.

    9. Levi, Utah says:

      Something made out of a piece of the original London bridge that is in Havasu city.

    10. Stephen, Bradenton F says:

      Give her the Liberty Bell, as we seemingly no longer need it. It will look nice next to the bust of Winston Churchill that the Chosen One already returned.

    11. Tom, Nashville TN says:

      How 'bout a statue of her made out of West Virginia Coal. Since he's not going to burn it anymore, might as well start a new "green" niche use for this natural resource. Right?

    12. Breanne, Des Moines says:

      An Applebees gift card. A Queen's gotta eat.

    13. Steve, Port Washingt says:

      Let's keep the DVD trend going. How about a copy of The Naked Gun, where Reggie Jackson tried to kill the Queen, but Leslie Neilsen saved her? Region 2 of course…

    14. Chip, VA says:

      An Honorary Degree from Notre Dame.

    15. Shawn, Rochester NY says:

      A heritage guide to the constitution…..

      An F-150 Hybrid….need something to help plant and move the food they are going to have to grow after the protectionism comes into full effect

    16. Mel A., Los Angeles says:

      How about a first edition of Thomas Paine's book, "Common Sense"?

    17. Mel A., Los Angeles says:

      How about a first edition of Thomas Paine’s book, “Common Sense”?

    18. nursejanjan says:

      I think Obama needs to give her an Obamamobile. OM=Obama Motors

    19. Lori - Phx, Az says:

      Millions of dollars spent for lavish parties and celebrations on themselves and yet when it comes to representing the USA, there is no in-depth thought into a simple gift with good taste to give to the Queen of England, the Prime Minister and the British people?

      If they intended on spending such an insignificant amount, why not a beautiful plaque from the USA, stating the importance of our relationship with Britain and its people and how much their support of freedom means around the world.

    20. Patrick Reilly, Sara says:

      On October 17, 1777 British Gen. John Burgoyne conditionally surrendered to Gen. Horatio Gates, when his men grounded arms at Saratoga following the battles of Saratoga, (Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights) a reproduction of the picture that hangs in the US Capital of Burgoyne's surrender would be an appropriate gift. Or a picture of the Neilson Farm (now part of the Saratoga National Park)on Bemis Heights where General Benedict Arnold and Col. Daniel Morgan rallied the American forces and caused the British to attempt a withdrawal to Ticonderoga but were stopped by Gates north of Saratoga. (Even with the loss of the American Colonies the British and Americans have always enjoyed a special relationship).

    21. Welton, Malden MA says:

      I have an old Akai 8-track component recorder/player I'd be happy to part with. I think that would make a wonderful historic gift, perhaps bringing a quiet smile to her face as she thought of happier times, back when Maggie was still around…

    22. Shamus O'Tool says:

      he should give her the treasure that can be found from the map on the back of the declaration of independence

    23. Joe, St. Louis, MO says:

      A 51% share of GM.

    24. Shawn, Greenville SC says:

      Since the Queeen's giving Teddy Kennedy honorary Knighthood, how about making her an honorary member of Congress?

    25. Mary, Los Angeles says:

      A golden olive branch and a first edition of "The Audacity of Hope" with a thoughtful inscription.

    26. Britt, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      How about an AMERICAN CLASSIC like a HARLEY DAVIDSON! An icon of what a TRUE AMERICAN Company can become by pulling it's boot straps up, working hard and providing a profitable product since the early 1980's when it bought itself away from the bowling ball company AMF! Picture this: Queen Elizabeth, instead of her horse drawn carriage, riding on her Harley around the Palace grounds and down London streets while protesting Parliament and Prime Minister Brown. Maybe Steve Bartman would join her and create a gang similiar to the WILD ONES! :)

    27. Mike, AZ says:

      A Clemson-class Destroyer, in British wartime camouflage. The Clemson class was one of the vessel types given to Britain in 1940 under the Destroyers for Bases agreement.

    28. Debra, Chicago, IL says:

      My concern is that not even Obama's staff is smart enough to come up with a better gift idea. It is a bigger concern to me-these are the people running our government?

      It's not just a gift – it's a statement on how he values other leaders.

      Maybe he could have given her something historically important from the U.S. A document, anything of value etc. How about something from his home state of Hawaii?

      Pretty much anything would be a better gift.. oh, well maybe he put his you tube videos on there for her… ha ha

    29. Ladydeb, AZ says:

      We're friends with England, so my first thought would be yellow roses (either real, seeds to plant in the Queen's garden, or maybe a painted yellow rose on an antique pin or something). Yellow roses are a symbol of joy and friendship.

    30. Mark, Concord MA says:
    31. Laura, NYC says:

      I wonder if Elton John's Princess Diana tribute Candle in the Wind song was on said iPod.

    32. Bob Taylor, Grand Ra says:

      He should have given her a 2009 Chrysler Sebring convertable or a Chevy Malibu. He could tell her they are soon to be collectors items…

    33. Cathy, Greeley CO says:

      I think a dozen Roses would have been a better gift

    34. Andrew Ian Dodge says:

      Well Obama could the Queen GM since he has already given the Italians Chrysler.

      In something smaller…he could give her a new private yacht. There are plenty going for cheap prices now that all those financiers are in dire shape. She had hers, HMS Brittania, taken away by the Labour government when they came to power.

      NB: I had a 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 which I still miss. It was British Leyland dung brown and it would catch air going over railroad tracks. Easy to fix and fun to work on…

    35. DAAddy, Oklahoma Cit says:

      I think an iPod is perfect – she can plug in the earphones, turn it up and ignore BO!

      On the other hand, maybe we should give back some Yorktown VA Real Estate for utterly failing to follow through on our promise and potential finally won there in 1781!

    36. Teresa, Atlanta, GA says:

      First edition of Mark Twain book.

    37. Jay,TN says:

      An Amazon Kindle, of course. Comes with adjustable font size for old eyes. Try getting that at a Heathrow duty-free store.

    38. Peter, Atlanta says:

      Give her a gift of a bailout of the UK we have bailed out everyone else here why not bailout the rest of the world, the copier machine that is printing all our kids money is not broken yet is it?

    39. Robert, South Caroli says:

      I suggest we give her Michelle Obama's entire wardrobe of sleeveless shirts. I would love for the Queen to take us all to the gun show.

    40. Rachel B, DC says:

      I would give her a Labradoodle puppy. What could be better than a puppy? It gives a good 15 years of love and companionship, and, to make things better, the Labradoodle has the selfless qualities of a Labrador Retriever and the curly, shed free coat of a Poodle. The best of both worlds. On top of that, its called a Labradoodle. Who can resist that catchy name?

    41. k_michael, TX says:

      I'd give the Queen something that combined American artistry with American technical know-how. Lacking any other specific example, I'd design and make for her a solar-powered batteryless (thus environmental!) stained-glass Lamp (symbolism of light and all that) combining symbols and colors of the US and British flags. Maybe it sounds tacky – but it'd at least be something I designed and made from scratch, in America, using American-made products.

      But that's just me

    42. mailgeek says:

      I thought about this for just a moment and came up with:

      Commission a painting of the queen's recent lineage. OR

      A small replica of the Resolute Desk carved from American limestone.

      A replica of the HMS Resolute in a bottle made by some craftsman in the US.

      A dartboard in the shape of France

    43. Anna, Atlanta says:

      Books are always appropriate. I would suggest first editions of Thoreau, Emerson, "The Great Gatsby," "Huckleberry Finn," Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and Whitman.

    44. Kyle, OKC says:

      A GM Hummer with a copy of Mark Levin's new book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto on the dash.

    45. Michael, Knoxville, says:

      Great suggestions already by others. Here is mine:

      Make a boat out of the London Bridge, load it up with all the antiquities that represent the freedom paid for by our fore fathers and soldiers, and then sink it on the way over. That is where the UK and America are headed with Brown and the idiot we have for a president.

    46. Duh! He should have given her majesty a Microsoft Zune.

    47. Robert, San Antonio says:

      It certainly would not be a product not produced in the US, wait that really limits the choice dosen't it. I know, he could give her what's left of GM or Chrysler. They don't have a nationalize car company and we don't have any use for them know that we are magicaly going to develop alt fuel sources. I wonder how much Ford contributed to his campaign? Is anybody paying attention!!!!

    48. Mark D, Milwaukee says:

      Where is the iPod made?

      I like the idea of the Mark Twain novel but I would have given her, If I were Barry, The Audacity of Hope signed by….ME. Now that's humility!

    49. Scott, Washington, D says:

      A snowglobe with a miniature skyline of Milwaukee.

      A shotglass with the logo of the city of Memphis.

      An Old Navy Gift Card.

      A set of six matched beer glasses from Hard Rock Cafe.


      Jungle Gardinia by Tuvache!

