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  • Heritage Fellow At The Border: Fighting Back

    Pima County Sheriff's Department

    I finish my trip to the border with the Pima County Sherriff Department by asking the tough questions. Are you making a difference? “We are just putting a dent in the cartels,” one deputy tells me. “These guys will send a 10,000 pound load of marijuana across the border as a decoy so they can divert your attention and move an even bigger score some place else.”

    What do you need? More of what we have, I am told. If they had a lot more resources they could do a lot more interdiction, that would lead to more investigations, and then they could start to roll up the cartel organizations north of the border. Providing greater federal assistance to border sheriffs departments to support local community policing efforts ought to be a “no brain” solution for Washington.

    It is, one of the fastest, most effective, and most cost-effective ways to get more assets into the border war right now. It is going to take an integrated federal-state-and-local law enforcement effort to beat the cartels on this side of the border, and we have to make the locals a stronger part of that team. Pima County offers a good model for what can be done.

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    22 Responses to Heritage Fellow At The Border: Fighting Back

    1. Cheryll Lawand Wi says:

      The situation at the border justifies our military

      to secure our borders. The government of Mexico needs to understand the severity of the situation and not take offense to any move on our part to secure our borders. Why is this administration so slow and reluctant to do what is necessary to make our borders secure?

    2. bob agee, apopka, fl says:

      With this bloodshed in Mexico spilling over into El Paso and neighboring U.S. towns and cities let us act right now!

      The crime rate has doubled in U.S. border towns, 7,000 Mexican citizens have died and we stand still. I applaud the Minutemen and good citizens living along the borders protecting, by any means, what is theirs.

      These are extreme times and do require the same in defensive and offensive striking back to secure our nation's safety.

    3. John Roanoke Va. says:

      I think the adminimistrantion needs to stop and secure our boroder from the Mexicions. we need the jobs for Americans. I think we could save billions.

    4. Darby, Byron, Mn says:

      This is another opportunity not to go to waste. The chaos at the border is a convenient distraction to the fact that this administration is weak on defense of our personal and financial security. Why fix something when it can be a asset of distraction? This is part of the bigger picture of the adjenda to produce chaos and distraction.

    5. mark elder, texarkan says:

      They are not going to do nothing this is by design because most of our elected officials are as corrupt as the drug cartel. If we had no drug problem we would have a greatly reduced crime problem which means our crooked political system would lose money on law enforcement by losing a reason to tax us. Notice I did not say police officers or fighting men it is the higher ups crooked judges and politicians that allow this to go on. The only way this is going to stop is an armed up rising from the American people. Washington although there are a hand full of good men and women in Washington the rest are like rabid cracked crazed unreasoning rapist murdering animal thugs! That is why our men one the border will never win. Our men fight the fire while crooked government feeds the flames!

    6. James Carafano James Jay Carafano says:

      I know folks continue to believe that sending military troops to the border is the answer…but they can nver answer the question…to do what? Most of the violence on the US side is cartel-on-cartel. The military has few assets and little legal authority to deal with this issue. It is simply not the most effective use of our military. We did not call out the military to fight the Mafia….this is the same kind of problem.

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      James, I concur with your statement about military units. But logistical financing and support should be budgeted through the defense department. Homeland security is nothing more than an extra layer of expensive bureaucratic duplicity. Historically, the Coast Guard fell under the defense department to counter national threats. A collaborative effort between state & local law enforcement and the department of defense is the most sensible answer to securing borders against criminal activities.

    8. Shawn, Avon Indiana says:

      i don't think there are enough officers out there that can defend our border. i propose (as crazy as this might sound) an impenetrable wall of cement and steel. tall enough to discourage and deep enough to eliminate any tunneling efforts. a wall from the sounthern most tip of Texas to Southern California. the building of such magnitude would create thousands of jobs from surveyors to iron workers. the maintense would require employment for generations and the security would be provided by our military. this project would both stimulate our economy while nearly eliminating our border problems with Mexico thus contributing to the reduction of cost created by this problem.

    9. kathleen edwards, vi says:

      Our government is charged with protecting our borders….. it's a no-brainer. I would love to see stimulus money go to law enforcement instead of the abortion industry. Or, my personal favorite, if OUR government cannot or will not protect our borders, we in Texas should secede. KE

    10. kathleen edwards, vi says:

      moderation, isn't that just another word for censorship?

    11. Bill, Colorado says:


      You were on track with your System of Systems approach a couple of years back. Unfortunately, we have a difficult time just putting up a fence.

      I concur, it is both a waste and inappropriate to place our military directly into the fight. Let's give "soft power" another chance! However, if the military were given the mission and authority to fight this as the war it is, you would be sorely mistaken on the outcome my friend.

