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  • The Ban on Black

    A Ford model T

    Henry Ford told buyers they could get a Model T in “any color as long as it’s black.” Californians may soon find that black is banned.

    California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) conducted a public workshop this month, outlining their plan to regulate the color of cars. CARB’s website explains:

    In 2006, California adopted the California Global Warming Solutions Act, also known as AB 32. This law created a comprehensive, long term plan for California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Cool Paints was identified as an Early Action strategy, to be in place no later than January 1, 2010. This strategy is based on measures to reduce the solar heat gain in a vehicle parked in the sun. A cooler interior would make drivers less likely to activate the air conditioner, which increases carbon dioxide emissions.

    There should be outcry, for two reasons:

    1. Black is a highly-popular car color, second only to white, according to the 2008 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, and
    2. Regulating the color of cars—or anything else—is the mark of an overly-intrusive government and a lessening of our freedoms.

    Teabags are quickly becoming the symbol of too much taxing and spending. Perhaps paintbrushes will become the symbol of a government that intrudes too much.

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    23 Responses to The Ban on Black

    1. Ali A. Akbar, Georgi says:

      My God. Have mercy.

    2. Estel Powell, GA says:

      I'm for state government, but this is too far. It could be worse, Congress could try to regulate it under the "Commerce Clause". I'm sure the citizens will not stand for this and will step up to voice opposition.

    3. John, California says:

      No rational person would have ever guessed that such lunacy would be a real consideration. Hey, California, have you had enough of the left wing lunatics yet? They have destroyed the economy while taking more of your income and chasing thousands of jobs out of the state. Now they have assumed full godhood by determining what color your car should be. Next it will be a ban on clothing and personal care items that are not manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. It's time to take back our beloved state!

    4. Franklin's Lock says:

      This is completely ridiculous. They have way too free time Doesn’t the California government have more important things to do than this?.


    5. Mel, California says:

      Vehicles should not be black or any dark color because they are hard to see at night because they almost disappear in the dark and even in the daytime they are harder to see and they probably cause a lot more accidents than white or light colored cars. Maybe there is some study or data to back this up.

    6. Lawrence, Las Vegas says:

      This is the reason I left California. Your State government "representatives" if you want to call them that, are making an attept to convert your state as well as the nation into a socialist government all under the lies of global warming and its for the 'children'. Join the movement to resist these idiots and throw them out of office. Begin by joining the Tea Parties in your state.

    7. Bill Turbyfill says:

      This is totally nuts!!!!!

      This will lead to no more dark shirts—leds to more sweating—more drinking of bottled water—more land fill pollution.

      This will never end as long as there are liberal nuts loose on this earth, how about banning beans and chili—excess gas—global warming–

      so long to the days of personal freedom

    8. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Don't laugh, we have been saying that this whole Global Warming trash is nothing more than a way for the Government to get into your lives. CA is home not only to the quack Nancy Pelosi but now to a personal invasion of Government into personal lives.

    9. Blue says:

      This is absolutely neo-Bolshevik. The Governator has turned into a pinko 'Girlie Man."

    10. Chris, FL says:

      Mel, seriously? I know you are only kidding, right? Perhaps we should just make cars out of the reflective material that are used on road signs….would that help? Lets not forget the CFC's that are eating up the atmosphere every time a car is painted any color. Let's just go back to the horse and buggy….oops, wait there is that GAS thing again….oh what to do, what to do?

      Love Peace and Chicken Grease!

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    12. Tammy, California says:

      Mel, your reasoning for eliminating black cars is what fuels the government's agenda for eliminating our freedoms. If you don't own a black car, you can justify the government telling everyone else not to own a black car because it's "unsafe." What happens when they come after your car and tell you that you can't own something simply because they deem it "unsafe"? This is ridiculous!! Californians, your rep is as close as Twitter or Facebook if you want to chat with them – time to do something you've never done before (unlike the loudmouthed clowns that give our state such a bad reputation) – protest! Find a tea party, contact your representative, participate in a Schwarzenegger recall effort. It's time to take back our state and establish reason to our republic.

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    14. Cheryll Lawand Wi says:

      The posture of this administration is intrusive which threatens the very essence or America. This is a call for all conservatives to assemble to serve and protect a nation so many have fought and died for. It's time to gather with this common

      goal to restore the party for the people.

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    16. Santacruzn says:

      Mel…you're a moron! All cars of all colors are hard to see at night…that's why the law mandates headlights…

    17. Barb -mn says:

      Hmm. I wonder why they don't ban hair perms? Nail salons? There's got to be some deadly toxic government-made global warming fumes from that.

    18. enerwise, sc says:

      This insane environ idea is founded on the premise that man can control the weather it has nothing to do with pollution. Our economy is going down the drain day by day and our government is spewing crap like this.

    19. Bill, Missouri says:

      The current administration has been intrusive since arriving in Washington. I have often wondered where these people hang out and now I know, the Obama administration. I wonder if the world really understood, just how stupid Al Gore was when in Washington. Excuse me I forgot that anyone that invented the internet jus might have invented the environment. These people need help.

    20. larry south carolina says:

      The lunatics in California deserve every bit of the legislation they get. They voted for the liberals in office, as the saying goes, "be careful of what you wish for.. it may come true". Thank god they are 2000 miles away from us.

    21. Mike, San Antonio says:

      Just another do as I say, not as I do thing from the socialist regulators. . . . I'll bet they are all driving around in big BLACK V8 SUBURBAN (Escalade) Limos. . . er Priuses. . . They NEED all that room to do their work in the car. Of course, they are talking on their phones and text messaging while driving and drinking thier Latte's. . . Oh! they wouldn't do that, it's illegal in California.

    22. Frank says:

      You people are beyond stupid, this "story" is not true:


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