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  • In the Heat of Battle, Secretary Clinton Faults Drug War Strategy

    In her March 25-26 visit to Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attracted considerable attention when she said, “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. …So yes, I feel very strongly that we have a co-responsibility.”

    Secretary Clinton acknowledges that the U.S. market and American habits are a major contributor to drug fight and horrific violence raging south of the border. Few will dispute this.

    But the Secretary goes on to say, “we have been pursuing these [drug] strategies for 30 years.” She adds, “Neither interdiction [of drugs] nor reducing demand have been successful.”

    One thinks of a general who in the heat of battle calls the troops together and announces, “Lads, we’re in heck of a fight! Let’s take that hill over yonder from the enemy [i.e. tackle the Mexican cartels] at all costs! But in all fairness I’ve got to be candid with you, I’ve a gut feeling we’ve been backing the wrong strategy for the past 30 years.”

    The inspirational utility of such a message in the midst of a crisis is open to discussion.

    Overall, while in Mexico City and Monterrey to demonstrate support for President Calderon and the Mexican people, buck up political will, and offer additional material support, the Secretary of State appears to be selling short the very approach – tough interdiction efforts, resolute law enforcement support, and targeting Mexico’s dangerous cartels – that she hopes will help to strengthen and stabilize Mexico.

    The U.S. clearly needs a short, medium, and long-term strategy for dealing with the entire spectrum of drug issues from supply source to consumer. Demand reduction, treatment options, legal reform, decriminalization are topics of a debate we need to have in the U.S. Forging consensus on how to handle the scourge of drugs is a work in progress.

    Strategic pronouncements from a foxhole in Mexico where the bullets are literally flying may not be the best way to run an anti-drug campaign.

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    14 Responses to In the Heat of Battle, Secretary Clinton Faults Drug War Strategy

    1. ra,ohio says:

      Why not develop a strict policy for dealing with the situation we have with Mexico.

      Hillary, and Obama are adept at demeaning this country, and in the world's eyes they are displaying diplomatic softness.

      Obama did it in Germany during his campaign.

      Their arrogance, and ignorance will take a toll on our country.

      They have to back it up with concrete decisions and then stick with them.

      Bush W. did that and everybody knew where they stood.

      The member's of the EU are already saying that we are leaning toward socialism, and I think they are worried that we, the US is falling off the pedestal that the world put us on.

      We can't let that happen.

      The world is watching US.

    2. Claude Cornell says:

      It's ironic that Europe is trying to warn us not to go down that Socialistic rut that they are trying to get out of. What people are forgetting is that America is now the only country in the world that will stand up for someone else's freedom. If we go down the tubes, that leaves the world in the hands of the Russians, the Chinese and the radical Muslims. What kind of a world do you think that would be like ? We need to fix our system of capitalism, not trade it down for an old Socialistic model that belongs on the junk heap.

    3. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      Look you got to hand it to them…at leaast they are consistent.

      The Clinton's have been selling out the US citizens from the beginning.

    4. Dave, Florida says:

      Ross Perot publically warned of drug trade with Mexico back when NAFTA was being debated -but no one listened while Clinton, Gore and a bunch of others pushed for passage. Now we have a very serious internal issue, and in addition as a result of the agreement Mexico has lost family farms due to our lower cost subsidized agriculture, and we have lost substantial and valuable manufacturing jobs. And now the other Clinton (who campaigning said she was a co-president) says we were wrong? No kidding.

    5. Kent, Virginia says:

      Our Secretary of State has grown up apologizing for America–finding fault with the 'white male oppressors' that founded this once great Republic. She can't help it, it's just the way she's been programmed. She also thinks the State should take over the responsibility of raising our children–read 'It Takes a Village'–anyone recall her health care plan? If only she and her elite social engineers had all the power they desire they would usher in their 'cradle to the grave' utopian vision, then only those that agree with their totalitarian liberal fascism would be free. Welcome to a glimpse of the fascist left's 'Brave New World.'

    6. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      I think one of the major problems is the fact that most attornys, Judges, College Professors, and other people that are suppsed to be setting examples for our younger people smoke Pot themselves. How can a judge who smokes pot rule fairly on someone who is in his court for violating drug laws? they just dismiss it as something that doesn't hurt anybody.

      This is just another ploy to take our gun rights away as far as I'm concerned. I feel the same way as a recent Blogger that wrote in to the Lou Dobbs show, if Mexico is so worried about the guns and money coming into their country from the United States, why don't they build a fence to along the border to keep them out?

    7. Ross, Florida says:

      Mrs. Clinton and like-minded people(liberals) have created this mess through the judical system by encouraging and demanding the appointment of judges unwilling to enforce laws of the land and in to many cases, writing law from the beach.

