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  • Power Player of the Week: Heritage President Ed Feulner

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxA-39GSThQ[/youtube]Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner was named Power Player of the Week on this week’s edition of Fox News Sunday.

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    10 Responses to Power Player of the Week: Heritage President Ed Feulner

    1. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      We can build better fences and gates but I fear the horse representing American values and dreams has escaped us. While we were sleeping, negative values became more important than personal freedom, our monietary system, capitalism, and the Christian values that made us great escaped.

    2. Jerome Zacny says:

      I believe that the greatest allies Heritage has in winning back the hearts and minds of voting Americans are Mr. Obama and his administration.

      Right now, the only entity capable of telling the American government to stop spending and printing money is the Chinese Communist government. They have threatened to stop buying up our debt unless we stop spending money we don't have. How ironic that they are the only check and balance we have against our own government.

      I believe that when the majority of voters come to realize that socialism is not going to put them back to work and that capitalism will, the right change will come.

    3. laurie from michigan says:

      This president and congress are immoral and unethical they have got to be stopped from destroying our great country if not for us then for our children

    4. Don Symank says:

      I agree with Mr Zacny and further that our only hope to restore a market economy is by winning back the House in 2010 and repealing as many of the Obama initiatives as possible. To do that we need leadership and a winning and engaging philosophy.

      Let's get started.

    5. Lyle Clausen Eddyvi says:

      I am proud to be an American and I am proud to be a Republican. I believe it is counter productive for so-called conservatives (glenn beck and others) to constantly bash Republicans, as if they are to blame as much or more than the most liberal government in American history. Keep up the good fight! May God help us!

    6. Barb -mn says:

      Great posts! But this, that is happening now? HAS TO STOP NOW!

      Thank you, Mr. Feulner and all dedicated to heritage!

    7. Greg says:

      Conservatives may not be in power right now, but with Obama's bailouts, energy taxes, government-run healthcare, tax increases, $9.3 trillion in projected deficits, and attempt to run Detroit car companies we are likely to have a renaissance in 2010 and 2012 and Heritage is going to lead in defining that new conservative renaissance!

    8. Trevis says:

      PLEASE, wake up aAmerica. This Administration has got to be STOPPED!! Please stand together and fight for What our Constitution stands for! These Idiots Are Clueless, careless, and downright not fit for these Positions.

    9. Bruce Tippy, Humble says:

      Great interview Mr. Feulner,

      We need to be just as vocal as the great example that has been set by the Heritage Foundation over the years. There are peaceable assemblies for folks to voice their displeasure with the current administrations policies. Such as the nationwide one coming on April 15… http://taxdayteaparty.com/teaparty/texas/
      Just click on your state to find one near you. We can also continue to write our local papers and representatives. The House passed an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder (H.R. 1586) apparently in an attempt to deflect their culpability in the AIG "Dodd Amendment". I believe this will not be the first attempt by this Administration/Democratic Majority Congress to circumvent our Constitution. We are on the cusp right now fellow Americans. Shall we allow our country to flounder due to our inactivity? Continue to make our conservative principles known throughout the land in all the media availiable to us. Thank you Heritage Foundation and may God Bless!

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