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  • Morning Bell: Our Economic Freedom Has Been Sacrificed

    Yesterday on Face the Nation, CBS’s Bob Schieffer asked President Barack Obama:

    Mr. President, you’re scheduled to announce on Monday what you plan to do with the auto industry as they’re asking for more federal money. … You’ve told them they’re gonna have to cut back, present a different business plan. Our sources tell us that as far as the White House is concerned, they’re not there yet. Do they have to do more in order to get this money?

    President Obama replied: “Yes. They’re not quite there yet. … We think we can have a successful U.S. auto industry. But it’s got to be one that’s realistically designed to weather this storm … And that’s gonna mean a set of sacrifices from all parties involved.” By the end of the day we had a better idea on how involved the Obama Administration was going to be in deciding who sacrificed what, learning on Sunday night that in return for more government aid, Obama had forced General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to resign.

    This adds a new and troubling dimension to Obama’s summoning of 13 chief executives of the nation’s largest financial institutions to the White House this past Friday. Asked about that meeting on Sunday, Obama replied:

    I said to those folks, let me help you – help me help you. It’s very difficult for me as president to call on the American people to make sacrifices to help shore up the financial system if there’s no sense of mutual obligation and mutual help.

    Translation: play ball with my government or it’s your head. The bankers got the message. The New York Times headline read: “Bankers Pledge Cooperation With Obama.

    Such is the sorry state of free enterprise in our country: the president can summon the heads of private companies to the White House and demand fealty to his public policy agenda. The common evil in all of this is the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Originally sold to the American people as an acutely targeted program to rid the financial sector of toxic mortgage assets, the Troubled Asset Relief Program quickly lost all coherence and eventually became a slush fund for White House political prerogatives.

    It is far past time for the U.S. Congress to reign in an out of control executive branch and end the TARP program.

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    58 Responses to Morning Bell: Our Economic Freedom Has Been Sacrificed

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      What was the WSJ HEADLINE




    2. Al Morgan, Arkansas says:

      Obama and the libs can do what they want but it takes buyers to bring companies back and I ain't buying anything or service that has union labor finger prints.

    3. Christopher Ppham Sm says:

      Interesting letter. Of course, if civil disorder

      of the magnitude described by Mr. Bellinger were

      to occur, the psychologically unprepared American

      citizenry would like go into a panic mode.

      The only items of concern would be food and water. Mob rule would probably prevail and police and military would be rendered helpless.


      WHO'S NEXT. This policy allows a small group of people to control free enterprise. If these companies fail so be it. This happens in a free enterprise society all the time. There is risk in operating a business. There will be no freedom if the feds take over.

    5. Melanie D., Detroit, says:

      What the Federal Government has unleased over the weekend is deplorable, despicable and outright irresponsible. Where in Congress or for that matter in the Auto Task Force is there ANYONE who knows how to manage an automaker? Just in case some may not know, the answer is NO ONE!!!

      So with that out of the way, as a 20 year banker, with experience in all levels of business lending, I must assert that Congress and the Office of the President is sadly ignorant and ultimately so destructive to an industry that they absolutely nothing about. To my knowledge, no one has run a billion dollar business, employing hundreds of thousands, understand what it is to determine pricing or sourcing commodities, what it takes to get product from point A to point B and yet figure out what it means to bring products to market that the consumers will buy.

      No Congress and the Office of the President believe they know everything we need to know and more importantly what we should know and what we should like. I absolutely don't want government telling me what colors I should drive or ultimately will it be what I should wear?! Come on people, at what point are we able to do what we know is best for our businesses, our communities and our country without the impairment and retribution of our "government"? What is this coming to?! When do I get to make as much money as I want to, do with it as I see fit (e.g. give it to charity to support MY COMMUNITY – not the community the government feels needs it more)and ultimately pass that wealth on to my family and community, again as I see fit?

      This is a very black day in the world of free market economy when the government dictates what they think is necessary when they are already blind as to the culprits of the economic debacle. The Congress should step up like the AIG execs and return all the political contributions they received from the finacial sector. Can you just imagine what a windfall that could be???

      Sorry for the rant, but I truly am angry and disgusted at what this government is turning into.