    50. Bill D says:

      A dress from Michelle Obama's favorite American fashion designer…for Prince Philip to wear.

    51. KansasPatriot, Kansa says:

      Maybe a nice basket of Billy Mays products. Mighty Mendit to patch up the little faux pauxs Obama has made in foreign policy or maybe some Mighty Putty to strengthen the 230 year bond between our two Countries that Obama has almost destroyed in a matter of months. If those to parting gifts don't do the trick then maybe he could give her the gift that best describes his classiness. A Sham Wow.

    52. Chelsea, Oklahoma says:

      Obama apparently thinks he now owns GM. Why not give her a key to one of his own products?

    53. Nicolas Loris Nick Loris says:

      An autographed copy of his NCAA bracket selections.

    54. Cynthia, Laurel, Mon says:

      Based on her life-long interest in scouting ("Be prepared"), her traditional clothing that usually includes a broach, and a great photo of her as a child helping to change a car tire, I would have a custom gold broach made for her. It would have Montana yogo sapphires on it: they symbolize fidelity, MANY of the crown jewels include these distinctively colored yogos, and they are only available from Montana (and so am I…and I'm president here, right?). The centerpiece of the broach would be a stylized tire iron (the old fashioned "x" kind)…you'd have to look closely to figure out what it was. I would tell her that the gift symbolized her flair, her faithfulness in her service as Queen, and the fact that she has always been prepared for the work she faced.

    55. JP, Utah says:

      In diplomacy, the gift is sometimes more indicative of the class, grace, and integrity of the giver. That certainly holds true in this case!!! I'm not sure another gift, no matter how apropriate, would mend this faux pas. My gift to the queen would be our love and respect, along with our assurance that "We the people…" hold her in higher esteem than our current leadership does! Cheers!

    56. Ken Perez says:

      I am a design engineer, I have worked on many pieces of furniture over the years,but the most memorable was to reproduce the Resolute Desk, which I did, I have reproduce the actual shop drawings to have it built from scratch. If I were the President I would have given the Queen the completed set of working shop drawings that would be displayed as artwork, …you could build a museum around them.I drew them 15 years ago but have now re-drawn them in to-days 3-D software.

    57. Ted Snider Anchorag says:

      A first edition copy of the Poor Richard's Almanac. An item from the USS Constitution such as a ships bell. Or as gift with relation to the fight over the Arctic. Give her something from the USS Nautilus (nucular sub that was first at the North Pole.

    58. Tracy, North Carolin says:

      Is there anything we the people can do, to show the people of the UK that we respect them more than our president does? Can we ourselves possibly make up for this? It is so embarrassing.

    59. Dianne says:

      I loved the Chia Obama idea! That gets my vote!


    60. Christa Cooper Green says:

      I would have given her the following:

      1. A bound scrapbook with clippings and photos of the tour of the United States by her mother and father (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) toured the United States in 1939.

      2. A hand-carved Corgi from an American artist, commissioned ahead of time

      3. Something to do with thoroughbred horses (she has ties to farms in the Lexington area) and I am sure some of the horse people could have helped with this

      These gifts are unique and respect both her interests and the sense that she is someone of importance.

    61. Sam Tampa, FL says:

      How about a years subscription to Ancestry.com, that way she can see her relatives.

    62. KD, Memphis says:

      A new court jester….obama!

    63. Marcia, Huntington B says:

      I think he should have given the Queen an engraved shotgun or rifle symbolizing our God and gun culture. They will be taken away from us anyway but just so she can see that we are clinging to both while we can.

    64. mailgeek says:

      so far I vote for Cynthia of Montana's idea, the broach sounds appropriate

    65. Geoffrey, South Caro says:

      I would give her a copy of the Magna Carta which established constitutional monarchy in Britain alongside with the Declaration of Independence which established the republic of the United States.

    66. Charles Doherty, Cum says:

      We can give the queen the six New England states back and throw in New York for good measure.

    67. Dee, San Diego says:

      An LCD Digital Photo Frame

    68. Grant Mulkey, Washin says:

      I would give the Queen a moon rock. The United States is the only country to ever place a human on the surface of the moon, so the gift is uniquely American. Likewise, it is precious. It also represents American ingenuity and creativity to overcome obstacles and achieve the unbelievable, characteristics that will continue to serve us well now and into the future.

    69. Geoffrey, South Caro says:

      1. Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence

      2. A portrait of "The Anglosphere"

      3. a photograph of a United States soldier fighting alongside a British soldier.

    70. Redassape, Texas says:

      Knowing her love of horses and extensive knowledge of horsemanship, I would commission from one of our finest saddle makers, a western saddle fully tooled with matching tack along with a saddle stand made from black walnut. I believe this would not only be somewhat personal but also show off our American heritage.

      On the other hand if I were "the one" why stop insulting foreign leaders at the queen? A Kentucky Flintlock Rifle, (Classic rifle of the Revolutionary War),plus all the tea bags collected from the tea parties should do it don't you think

    71. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Original Copy of The Constitution of The United States of America.

      Thanks to President Obama and his henchmen, we have no further need for it any longer!

    72. Brian Schoeneman, F says:

      I would give her a smaller version of the bronze statute of President Dwight D. Eisenhower that is currently in Statuary Hall in the Capitol. Eisenhower was the first U.S. President that met with her after she was crowned in 1953.

    73. Karin, Colorado says:

      I vote for Cynthia of Montana's idea too. It sounds beautiful AND meaningful, two qualities lacking in Obama's gift.

      Though now that I've thought about it, I'm pretty well convinced that Obama had no intention of giving the queen a meaningful gift.

    74. Valerie Pajak, Deerf says:

      Agreed, give them back the liberal colonies!

    75. Valerie Pajak, Deerf says:

      Secondarily, I would have commissioned a new rose breed that honors the history of the UK-US relationship.

    76. Robert Yost, MN says:

      Have Mr. Rush Limbaugh present the queen of England with a lifetime membership of Rush 24/7 featuring a massive parody archive that the queen can download on her ipod.

    77. Matt, Tennessee says:

      I was thinking a few months of World of Warcraft…she would love that!

    78. Ron, Noblesville, IN says:

      Give Her Al Gore, Please

    79. Mel A., Los Angeles says:

      courtesy of Mark Selwyn from Fox News: an engraved teleprompter.

    80. Bridget Nash, Enid, says:

      I've read that Her Majesty loves horses and loves to host dances. You can get keepsake "dance cards" with personal messages. That could be the card with the gift and the personal message could thank her and her country for continuing to be our ally. As far as a gift, decorative horse halters are available and can be embroidered. Embroidered on the halter could be either the name of each of our 50 states or, instead, 66 different flowers- one for each of our states, one for the United Kingdom and the other 15 (I think it's 15) for the other commonwealth realms under her rule.

    81. Richard Carlson says:

      I believe that, because the Queen was an auto mechanic during the war, she would appreciate a commemorative two-coin set of the D-Day invasion at Normandy.

      She would relate much more inwardly that she could for an iPod.

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    83. Mark Michniak, Warre says:

      I am in favor of giving the queen Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance since her own government's insurance isn't that great.

    84. Alice Read, Burlingt says:

      I think that a gift basket with one item from each of the 50 states would have been an appropriate gift.

    85. David, St. Louis says:

      Bit corny, but,

      1. A moon rock.

      2. A piece from an early US submarine, symbolic of it – something like a periscope mirror, maybe.

      3. A framed copy of the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution, with a plaque that reads something like "Though our two nations have not always agreed, you helped set us on the path of liberty that saw us fly toward the stars and swim safely in the oceans' depths."

    86. Grace, Michigan says:

      Although I probably wouldn't be allowed, I think the Queen needs more affection, so I'd give her a hug.

    87. Michael, Ft. Worth T says:

      Why not give her a little bit of everyone elses hard earned money. Oh no wait, she is from a somewhat priveledged background and as far as I know is not a member of any labor union group. I think Mr. Obama should present her with an invoice so she to can contribute to lazy peoples welfare like the rest of us hard working americans. God Bless America!!

    88. Jeff S says:

      Let's see… how about a golden tea set from Harrod's of London. That store puts Macy's to shame. Doesn't Obama know that when the Brit's invite someone to tea, that it is an act of utter respect? And never give the Queen that infamous answer, "I DON"T KNOW"…UUGGGHHH!!!

    89. Dawn Street, Edmond, says:

      An original copy of Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac. Surely the Smithsonian has several in storage. I think he was a favorite in the courts of England and France before the Revolution, known for his wit and eccentricity.

    90. Jean Poole, Virginia says:

      An American Quilt – preferably antique. 5 minutes on e-bay and I fould some gorgeous ones. Or a modern repro hand quilted by a top-notch artisan. A true symbol of our great country; that something first made by people "making do", (with leftover cloth scraps in this case) and turning necessity into glorious art as well as a testimony to home and hearth – the centrality of which made our country what it is.

