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  • Rep. Nunes: Calif. Radicals Set To Storm Rest Of America

    Congressman Devin Nunes

    Washington – Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), whom we have previously profiled on the Foundry, visited the Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing today and warned against radical environmental regulations cutting off the livelihoods of millions of Americans, just as thousands have lost jobs in his home district.

    “If you want to see the bellwether of this country, you need to look no further than California,” Nunes said, while about a quarter of the present bloggers, who happened to be from California, nodded their heads. “Good thing you’re here because its about ready to fall off into the ocean.”

    Nunes proceeded to explain how environmental regulations, designed to protect a 5 to 7 cm long fish known as Delta Smelt, and imposed under the Endangered Species Act in August of 2007, will cause, according to a University of California study, as many as 80,000 farm workers to lose their jobs when over 500,000 acres are forced out of production. Nunes has made a youtube video of the crisis here. ”It’s primarily that capital is gone and that the environmental regulations are so harsh that they’ve literally starved the most productive agricultural region in the world. It’s not a drought, they’ve just cut the water off.”

    The particularly harsh economic climate in Nunes’s district is the result of a larger movement across the state, and over many years, that has placed environmental concerns and entitlements programs ahead of practical economic realities.

    “What has California done? They’ve promised everything to everybody. They’ve taken up this global warming and all this radical environmental extremism and they’ve legislated it. And essentially what’s happened is they’ve legislated everybody out of California so that the taxpayer base is gone,” Nunes said. “For decades people moved to California – what you see now is an outflow in the last 5-6 years – they’re the people that are paying the taxes and they’re going to other states.”

    This makes Nunes, whose family has farmed in Tulare County for three generations, particularly concerned for the rest of America. As Politico recently reported, “With roughly a half-dozen Cabinet and key administrative appointees and a powerhouse congressional delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” California legislators in Washington are in a perfect position to replicate the Golden State experience for the rest of the country.

    “The democratic leadership, which comes from California, has a plan for America,” Nunes said. “Just go out [there] and you’ll see what they want it to look like.” The Congressman then finished his remarks with grave words that the entire room listened quietly to.

    “California, for all practical purposes – I’ll say this not being able to clearly define what this means – but it’s over. I can’t describe what ‘over’ means because we’ve never been here before, but the reset button has got to be pushed. There’s no possible way to get ourselves out of the hole that we are in.”

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    19 Responses to Rep. Nunes: Calif. Radicals Set To Storm Rest Of America

    1. Silence Dogood says:

      This all reminds me of the forced collectivization in the Soviet Union in the 1930's. Of course, those folks didn't want to be put on collective farms. Lenin had promised them land. But then, Lenin had promised them everything, and, well…if we are in touch with reality (sometimes I wonder about my neighbors), we know that we can't have everything, don't we? But, socialism is Obama's bag, so be prepared for anything! Next thing we know, he'll be telling us that the Martians have landed on the White House lawn and are looking for a bailout! Socialism really is the art of the impossible, isn't it? Everything is topsy-turvy. Animals count more than people. Red ink is better than black. Deficits are better than sound budgets. Freakishness is better than normality. Dependency is better than independence. Serfdom is better than freedom. Arbeit macht frei. Is there a pattern here? Socialism is a mental disorder and we are in the hands of madmen.

    2. Mark McDonnell, Arli says:

      This man speaks the truth. The enemy of the radical environ-mentalists, are living people. The enemy of the Democratic Party, are free people. You can see that the enemy of them both, in one way or another, is people. If you can't kill, starve or sterilize them out of existence, that would be the purview of environmentalists; you can legislate and regulate them to death. Or at least, make them wish they were dead. Let's all give a big hearty thanks to the people of the left; Bronks Cheer, everyone!

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Global Warming, Carbon Footprint and CO2 pollution farces are the banner that the Left is using to push the Nation into the Corner of Socialism. The Left knows that there are a lot of ignorant people out there who will believe just about anything if you speak nicely about it. Just look at President Obama, he is a perfect example of this process. He reads from the teleprompter and the followers believe!

      Years Ago, one person…. ONE PERSON led a movement against DDT. A chemical that pretty much kept Malaria at bay even here in the USA (Yes, folks, Malaria was right here as far North as MA.). Our WWII troops smeared it on their bodies in the Pacific and there were no ill effects from it. The whole DDT panic was just that – an unsubstantiated panic! Yet, DDT was banned and that has led to untold deaths in Third World countries who have no way of fighting Malaria.

      The whole Global Warming farce is the same thing. A panic set into the minds of the ignorant who really seem to believe that we (Man) can actually control the environment of Earth. The ignorant ones even believe that CO2, which is a by product of every living mammal and food for plants, is a pollutant and all of this can be fixed by buying and selling credits and taxation! How has America become so ignorant?

    4. Michelle, California says:

      It's true. They are driving us out of California. We are still hanging on, but not much longer. We are looking at property in another state.

    5. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      Whenever the name 'California' is mentioned by a conservative,'Pelosi' should be mentioned in the same sentence, especially on the floor of the House of Representatives.

    6. Steve, Florida says:

      It's perhaps fitting that the Sun sets on the Republic and Democratic Freedom in California. Freedom loving Californian's with a reserve of sanity are forced to look elsewhere for safe harbor. But as others point out, the train has left the station and the Obama express will beat them to fleeting amber fields, fruited plains and purple mountains. At least THEY will know what's coming…as for the rest of us in "sleepy hollow" America, the adjustment will be much more radical and cataclysmic.