      This could be stopped by the congress, but this congress is too busy constructing laws to entangle law enforcement in the courts, underfunding the federal drug enforcement agencies, undercutting state and local efforts in deport illegal aliens and meddling in trying to dismantle our financial industry.

      At one time, rape was considered a capital crime with a possible death sentence. The reason was it was said that it was the murder of one's spiritual and emotional being(I'm not sure it is a capital crime anymore or even carries a death sentence). What about those who distribute and sell drugs, don't they destroy lives? As sure as if they put poison in the victim's food or drink. These criminals destroy the spiritual and emotion, if not the very bodies of their victims.

      Sophistry continues unabated in this war on drugs.

      Judge Roy Bean! Where are you! We need him!

    8. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      "The U.S. clearly needs a short, medium, and long-term strategy for dealing with the entire spectrum of drug issues from supply source to consumer. Demand reduction, treatment options, legal reform, decriminalization are topics of a debate we need to have in the U.S. Forging consensus on how to handle the scourge of drugs is a work in progress."

      So many graybeards…so little common sense!

      The Drug War has utterly failed, as the deck was stacked against America economically, as the illicit drug trade is a four trillion dollar-a-year business which is a direct threat to the national security of the United States of America.

      This economic power realized from drug sales, fell into the hands of nefarious elements, and allowed the enemies of America to purchase submarines, stinger missiles for al-Qaeda, and an array of advanced assault weaponry with which to intensify the chaos on both sides of the border.

      Hillary Clinton’s apology to an invader is not going to cut it.

      Not only have we expended billions to combat the illicit trade; we have lost perhaps trillions of dollars in tax money which should have gone into federal coffers, rather than to enrich and empower the drug lords.

      Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is NOT a gateway drug, and should never be mistaken as such. Myths do not conform to reality, but merely ensure that Americans will be terrorized and brutalized by a police state mentality sanctioned by a bizarre Puritanism.

      That myth was created by the corporations which run the pharmaceutical industry. Those legalized poisonous prescription drugs kill more Americans every year than marijuana ever did or could. Just refer to the testimony of Melissa Etheridge regarding their effects on cancer patients, as opposed to the efficacy of marijuana.

      Marijuana is a complete system of satisfaction, not requiring any further "kicks," and with its legalization, much of the drug mystique would fall by the wayside, as children would not feel the need to experiment with other more dangerous drugs–like heroin, cocaine, speed, ecstacy and all the rest of the really harmful drugs which do kill people.

      Many of the so-called “experts” on the subject, have never smoked it, so their opinion is about as valuable as tits on a bull.

      I recently saw a documentary about some school kids who couldn't find any dope, so they experimented with smoking poisonous sumac leaves, and died from pulmonary edema.

      The prohibition against marijuana fuels and fortifies both domestic and international terrorists.

      This writer is in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana, in order to facilitate national security by removing the bread-and-butter of the drug lords.

      Even General Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel's invincible Afrika Korps came to a dead stop, when it ran out of gasoline.

      Prohibition is the gasoline which powers the criminal machine.

      For the short term; we announce to Mexico that any Mexican national caught growing marijuana in our national forests will be considered an enemy combatant, and shipped directly to prison for a ten year sentence of hard labor–even after it becomes legal in the United States.

      That puts the ball in Mexico's court that we mean business and if they value their nationals, they will comply with educating the Mexican public regarding this matter. Perhaps they could publish a comic book guide!

      Further, we inform Mexico that any Mexican national caught bringing heroin or other narcotics into America, will be imprisoned for life, without possibility of parole, or at the discretion of the arresting officer–shot on apprehension.

      Since both measures would be radical in nature (but would also solve the problem) but are not really feasible, as there could be a corresponding retaliation by Mexico against American tourists–not to mention the harm it would cause bilateral relations between our two countries– the only solution that truly makes sense, is the legalization of marijuana in the United States.

      The United States could threaten to totally seal the border, until Mexico gets a handle on its own problems–including unlawful "immigration" to the United States.

      A cooperative Mexico, which signs articles of Mexican surrender, would be treated with the utmost cooperation and friendship. Any financial considerations for continuing the Merida Initiative should be put to a vote by the American people, as it is OUR money–not the Fed's.

      This writer favors a value-for-value exchange of Mexican petroleum for our services and money.

      America is not Santa Claus.

      The medium range solution, is to sue Mexico for terms of surrender in this Second Mexican War. Mexico must sign a formal document which permanently recognizes the territorial integrity of the United States of America, and disavows any alleged claim to American assets, including jobs, land and our political process.

