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  • Video: Former Union Organizer Discusses Card Check

    Rian Wathen, Former Organizing Director for the UFCW, discusses card check. He discusses how union organizers can use corrupt methods to get people to sign cards that, under the Employee Free Choice Act, would authorize a union without a secret ballot election.


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    4 Responses to Video: Former Union Organizer Discusses Card Check

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Unions are like Liberals because they are run by Liberals. They do what they want, when they want, as they want and will not be called on the carpet because Liberals are running the "show". the Unions are like President Obama and the Liberal Government of the United Socialist States of America, in that they want to run everything for everyone so that everyone depends on them for everything.

      Confused? If you listen to a Union, it is they who get you your pay, it is they who get you your benefits, it is they who will protect you against the company. Unions NEGOTIATE your salary and benefits, they do not pay your directly nor do they have anything to do with your benefits. It is your company that pays you and pays into your benefits. Unions DO represent you against the company and that they have to do by law. Some Unions perform this function very well, others just tell you "We did what we could and that is all we can do.".

      Unions lead you to believe that you have a "right to this and a right to that" when in fact, things like health care is not a right at all, it is a BENEFIT! What you have is a RIGHT to vote the way that you want without intimidation or threat.

    2. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      I have seen both sides. It is now the unions turn to go to far. When something like this comes along, it is "no" to the unions. Once they get spanked, and cower, then the companies jockey for an upper-hand, and everyone screams for unions. Until management raises above the fray, and has the old gentleman qualities of do what is right for rights sake, you will always have some sort of union.

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    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Ideally, the Unions are a democratic movement but my experience with them is they betray their constituents by destroying their jobs. I have seen with my own eyes top Union Representatives bragging about how they have usurped the Union Movement for Social Justice. They don't give a fig about the membership. The new Card Check is just more Cold War Damage to the very nature of our Representative Democracy with a Newspeak name (opposite of what the Act will do.) I hope you see a pattern, voter intimidation, stealing Representation. Unions asking for that power is like Obama asking for an Internet Kill Switch. The fact they are working this patent crime reveals who they are. It is double plus un-good.

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