    6. Mike Simon Lavon, says:

      If anyone is surprised by this, I hope this is finally an epiphany on the agenda of our new administration. Anyone who is not surprised and is also not alarmed is one of two things. They are either uneducated in the principles of true democracy, which is bad enough because they don't know what they're acquiescing to the government. Even worse however is that they are the other thing, ie, someone who stands to gain personally from the elevated government control through power and/or economic advancement.

      Economic crisis depends on your perspective. If you're one of us, this is a crisis. If you're our new administration, this is an economic Christmas present that is giving them all the tools they need to advance us further and further into socialism. That of course makes our crisis a double edged sword now. If the economics don't get us, our new government will.

    7. Jeff, Florida says:

      This has gone far enough, no more talking, it's time for ACTION NOW!

    8. dan frascella says:

      Mr. Beck

      Sacrifices? What about the weekly White House parties? Do we the people have a say here?


    9. ROBERT DAVIS says:


    10. Amber Largent, Kansa says:

      Folks, Mr. Obama has loudly declared his socialist stance, and his actions reek of Stalin-like tactics. Dictatorships, oligarchies, and monarchy do NOT happen over night. They say that AIG and the auto industry are too"big" too fall–they would have too great an impact on the economy. So when these same companies are over taken by the federal government, why aren't we saying they're too integrel, too important for the gverment to control? The terrorists, during 911, did not attack our military diectly: they attacked fiancial and intellectual strongholds. Are we setting ourselves up for a government take over? I've never heard of a president campaigning for office RIGHT after he's been elected, but this one did. He sent hundreds of people out to gain "signatures" of "support" to coerce congress to his way of thinking. So what's next? A small militia forcing us to vote his way? Don't think it can happen? Ask any southern black 70+ years of age. Or maybe they'll just start back up the pool tax… I'm just really seeing too many things that are making our country look like the communist dictators we've faught so hard against. Remember: no one ows anyone anything they didn't earn, personal responsibily and accoutability are the hallmarks of maturity AND a democratic republic that the USA used to stand for. God bless.

    11. Amber Largent, Kansa says:

      Excuse me, there are two important typos: directly and "pool" tax should be POLL tax. I'm using my phone to leave my comment and mis-typed.

    12. Dave O, VA says:

      The Pres states on TV yesterday about how the auto industry must be "lean and mean." He and Congress lecture financial employees on the tie between their pay and their performance.

      First, what do the Feds know about efficient and effective management? How does anyone in the Govt have the gall to lecture anyone on efficiency? Who in Govt can possibly know what’s best for a multi-national auto company? Of course, it’s not about corporate success in the future; it’s about the Feds gaining control over an industry where they can experiment with their social agendas. Auto industry execs and union members, stop the Govt takeover. Stop taking the money and declare bankruptcy. Exert your freedom for our country.

      Second, if pay and performance are so crucial then why are the Pres and the Demos in Congress about to abolish the pay and performance programs currently used by some Govt employees?

      The hypocrisy and exercise of power are frightening.

    13. DCA says:

      "ain’t buying anything or service that has union labor finger prints."

      Then don't get on an airliner. Boeing union workers assembled it, Japanese aerospace workers (unionized) built the fusalage and wings. The unionized professional pilots fly you in near pefect safety guided by unionized air traffic controllers who are also civil servants. Man you must live in a delusional world.

    14. ml, PA says:

      Read "Atlas Shrugged" and you will completely understand how these people are operating. Every character in the book is in the new administration, Congress, and the Senate.

      It will give you clear insight and a clear path to sanity. The speeches by John Galt are priceless.

      The corporations have just given in and lost their souls.

      Read the book: "Atlas Shrugged." Now.

    15. Rhonda, Texas says:

      It's terrifing to think our President can rule our country like a communist dictator. Hire and fire at his discretion. Spend taxpayers money at his will. When are we going to stand up and say that's enough. Obama and congress has gotten totally out of control and think they are law not the citizens. We do have a constitution but we're letting them rule as if our country doesn't have one and they are the rule. Let's stop this now!!!

    16. Ron, Derry, NH says:

      First realization; Congress wrote the laws that set up the present finacial chaos.

      Second relization; Congress failed to act to prevent it even with its obvious direction and warning signs years ago.