    12. Vincent, Hallettsvil says:

      Put "armed" troops on the border now, and let them deal with it. Use National Guard or Federal troops who've already been in combat. After what they've been through, a few drug smuggles won't be a problem.

    13. Jerry, Allen, tx says:

      For those who aspire to build a fence or a wall at the border, you have obviously never heard of the Manginow Line(Pardon the spelling)built by the French prior to WWII to keep out the Germans. It was never completed prior to the war, but the Germans merely flew over it, and it presented no problem at all. Such a wall on the Mexican border will merely provoke one on the Canadian border, and then one on each coast and the Gulf of Mexico. None will work, and neither will sending troops. Surely, each of the respondants above can think of something better than that. It's not an easy problem to solve in a couple of hundred words.

    14. Jack, Marietta, GA says:

      The crime associated with all drugs is a result of the vast amount of money that is involved. The ONLY way to curtail the violence is to remove the motivation (money) to do the crime. That means decriminalizing drugs, stopping the "War on Drugs," and spending on rehabilitation a minuscule part of what we're spending now on futile measures to achieve zero tolerance. Prohibition didn't work in the 20's and the War on Drugs won't work now.

    15. Andrew New York says:

      Part of me want's to say whatever means it takes to secure our borders. There also is another part of me that say's if Canada and Mexico form a "North American Union" what's the use. I say we fight to keep our country the way our founding fathers ment it to be!!

    16. MAJ John Krueger, Co says:

      In 2006/2007 the National Guard supplemented the border patrol and local law enforcement as an interim force buying time for the Department of Homeland Defense to recruit, resource and train more assets to defend the Mexican border. Following September 11th, 2001, the National Guard was called to airports around the country to augment security operations until the Transportation Security Administration could meet new security requirements to keep our citizens safe. Additionally, the National Guard has moved from a primarily reserve asset to an operational force both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a testament to the flexibility, effectiveness, and relevance of our reserve forces. Congress has recognized the value of the reserves by adding end-strength or personnel to their ranks as well as funding to ensure necessary equipment is fielded to the force.

      With that said, the National Guard definitely has the assets, experience and skill sets necessary to augment operations along our borders. However, they are not a long-term solution to the current situation. In my opinion more resources need to be allocated to the Border Patrol and their mission. The National Guard stands ready to assist as they do with all domestic emergencies, but a military response in this situation would only be a band-aide. I believe we need to look for a more permanent solution.

    17. Ingrid in Texas says:

      We might want to research and or ask our military why they trained most of these Mexican cartel (really known as Zeta's) and sent them back to Mexico with supplied guns and ammo. They (Zeta's) were approached by the cartel and they offered them much more money to fight their own people.(just what the U.S. hoped for) Our objective was and is to create chaos in Mexico in order to bring more illegals to the U.S. (as refugees) Contrary to what the media is spewing, there is NO crisis in Mexico and the addition of troops being sent down there is only to provide help to the illegals as they enter our country. We live in a great country, don't we.

      The president can lie and cheat his way to the white house.

      All the new department heads can enact all their own rules (laws)…..corrupt as they all are.

      No guns, no phone privacy, soon…no internet privacy, police state, informed via mail who will live and who must die (socialized health care). Can't wait for these new laws to be installed.??????


      And, we the people are NOT being heard.

      Our Constitution has become a joke to the rich elite and they're laughing all the way to the bank with our tax dollars.

    18. D. Vernon, NC says:

      To all of comments above, my proposal would be to have a combination of military, border fence, electronic surveilance. Adding to comment above of creating jobs, we need to stop illegals coming into USA. With current administration giving benefits for all,there has got to be a point where the American people stand up and say enough. Our descendents will not be able to enjoy life as we have known it. I can not work enough hours to pay for increases in all of the forthcoming taxes . With current job losses ,the local communities are having less sales tax revenue, the States are in the same boat . There are to be many implications of current policies.

      Stop the bailouts, let the strong survive, stop illegals ,give back States Rights, vote for true Conservative politcians, standup for your rights.

    19. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      This will continue until the Military is put on the Border! But in the mean time Obama is enjoying

      the Chaos! How very Presidential!

    20. mark waukegan IL. says:

      Border protection should be one of our countries top priorities. Because the Dems want votes and the Reps want cheap labor it won't happen. Both groups love it when illegals put into the social security system and take nothing out. The sad part is that an overwhelming majority of our population want border protection. The results are a clear indication that Washington does not listen. Both Reps and Dems are guilty. Please give me a better choice!!

    21. Paul, FL says:

      Jerry, Allen, Tx –

      I believe that you misunderstand what most concerned people on here are saying. They aren't saying that building a wall and sending in the military is the final answer.

      No, what they are saying is building a wall and sending in the military and beefing up the border patrol is the BEGINNING of the answer!

    22. Shawn, Avon Indiana says:

      Thanks Paul. Enough talk, action must be taken!

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