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  • North Korea Missile Threat: Will Washington Blink?

    A Direct Challenge

    • Three, Two, One … Launch: North Korea is preparing to launch a long-range Taepo Dong-2 missile in early April, capable of hitting targets in the western United States.
    • A Continuing Threat: A 2001 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate assessed a two-stage Taepo Dong-2 could threaten Alaska, Hawaii, and the western United States while a three-stage missile could threaten all of North America with a nuclear warhead.
    • Civilian Satellite? North Korea is characterizing the launch as a civilian satellite to minimize negative repercussion from its provocative act. However, mastering the difficult multi-stage capabilities of a satellite launch and a ballistic missile are technologically identical. The same missile that can launch a satellite can launch a nuclear warhead.
    • Threat to International Community: North Korea’s defiance represents the first foreign policy test of whether the Obama Administration’s actions will match its strong rhetoric.
    • United Nations: U.N. Resolutions 1695 and 1718 unambiguously prohibit Pyongyang from launching a missile or “satellite.” China and Russia may use the “civilian satellite” argument to justify resistance to a strong Security Council response.

    Deserves a Direct Response

    • Strong Signal: The United States must demonstrate that Pyongyang cannot continue to benefit from brinkmanship and military threats.
    • Sanctions: The Obama Administration must demand that all U.N. member nations fully implement the existing sanctions of U.N. Resolutions 1695 and 1718.
    • New Resolution: The Obama Administration must demand a firmer, follow-on U.N. Security Council resolution that imposes punitive measures as well as a deadline for compliance.
    • Enforcement: The United States must resume enforcing U.S. and international laws against North Korea for illicit activities such as currency counterfeiting, money laundering, production and distribution of illegal drugs, and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
    • Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI): The U.S. must urge South Korea and China to join PSI to better defend against North Korean proliferation of missile- and WMD-related technology and components.

    Missile Defense

    • Continued Development and Deployment: The United States cannot afford to stall its missile defense deployment. It must augment deployment of existing systems and continue development of enhanced missile defense capabilities.
    • South Korean Missile Defense: President Obama should call on South Korea to deploy a multi-layered missile defense system that is interoperable with a U.S. regional missile network.
    • 33 Minutes: The truth is brutal – No matter where on Earth a missile is launched from, it would take 33 minutes or less to hit the U.S. target it was programmed to destroy. President Obama must invest in a strategic missile defense system that is proven, capable, and affordable.
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    16 Responses to North Korea Missile Threat: Will Washington Blink?

    1. stirfry says:

      What cave rock did they find you under?

    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I agree with what HF calls for in dealing with the N.Korean threat. However, it is a wishful list considering the Obama administration's desire to antagonize our allies and coddle our enemies- Britain and Iran fall in that category.

      My prediction is that N.Korea will go ahead with the launch. Obama administration would capitulate to the argument that N.Korea was launching just a satellite and therefore does not constitute a belligerent act. Besides, they wouldn't want to stir anything with China for the fear that they may stop buying our debt.

    3. W. Dolsen Cleveland says:

      I absolutely agree on missile defence systems, if America is not going to take a stand against rouge nations having nuclear weapons. It will be to late after one detonates somewhere in the world.

    4. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      Missile defence was commonsense as soon as it was thought of. What we're going to get is Hillary at the U.N.,"…after being repeatedly warned!" ala 'Animal House'. We'll see how Kim likes living under double-secret probation. Do we have under water SDI assets? Can we keep them a secret from the C.I.C.?

    5. Emory N. Jackson.... says:

      Someone should tell the teleprompter to tell Obama that he cannot sweet talk his way out of dealing agressively with N. Korea, Iran and others who want us dead.