      Third realization; Americans have gone blind to suppression tactics, diversion tactics and take over tactics by a true tactician of Marxism/communism, with congress as his ally.

      Fourth realization; We are the defeated and are now just showing the last spasms of death by the few live nerves still able to respond. The unholy shoe of Communism is on the foot of freedom and what he is doing now is lacing it on tight.

      If you are still at realization one, wake up please and move to step two and on. Congress has been fitting the shoe for years. Obama is just the sales man forcing you into lace ups; nor more slip on slip offs for you.

      We aren't dead unless the miracle of liberty is extinguished from within, but the patient doesn't look too well right now, as he's liking the new shoes the undertaker is fitting him.

    17. JML AR says:

      The Nationalization of the banking industry is next. I am opposed to the Federal Government having the power to tell a CEO he/she must step down. This is the responsibility of the boards and shareholders, not the president. What concessions have the UAW members made? My guess is that they will not make any concessions since BHO and democrats are aligned with the unions. In fact, UAW members will most likely end up making more money as this soap opera continues.

    18. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:





    19. Pat Sterling says:

      I am floored! Never in my 64 years did I expect to experience the President of the United States forcing the CEO of a large private corporation to resign. This is unbelievable! Folks, our government is running away with our freedom. Unless we mobilize through letters and calls to our elected officals tax revolts, and tea parties, we will never get this problem settled.

      I am also astonished to learn Obama is taking a large contingent to the G20 conference. What gives? I thought we were going to 'cut back our spending'. This is beginning to resemble Venezuela more than the USA.

      We must wake up and get started. The far left has plenty of money and this guy is going to spend it taking away our liberty.

      Fed up in Ohio

      PS: God Bless those who fought and sacrificed their lives for our freedom in WWII. They must be rolling over in their graves!

    20. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:



    21. Tom Coal Valley says:

      OOOOOh great now we have the federal government running business. It is bad enough that these folks cannot run the government now they think they can run a business. The government needs to stay out of free enterprise and do the job the people elected them to do protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America not step all over it like they have lately.

    22. JR NJ says:

      It seems that everyone is saying we did not "manage risk" appropriately. What is not adequately acknowledged is that the government not only encouraged but demanded risk through the Community Reinvestment Act and the implicit guarantee that fannie and freddie's loans to the poor would be backed by the US government and specifically Barney Frank. Talk about bonuses- the Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines bonuses were based on total money lending, not on profits or receivables (clever!). And now for deregulation. The house banking committee was supposed to be regulating this entity while Barney Frank, one of its senior members as we know was very "cozy" with Raines, helping to deregulate the industry and insure the continued risky business. Frank defended the foundation of Fannie Mae in 2007 when republicans recognized a major risk to the financial industry in this country. At the time the democrats controlled both houses and could do nothing. Unfortunately, the President failed act. So is this problem really a result of the failed policies of the Bush Administration? More importantly, will more government regulations save us from its own intervention in the private sector (which is the root of the problem). Can Barney Frank save the country from himself?

    23. Dan, Louisville, KY says:

      Day by day, President Obama inflicts his socialist policies upon a country made great through capitalism. His view is that all of our economic woes occurred due to business. He conveniently overlooks the fact that the community redevelopment act facilitated our real estate collapse, as well as the collapse of many financial institutions. When the community redevelopment act was enacted, banks were forced to make loans to people who most likely would not otherwise qualify. Now, the government wants to point the finger at the greed of the banks in making these sub-prime loans. Ask any of the major banks what would have happened if they refused to make these loans. Janet Reno made it clear that they would be harrassed, prosecuted and otherwise villified if they didn't "play ball".

      Now Obama is using the disarray of the financial markets and the economy to foist his socialist plans. He wants to nationalize healthcare, nationalize our automakers, banks and now, even insurance companies. He wants Geithner, an acknowledged tax cheat and liar, to have the authority to place any firm they deem to be troubled, into conservatorship. Notice how well this worked with Fannie Mae and Freddoe Mac under President Bush. Honest American citizens and businesses were TAKEN by the governent for billions of dollars when the preferred dividends were eliminated on the Fannie and Freddoe shares.