    7. Jeff Kendrick, Herna says:

      If we all knew the consequences of radical enviornmentalism, I believe the majority, possibly a vast majority, of Americans would do anything to stop this insanity. But the mainstream media WILL NOT explain the situation, and politicians, except those with courage, refuse to get involved for fear of personal attacks, which the mainstream media WILL report.

      Typical politician: Me first. Country second.

    8. Dora, California says:

      Obama gave flowery speeches, sucking the multitudes in who never bothered and took the time to really look at the man and his beliefs. He wears a lei of poppy pods (opium) around his neck because a flowery speech is just that: opium for the masses. Shame on him and the deceit, ignorance and arrogance becoming so obvious.

      We need to wake up quickly and join forces to reverse this fierce attack on the values that made this nation so great.

      Socialism never has worked. Take it from someone who has lived through it to tell!!!


    9. Ken St Louis says:

      Well, well I read somewhere the other day that Texas is the only state in the union that still has the right to SECEDE! What we REALLY need is a movement by all sane people to leave the union via Succession. Whats the good/purpose in staying? Each state should take possession of the federal property inside its borders. Sounds like fun!

    10. Ross, Bradenton, Fla says:

      Where do you think the communist are, in the radical environmental movement! This movement is nothing more than a blatant power-grab using the environment as the vehicle for their cause; unchallenge power over the individual. California has boldly lead the way with its "political correctness" and extreme liberal lifestyle fueling this environmental movement.

      Now California is finally running out of money because of the laws passed that have increased government bureaucrats, established unwarranted entitlements to special interest, the confiscation of property all in the name of the environment or raising unwarranted environment taxes.

      So, California has reach the point where they have taxed the taxpayers right out of the state. California has finally choked their "Golden Goose".


    11. Bernard M. Russelman says:

      The trashing of the United States is now in supercharged mode. One by one, states will have their most productive and entreprenurial people purged via taxes, government regulations, and lack of opportunity.

      California, and in the future, the whole country, will be turned over to the least productive, least educated, least interested in being a citizen of a free and prosperous United States of America.

      This disaster is what happens when you keep voting in liberal democrats and republicans…

    12. Jeff Kendrick, Hernando, MS says:

      If we all knew the consequences of radical enviornmentalism, I believe the majority, possibly a vast majority, of Americans would do anything to stop this insanity. But the mainstream media will not explain the situation, and politicians, except those with courage, refuse to get involved for fear of personal attacks, which the mainstream media will report.

      Most elected officials are no where to be found on this issue for fear of personal attacks by an intolerant radical left. Me first. Country second.

    13. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      It's bad enough that some people actually believe the environmental junk that we see/hear. Now we have Crist in Florida and Obama in the White House embracing some of this junk science in spite of the fact that it will hurt economically and provide nothing in return that one could measure or experience. In the 50's the mantra was that the earth would starve to death in 20 years because of the birth rate. Today it's Global Warming or some of the other environmental stuff. It gives "environmental stewardship" a bad name and for some, like me, a tendency to ignore all environmental idiots. I have seen reservoirs, even ones that have been through a regional coop planning process, stopped in spite of good planning and need verified. The president's cap and trade is another example of an extremely bad idea driven under the guise of "environmental considerations" even though the considerations cannot be verified or proven. Of course, for the Obama administration, it is an opportunity to reward their nutty supporters while enjoying a good tax increase – nevermind the damage to the country. People need to wake up and realize the danger that president Obama's policies are to this country.

    14. Greg D says:

      Hussein (Benefactor), reid and pelosi are trying to turn all of us into D-503. "As D-503 explains, the surrender of freedom has led to universal happiness by eliminating all difficult choices, all disagreements, and all struggles for self-improvement". Later, "He is diagnosed with a disorder called imagination, which may lead to something even worse: a soul". The Integral is on it's way!!! All Hail the One State!!

    15. Theresa T LA says:

      'WAKE UP AMERICA' before the OBAMA nightGORE IS OVER AND REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. OPAS says:

      It is obvious that many actually believe all this is done because of stupidity. You better wake up and realize that everuthing the Democrats do is done has been well planned for years and is the beginning of the take over of your coutry. What is going on is for real, and not a James Bond movie. They divide and conquered you. You know who you are, you failed your country with your petty stupid protest votes. Religeuous Right? you are hypocrits, "undecided", "swing voters"?, together you voted ALL these people in to tear down your country, now you reap what you voted for and I ask you; "Are you proud of yourselves?"

    17. Jimmy Konogeris, May says:


    18. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      If it weren't for the fact that much of the Democrat leadership is from California, they would have already figured out why the Soviets had to build the Berlin Wall.

    19. Lorrie, California says:

      I have read everyones blog and I totally agree with all of them. I experienced first hand during Obamas campanign, peoples facination with him even some close friends and family that were previously Republican turned him into a messiah because he had such a good speach writer. No one asked, what kind of change is he talking about what about his radical associations etc they were just messmerized by him. Now all of our fears will come to fruition if we just keep sitting here talking. What are you going to do about this, sit back and let everything happen or try to do something about it. Educate yourself find a group for the cause create a group and do what ever you can.We need to keep talking and keep doing, there is momentum building.If everyone joins in and does something every week towards stopping this insanity just maybe it will help. Try watching Fox News Sean Hannity or even Bill ORielly for information not the rest of the news channels. Remember to do nothing is agreeing with what is happening everyone has something to contribute.

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