      The long range solution, is taking the money derived from the taxation of marijuana, to beef up all Homeland Security and local police forces which interdict dangerous narcotics.

      Such monies would also be used for drug education in our school system. The balance would bail out Social Security, with extra to spare.

      This to be coupled with the repatriation of all Mexican nationals who have breached the border, being sent back to Mexico, in the event that they have not voluntarily self-deported during the time of the medium range solution.

      Mexican nationals leaving at this late date would be assessed a punitive penalty after receiving fair warning that America will not tolerate any stragglers of "Reconquista."

      Mexico has prosecuted war against the United States of America on multiple fronts including psychological, with the notion that "Wherever there is a Mexican; that is Mexico."

      Mexico harbors a self-entitlement mentality toward American territory, jobs, and the self-determination of a people who do not want them here. They interfere in the American political process and export their poisonous drugs across the border as a distinct face of war.

      The most damaging to our people has been the 38 million-man Mexican occupation army, which infests American soil in a bid to annex American territory. The forces of La Reconquista have come to rape, rob and murder Americans, and still our politicians talk of "comprehensive immigration reform."

      Treasonous politicians of both political parties have directly enabled and colluded with this Mexican incursion, by sanctioning the Mexican lebensborn movement, anchor babies, sanctuary cities, and all the rest of the Mad Hatter nonsense which passes for intelligent war policy, in this Second Mexican War.

      It is not enough for our incompetent, defeatist politicians to bad-mouth this country, as they kowtow to "Mexican sensibilities;" they must also insist in remaining stuck on stupid, as they continue to call for "reform" of a Mexican attack against America, during a time of war for our national survival.

      Mexican problems were never part and parcel of our consideration for any reform–"comprehensive" or otherwise. The onus is on Mexico, for prosecuting the Second Mexican War against this country, in the mistaken notion that what is distinctly American can be replaced with an open race war of making Mexican babies.

      It was never the duty of America to incubate Mexican hatchlings in the American nest, especially when Mexico fully intended to eclipse the Anglo-Saxon population of this country through demographic and cultural genocide.

      For a truly compelling argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana, one should consult the many writings of the great patriot, Frosty Wooldridge. His brother is a policeman, and he has affirmed the support of the law enforcement community for any measure which would enhance the national security of the United States of America–including the legalization of marijuana.

    9. Bill Wages Fresno, says:

      Mexico is not our problem. We are being taken over by people that hate us. Our property, our money, our beliefs, our values, and more. Our representatives violate the law openly and with impunity. They miss-use the Constitution of our country. The president, and his entire party tell us lies right to our faces and dont care if we know it.

      Mexico is the least of our problems.

    10. Bill Wages Fresno, says:

      Mexico is not our problem. We are being taken over by people that hate us. Our property, our money, our beliefs, our values, and more. Our representatives violate the law openly and with impunity. They miss-use the Constitution of our country. The president, and his entire party tell us lies right to our faces and dont care if we know it.

      Mexico is the least of our problems.

    11. Ron, Washington stat says:

      We really need to debate the issue of legalizing Marijuana. I dont know what kind of stuff comes out of Mexico but the US seems to make a high grade of pot already. who needs Mexicos.

      Hemp is a huge industry just waiting to happen. The cotton people will lobby hard against it but it is a viable taxable commodity that could employ many and reduce the war on the borders.

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Legalize Marijuanna. Grow it in this Country, or imort it, as you do liquor and wine and beer. Tax it and sell it and regulate it as you do liquor, wine and beer.
      You have the same rules and regulations, freedoms and punishments. Same propensitives towards addictions as you do towards social use.
      Next, as in Europe, regesture all Heroin addicts, and for a dollar a day or so, they get their ‘Fix’, at a phamacy.
      This way there Criminal element is removed. The side crimes of theft, roberry and such are removed, because the costs are much lower.
      Our Prison systems are not over crowded with people associated with these two drugs.
      Finally, Cocaine and Methamphetamine could really be focused on and perhaps have noticable results? At least there would be rome in the jails, less of the population exposed to these compounds because the others are ‘Legal’, and the penalties could become much stiffer and the search much more concentrated.

    13. Bill, Missouri says:

      Another mistake Obama made, appointing Hillary Clinton to anything. Quite frankly she should have been run out of town with her womanisning husband. She is no better than the Natiz's during Hitler's regime. Thes people are trying to do the same thing. She is a thug along with the rest of the Obama administration as well as an America hater.

    14. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      We get to see and hear Hillary Beg and Apologize

      to Mexico and then Beg N. Korea to contact her!

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