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  • Obama Breaks Transparency Promise Again

    Before President Barack Obama took office he promised to:

    not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

    In just his first week in the White House, Obama broke this promise twice signing both Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and Medicare expansion bill without posting the bill for five day comment.

    Today, Obama will break his promise to the American people yet again, this time by signing the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. There is no way that anyone of these three bills could possibly be considered an emergency. All three are clear broken promises by the Obama Administration.

    Worse, the Omnibus Land Bill could definitely use some more scrutiny. Especially the provision that would criminalize casual collecting of paleontological resources on federal land.

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    31 Responses to Obama Breaks Transparency Promise Again

    1. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:

      We needto impeach Obama. He is ruining this country. Im trying to figure out just where he is so smart? Even other countries can't believe what he wants to do.. We have worked hard to get what we have and we don't neet a fool like him to take it away!! Big government is not the way and we do not want them running our lives.

    2. Franklin's Lock says:

      “They are just words…”

      His promises were just political speak to get elected. This is no surprise. Yes, he lied. He is going to continue to lie, because the MSM will is going to let him slide. We need to point it out and move on the next lie that is coming. We need to keep score, because when the 2010 elections come up, we need to remind everyone that Democrats are lying and we need to get rid of them. That will stop Obama.


    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      What is really sad is that so many people believed the campaign promises as if they were set in stone. It just goes to show that people will believe anything if you present it properly. President Obama would have made a good auto salesman. With his "golden tongue", he could have put a lot of people in new cars and probably saved the auto industry single handed!

    4. Mr. Lang, Alabama says:

      How can someone ruin this country in three months. What is your big idea of what we need to do. All this negativity doesn't help the country that you love so much. Wake up! If the country wanted us to do what we were already doing, Johb McCain would have won….but he didn't. I voted for George Bush in 04 because it wasn't right to hand his mess over to someone else. It seems in 08, most people voted for a new start- not another old man talking the same crap while the ship sinks. If you don't like the president, find a new country and when you get there tell them why you left…

    5. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      Apparently they're passing bills so fast, especially bailouts which seem to more of a contract, that they're making one of the biggest mistakes you can make in business: not reading the fine print.

    6. Hardee - Conway, S.C says:

      Our free market systems will and has worked for us here in the US. Only

      when we do not obey oversite rules and engage in liberal political lend-

      ing pratices that cause the failed housing diaster.No more bailouts,stop

      printing and spending money we the taxpayers cannot repay our debts.

      Obama you are destroying our country.

      This is not the change taxpayers deserve.

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    8. John-Midlothian, TX says:

      Response to Mr. Lang Alabama

      Let me explain a few things. The reason people wanted Bush out was for the same reasons I wanted him out. He was a liberal in conservative clothing. Let me list why Bush sucked:

      1) His attempt to place liberal judges on the supreme court prior to his place conservative ones

      2) His attempt to get passed a bill allowing illegals plus their extended families past the American people. (which we squashed)

      3) His attempt to sell our ports to Dubai (a foreigh country).

      4) His unfortunate mis-information that led to our invading Iraq, then fighting with one hand behind our backs prior to the surge.

      5) Even though he tried to stop the improper forcing of our banks to loan unqualified people money for houses they couldn't afford, he didn't speak loud enough to make the issue known to the American people.

      6) His allowing 300 Mexican trucks to come into our country and take jobs away from our truckers without asking us (his constituents) what we thought.

      7) For spending like a drunken sailor (but nothing compared to the Democrats) while he was in office.

      Bush failed to act like the conservative we put him in office to be. We need a president who is going to represent the conservative and take us back to where we were thinking of the American people not one-world-government.

    9. Barb -mn says:


    10. Luke, Lubbock, Tx says:

      "…criminalize casual collecting of paleontological resources on federal land." I thought taking stuff that isn't yours was ALREADY illegal. My Mom and Dad taught me the word "stealing" in place of casual collecting. Worse? Sounds like better to me.

