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  • Costly Energy Budget: Taxpayers Pay Big for Extreme Environmental Agenda

    Taxing Every American

    • Even Obama’s “95%”: President Obama’s energy policies will cost Americans more money, limit their access to America’s resources, and provide little, if any, environmental benefit. It is an extreme environmental agenda.
    • Climate “Revenue”: The President’s budget proposes a $646 billion cap-and-trade tax that would cost each household in America between $650 and $1,200 annually.
    • Superfund: The budget would reinstate unnecessary excise taxes that expired in 1995 to fund Superfund’s efforts to clean up toxic and contaminated areas, which may be admirable if these clean-up goals weren’t already supported by strict environmental laws. New tax efforts would unfairly burden companies that produce little waste.
    • Oil and Gas Taxes: The budget would collect $31 billion in new oil and gas tax revenue through a punitive repeal of tax deductions and accounting measures. These new taxes would affect Gulf of Mexico oil and gas production and impact an industry already taxed above the industrial average, which would be detrimental to increasing domestic supply.

    Costly Government Spending

    • Department of Energy: The DOE budget is $10 billion over the FY’09 level of $24.1 billion.
    • Expanded Subsidies: DOE’s budget dramatically increases government subsidies for wind, solar, biofuels, and clean coal, distorting normal market forces and encouraging government dependence, forcing taxpayers to pay twice—once to fund the subsidies and another time with higher electric bills.
    • Smart Grid: The President’s budget adds even more money to develop smart grid technology beyond the $11 billion from the stimulus bill. While upgrading the nation’s grid has a large potential value, it should be driven by the private sector.
    • Yucca Mountain: Progress on building the Yucca Mountain repository would be stopped while continuing to answer NRC inquiries, allowing DOE to remain technically compliant with current law while at the same time yielding to environmental extremists on progress. This does little to resolve America’s dysfunctional system of managing spent nuclear fuel.
    • Skyrocket in Flight: President Obama admitted, “Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” under a cap-and-trade program (January 2008).

    Alternative Energy Policies

    • Radical Environmentalist’s Dream: This budget will increase energy costs, including high prices at the gas pump, for all Americans to appease a small group of extreme leftist environmentalists. A recession is the wrong time for these policies.
    • American Taxpayer’s Dream: Instead, President Obama should sign a budget that truly diversifies our energy sources, including domestic oil production, nuclear energy, coal, and new renewable fuels. Instead of taxing on behalf of environmentalists, the President should give all Americans relief with policies that will lower gas and electricity prices rather than raising them. When government impediments are lifted, America’s energy entrepreneurs can develop innovative and market-driven solutions to our energy needs.
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    18 Responses to Costly Energy Budget: Taxpayers Pay Big for Extreme Environmental Agenda

    1. Franklin's Lock says:

      This policy will drive the price of goods and services throughout our economy. As the energy costs rise, companies will pass these costs onto consumers. So, not only are consumers’ energy costs are going up but so will the goods and services they purchase. It cost more to transport and make them. We are going to pay for this scam in countless aspects in this economy.


    2. JPT, Fort Smith, AR says:

      FL has it dead-on right: "We are going to pay for this scam in countless aspects in this economy". The privately owned domestic oil and gas company I work for took a look at the proposed tax changes the independent domestic oil and gas industry will be burdened with if the President gets his way. Our financial guys compared our actual 2007 taxes to what they would be if Obama's proposed tax increases become law. Anybody care to guess how much more in taxes my company would have to pay in this scenario? Try something a little over 200%! I ask you…how many companies do you know that could survive such a huge negative "added" to their bottom line? The nation's independent domestic oil and gas industry is responsible for 65% of the energy this nation uses. There are currently no viable, economic alternative energy sources to pick up the slack that will be left after the independent domestic industry is taxed into oblivion. Now go ahead and do the math from this point forward…all I can say is it isn't a pretty sight.

    3. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      Why would any thinking person be surprised that this unqualified, inexperienced, pretend president is pushing an agenda which caters only to his environmental pals. Americans need to unite and say enough is enough when it comes to the left wing environmental misfits and their current band of dullards in Washington. We cannot allow small groups to determine our way of life in the greatest nation on earth-The United States of America.

    4. enerwise, sc says:

      Government regulations written in Washington crashed our economy, if we allow government regulations written in Washington to crash our oil imports and energy supplies such as coal, nuclear,etc, most of us are doomed.

    5. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      The damage has to be intentional. Even his critics say Obama is smart. If true, the damage is intentional.

    6. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      Government at work, running down the economy, and then coming up with its solutions that create an unlevel playing field for business and the consumer. Inflation, higher taxes, higher utilities and energy are all toward terminal tunnel of the American dream and our way of life for the children of today. The Civil War was fought over state versus federal control. We are in another fight today for our capitalistic system, our personal freedom, and a future close to what we have today.

    7. Chad, Atlanta, GA says:

      The energy argument seems to be the same as the one we "fair tax" proponents try to make regarding all commercial activities. If energy companies are incented to create alternatives such as nuclear power, the federal government must empower them to do so by eliminating the regulations thereon and lowering the corporate tax rates thereon. The private sector remains the most efficient mechanism by which imported oil independence can be achieved. There is only one reason that energy companies (including bio-mass) do not pursue these alternatives in the most aggresive fashion…it costs too much and thus is not economically viable. They know that any such capital investment costs must ultimately be passed onto the consumer. The fact that the budget contains borrowed dollars to increase non-privately incented research, the results of which will then more than likely be mandated on the energy companies, is a great mis-step during recessionary times.

