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  • The President's Teleprompter


    Posted in Ongoing Priorities [slideshow_deploy]

    12 Responses to The President's Teleprompter

    1. dmc222 Michigan says:

      POTUS still needs his TOTUS!

    2. BC Stone says:

      If you believe in what you say, you do not need prompting. You say it from the heart and it comes out as you belive.

    3. Paul Rinderle says:

      Were answers to questions on that prompter besides his opening remarks? The answer goes to the heart of issue involvement by the President.

      His answers to Embryonic Stem Cells was very weak considering scientists do not expect significant results for 15 years.

      His analogy of the little guy giving 100$ and a rich man giving a hundred's is not reality as the rich man normally gives far more than a small contributor.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      You see Mr. President, when you use a teleprompter you read the exact words. When you read it off a script you have to adlib. To Adlib shows a genuine, honest sense of the person. Teleprompter shows uncertainty, dishonesty. Ya know?

    5. Bob, Illinois says:

      What is the teleprompter's name? Is it a he or a she? Which ever,it does a very good job keeping the President from looking human and we know how the American public react to people that act human.

      I think when Disney adds Mr. Obama to the Hall of Presidents, he will appear the most animatronic and at the same time the most realistic.

    6. Sue Ellen King, Colu says:

      The real president is the person's thoughts on the teleprompter, ie. like the "Wizard of Oz" and who was behind the curtain(teleprompter)

      Obama is just a pitchman running for reelection again. He is the proxy president whom the "teleprompter" wants reelected.

      Does politics have to emulate mental illness?

    7. Barb -mn says:

      Oh boy, my mind just isn't itself lately. I didn't see the actual press conference and I guess I was thinking of his teleprompter moments that are more personable and honest read from a paper rather then a teleprompter.

      I did see a rebroadcast. As much as I could stand. What a waste of a teleprompter, eh? At times Mr.Obama seemed to have reddened in the face. I almost felt sorry for him until I came to my senses knowing this is the way he has to act for his appeal.

      I do notice Obama doesn't take sole responsibility for anything without having someone backing him or someone else getting credit? for something. He isn't genuine to the logical interest and common good of the people. He puts words in the mouths of the people to convince them his distortions and their needs. Every issue containing increase costs to the taxpayers are things the private sector can do for themselves. He wants control, as more more freedom is taken away each and every day.

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    9. Rachel says:

      What's the big deal? If you were speaking without prompting you would muddle up your speech and possibly lose track of your thoughts. The fact that the content of the speech was planned doesn't mean that it wasn't genuine. Quite the contrary, I would argue that it is more genuine because more time, effort, and thought has been put into the sentiments expressed. Give the man a break, you would do the same thing.

    10. Victor, South Caroli says:

      Rachel, the reason for the criticism over the teleprompter is not simply because he uses one, but rather because he almost ALWAYS uses one. This may seem like an insignificant thing to rag the president about, but you must remember that this man is considered a great orator by his supporters and after seeing him make one speaking gaff after another it's quickly becoming clear that he either is not the great speaker he's made out to be, or, as I believe, he's simply not interested in what he's saying BECAUSE HE'S LYING AND HE KNOWS IT. BC Stone is absolutely correct, if you speak from the heart with real meaning and truth, you don't need prompting or help.

    11. dee ziner, maryland says:

      If you remember correctly there was an off shot racy photo on GW Bush's back and there was a huge conspiracy that someone was giving him the answers in his ear. BO's teleprompter has not appeared in the mainstream media. Why? For the same reason you have not heard very much about the thousands of people attending tea parties all over the U.S.A.(for now i am expecting the U.S.S.A. soon)

    12. jr., Michigan says:

      the teleprompter in chief!

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