    91. Keith, Sacramento, C says:

      The new all American Car: A Fiat Brand Vehicle produced by illegal immigrants, that are all members of the UAW, who by the way receive free universal health care and government entitlements. We can even throw in an insurance policy from AIG and a piece of Apple Pie.

    92. Margaret Harris, For says:

      What is it with this President and electronic gifts? I would give the Queen a quilt specially created for her with the Jubilee theme or something.

    93. Mieke: Menifee, CA says:

      I would have suggested A Commemorative Iraqi Coin Shadowbox available through the work that Lee Greenwood is doing with the Products For Good group. With a plaque of appreciation from American Troops to British Troops, maybe even with a photo of her grandson in Iraq.

    94. Rochelle,Colorado says:

      Perhaps the Queen would enjoy a brass sculpture by the artist Remington showing the horses, bears, mountain lions, cowboys and Indians of the USA's young life.

    95. Lisa, Oklahoma says:

      Obama should give an honoring gift. It should be a gift that shows thought. I would give a Chelsea clock, perhaps a Chatham Desk Clock Set, Brass — customized and engraved. I would have it customized by hiring an artist to create a custom sculpture of one of the Queen's corgis to be posed in back of the clock. It would be engraved with an honoring message.

    96. sherry r., chillicot says:

      This is just another example that this president is no more prepared for the task required by a president than a dog is to crow every morning. Why doesn't someone brief him on proper presidential prodicol when meeting with heads of state? Are they all third graders? Life alone requires research to advance. Where was his? I still cant believe people think he's going to bring us out of our current state of finances when he obviously still thinks the second fork is just there in case he drops the first one. Autographed copies of his own books would have been more personal and would have made better kindling.

    97. Aprill, Honolulu says:

      Assuming I am BO…how about 2 of the gifts already suggested: a Chia Obama AND a Labradoodle! You now have a plant & a means by which to water it.

    98. Sarah, Forney,Tx says:

      Well, I suppose if I was given the task to buy a gift for the queen, I would try and find something like a large,beautiful gift basket full of teas from all over the world. I hear the queen likes her tea and this would give her an opportunity to "taste" all of the many places that she has not yet had occasion to visit. I think she might like it indeed. An Ipod….good grief!

    99. mary illinois says:

      How about a new set of bloomers with the days of the week embroidered on them? But seriosly maybe a silver tea set with american grown organic tea of various flavors. Brits do love their tea.

    100. Chad Story, Franklin says:

      signed or collectable books of famous American Authors. Faulkner, Hemingway, Hawthorne, etc.

    101. Jake, DC says:

      A Britain-compatible, limited edition DVD of "King Ralph". The epic tale of Tome Arnold becoming the King of England. Just a tidbit of the priceless quality of this masterpiece…(to a newly crowned African leader) "What's happenin' home skillet?! Slap me a quintet".

    102. Garrett - Illinois says:

      Nike Ipod sync Hightops. That way her majesty can listen to her new hip hop tunes while working on her jumpshot for when she plays Barry "one on one", and it can remind her – five minutes to tea time! All the while Queen Latifa can be her workout partner acting as an interpreter for the lyrics.

    103. Raquel, Babylon, NY says:

      I think that the President should give the Queen of England a t-shirt that is two sizes too big that says, "The President of the United States went to the White House, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." I say "went" because Obama hasn't actually set foot in the WH yet because of his Magical Obama Worldwide Tour. Or one of those pens that have the oil and WH decal that sways when you move the pen.

    104. Harlan, Baltimore, M says:

      I think he should have given her the keys to The White House. She'd be a better leader than the jug-eared paper-stapler.

    105. Texas Girl says:

      An Easy Bake Oven in case the Queen wants to entertain on her own.

    106. Angela, Georgia says:

      Alligator purse for her new ipod

    107. Andy, Illinois says:

      A case of bud and a rack of ribs! What better way to represent America…. except Anheuser-Busch is no longer an American company….

    108. Rebecca, Michigan says:

      Wow. There are some good ideas up here. Personally I think it would be really nice to give her an original painting by Winslow Homer. It has a historic and personal value since Homer is one of America's own great painters and since he was in England for two years painting the coastal scenery.

    109. Teresa from Mason, O says:

      A new hat to add to her collection from a sweatshop overseas that took, yet again, another one of our AMERICAN jobs.

    110. Wes Boyd, Dallas, TX says:

      I was just thinking about this silly issue as I was driving to work this morning listening to talk radio. Instead of being a narcissist and giving an ipod with his speeches as featured content, President Obama could simply give gifts that reflect what he values and uses, such as Barrington's Captain's Bag (see http://tinyurl.com/77o3eb , http://tinyurl.com/czks5j and http://tinyurl.com/dlleev )

    111. Wes Boyd, Dallas, TX says:

      Instead of being a narcissist and giving an ipod with his speeches as featured content, President Obama could simply give gifts that reflect what he values and uses, such as Barrington’s Captain’s Bag (see http://tinyurl.com/77o3eb , http://tinyurl.com/czks5j and http://tinyurl.com/dlleev )

    112. A.J. Minnesota says:

      How about giving the Queen her own bridge to nowhere? That and a 40' shipping container full of condoms. Gotta spend that taxpayer money somewhere…

    113. Steve, Illinois says:

      Maybe he could get her a replica of the Declaration of Independance. (he should read it on the plane) and a wax replica of the Bible he was sworn in on.

    114. Corey Ashcroft - Nap says:

      The queen, being a symbolic figure of some importance should be gifted with an item that would show how our two nations stand together in times of turmoil. Perhaps a bronze statue of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan standing over the crumbling wall of east Berlin.

    115. A J Fisher says:

      Some illegal immigrants would make a nice gift.

    116. Kiki DC says:

      President Obama, being as cool as he is, should have given her an Nintendo Wii!! She can play a virtual game of tennis on a virtual grass court!

    117. Barb, Evanston, WY says:

      If I were picking a gift for the Queen of England; I would give her something that is American made, preferrably handcrafted, that shows the ingenuity and skills of the American worker. We are a nation that is truly wealthy in exceptionalism and the gift should reflect that quality; be it art, handcrafted furniture or any- thing else that shows our deep regard for her and her nation right along with our appreciation for who we are and what we are capable of as American citizens.

    118. Neologue, Tx says:

      How about an original of the Magna Carta?

    119. Debbie, Pennsylvania says:

      How about giving back our copy of the Magna Carta? We obviously have no more need of it and perhaps thhe British could benefit from reading it again.

    120. P. Parnell says:

      A bail out check….everyone else is getting one.

    121. Wayne, BIloxi, MS says:

      A copy of Queen's "We Are the Champions"

    122. C Whelan, Vermont says:

      an engineer who could replicate a water system that includes trace amounts of fluoride in people's drinking water. This would enable the Brits to rid themselves of their most pervasive stereotype — messed up grills (bad teeth)

    123. Trey, Texas says:

      How about something that is of historical and intrinsic value (except something that brings up the American Revolution)? It needs to be something where the meaning of the gift will last forever.

    124. Connie Arlitt, frede says:

      I think that Obama should have given the Queen a hand hooked rug, custom designed and made in America out of British wool. The subject matter would be of her corgi dogs. Laura Bush had a custom designed, hand hooked rug made of her dogs.

    125. Gentry, McKinney TX says:

      I would give the Queen of England a snow globe of Big Ben. Why give an sentimental gift that you can't pick up at Wal-mart? Man, I think that we should give everyone shallow American gifts-boy won't that build respect at the UN conferences?

    126. Paige, Bossier City, says:

      Give her the budget document and the (anti) stimulus bill documents. If nothing else she can use them to heat the palace–that's the only thing they are good for. Besides as we've painfully found out BO doesn't read them before he signs them anyway.

    127. Jeanette Grayeb-Miha says:

      A suitable gift for the Queen of England should have been something personal. A gold pin with emeralds or diamonds. Mikimoto pearls would have also been appreciated by Her Highness. She is known for her highly respected dress code. Why not add some fabulous jewelry. The ipod was thoughtless and idiotic for a woman of her age. The DVDs for the Prime Minister were an even bigger insult. With the millions we are wasting on this trip with President Obama's entourage of 500, couldn't they have at least shown some class?

    128. Linda, Oklahoma says:

      A pound of TEA!!!!

    129. Mike - Houston says:

      How about a signed copy of the "stimulus" bill…she could be honored as the first to actually read it!

    130. Dayle, Washington says:

      There are historically many great men and women of England that have influenced our nation and the world in wonderful ways. One such man is William Wilberforce. He examplified a true "reformer" as he was passionate about the abolishment of slavery and the "reformation of manners" in his nation. The original copy of "Amazing Grace", if England doesn't already secure it, would be a wonderful gift.