      This insanity has to stop! Even the socialist countries around the world recognize that Obama's extremist socialist policies are reckless and irresponsible and are doomed to fail and perhaps bankrupt our great country.

    24. David Sayers, NC says:

      Well, looks like Chairman Obama and his gang are at it again. So when is the 60 millon really p.o'd

      citizen march on D.C. begin?

    25. Gabe, Dallas says:

      Shhh… Can you hear the footfalls of nationalization?


    26. jerry dudley , Green says:

      Americans need to get their heads out of the sand & stop this mess that is going on in our country. This has the same foot print that Hitler did in the 1930's. Its not to late yet but we christans & none christans need to stand up now before we can't do anything.

    27. Michael - New York N says:

      Chairman Obama! Indeed he will have all of us in the fields soon with the cycle and the fist. I miss America, but this what the people wanted, or 52%.

    28. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I guess I am the only one that remembers when one of obama's cronies was a guest on MEET THE PRESS before he took office and the statement was made that on 1/20/09 "he would begin his rule". Well he is in the process of ruleing now and has been since 1/20/09. His RULE is towards socialism and communism, not to the free enterprise system or conservatives. His future is taken care of by "we the people". We the people need to remember this at the next election and especially in 1020, the dems need to be thrown out, and the Republicans told who they work for, and it is not themselves.

      I hate to see what a sad shape this country will be in in just two years. I do not think we will stand a chance in four.

    29. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:



    30. Sherrill, Las Cruces says:

      Why is the government overtaking a privitely owned

      company not considered "abuse of power"? Therefore, impeachable!!!

    31. Tony Hollick, Bristo says:

      I find it very difficult to get overly excited about all this. These "Captains of Industry" have run their outfits into the ground, damaging their luckless suppliers and their mostly hard-working skilled production workers. For years, the marketplace has been telling them in the most glaringly obvious ways that they are not producing the card people want, at prices buyers can willingly afford. They hardly listened. Now they want taxpayers money just to carry on the way they did before??? Forget it…

      Once upon a time, Americans designed and built many of the entire world's most sought-after cars.

      I settled for Bill Zeckendorf's 'Facel Vega HK-500' with a Chrysler Hemi mill — the first road car in Britain to exceed 150mph each way on public roads. Spoked wheels. Dunlop disk brakes all round. Instruments by Jaeger le Coultre.

      If you floored the throttle at 100mph, the seat hit you in the back! (smiles)

      Ford Fairlanes, '57 Chevys; Dodge Custom Royals; Zora Arkus-Duntov's Corvettes; Studebaker Golden Hawks; Mustangs; Sting Rays; Firebirds; Ed Glowacke's Cadillacs; Dodge Challengers (remember "Vanishing Point" [1971]?); cars to inflame the passions and test your driving skills. Cars to outrun the police with… Cars to be an AMERICAN…

      Tony Hollick

      PS:News in from China: Reprogrammable LCD licence plates for $36: Just phone tem with a mobile and your number plate instantly updates. Maybe not 'respectable' but sure as Hell it's All-American thinking… (smiles)

      ———— * * * * * ————

      "Fasten your seat belts: you never had a trip like this before!" — Vanishing Point

    32. Bill - Greenville, S says:

      The Morning Bell headline doesn't need the qualifier "Economic". Our FREEDOM has been sacrificed, stolen, whatever!

    33. Amber L, Kansas City says:

      Great points, ladies & gentlemen. Great points. Now, is it to arms or to whimper as we continue to get beat? Take action! FIGHT. Join a Tea Party today!Don't know what to do? http://tinyurl.com/c3bh4d — Get ANGRY, LOUD and PROTEST. The squikey wheel gets grease! Good luck and God bless!

      P.S. Visit the originators of the USA Tea Parties: PJTV at http://tinyurl.com/USAteaparty

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    35. mike, hickory, nc says:

      (Quoting from the article above): "It is far past time for the U.S. Congress to rein in an out of control executive branch and end the TARP program".

      Hey! Did the Roman Senate "rein in" Julius Caesar before he and his government allies allowed the turning of his and their positions from that of the leadership and legislature of anything even remotely resembling a derivative of a Greek democracy-based Republic to an authoritarian Empire with a "Caesar" with absolute power and "rubber stamp" legislature? No, they had too much of a government elitist vested interest in not doing so.