    11. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      So, Mr. Lang of Alabama, your answer to everything is run away. Sorry, sir, YOU, sir need to wake up! It is OUR FREEDOM that is being taken away, little by little each day. The Founders didn't run away did they? I am surprised that a "Son of the South" would even come up with a cowardly statement like that! I pity people like you, sir, who will sit back and accept change for change sake, with a blind eye to your own future. The Constitution, sir, is what we are defending….. read it for a change!

    12. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The problem, Mr Lang, is that the consequences of actions today may not be felt for years ie. eliminating the ability to deduct credit card interest (Reagan Tax Reform 1980's) caused people to look to home equity lonas to get the tax deduction. When the National Debt is in Trillions we won't feel the effects – but our children will. The problem is the three months of reckelss spending by the current administration. They too will not be around when our children experience the decline in our standard of living. It is our responsibility to study the past to not make the same mistakes. Problem is: we are.

    13. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      Franklinslocke:ditto John Midlothian-TX:As a former drunken sailor, I respectfully deny your implication that I ever spent someone else's money.

    14. Dennis, Idaho says:

      Mr. Lang Mr Obama is the one that needs to find his own country. He was not born in America, his father was not an American citizen. They are from Kenya. He is an illegal alien. In this country as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia, home of his adoptive father. He must be removed before the 2010 elections and before he does mar damage to America.

    15. Cherryone, CA.. says:

      Research your history..compare the rise to power of Obama Vs Hitler..it is one and the same..The economy is very similar.The difference is that our communications are so much better than in the 1930s..Surely, we can take action as free nation,and oganize..Show up for the Tea Party.Start your own group, in your community..

      Wake Up America..before we lose all our freedoms.

    16. Ross, Florida says:

      Obama can do nothing without the socialist Democrats in congress. Now is the time to go after out-of-control House of Representatives members because they are ALL up for election in less than two years as are 1/3 of the Senate. Again go after those out-of-control socialist Democrat Senators. That is a good start.


    17. Terry-Wichita,KS says:

      Mr. Lang,Even you an Obama voter must admit that you did not get what you expected in Obama. He ran as a middle of the road liberal (as if there is a such thing),he acted as if he was pragmatic,and socially conservative. Surprise,he is not only liberal ,but as it's becoming obvious he actually is a socialists/Marxist. I do not use these words lightly either! Myself and others were mocked for saying that his relationships with pastor Wright,and terrorist Bill Ayers didn't mean anything , and that Obama's guilt by association wasn't fair. Now we see that evidently they do matter! Birds of feather flock together!

    18. jack eck florida says:

      happy libs? scary part is you still can't be reasoned with. take of the blinders you wining creeps.

    19. Zeke, Kentucky says:

      Automobiles, bailouts,WHY??? Money in the politicians hand. To save the industry. Stop producing a new model every year That would save billions. What happens to those vehicles each year that are not sold. Tax write off and politicians are there with both hands or should I say offshore account numbers.

    20. TRUTH NOW says:





    21. Jim McCoole, Zephyrhills, FL says:

      Obama needs to be taken into custody!! It’s like Obama is driving a souped-up sportscar down a busy one-way street the wrong way. He is going up on the sidewalk, he’s forcing other drivers to smash into parked cars, taking down light poles, causing pedestrians to flee in panic. And all the while, the police are sitting idly by, watching, commenting, but doing nothing to stop him. “We really can’t do anything unless he kills someone,” they say to each other. NO. NO. NO!!! Our position should be, “Stop him now, BEFORE he kills someone, because he’s going to.” I and others of my generation have worked too hard to allow this Marxist to destroy everything we’ve shed blood and tears for. Ane we’ve all gladly done it for our grandchildren. Obama and his stooges are taking advantage of a crisis, that could have been resolved simply be allowing the free market to work it’s magic. But they despize the free market. They are authoritarians, and if the police won’t stop his rampage down that one-way street the wrong way, the neighborhood watch group will have to.