    131. Bobby, PA says:

      He should have given her a copy of "The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights". We sure don't respect them nor are using them properly.

    132. Dave T says:

      Obama should have given the queen a shredded copy of the Magna Carta. Obama should have courage and just say what he means…

    133. Ken Driver says:

      A portait of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher

      This is symbolic of the US and Great Britian as a reminder of time when we were faced with simliar difficulty. We need to get back to our core principles.

    134. Gentry, McKinney TX says:

      I have been thinking about this and I would really give her something personal and heartfelt. It might not be extravagant, but I would give her my prized teacup. She likes tea and I would want to honor her in a personal way. I would give her my antique cup from England-hand crafted and painted from the 1800's. It might not be flashy or modern or tech savvy, but it would also not be shallow and unthoughtful. I would probably give it to her in a box made out of the same wood that her desk is made out of and have her coronation carved on it by one of America's best carpenters. Like I said, it might not be flashy, but I'm sure that it would mean more than a iPod-let's be honest, if she had wanted one, shouldn't need the president to get it for her-SHE IS THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND! :)

    135. Cynthia, Bend, OR says:

      The gift is supposed to be reflective of America and respectful of the recipient. I think very personal gifts are saved for people one knows. They should reflect some class and grace (let's the Obama's out). While you often see lists of gifts given to our President and other public officials, I don't remember ever seeing lists of gifts given by our President.

      For HM the Queen, I would have commissioned a piece of glass from the Jamestowne glass artists – reflecting the first British settlement here and the successful business that prospered here. Or, something from the silver artists in Williamsburg.

    136. Pingback: The Queen’s New iPod | Lakeshore Laments

    137. Alex de la Torre, Ch says:

      Perhaps some nice piece of Americana would be appropriate, like a copy of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Also, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, or the White House or Capitol would have been nice.

      Mr. Obama sincerely is out of touch with proper diplomatic procedure. He assumes everybody is as "modern" as he is and looks down on anybody who is not. This is not change we can believe in; it is change that we can avoid like the plague.

    138. Marty, Nashville says:

      How about an apology for beating them in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812? We are going around and apologizing to all other nations for the "atrocities" we committed so might as well give them one too!

    139. Chris, Highland NY says:

      Obama should have given her his respect, except he doesn't have any to give. An iPod? My 9 year old has an iPod. Aren't these the people who claimed that Bush had disgraced our country? I've never been more ashamed.

    140. K, Georgia says:

      Something from Hawaii that ties the US to the UK. For example, "Queen Liliuokalani admired the British and patterned her reign after Queen Victoria's of England. Her British counterpart, so legend goes, presented Queen Liliuokalani who a solid gold bracelet with OLD ENGLISH Lettering, enameled in ebony. Queen Liliuokalani wore it always."


    141. Kim, Shrewsbury, PA says:

      I know how she loves hats.

      I would have given her hats from various first ladies maybe a Jackie O' hat.

    142. Pauli B, Greenbrier, says:

      I would have given her a painting by Ken Auster one of America's plein air impressionism painters. The subject could possibly be of New York or a landmark subject of the painter or Whitehouse choice.

      I would as well have one of America's top confectionary artist baker's create a confection of the White House Rose Garden with the Queen walking in it. This confection would be a work of art as well as something that could be displayed and or eaten.

      Always give something that is unique and one of a kind like a piece of irreplaceable art.

      But NEVER electronics, NEVER something that could be bought off the shelf.

    143. Victorius, Charlotte says:

      Since the Queen loves to hunt, how about giving her a gift she would use: an American-made hunting rifle!

    144. Christina, Santa Ros says:

      She was also given a rare songbook signed by composer Richard Rodgers. Perhaps this was the "something personal and heartfelt" otherwise omitted from such a haphazard display.

    145. Gary, St. Louis says:

      In the interest of 'one-world govt.', perhaps a book of U.S. bailout coupons, redeemable as needed (you fill in the amount).

    146. Cliff - Akron, OH says:

      I am not at all surprised about the iPod gift that our beloved president gave the Queen. After all, just gracing her with His presence was probably more than enough. I'm actually surprised Pres. Obama did not give the Queen a signed life size portrait of himself to hang in Buckingham palace or maybe an autographed copy of his memoir.

      On a more serious note, I would have given her something much more meaningful. Perhaps an artifact from the Jamestown settlement or Plymouth Rock. Or even better, a copy of Frederick Douglass' abolitionist London Reception Speech, which he delivered at Alexander Fletcher's Finsbury Chapel in May 1846, in Great Britain. That would signify the unity between our two countries when dealing with mutual domestic problems. Slavery was our problem then, radical Islamic terrorism and spiraling economies are the problems now.

      I've never been more proud of my vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin than the last two months! And Heritage, keep up the good work. You guys give young conservatives like myself a reason to hope for better days to come. Stay true to the core conservative values that made this great nation the shining city on a hill!

    147. William Cavendish says:

      To match the gift from Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Royal Navy commissioning document of HMS RESOLUTE, the President should give the Queen the original document from the US Secretary of the Navy to the Superintendent of the Brooklyn Navy yard instructing him to refurbish RESOLUTE to highest standards of any Royal Navy vessel. The gift of RESOLUTE in 1856 was a very Obama-like gesture of 'unclenching the fist to shake the hand' when the USA and UK were on the brink of their third war. It has paid a handsome peace dividend ever since. The Obama aides need to have the novel by Elizabeth Matthews in the White House gift shop, 'HMS RESOLUTE: From the Canadian Arctic to the President's Desk'. It would bring an end to the 'gift wars'!

    148. Kristin, Chicago says:

      The Queen and her family are active animal conservationists. Prince Phillip was a co-founder and first president of the World Wildlife Fund in 1961. I think giving her naming rights to a rescued and rehabilitated Bald Eagle would be a lovely and meaningful gesture of international friendship. As this magnificent bird is our national symbol, naming it in her honor and or asking her to name it would show our respect for her… I was actually worried BHO might give her a shoebox of used 1970s 8 track tapes… my prediction was so close!

    149. Walter Shepherd, New says:

      President Obama should have given HRH The Queen a 2009 Pontiac. In short order they will be rarer than hens teeth… maybe even rarer than executive bonuses.

    150. Artesia, NM says:

      I would give her a nice statue (bronzed) of George Washington, in his military uniform.

    151. Althea, Texas says:

      A replica of the Liberty Bell.

    152. J.W. Griggs, Myrtle says:

      Why not give her an Obama Gift Pack! Such a back would include an Obama commemorative plate, mug, t-shirt, and an autographed picture of Obama! Where else could she find that in England?

    153. Reuel Grierson says:

      Give the Queen a brand spanking new naval distroyer with all the trimmings. Name the thing: The Winston Churchhill!

    154. Louis Rappaport, New says:

      A free pass to use the forthcoming National Medical Insurance that will surely upgrade her current medical care.

    155. Carrie, Michigan says:

      How about a copy of the birth certificate that he refuses to show? Obviously, we don't need it here.

      Or, how about something even more tacky and Americana: Mickey Mouse ears!

    156. Steve, Chicago says:

      An autographed teleprompter gift set (and free lessons!)

    157. BEColby, Battle Grou says:

      How about a book from John Adams collection. Maybe one he wrote in. This would be a good choice as Mr. Adams was not only a founding father, but also the first embassidor to England after the Revolutionary War. He actually met with King George. It shows our common background, both the initial annomistity and the continued friendship.

    158. RG Briggs MD, Sioux says:

      First edition copies of the writings of Benjamin Franklin. As one of our founding fathers,and a world renowned inventor, scientist, author and statesman; he is one of the best known and most beloved Americans worldwide.

    159. Ken, Minneapolis says:

      The Smithsonian has the original plaster molds of Abraham Lincoln’s hands from the day after his inauguration – customary at the time. The right hand is swollen from all his handshakes and is demonstrated in the casting. I suggest a mounted bronze copy of the pair of hands as the gift. It would be a reminder of the courage of leadership which the Queen and England has demonstrated as well as a reminder of the freedoms fought and died for. A Wilberforce quote would be appropriate:

      “And, sir, when we think of eternity, and of the future consequences of all human conduct, what is there in this life that should make any man contradict the dictates of his conscience, the principles of justice, the laws of religion, and of God?”

    160. Ginger, Witchita KS says:

      I think something to commemorate our admiration for England's great past along with the vibrancy of its present day, manifested in its national pastime, football, would be appropriate. For example, I'm sure a collection of antique footballs or other related equipment would be not only pertinent but also much appreciated. Old balls like that, due to their rotundity, look splendid in a display case and are even great for kicking around on occasion.

    161. Lloyd, Norwell, MA says:

      A firm promise never to give another gift to any British Monarch, Prime Minister, Cabinet Member, MP, Military Officer, or Diplomat, thus, letting the Brits relax that stiff upper lip.