      Did the French legislature "rein in" a glory and power-hungry Napoleon Bonaparte before both they and too many of the French people made a mockery of the American-inspired French Revolution by falling for and following him like a "Pied Piper"? No.

      Plus, and even more to the point here, did the Politburo "rein in" Lenin and Stalin? No, of course not, since both they and their Leftist Comrades of today each had and have a Leftist government elitist agenda and vested interest in not having "reined-in" such as Lenin and Stalin, and not "reining-in" an "out of control executive branch" which somehow makes evident on an almost daily basis how it is very much in control of and allied with Leftist government elitists Obama and his Comrades, including Pelosi, Reid, and others in control of Congress.

      So here we go again as Obama and his Comrades prove how "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" and force both current and subsequent generations to pay the consequences through the loss of freedoms, resources, and security.

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    37. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Almost every response to The Heritage Foundations piece today reflects the lack of understanding of just what has transpired in the US and World over the last 3 to 4 decades.

      Make no mistake; the US/Global economy has no real place for patriotism or citizens that perform labor. G H W Bush told you it’s a new world order in 1990.

      If the US working class were a part of the plan for global economics, would the average worker be earning 14% less today (adjusted for inflation) then they were 35 years ago? Meanwhile corporate CEO's and Wall Streeters have quintupled their average pay every 4 or 5 years.

      Flag waving, Constitution Hoisting Free Marketers on Wall Street have shipped investment capital, earned by US workers, overseas in massive quantities from the mid 1970's til today.

      Example: In the 1980's GM invested approx $9 billion in China. That was profit earned by Union workers in America. And those Union workers were largely WWII Vets who witnessed their parent’s struggles through the great depression.

      Remember America's Gilded Age of the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Workers were simply meat with eyes. Well, unlike poser American's today with terminal Blognitus (never solved a problem with that crap) those WWII vets knew how to stick together. It is as close as we ever came to a third party in America. Some 33% of American Labor was unionized. And its sole purpose was to benefit workers and balance the power of abusive Corporations. (Save the Anti-Union and corruption responses until you perform a rational "force field analysis" on the subject. Anybody can pick a Headliner – say, Hoffa, and run with it!)

      The problems today are economic and driven by the super wealthy. They have amassed great wealth on a scale even greater than the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age. When today’s Currency Generators could no longer create real wealth without the industrial powerhouse they sold off to other countries, they began "Engineering Financial Instruments" to generate meaningless paper wealth!

      Politicians of every stripe, realizing we were shoring up the middle class’ illusion of well being via cheap, offshore products, began looking for other gimmicks to assure their "voting constituency" all was well. Hence "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac".

      And if you are one of the mono-maniacal finger pointers saying the F Mac's are the whole problem, you'd be wrong. You'd have merely picked a side to sit on the bench and bitch from.

      The problem is neither solely Republican nor Democratic. It is not Conservative, Populist nor Liberal. It is the age old problem of the haves feeding BS to the have-not’s and political hacks of all stripes. You are irrelevant. And Liberal and Conservative Infotainment lackeys are nothing more than paid mouth pieces. Most are highly paid rebels without a genuine answer or clue.

      The only chance we have is for American's to invent a CITIZENS interest popular enough to force our super wealthy and Multi National Corporations to reset the Global economic agenda in such a way as to not destroy our National wealth in the process. I think the damage may already be undoable.

      The WWII Vets and generation kept it simple. Companies made tons of profits and workers should similarly benefit. The Globalist Mantra and profit siphoning foreign investments helped Big Business adjust books to show little or no profits in America. It's called Creative Book Keeping!

      Today’s America does not even know which question to ask, let alone any "big picture" approaches or answers.

      If we go belly up financially, like WWII Germany, our military capability will dissolve next. Unless, of course, we choose to sell our military to China and finance one more fling to "Billionaires Only" Xanadu.

    38. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      I think this is good for America. For too long, people were content on saying nothing, doing nothing, and apathetically going to the mall. Being American is not a right but a privilege. A privilege means that you have some responsibilities to remain so. If this causes people in mass to do what they should have done their whole lives then great. If not, then we deserve to go socialist.

