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  • The Government as Economic Developer: A Kelo Update

    On June 23, 2005, the United States Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision affirming the state of Connecticut’s right to evict U.S. citizens from their homes for purposes of “economic development.” In Kelo v. City of New London, plaintiff Suzette Kelo, who had recently bought her dream home on the bank of the Thames River, sued to stop New London from using its eminent domain power to condemn and destroy her home. New London wanted to destroy Kelo’s home  so that Pfizer, Inc. could build $300 million research facility.

    The government got its way. 78 homes have been destroyed. But how is that government-led economic development going? The CATO Institute has an update:


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    9 Responses to The Government as Economic Developer: A Kelo Update

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Liberal Court flexed it muscles and crushed the Constitution on this one! Think of it, a company can now petition the City to get any land that they want (here in CT). There is no protection to the land owner as if they do not comply, the Supreme Court will just hand the land to the company.

      I shouldn't blame only the Liberals, here because the Republicans of CT did nothing to stop this either! In this incident, everyone fell asleep at the wheel and the ship sailed out of control. The land owners of New London, CT called on everyone that they possibly could but no one would put enough effort into the problem. Of course, Senator Dodd was too busy screwing up the banking system at this time and didn't lend any assistance to his own constituents (no suprise here).

      Be aware that if you are a land owner in the State of CT, you could very well loose your right to that land if it pleases the Court!

    2. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      It is definitely the most despised S.C. court ruling in my home. Suddenly we were officially serfs.

    3. Holly Petersen says:

      Here is the real problem: Pfizer. A pharmaceutical giant who had, and probably still has, company employees who sit on the board of the FDA! Oh yes! Mega corporate giants who care nothing about people – it's all about money and drug pushing. There is information all over the internet about how big pharma is in bed with the government, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, and others and how they have been using Gestapo-type tactics to get what they want for years. Liberals AND Conservatives should be held accountable!!

    4. Pat H, Idaho says:

      There are several SCOTUS justices who need very badly to be impeached. Unfortunately, the government is so busy with new Constitutional violations every day, that it is unlikely to happen.

    5. Earlene from San Die says:

      This story is similar to what happened to my Father 33 yrs. ago. He and my mother purchased a nice little home in L. A. County, CA; he had bird avaries, added on to the house, built a garage and made several improvements over the years. His lawns and trees were impeccably trimmed and he kept such good care of his home and property. My parents were very, very happy there in their home but along came a school who decided they wanted to enlarge.

      Their home was taken by Right of Iminent Domain and my father didn't have any say-so about it as they gave him what they thought it was worthm which was a meager sum far less than what homes were selling for in the neighborhood. It was one of the few times I ever saw him cry. What a shame that a man works his entire life and plans on retiring in his home with his same lifestyle and someone gets a wild notion that they want the property and to heck with you!!

      This is unconstitutional and so unfair. How can one man fight the government, city, school system and those who are willing to do anything to gain total access to your home and property? Who is going to fight for one man and who is it that really cares whether they break someone's heart because you're only ONE man whose standing in the way of what they call "progress?" This was a very sad story and one I'll never forget as long as I live. It was unfair then and its still happening in today's world!!! Something should be done to stop this NOW.

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