    162. Robert, Pine Brook, says:

      I would have presented the queen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in acknowledgment of Britain's support, solidarity, and contributions in standing with the US both philosophically and on the battlefield in confronting world terrorism.

    163. AJ in NC says:

      A lifetime NRA membership!

    164. Wanda, Missouri says:

      I think he should have given her the 57th state that he visited during the primaries.

    165. Gary Edwards says:

      A Panini maker

    166. Jul, Milwaukee says:

      A signed used copy of "The Audacity of Hope" and "The Essential Barack Obama: The Grammy Award-Winning Recordings" the abridged version.

      Just in case he's in need of a gift for the Russian President in July there's the new Chia Obama or a nice new set of Russian Nesting Dolls (made in China of coarse)

    167. Gerrit Lansing says:

      a George Forman grill

    168. Paul, Phoenix, Arizo says:

      Ask for the return of Winston Churchill's bust for the rightful place of Honour and display at the White House it once had.

    169. Jerry, Milwaukee says:

      How about a copy of the painting showing Lord Cornwallis surrendering after George Washington's victory at Yorktown?

    170. John, Belmont CA says:

      A lifetime supply of Lipton Tea.

    171. Donna Spickert Misso says:

      She likes purses, he should have given her a PRADA. Maybe they wouldn't have to lay off people if she started a new wave of PRADA customers!

    172. Chris, Knoxville tn says:

      Giving the queen an ipod makes about as much sense to me as giving her a skateboard…. So I'm going to have to go with that.

    173. pam,alaska says:

      Since the Obamas seem to have gift-giving problems,

      perhaps the should follow the Seinfeld model and re-gift the desk set given to the pres made from the Amistad.

    174. Judy F, Golden, CO says:

      ipod made in China? – what a joke

      seriously – a bronze sculpture by a USA artist of a Stag (she can diplay it in their hunting lodge)

      I'm still baffled why Obama gave them back their gift to us of a bust of Winston Churchill.

    175. Aaron, NY says:

      A t-shirt with the caption "The Obamas came to visit and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!"

    176. Kilps Mn says:

      A lock of hair from Benedict Arnold…

    177. Tex, KY says:

      How about a copy of his birth certificate from Hawaii?

    178. Joel D., Buffalo says:

      Free land from Tony Rezko. Slightly used basketball. Plastic scoop with a globe on it to symbolize worldwide bailout. A small bag of peanuts he got while aboard Air Force 1.

    179. Barbara, MD says:

      By all means let's give her something that shows we in the US respect her and her subjects.

      An orignal painting that has a strong connection to the US-British History would be appropriate.

      Even a prize winning photo taken in one of our western National Parks would be better than an Ipod! How insulting it was and embarassing for the American citizens once again.

    180. Cecelia Nowlin, Los says:

      I have now read all of these comments and there are some good ideas and some bad ideas. If one could find a gift that would mean something personally to the queen, it would be something she could cherish. An ipod would not be the thing, she probably already owns a countless number of them. For myself, as I get older I realize that people like different types of things. Therefore, I think a hand-made crocheted afghan in pink (cause she looks like she likes pink)and it is something that she can wrap around her for those chills that seem to creep up on us sometimes. My Lady, I salute you!

    181. Les, WA says:

      A Barack bobblehead doll

    182. John, Mt. Airy, MD says:

      An iPod…each day brings yet another outrageous story. Isn't that the modern day equivalent of for instance if Ronald Reagan had given the Queen a "boom-box" or if JFK had given her a transistor radio? Incredible.

      I think I would have presented her with a historical artifact from our two nations close relationship in fighting for freedom. An example might be something from the successful Anglo-American invasion of Sicily or the landing in Italy, which marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany.

    183. Richard, Clearwater says:

      It baffles me that the Obamas have spent so lavishly on themselves since his entrance into office yet really 'cheaped it up' when it came to such an historic encounter with the Queen. They seemed to spare no expense in throwing lavish balls for every A-list celebrity in Hollywood. I guess this is one of the forms of 'change' Mr. Obama was talking about. You never would have seen old balls for Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton, and Abe Lincoln like this. These men were for the common people and not trying to get a foot in the door or a peak at the Jonas Brothers. I believe the act of giving an i-pod demsonstrates the selfishness of this administration. The Obamas should have gifted something representative of our great nation such as some great works from American writers, Kentucky bourbon, or even a piece of old Yankee Stadium.

    184. Grant Schneemann, VA says:

      A signed framed picture from some of the surviving Tuskegee Airmen symbolizing our alliance during WW II–they continue to be a great ally of ours. This tells Britian that as much as the world changes, the special relationship we have with them, does not.


    185. Scooter, Newport RI says:

      I think an appropriate gift would be one that encapsulates the American spirit and tradition, as well as offers a sign of respect. Something sturdy and lasting will be necessary for what should amount to a gift or regal proportions. Instead of prematurely emitting a gift that takes roughly 30 seconds to conclude, we should try a more steady approach that would reach the climax at an honorable degree. Instead of some 30 second special, the gift should honor the queen while allowing for prolonged satisfaction. With all of this in mind, the gift should be a bronze candle stick that can be used for multiple purposes. It could fill the void of any aged area last much longer than some paunchy thing that lacks the capacity for prolonged enjoyment or satisfaction.

    186. Thomas, Aiken says:

      A ticket to a Lynard Skynard concert…there is nothing more American than that.

    187. Becky, Ohio says:

      The Hope Diamond because "hope" was Obama's theme during his candidacy.

    188. robert texas says:

      U.S. Naval Ships all have some sort of special trinkets for dignitaries when they launch them. I would have given the Queen some sort of rare memorabilia from the USS Winston Churchill

    189. cbgaloot says:

      I'd have given her the MSM and Hollywood. Their not actually part of the US any more anyway.

    190. Casey, Idaho says:

      I know what I wouldn't have given her… an iPod.

      That was a good one Obama. Great idea. It took about as much though as a DVD collection of American movie classics to Gordon Brown — after he gave Obama a pen holder made from the sister ship of the one the White House desk is made from. Now that's a classy gift with meaning. I just hope this doesn't strain relations too bad with our longest, strongest ally.

    191. Teddy, Topeka says:

      An excellent gift would be something that the Queen could actually use on a day to day basis. I am sure that she receives gifts from dignitaries from every nation imaginable and simply tosses them out. London is known almost as much for its terrible weather as it is for Buckingham Palace. A nice rain parka would be something nice and useful. The queen is such a dignified lady that we dont want her getting too wet. It would be quite embarrassing to have the queen dripping in front of guests. While it may be okay for her to get moist on days that it only drizzles a nice parka would certainly keep her from getting too wet when the skies open.

    192. Miff, Kissimmee, FL says:

      I've seen some good (and funny!) ideas on here, but we're all missing the point: that diplomacy is not measured by the gigs on an iPod or the length of that brass candlestick. What we need is mutual giving, a sense of something shared, to signify our willingness to work together to solve the world's hardest and deepest problems, which sometimes results in creating new generations to repeat the process. And while that's a great starting point, let it be known that sometimes these organic, natural relations can become more give than take (or vice-versa); sometimes we will really need to focus on diplomacy that is synthetic and double-sided, just to prove we're all in this crazy thing together, sharing the benefits, rewards, and satisfaction mutually. It is only at a time like this, when both countries can lie spent and out of juice and can reflect on the mutual efforts put forth in achieving such a great organismic transformation, that we can truly see each other eye to eye.

    193. Renaldo Crenshaw, Me says:

      Some Rendevous ribs from Memphis, Tennessee

    194. Kitty, Oregon says:

      Honestly, I don't know what would be an appropriate gift – but I'm just an average citizen and am not supposed to know. Nevertheless, even I know an iPod is inappropriate, no matter what they put on it for her. You can be sure, though, I would do my best to figure out something appropriate and respectful.

      As a citizen, I am embarrassed by the gift and ashamed.

    195. Shay in SC says:

      I would commission an unknown, talanted, American "starving artist" to paint a large portrait of the Queen as a young girl on horseback, copied from an archived photo. I would hire a talented, American hobbiest woodworker/cabinet maker to create a large, not to elebrate frame.

      This would give two unknown craftsmen an oppertunity to earn money, create something memorable and possibly earn some notoriety.

      It would be a personal, thoughtfull, thought provoking gift for the Queen.

      Obama is an embarassment to the US and the Queen should have thanked him for the iPod then excused herself form accepting it by adding she already had one.

    196. David, Texas says:

      At this point, a MOON ROCK wouldn't be overkill.

    197. Mary, New Jersey says:

      A box of Celestial Seasonings Tea Samples!

    198. Solly, MO says:

      Barry Bond's *73rd home run ball…or is that in outer space?