    39. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Obama, should not be aloud to fire anyone any ceo. Who does he think he is? He thinks he has all the power in this country.They would not let george bush do anything like that.He is a monster.

    40. mike, hickory, nc says:

      Correction: Did the Roman Senate "rein-in" Julius Caesar before he and his government allies each in turn engineered and allowed the turning of his and their positions from that of the leadership and legislature of anything even remotely resembling a derivative of a Greek democracy-based Republic to an authoritarian Empire with "Caesars" with absolute power and "rubber stamp" legislature? No, they had too much of a government elitist vested interest in not doing so.

    41. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Short Version:

      Big American business and it's once "REAL" investment capital started leaving the US 35 to 40 years ago. I am on record stating that back then. Reagan would be your Huckleberry in this one. "Trickle-down" & "Gusher up" non patriotic Global economics. How you Johnny Come Lateley's slept through the selling off of America just angers the hell out of this Unionized factory worker and Vietnam Veteran.

      YOU ARE poorer than your parents generation by design of Globalists in America. YOU ARE IRRELEVANT to them! OR you are them!

      We speak more and do much less! We are our own over pampered worst enemy. We are too lazy to dig for the truth, too mislead to see those simpler truths and too fearful to act in our own interests.

      Party on!

    42. Tony Hollick, Bristo says:

      Here's the source for a superb chronology for America's loss of freedom since Emperor Palpatine (aka Richad Milhous Nixon) seized center stage…


      Richard Nixon ran for a second Term posing as a "Hawk." Yet he and his evil sidekick (Henry Kissinger) _had already decided_ to sell out South Vietnam to the Communists of Nixon 'won.'

      Kissinger had no time for "those little brown people" as he called them; and he ordered my friend Admiral Noel Gayler (CinCPAC, commanding the evacuations) to leave them all behind, to face a terrible fate.

      Admiral Gayler defied Nixon and Kissinger, and commandeedred every npat amd plane he could find so as to carry Vietnamese and Cambodians to places of safety. This did not endear him to Nixon and Kissinger.

      The loss of trust in America as an ally was palpable worldwide. Kissinger's 'great idea' was to build up the Shah of Iran as US surrogate inn the Gulf (the Shah had other ideas; and Kissinger 'green-lit' OPEC to ramp up oil prices worldwide, to pay for a huge arms build-up. Like all Kissinger's ideas, this led to catastrophe, in due course giving us the Ayatollah Khomenei…

      In his interesting [1998] memoirs, General Giap recalls the amazement of the Hanoi Poplitbureau when Kissinger handed over South Vietnam. Their analysis was that America was WINNING the Vietnam War…

      Astoundingly, CheneyCo handed Iraq over to Paul Bremer, CEO of Kissinger Associates, to act as US Viceroy in Iraq — with predictavly disastrous consequences which very nearly lost us the War there, but for David Petraeus.

      I'm not one for finger-pointing; but James Jesus Angleton of CIA Counterintelligence had Kissinger I.D.'d as a Soviet agent on the basis of NSA intercepts, not 'paranoid fantasies.'

      Only when every last Nixonite holdover (along with their heirs and assigns) is cleaned out of the soi-disant "Republican Party" will I even think about it.

      Barry Goldwater would understand: he described Nicon as "the most dishonest man he ever met in a lifetime in politics."

      Heaven help America…

      "The Secret of Happiness os Freedom; and the Secret of Freedom is Courage." — Thucydides.

      ———— * * * * * ————

    43. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      The public have spoken loud and clear, Nobama is not for us. Where were you all when these bums were voted into office? We've allowed a bunch of starry eyed kids bring on this disaster, thinking all we needed is change in Washington.

    44. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      The good news is: We're not creeping toward socialism anymore.

    45. mike, hickory, nc says:

      You're right about that, mike baker, Dallas Center (re: "We're not creeping toward socialism anymore") as the "safety brake lines" which are our founding principles of and documents for freedoms and limited government are being "cut" and otherwise circumvented for the (quote) "Change" of Obama and his Comrades from Liberal/Progressive "creeping Socialism" into their hell-bent government elitist plunge down into Socialism as if "the brakes" shouldn't be there anymore.