    6. Ross, Florida says:

      Historically one of the inherit virtues of the American people has been commonsense based on the ideal of "life, liberty, and the pursue of happiness." The catalyst for this ideal was and still is free enterprise. The main ingredient for this catalyst was the willingness to defend this, our liberty at whatever the cost in national wealth and patriot's blood. The next ingredient was of being a people of honor regardless of the consequence. And the final ingredient was a unshakeable belief in a divine being, a creator, a merciful God. This has been and is the price of our liberty, our opportunity for happiness, our personal and collective security. If even one of these ingredients is removed, substituted with an inferior ingredient or contaminated though neglect, we have no liberty. The common man's dream of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" is dead.

      The question is: Will this administration live up to the obligation and commitments that the USA has made and up to this moment, backed up with our national treasury and the blood of our servicemembers?

      My answer is, I don't know.

      The radical change of the Democrat party just within the last 40 years of embracing, of working and of using sophistry, lies, and corruption to make our country a socialist nation frightens me. Where are the defenders of liberty.

      The old saying, "If you want to prove your ignorance, open your mouth and all doubts will vanish" has never been more obvious. Over the last 25 years, I have cringed when I've listened to the idiotic statements, illogical thinking, shallow understanding, and wholesale demonstrations of stupidity on review by too many of our Congressmen and Senators. I have NO FAITH in our present congressional branch of government.Therefore my faith in God is being tested every hour that congress is in session and the President listens to his teleprompter.

      I have NO FAITH in this administration on its ability to even govern much less insure our security. And had VERY LITTLE FAITH in the previous administration when it came to fiscal and social policies. The best advice of foreign policy was by Teddy Roosevelt, "Walk softly and carry a big stick". We have done neither. We have stubbled around like a drunkard, talk too loud and too much, and try to bury our big stick in the Rose Garden.

      Regretfully, I don't think this administration nor the Democrat controlled congress understand the damage they have and are doing to our soon to be "once great country". Batuimus!

    7. Fred Cincinnati says:

      HRC will minimize it, Pelosi will demonstrate it shows how evel we are, Reed will move to fund the banks again and B.O. will use it as a way to expand health care!

    8. Richard says:

      And what is Hillary's response; while on TV, she asks the North Korean's to "call" her on the telephone. What diplomacy.

    9. Frank, Indianapolis says:

      If a betting line exists in Vegas, I would certainly lay my money on the fact that our current administtration will indeed blink. However, no Vegas bet is a sure thing.

    10. SCOTT OWEN says:

      Within 33 minutes, many U.S. cities are vulnerable to a rogue missile attack. As such, our presidential administration (i.e., diplomatic efforts) should not be in the appeasement business. Complacency, as history tell us, is not a position of strength. Our enemies will leverage our "political correctness" against us. If we do not modernize our strategic weapon systems, and use them (pre-emptively) when threatened, our society as we know it will be destroyed. Then it will be torn apart by fear and indecisiveness.

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    12. David Anderson Penro says:

      The North Koreans always shake us down for food or fuel. I say shoot down their missile when they launch.

    13. Sally Vose, Bath, Ma says:

      There is no way this administration will confront North Korea – after all, they are the enemy, and Lord knows we coddle our enemies and diss our friends. With Hilary saying "call me", she sounds like she's looking for a date, rather than a confrontation.

      My vote is for the Obama administration to blink.

    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Having been born and raised from the beginning of the 'Baby Boom' age, we've always been threatened by nuclear missle attack. What's new? Just another player, that's all.

      Which comes down to just another misdirection on the part of the Obama Administration.

      Maybe if we focus on this, we won't care if he makes millions of Illegal Aliens into American Citizens? Maybe if we focus on Korea, we won't notice that he has Nationalized the News Media? If we worry about Missles, maybe we won't notice just how far we've slipped from being a "Republic" where the Government is answerable to the People, to a "Socialistic State" where the People are aswereable to the Government?

      Who cares about Nuclearl missiles, I say Nuke-um till they glow, and get on with the real business of being Americans!


    15. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      We see again that the LIBS will do anything to avoid confrontation with other Countries!

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