    199. Jay Scharfenberg in says:

      I'd give her our independence back.

    200. Jody Barry, Thousand says:

      A specially created picture of all 11 Presidents who she has met, standing next to each other, encased in an ornate hand made wooden frame created from a British Oak tree. Below the picture whould be an inscription saying:

      "On behalf of all of us, thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement."

    201. Cody, Seattle says:

      According to proper English procedure noone is to touch the queen or even turn their back to the queen. Has everyone seen the picture of Michelle reaching around the queen? This demonstrates the lack of class and respect that the Obamas have other cultures. The picture is taken from the rear and shows Michelle with her arm the queen. I think it is in poor taste to reach around the queen in such a manner. To top it all off they give her an i-pod? I believe a gift that exudes American culture would have been a better option, perhaps an apple pie or a strawberry shortcake.

    202. Melissa, Baghdad Ira says:

      He should have given her a historic weapon from the battle of Normandy, showing our historic alliance and unified front.

    203. Don Joe Cro says:

      I would have given her our National debt.

    204. David, Tucson says:

      I would have commissioned a book to be written that included a photo essay commemoratting the almost two-hundred years that our two nations have been alies, friends, and brothers. It would have shown and written about our combined efforts that have brought strength, stability, and goodness to this world.

    205. Rich, Florida says:

      A trillion dollars (freshly printed of course).

    206. Judy /Newport Beach, says:

      A Specially Designed Case with the following "Priceless" articles that only the United States has:

      1. A Moon Rock from The Sea of Tranquility

      2. A signed & personalized Photo of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

      3. The signed and personalized Photo entitled Earthrise

      The Headline will read," Always Use the Word Impossible with the Greatest Caution."

    207. Jason Houk, Ohio says:

      I would giver her a hundred dollar bill, and let her know it will not be worth the paper it's printed on if we continue down this spending path.

    208. Steph, "the peo says:

      These comments are priceless! I love them. Nice to hear some like-minded individuals "give it" to BO. The choice of an Ipod lacked class, but I wouldn't expect anything more from this administration. I love the idea of an Obama chia head, or a copy of the great one, Mark Levin's, "Liberty and Tyranny- A conservative manifesto", an American made hunting rifle, or the lifetime membership to the NRA. Of course if I was feeling really randy I'd give her a statue of William Wallace–perhaps with a little note that says "stick it" I like the queen, and I am American, but my ancestors were Scottish….so….no love lost.

    209. Brandon, St.Louis says:

      I would have given her a an ACORN T-shirt, A giant Obama picture (the CHE ripoff one), and a DVD from Obama's church I'm sure the Queen would get a kick out of Rev.Wrong.

    210. Pat, Florida says:

      I would have given her "Liberty and Tyranny " by Mark Levin. It is # 1 on the best seller list and well worth reading.

    211. Christopher Jernigan says:

      I believe the best gift to give the Queen, while we are returning artifacts from the Oval Office such as the Churchill statue, is to return the "Resolute desk." Return it now before it depreciates with the American Presidency.

    212. Ron, Dekalb IL says:

      Lets give her president Obama!

    213. Alan, Peoples Republ says:

      Since the iPod reportedly had some of B.O.'s speeches on it, why not provide a transcript of those speeches too. And how about printing the transcripts on some nearly worthless paper like the US Dollar. (Worthless words on worthless paper… priceless!) Finally, put all those bills in rolls, and her majesty might actually make good use of it… in the water closet.

    214. Angela Hunt, Florida says:

      I would give the queen a beautifully-framed copy of the 1783 "Proclamation of the Cessation of Hostilities" which was nailed to the door of the Temple of Virtue and allowed Washington to issue cease-fire orders, effectively ending the Revolutionary War.

      We could be friendly with England once again. :-)

    215. Steve, Newberg, OR says:

      I'm thinking something really classy like one of those pictures of Elvis painted on black velvet.

    216. Joseph says:

      A velvet Elvis painting and some KFC gift certificates.

    217. Gordon Appel, Bounti says:

      I think that at such an important summit, something timeless would have been more appropriate, such as a tile off of the Space Shuttle, signed by all of the astronauts aboard, or an autographed portrait of Ronald Reagan, maybe one of Babe Ruth's bats, something made from the rubble of the World Trade Center, etc.

      But an I-Pod????? You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!

      More TEA PARTIES anyone?

    218. Beth, TN says:

      A velvet reproduction of The Last Supper, with Obama's image as "Black Jesus" including Rush Limbaugh depicted as Judas, and Nancy Pelosi as Mary Magdalene.

    219. Robin Dunbar in Nort says:

      HRH, The Queen of England, is a skilled and avid equestrian. I would have presented her with an American Saddlebred horse; perhaps from the bloodstock of Rex McDonald. To present a horse to the Queen would have achieved all objectives: 1) it symbolizes strength and power, coping under difficult circumstances, and loyalty; 2) an American Saddlebred would be from America (not Japan), and 3) it would show that some thought and effort was put forth in acknowledging the Queen's affection, not the President's.

    220. Ronnie, KS says:

      You mean there might be something more appropriate than a gift made in China that plays Don't Cry for Me Argentina?

    221. Charlotte Kay, Ft. says:

      I would give her something that would be very special to her, a Corgi puppy. She loves her Corgis and that would be something she would love and cherish.

    222. Michelle, Alexandria says:

      Since she obviously has an affection for horses, why not present the Queen with a handcarved saddle, a American-made Derby Hat (befitting a queen, of course) and an intricately hand-embossed invitation to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby? I believe she is a bit of a sport and likes competition. Besides that, if you were Queen of England wouldn't you be a bit tired for all the gifts that are somehow are tied to her lineage or gifts that point out the fact that the British lost the colonies? Just a thought. Thanks, this was fun:)

    223. Stephanie Waynesboro says:

      I'm surprised he didn't get her a "Snuggie" ! Hopefully the IPOD was new and didn't come from a pawn shop. A nice gift would have been an antique tea service and American Tea and honey.Or he could have given her a gift certificate good for veggies from the new White House recession garden !!

    224. Allie Hyatt says:

      I would give her a copy of my new novel, Meg's Challenge. It is elegant reading and fit for a queen,especially the Queen of England. Many regards to the royal family. I am like President Obama, I would like to call my children one day and say, "I met the Queen."


      Author Allie Brock Hyatt

    225. Bill, San Antonio, T says:

      why not give her a copy of his birth certificat. I keep seeing reports that he has refused to furnish a copy to the Undied States Of America

    226. Michael G, Mauldin S says:

      He should've autographed her boobs. If you're going to be classless, might as well go all out.

    227. Andy in TN says:

      A 57-state lapel pin.

    228. William Parker, Algo says:

      How about some platform shoes?

    229. Steven, Alexandria, says:

      A discography of Queen, complete with a autographed Brian May guitar.

    230. Ron, Martins Ferry,O says:

      A "British Invasion" playlist for her New Ipod.

    231. Jima, Evansville says:

      A paint by number – Dogs Playing Poker – done by the prez himself. Showing his lack of taste – but at least putting forth some effort… :)

    232. Brenda, Louisiana says:

      I have several gifts that BO might give in the future:

      1.) Your choice of any liberal Congressman. Pick Pelosi!

      2.) Your choice of any liberal state. Pick CA!

      3.) Your own personalized telepromter.

      4.) A dozen illegal immigrants.

      5.) A blank check. Just fill in your own bailout amount!

    233. jill, memphis says:

      How about a decent looking purse?

      Either a colorful Kate Spade or a Tori Burch design, would help spark up queenies ensemble. The iPod is a good accessory to put inside the purse, especially if it is loaded with Sean Hannity podcasts.

    234. Nicole says:

      An antique sword from the American Revolution. It's priceless and has very much value here from our history. (Even though Obama is on the road to fascism. I hope he resigns, but that's wishful thinking)

    235. Jim says:

      A copy of the bible that Abraham Lincoln & Obama swore the oath of president on.

    236. Chris, Columbia, SC says:

      A copy of the painting "Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown" by John Trumbull. Magnificent painting of Washington on white horse passing in review of British and Hessian troops displaying their white flag.

    237. Bill, JC Mo says:

      He should just get a gift card at Best Buy so she can get what she wants.

    238. Bobby LeCroy, Arab, says:

      I would give her a copy of the Holy Bible in the King James Version. Then I would explain to her that it was through God's divine providence that Queen Elizabeth I appointed King James I to succeed her, therefore making it possible that the whole world has been blessed with the version that bears the name of a British Monarch. Then I would thank her for that blessing that King James I made possible by authorizing that translation. Then I would pray that God would give her the divine wisdom to appoint a successor in her waning days that would also, through God's grace, bless the world entire.