    46. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Bob the Geologist: When is the last time you actually offered an opinion with some teeth in it. Your profession (assuming you are a geologist) suggests an analytical mind – lets see some of it!

      and to you:

      Al Morgan, Arkansas writes:

      Obama and the libs can do what they want but it takes buyers to bring companies back and I ain’t buying anything or service that has union labor finger prints.

      WE buy more crap manufactured by US owned interests over seas than should be legal. CAN YOU SAY: Corporate American led financial espionage!

      No American free market capitalist should have the right to sell off America's economic base.

      You dislike Unions because we fought this stuff 30 years ago while you were busy mumbling this same nonsense.

      Get educated my friend. The rust belt never made it Arkansas! Could it be because one trick ponies like you lack the Mettle to rust!

    47. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      HF – I am saddened by the lack of opposing debate of any merit on this site! I am certain I care about this country and I am quite uncertain of your motives any longer. You seem to either lack readers or you crop the responses to fit your agenda.

      In either case, you are beginning to bore!

    48. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      My respects to Jamey, a person with a patriotic soul and some introspective thought.

      Jamey, Central California writes:

      I think this is good for America. For too long, people were content on saying nothing, doing nothing, and apathetically going to the mall. Being American is not a right but a privilege. A privilege means that you have some responsibilities to remain so. If this causes people in mass to do what they should have done their whole lives then great. If not, then we deserve to go socialist.

    49. Adloph says:

      Seig Heil OBama!!!!

    50. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      It is time to begin talk about impeachment; before the "Dictatorship of Obama" gains more traction. He is not allowed to do what he is doing; our country is becoming an banana republic right before our very eyes.

    51. Janet, NJ says:

      GUYS–Let's be friendly & socialist–the UAW (GM,CHYSLER&FORD) pension funds should be turned over to Social Security for ALL of US and benefits dispensed according to Soc Sec payout schedule. As for Health Care,again, all of the health care funds under the supervision of the UAW should be turned over to Medicare, and dispensed according to payout to Medicare standards for the "common good" of ALL of US–Who hasn't BOUGHT/DRIVEN a car. It's a NATIONAL RIGHT.

    52. Frank , Conn. says:

      I believe the reason that the auto industry is in the red is a direct result of the real estate market crash ,that in large part was caused by C Dodd & Barney Frank two of the worst greedy politicians in washington.Consumers will not spend $$$$ because no one knows where the monetary system is headed for because of the IDIOTS in washington, We seem to be heading towards socialism. Gov.'t has no good reason to try to take over the auto industry.It will be the end of G.M.

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    54. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Conn Carroll –

      Innovation killing Unions? Your words. You turn out to be deceptive at best and more likely a lazy HF blog junkie.

      Tell the folks about your misrepresentation of the UAW contracts. As you are very well aware, you were incorrect. Show the photo you posted next to a photo of the actual UAW contract.

      Do it today would be fine. Or, I'll deliver a much more public exposure of your lack of integrity at the Heritage Foundation. Rosina

    55. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Hey – NJ Janet,

      How rare! Another sound byter who is certain that clever always trumps truth. Good girl! Why would any self respecting free range capitalist live in the most heavily taxed state in the union

      You are probably not from NJ originally – my bet. And secondly, move to Alabama where Senator Shelby has incentivised Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai and Honda to the tune of billions while railing against the US Auto Industry. You can start your own country and supply your next war with their hardware. They'll chip in, honest. But watch two faced Shell game Shelby, he gives his states taxpayers money to FOREIGN car companies!

      ENUFF: UAW workers gave up percentages of their raises over the years to collectively invest their own pensions.

      Smart and egalitarian of those mass producing communists trying to copy 401k stuff enmass. Oops, 401k's came along way after those "common working folks" vested some of their income for pensions. Collective Pensions were the work of WWII Vets who knew how to STAND UP, and when appropriate, STAND DOWN for each other.

      Today, all we have is you STAND OUTS of the Blogosphere and reality TV. Faux Free Enterprise titans who have slept while the REAL TITANS shipped American Profits offshore for 40 years.