    8. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      The enviromentalists will not let them put any solar panels in the California desert. They just recently stopped a large solar panel project from going in up in the State of Washington, so where are we going to put these new energy systems? They stopped them from putting Wind generators off the coast of Malibu, and they said the wind generators ruined the natural beauty of the desert areas in eastern New Mexico and the panhandle of Texas. Natural we can't drill anymore for oil they have closed all the National parks and BLM land to mining, grazing, SUV, ATV, and any kind of foot traffic off of the designated trails. Coal is Dirty and can not be used and even people breath out C02 so we will be walking an turning our machinery by hand while the chinese take over our country. The good news is that wind and solar are now generating about 1% of our present power requirements that should knock the old cost down. Everything is going according to plan for our new President. Erkel Obama the pretend president.

    9. Tiffany Montano says:

      It appears Obama is intentionally trying to bankrupt the economy to promote his Socialist agenda. Obama speaks and Wall Street listens. The environmental policies that Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Reid support are what caused much of the economic meltdown. The fact that we can't drill ANWR, Offshore or anyplace else that they have designated as protected was the catalyst that started the meltdown when gas prices went up so much people couldn't meet their mortgages. This coupled with the resetting of variable rates all came at the same time. Now that the Obama Administration announced their plans oil prices have gone up. People didn't hear what he said during the campaign and now they are shocked and reacting to what they hear. Gas prices are on the rise and so is everything else. This is trickle down economics. 650 world renown climatologists say that we are entering a stage of global cooling. I guess we will be in an ice age before Obama, Pelosi and Gore will admit they were wrong and hell will really freeze over.

    10. ra,ohio says:

      Frank W.,

      They need to kill any fossil fuel progress they can.

      There are hundreds, if not thousands of natural gas wells in this country that are capped, coal fields that can be mined, and oil fields that can be drilled.

      Yet they will not allow America to use her resources.

      They need the Cap and Trade issue to put their boot on our neck.

      There is oil seeping out of the ocean bottom just off the coast of California, and the tree huggers will not let anyone build a rig to get it.

      The obama administration is intent on making this country dependent on their government, and are attempting to pass laws to make it so.

      Welcome to the USSA.

    11. Dennis, Idaho says:

      What do you expect from a man who was born in Kenya and is a naturalized citizen of Indonesia?

    12. Linda in Texas says:

      The great and successful life we have led in America is going down the tubes fast. Scares me. I cannot get over that the jerks in DC don't care what we the people think. Our Republic is gone and we have to get it back soon. If you haven't joined the Glenn Beck Group, please do. We need numbers now and we should stop being the "silent majority". It has hurt is dearly.

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    14. Jerome Zacny says:

      It is hard to accept what Mr. Obama and his politburo are doing to this country. It seems they have unlimited power and are unstoppable.

      I don't blame the Democrats, or even Mr. Obama, for the current state of affairs. I blame the Republican Party. The Republicans have not been able to find a strong leader who espouses core conservative values. They have not developed plans that can solve in full or in part, any of America's current problems. Republicans must stop trying to pacify the left; it will never happen.

      Republicans must develop a real national energy policy, including the construction of dozens of nuclear power plants around the country; reviving drilling efforts offshore and in Anwar; forcing a conversion from gasoline to natural gas for all automobiles and all gas stations in the U.S. within three years; and obtaining more energy from solar and wind power. These are things that can be done in a short period of time and would create tens of thousands of jobs, now and in the future. The Republican Party will fare a lot better the "average American" when they can come up with ways to put American people to work in decent paying jobs that can't be outsourced overseas. We have seen what happens when unions get too greedy and we've seen what happens when business and Wall Street get too greedy. Everyone loses. Republicans must become the party of common sense, which seems to be so uncommon these days.

      Republicans must become better stewards of the public trust, instituting stricter regulation of banks, other financial institutions, hedge funds and Wall Street brokerage firms. Republicans need to be as concerned about abuses of power in the private sector as they are about abuses of power in government.

      We need to find Republicans who aren't paralyzed by political correctness who will oppose laws that were drafted in response to one-tenth of 1% of the population claiming to be offended by something.

      There will always be those in this country that believe that they are owed a living and that "government" should be the answer to all of their wants and needs. Despite the fact that American is the land of opportunity, there are those who will always believe that anyone who makes more than $40,000 or $50,000 a year is wealthy, undeserving and should have that wealth confiscated by the government and redistributed to "the rest of us", whoever that is. Republicans need to be the party that changes that mentality.

    15. enerwise, sc says:

      To, RA,

      I agree they need cap and trade to complete their plan for the new USSA.

      Our country is under control of men that care for nothing but complete power to rule as they please, the system of laws that built this country are all but useless if our leaders refuse to abide by those laws.

      Lots of mandates coming out of Washington to raise the cost of about everything one can think of, but no mandates to balance the federal budget.

    16. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      April 15th Tea Parties are step One!

    17. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      Those who can, do.

      Those who can't do, teach.

      Those who can't teach, manage.

      Those who can't manage, administor.

      Those who can't administor, regulate.

    18. Linda Smith, Utah says:

      Tea Parties- I'm all for free speech and public assembly but the tea parties I've listened to on TV just seem to be screaming fear and hate. And then they sound surprised when it leads to violence and even murder. If we blame our troubles on another segment of our country then we're off the hook. We're all to blame for the mess we're in. It's called GREED. We can either work together and put our country above our party or we can blame one another and watch fear, hatrid, and partisanism lead to divisiveness and our own downfall.

      Oil companies are moaning about taxes and breaks for alternative fuel – they've made record profits throughout the 'economic downturn'. Don't like the alternative fuels getting subsidies – how about diversifying into alternative energy and getting some of those for yourselves. You'd be investing in fuel sources that are renewable and maintaining a large share of the market.

      Complain or Solve – which group do you want to be in?

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