      Semper Fidelis

    239. Betty kuck, Chevy Ch says:

      He should give her a basket of foods representing various areas of our country : vermont maple syrup; WI cheese; GA peaches; Fl oranges; MA cranberries; CA wine; Maine lobster; etc……

    240. Barton Nott, San Ant says:

      I think Obama should have given the Queen 10 pounds of $100/pound beef like he has at his parties. Then have the teleprompter tell her how to cook it. Make sure the card says "THANKS FROM THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS!!"

    241. terry, no man's says:


    242. Nancy, Cincinnati OH says:

      Thanks for making me laugh!! I just found out that the budget passed in the House. I felt like crying, but instead I jotted down a bunch of these ideas to share with my fellow conservatives at work tomorrow to give them something to smile about.

      If someone from above whould like to implement their sincere ideas, I would gladly donate money to have a real gift sent to the Queen and Mr. Brown. We need to preserve the dignity of our country. We need to let the world see that we are not all just sitting around watching our beautiful nation crumble. GOD BLESS THE USA!

    243. Doug, Holland Michig says:

      Why not just give her an Obama/Biden bumper sticker for her car?

      There were millions made. I'm pretty sure he's got a few laying around, yet.

      Perhaps he could give her one that's printed in Spanish…..


    244. Dave, Schenectady NY says:

      Where were the CDs and Ipod manufactured? I would be willing to bet overseas and probably China. That being said, to prove our generosity knows no borders, I would give her the United Nations. It is time someone else enjoyed this group of disfunctional people.

    245. John from Boston says:

      Since England has run out of money, I would have given the Queen one of those mail-in gold for cash kits. I'm sure she can scrounge up some old loot laying around Buckingham Palace to send away. That should stimulate Britain's economy a bit.

    246. John Luckie, Weather says:

      Don't be fooled. The Obamas knew exactly what they were doing by giving Gordon Brown and the Queen these insulting gifts. This was all intentional and reflects the hateful, arrogant and immature attitude of both of the Obamas. They have made themselves the laughing stock of the world by acting like two spoiled second graders.

      Congratulations on all the good gift suggestions and for all the laughs at the silly ones. I have nothing to add since all my sulggestions are already covered except for cleaned up, signed and framed copies of the lost documents that Sandy Berger stole from the national archives and stuffed into his shorts.

    247. Doug, Holland Michig says:

      Better, yet.

      Get her a T-shirt that says, "I'm with stupid." with an arrow pointing left.

      But, she has to make sure she's always standing to the right of Obama.

    248. Kim Fairfax, VA says:

      Well, I am not sure I can top an I-pod. I would give something that had something to do with the original states. Something very New England. One very symbolic thing from each state. That is where the relationship started, so we should give something that symbolizes the ongoing and lasting nature of our relationship.

    249. John J. Babbitts, Jr says:

      I would present her with a medal case fashioned from a retired Fighter that participated in the raid aginst lybia in the 1980's and then inside captured military insigna's from a WWI German Officer, WWII German SS officer,A North Korean Officer, Soviet officer, and an Iraqi officer to show as allies how Britain and America had fought side by side in the contests of the 20th and now 21st centuries.

    250. David Rouse says:

      I think he should have given the queen something very special, so special that apparently he is reluctant to reveal it to anyone else – a copy of his birth certificate.

    251. Steve ( Cincinnati ) says:

      This is very simple. What do you give someone who has everything? A few trillion dollars in baleout money of course.

      God Bless America

      ( She needs it )

    252. Rodger Cotton, Grand says:

      A Treager Pellet Smoker/ BBQ grill, and pallet of pellets. There are plenty of London area members of the American BBQ Society who would be happy to set the Smoker up, and put on a feed consisting of good old fashioned American BBQ.

    253. Brian, Wanatah, IN says:

      Perhaps a better gift than an iPod would have been a bust of William Wilberforce, the great statesman from the Queen's own country who sacrificed opportunities to rise in political office in order to lead the charge to end slavery and the slave trade in Great Britain. It would be a fitting gift and a symbol of what can be achieved when the principle that all men (and women) are created equal in the eyes of the Creator.

    254. John R. Graham says:

      This is great community building on Web 2.0 but I have to bring to your attention that she is not Queen of England, but Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (also Canada, Australia, etc.) England and Scotland combined into the UK in 1707.

    255. Terry, St. Paul says:

      How about giving her tax reparations from all the years after the revolutionary war…think of all the money that England lost out on because we broke away…since it was rightfully there’s after all. England is a victim of American greed and capitalism, we would have never been in this mess if we wouldn’t have left the mother country!

    256. Greg Groves, Bridgep says:

      Perhaps the Brits will figure it out and give BO several cartons of Kool cigarettes

    257. ann hardy, allamuchy says:

      As she's such a fine horsewoman, I'd give her an original Remington Bronze. These depict a period in the American west which would never have been discovered if we hadn't gained our independence.

    258. Citizen, Chico, WA says:

      I think an obama bobble-head would precisely portray the administration's class.


    259. Angela Eggleston, Ne says:

      A glass paperweight with a Queen Elizabeth Rose inside–all made of glass blown in Jamestown. Or maybe she already received something like this when she visited the Old Dominion in 2007 to celebrate 400 years since Jamestown's founding.

    260. Mary Rogers, Mobile says:

      I think that the an appropriate gift from our president would be a give that keeps on giving. A gift that can be spread and enjoyed by others. Gerrit M. Lansing once gave me a gift that I still have to this day. What gift is that you might ask? I am talking about the gift of HPV.

    261. Andy Chawke, Sherman says:

      President Obama should have given the Queen a Cabinet post. She would fit right in with the others having not paid US taxes!!

    262. Sandy, NJ says:

      How about the hat Aretha Franklin wore to the Inauguration (the Queen is big on hats), a framed copy of his birth certificate so at least SOMEONE will know where he was actually born, and an invitation to attend one of the many 21st century T.E.A. parties being thrown in HIS honor rather than in hers……….

    263. Sandy, NJ says:

      Or better yet…..how about an autographed copy of "Super" First Lady Michelle's comic book?

    264. Debbie, Maryland says:

      Give her a second I-pod uploaded with Daniel Hannon blasting Gordon Brown. Make a copy

      for Obama too.

    265. Phyllis M, Omaha, NE says:

      I agree, I think he should have given her back all the New England States along with a slightly used ashtray!

    266. Bill Jamieson says:

      He could have given her our constitution. We don't seem to use it anymore and I guess it would make useable toilet paper.

    267. Iain, Ohio says:

      The best present that you people could give Her Majesty would be Her proper title …which is NOT the "Queen of England". It is so like you people to just make stuff up,

      convince yourself how right you are and spout it as gospel. Here are a few facts you should get straight before you shoot your mouths off about Britain or the British Monarchy.

      1. The last "Queen of England" died in 1603

      2. There is no such country as "England" and there has been no England since 1707. England is a state of the United Kingdom of Great Britain just as Ohio is a state of the United States of America.

      3. America did NOT declare Independence from England – it was, rightly, declared against Great Britain – read the Declaration of Independence please.

      4. America did not defeat England in the Revolutionary War – it defeated Great Britain

      4. British is NOT the same as English just as American is not the same as Ohian. Whether you care for him or not, Obama is the American President NOT the Ohian President just

      as the Queen is the British Queen NOT the English Queen.

      So if you and your American Heritage want to give the Queen a present, do as President Obama has done and give her the respect of her proper name/title which is:

      Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth,

      Defender of the Faith

      or, quite simply, Queen Elizabeth.

    268. Brian Bleess, MD says:

      I see that several have suggested a moon rock, but nobody has mentioned just a plain onld "Pet Rock" yet.

      But seriously folks, how about a nicely engraved gun? Maybe something like a replica Colt-45 Peacemaker? Or a pair of them, in case she ever needs to fight a duel.

    269. Brian Bleess, MD says:

      And by the way, England IS a country, not a state. It is one of the COUNTRIES that make up the United Kingdom. Her Majesty IS therefore the Queen of England (and of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). She's also the Queen of Canada and several other countries, too!

    270. Patsy, Caliente, NV says:

      As much as I was shocked by the iPod with his speaches on it, I was really surprised that the arrogant, cocky SOB didn't give her an autographed picture of himself…you know he is the mesiah and he is the know all, cure all, be all that he and his idiot followers think he is.

      Unbelievable. I can't believe that idiot is running our country….(nto the ground).

    271. Linda, Georgia says:

      Well, since Obama is the first black (at least half) president, maybe an important piece of folkart by a black American artist. And since the Queen likes horses, maybe there was one with a horse in it available. At least it would have been symbolic of "something".