      The Repubs since Reagan have decided they don't want a robust working class that is strong and united. They want what you have now. Super Wealthy who are still super wealthy and super wealthy wannabies like you. Most anti union free market posers are angry because they swallow all the propaganda written about them by Globalists over the last 40 years.

      How convenient, wrong and naive. But we could use you capitalist cowboys in Afhanistan, Iraq. Sorry you missed the

      Dessert Storm and Vietnam editions of your Kissinger/Cheney Neocon Globalist Economic Ploys.

      You are scary people. Thank God you are a very small minority.

      Don't blame the working unionist's for your failure as a Capitalist-cowboy. look in the mirror! United we stand – Divided we fall. You go NJ Janet.

    56. Tony Hollick, Bristo says:

      John Rosina, Bordentown, NJ

      I like your style, John!

      Advance forthwith to:


      to see what 240+ worker OWNED businesses look like, co-operating and competing in the Free Market since 1947, to the tune of $10 billion in sales a year…

      Their own bank, with negligible 'toxic assets' exposure; returns on capital shown in openly audited accounts, at 8% per annum, TWICE that of investor-owned Spanish businesses.

      Every possible support if you want to start your own co-op with some fellow-workers.

      Who needs unions anymore, when workers OWN the business themselves. No more bosses!…

      'Way to go! Co-operative individualism in the free market. Creativity. Pride. Accomplishment. No more "Road to Serfdom."

      "We Build The Road As We Travel."

      Tony Hollick

    57. jonah Tazewell VA. says:

      The hypocrites in the congress and senate like to point out, "the rule of law", where was the rule of law when the AIG execs who, by the way have done nothing illegal, were attacked and intimidated in their homes. The brown shirts of Ameri Corp. and ACORN should be in prison not taking our streets into anarchy as did the communists in Russia.

      I blame the republicans just as much as the Democrat socialist party. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ThE MUSLIM PRESIDENT HUSIEN OBAMA added 175,000 more of his morons to the brown shirt Ameri Corp or Acorn to coerce and intimidate you into his way of thinking.

      You mind numbed liberal's have forgoten History. The so called professors in our colleges need to be forced to study the events that led up to Hitler's power and stop pushing and forcing our young people to conform to their evil, left wing, idiot, agenda.

      Just because they are not intelligent enough nor rugged enough to make it big in business, they want everyone else to be the mundane, uninspired, broke dunces they are.

    58. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Tony Hollick, Bristol, England writes:

      “The Secret of Happiness is Freedom; and the Secret of Freedom is Courage.” — Thucydides.

      I liked your understanding of our experiences in Vietnam. You are certainly correct that Kissinger is no American Patriot. Even more correct when pointing out Kissinger lackey Paul Bremmer continued Henry's

      knack for destroying American lives.

      I loved the 8 C-130 Herkies sent with $15 billion in cash strapped to pallets. Of course – Bremmer doled this out to the factional leaders sans any receipt or bookkeeping. Smart! How much do you think went to silly places, like – say, American civilian and contractor (Cheney's Haliburton)pockets.

      And our current crop of incompetent American citizens to the far right rail at a $15 billion loan to the car companies. How you gonna deal with that level of stupidity!

      When asked to consider appologizing for the American bodies he spent before dropping our VICTORY in order to get us into another mess in Iran, Kissinger replied on TV (sic) "Now – this was serious business." And kids today think Union's and Obama are the real-deal Socialist commies!

      It is sad that it takes a compatriot from England to put a finer point on issues for we fat and dumbed-down American's today.

      And the Jap Car industry, as you know, is the child of American ingenuity which was nurtured when we set them up to build trucks for the Korean war.

      Couple that with give away free trade agreements, total lack of response to China and Japans ravenous currency manipulations and – the TRIFECTA, shipping American Profits and concerns to offshore – tax free, cheap labor locations and BINGO: Americans have it figured out that WWII Vets turned commie unionists destroyed our economy.

      Republican citizens are merely their hand puppets and those with degrees usually are found to be educated well beyond their intelligence.

      Libertarians – of course – would throw the constitution at a house fire and then wail when it failed to extinguish the flames.

      That leaves the Dems – and boy, I cannot say they are perfect, but they sure beat the hell out of the other philosophical whimsie called American Politics.

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