    22. Jeannine Baron says:

      Obama needs to be stopped now! He is very dangerous for this country,he will say one thing and do another .I do not trust him. He is a radical,socialist,who is moving in the direction of a dictator. He does not believe in our constitution.
      These are very frightening times.

    23. Ron, Noblesville, IN says:

      Wake up America ! You have 45 months left to make the changes needed to save this country…If there is anything left… By the way send his buddies packing too… All of them !

    24. Judith Vriesema mary says:

      The consumer, not the government, ultimately gets the country out of a recession. The fair tax act is the way to go.

      Mr. obama should learn to think before he speaks, think before he acts. The 800.00 per year extra given and I say that with a sarcastic smile to married couples and their families to quote help the economy and the american family is bogus. It amounts to around 15.00 per week extra in a working family's paycheck. In the 1800's that amount was quite a chunk of change. in today's real terms, in value of buying power, it is probably worth around twenty five cents. It was just a thing enacted to quiet the american people and make the appearance of doing something grand for the american people. In reality, it is bogus. If Mr. Obama wants to really accompolish smething for this country, then he should enact the fair tax act and make it law. Of course, Pelosi would fall of her high washington chair if obama actually did something constructive like enacting the fair tax act. it would send the liberal democrats over the cliff following each other like lemmings.

    25. Joshua, Austin Texas says:

      I was a liberal until about a year ago. I then started believing in more conservative principles, but I am no longer a Democrat or Republican.

      I am now a Constitutionalist and I believe that we-the-people need to take charge of the current situation as Americans and take our country back, because it already too late.

      Stop the spending and take back our country.

      Now call, write and email all of your local elected officials and demand they stop the spending and if they do not, run them out of office.

      Politicians need to fear the public they were elected by.

      Please read the following:

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    27. jonhypaycut says:

      Impeach, it's the only threat we'r left to?

      since when do we, america have to tolerate agendas? i say we act. if we diagree we policy(expect a lot of new taxes)we refuse to pay

      if we'r faced with broken promises, we disobey

      those who are responsible for makin'em.

      if we face persuction for laws we know are unjust

      we break as many as we can! we fight back! and we

      refuse to compromise. it's true we should demand that our elected officals listen to us, that they make laws that reflect our voice? if they chose to think they are wiser than we, we treat

      them as the insolent assholes they deserve to be

      seen as.

    28. Beth, TN says:

      Obama promised "Change" but nobody ever questioned exactly what kind of change he was referring too. Now we know, huh? All it has been since he was "elected" President is BAD CHANGE! I'm with the millions of other Americans…IMPEACH OBAMA and SOON before it is too late for all of us!

    29. Mike, FL says:

      Obama is no idiot; he knows exactly what he is doing. I never talk politics around my kids and they are coming to me and telling me that Obama is destroying our country. When an 11 year old child can see what Obama is doing is consciously bringing our country down then there is no doubt that he is EVIL. When in the history of the United States of America has the government dictated what we get paid which will be the end result of his sole power to control what anyone can earn. All the fools that are for national health think it's going to be free. WAKE UP! Let me ask you fools that want national health care only because you don’t have it; if you were forced to buy health insurance would you? I am at no means bashing anyone that can’t afford health insurance, I am simply saying that you will have to pay for national health care just as you would have to pay for private health care. Obama's decision to pass national health is nothing more than another tactic to destroy this country.

    30. Chris, FL says:

      All I can say from looking at this is THANK GOD. I 'm referring to the fact that I'm seeing people, whether you're democrat, republican, or whatever else, who are seeing the SAME EXACT BAD THINGS about Obama that I see. Thank god you people are out there…it gives me hope that our country isn't completely turning into a bunch of idiots and that I do still have a country to say I'm proud to be a part of because there are people like you guys who aren't BLINDED by Obama and the liberal media. I'm not going to touch on just one subject because there are way too many. Just…thank god you're out there, intelligent people.

    31. hotel tuerkei says:

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