    272. Josh, CT says:

      a teleprompter

    273. Lisa, Detroit says:

      I agree with Betty Kuck of Chevy Chase, MD. I would give the Queen a basket of products unique to the US and hard to find in the UK. Ghirardelli chocolates, Jelly Bellies, Washington apples, Michigan cherry preserves, Vernors ginger ale, seafood from Maine and Boston, Florida oranges or orange juice, Georgia peanuts (salmonella-free of course), Kentucky Bourbon, Girl Scout cookies. The list could go on, I guess, but if she were to like the products and create a demand for them overseas it would sure help many of us here in the US. Who didn't know the Queen had an iPod already? Honestly. It was big news. If the Obama Team can blunder that one *shaking head in disgust* It's like not bothering to find out what kind of gift your mother-in-law would like. Does anyone else sense that the iPod was a job at stuffy old white people who should get out of politics and go die somewhere? Wasn't that really the message here?

    274. Karen Davis says:

      The Obama's gift was thoughtful as it included video footage of the queen's last trip to the U.S. She actually requested this particular gift, by the way. Obama can do no right according to the extremists, e.g. Hannity, Limbaugh. Give it up. He won. Yes we have a black man as president. Get over it. He's brilliant, especially as compared to his opponent. That's how he won. We've got serious problems to deal with. If we'd work together, we could solve these problems in less time.

    275. Farhad Fatakia, Chic says:

      A handwritten letter by Obama detailing his opinion of the history of the United States and the UK. His renewed comittment to their relationship and a sprinkle of praise for the incredible life that the monarch has led to allow her to recognize that Obama REALIZES and appreciates her.

      A message that Bush could never have had the grace to communicate.

    276. Jan, Michigan says:

      A subscription to Rush Limbaugh's web site. The White House has several.

      Or his American flag lapel pin. He doesn't need it.

    277. Cesaria Thoresen, Ca says:

      A self-portrait of Michelle and Barak.

    278. cynthiakellam Wilmin says:

      Oprah Save the Queen!

      For years educators worldwide have POO-POOED traditional gobbledygook, including The Queen’s English. You know the new fangled lessons I’m talking about:

      The “Let’s play the ‘everybody always wins’ game.” And, “Who says that 2 plus 2 is definitively 4 that Meany!” And, “You killed your parents? How’d they push you over the edge precious?” And, “You can’t speak the Queen’s English? We’ll just change it then you darling individual you.” That’s the one.

      In a gesture of good-will and the spirit of transcontinental harmony befitting newly established relations between America and the Motherland; an internationally, NATO approved contribution to the Queen’s New Standard English:

      Surreal: weirdly unfamiliar, distorted, or disturbing, like the experiences in a dream or the objects or experiences depicted in surrealism.


      Surreal: President of United States presents Her Majesty the Queen of England with i-Pod, in honor of first formal introduction.

      Surreally: Her Majesty the Queen of England does not lose composure when, in honor of first formal introduction, she is presented with i-Pod by President of United States.

      Real, Real, Real Surreal: Her Majesty the Queen of England, Prime Minister of England and President of United States drink tea and eat crumpets together in palatial grandeur as Queen of England politely listens to Rush Limbaugh pod-cast on new i-Pod; (perhaps Pink Floyd, “The Wall,” Queen patting foot and politely grinning unclear).

      Surrealler: Her Majesty the Queen of England, Prime Minister of England and President of the United States drink tea and eat crumpets together in palatial grandeur as Queen of England politely listens to Rush Limbaugh pod-cast on new i-Pod;( perhaps Pink Floyd, “The Wall,” Queen patting foot and politely grinning; unclear); while mobs of commoners, suckled on “Let’s play the ‘everybody always wins game’ during public school pity parties, stone British Calvary and Royal Bank of Scotland.

      Surreallerer: PETA declines comment.

      Surreallest: Goddess of Gift, Herself, not consulted by BF, forgoes suggesting President scrap i-Pod idea; and/ or recommendation that President for sake of presentation, either delicately tuck i-Pod in elegant blue ribbon tied around stick pony’s head, or bucket of chicken.

      Surreallestest: Joke’s on us. Socialist’s drink champagne, not tea; eat cake, not crumpets during rebellions En Mass; I-Pod a ruse.

      Bummer ‘Ole Chap.

    279. Joe Pittsburgh says:

      Love the ideas, but how about a Walmart giftcard, or a "jelly of the month club" subscription. The gift that keeps on giving all year long!

    280. Barb -mn says:

      The queen should get a token from each American business that's been outsourced due to American government taxation.

    281. Mary Fresno,CA write says:

      God bless you all for such a wonderful compilation of laughs and tears and true heartfelt respect for the Brittish people, our allies and friends.

      I say we scroll up all these wonderful remarks and send it to the Queen, as our gift, so that she may know that we are a more true representation of the United States of America and that we do indeed LOVE AND RESPECT OUR COUNTRY and all those men and women who have sacrificed so much to help keep us FREE…

      Thank you good citizens of America!

    282. Dawn Street, Edmond, says:

      I already posted my gift for the Queen. I simply have a question for you – What gift did he give to the king of Saudi Arabia? The USA, perhaps. He bowed and scrapped before that old reprobate as if in surrender.

    283. G.L. Freeman - Cheye says:

      How about a copy of the Declaration of Independence? (From England – remember?)

      Or would that be hypocritical of him?

    284. Michael J. , Atlanta says:

      An i-pod is the kind of gift one would give a child at a Birthday party ! How typical….

      It would have been less embarassing if they had not given Her Majesty anything at all.

      In fact, the best gift I can think of would be NOT having to meet the Obamas at all. Now that would show some respect !

    285. john,dayton says:

      some random thoughts as i scan the want ads.What not to get the queen.No guns…she's already got the ones they took from their "subjects".A dog?…he wont even get one for his kids.No bbq grill…it'll destroy the planet.No condoms,their reproduction rate is already in negative numbers.Did anyone notice the dow went up 500 points when BO left the country.Seriously though,If i'm prezbo i get her something unique.A goody bag full of useful stuff.In the bag would be:select inspirational writings by reknowned authors like ayers,wright,marx…A stimulus check to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of their model health care system,postdated for 2019…jobs,jobs,jobs,all the ones taxed to death here have to go somewhere…A shiney new solar panel for the palace…the secret formula for cutting the deficit in half while writing trillion dollar checks…A sincere apology from amerika for everything,everywhere,everytime.And last but not least…A personal massage and fashion tips from michelle."For the first time in my adult life,i'm NOT very proud to be an american".The best thing obama could do would be to blame a staffer ,or the last 8 years of failed economic policy and BEG for the honor of getting the Churchill bust back.

    286. Iain, Ohio says:

      Dear Brian Bleess, MD,

      I'm sorry Brian but you are wrong. England is NOT a country, it is what is called a "Nation State". And Her Majesty is NOT the Queen of England or Scotland or Wales. When the Thrones of Scotland and England were united in 1606 the monarchy dumped the titles "King of England" and "King of Scotland" and styled themselves Kings and Queens of Great Britain – hence the United Kingdom of Great Britain. She and her predecessors are NOT, have NOT been nor EVER will be Queen of Wales. Wales historically was a principality subjugated by England long ago and looked after by the Prince of Wales. Hence the title afforded each King or Queen's first son. Yes, she is Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc…these are taken care of by the "Her other Realms and Territories" in her official title.

      Dear GL Freeman – Cheyenne Wyoming

      Before you make an utter fool of yourself again I suggest that you READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE before you shoot your mouth off – pay particular attention to the phrase:

      "and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved;"

      Do you see anything about "England" in there? No, I thought not. Learn the difference between "England" and "Great Britain" – its not hard – its the same as the difference between "Ohio" and "the United States". I'm sure you can do it if you try.

      Dear cynthiakellam, Wilmington NC,

      Just exactly what have you been smoking?

      Dear Karen Davis,

      Thank you and well said.

    287. Denise Estrada, Hous says:

      Excellent question posed by Dawn Street. I also wonder what gift Obama presented to the King of Saudi Arabia…besides his gonads…frankincense and myrrh, perhaps?

    288. Suzy, North Carolina says:

      I would give The Queen a beautifully handmade quilt. It would be made from fabric that was hand-woven from American-grown cotton, and dyed with natural dye-stuffs. Perhaps the pattern should be "Log Cabin" to remind of our humble beginnings as a country, and the resourcefulness of our forefathers.

    289. karin, arizona says:

      I would gift the Queen with a Welsh Corgi puppy and a book about these wonderful dogs. The Queen loves this breed and has several Corgis. A gift of life-what a wonderful way to bond Americans and Brits!

    290. Pingback: google.com » Blog Archive » comic book stores in burlington,nc

    291. Amanda Kazee, Ashlan says:

      I would love give her the current so called president of OUR United States along with all of his workers. I feel that she could put them to "REAL" use alot more than we can. They would probably be more than willing to mess up England just as much as they have America.

    292. DenzelWm says:

      Hello there, Happy Happy Halloween!!

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