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  • Morning Bell: Regulations of Mass Job Destruction

    Do you eat, sleep or pray? If so, then the Obama Administration wants to monitor, regulate and tax you. According to federal records only published yesterday, this past Friday the Environmental Protection Agency submitted a proposed rule to the White House that finds carbon dioxide to be a danger to public health pursuant to the Clean Air Act. One might wonder how a substance so natural that it is passing through your lungs and out your nose right now could be declared a threat to “the public’s health and welfare,” but such is the logic of the modern environmental left.

    As the Washington Post notes today, the 1970 Clean Air Act “was never intended to deal with greenhouse gases and is not suited to that task” but the enviro left has been undeterred. According to internal documents presented by the EPA to the White House earlier this month, the EPA believes that global warming caused by elevated levels of carbon dioxide emissions could cause “severe heat waves…with likely increases in mortality and morbidity, especially among the elderly, young and frail.” The agency also claims carbon emissions could result in more severe storms and more suffering related to “floods, storms, droughts and fires.”

    If the evidence the EPA is using to support these claims today is anything like the claims made in the EPA’s last blueprint for carbon regulation, then the scientific basis for the EPA’s findings are extremely weak. CATO scholar Patrick Michaels has detailed the shortcomings of the EPA’s Technical Support Document (TSD) concluding: “The TSD suffers from a failure to incorporate the best available science, misapplied logic, and the inability to recognize that observed trends in measures of human health and welfare run counter to those anticipated – despite on-going climate changes. As such, the TSD does not serve as an adequate basis for which to base an endangerment finding.”

    But let’s set aside the non-threat carbon emissions pose to public health. The economic damage caused by EPA carbon regulations would be immense. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson is already trying to minimize the economic danger telling the New York Times: “We are poised to be specific on what we regulate and on what schedule.” But, as we have pointed out many times, this statement betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Clean Air Act works and how an endangerment finding would trigger broad required regulatory action. New York Law School professor David Schoenbrod tells the Washington Post: “This would be a regulatory maze far exceeding anything we’ve seen before.”

    According to the US Chamber of Commerce, regulating carbon through the Clean Air Act would affect at least one million mid-sized commercial buildings, including: 1/5 of all food service businesses, 1/3 of all health care businesses, 1/2 of the entire lodging industry, and even 10% of all buildings used for worship. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has estimated that EPA carbon regulations will cause annual job losses exceeding 800,000 for several years and a cumulative GDP loss of $7 trillion by 2029.

    In actuality, the Obama Administration has no desire to regulate carbon through the EPA. They are only using the EPA as the threatening tool to force cap and trade legislation through Congress; legislation that President Obama even admitted would cause Americans’ power bills to “skyrocket“, would do nothing to stop global warming, and, if part of an international treaty, would send American tax dollars to foreign millionaires.

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    42 Responses to Morning Bell: Regulations of Mass Job Destruction

    1. Mark Y Durango,Co says:

      Let's see them try this in INDIA and CHINA. What a crock!

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The BEST place to watch ANYTHING FROM

      DC or anything political

      is CSpan.

      They Turn the Camera's on

      you watch it

      and they Turn the Camera's off

      They let YOU decide.

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I remember the stories told by my German mother, who witnessed how "Little, Austrian Corporal" rose to absolute power – one edict at a time, one freedom at a time. then I read articles such as this and wonder, is it happening again?

    4. Steve M, Saginaw, MI says:

      The greens have got this all wrong. The real enemy of the planet is Oxygen. I recently purchased some nice wrought iron patio furniture, after two short years, it is rusted. Iron to Iron Oxide. Oxygen is what gives fuel to fire and allows it to continue to burn. Just imagine what a utopia we will live in once we finally and completely eliminate all of this caustic, poison Oxygen from our planet. Just imagine a world where our cars and bridges will no longer rust and never again will rampant forest fires destroy our homes. Citizens unite! We must join forces and annihilate the evil Oxygen that is destroying our planet before our very eyes.

    5. Ralph Casado New Yor says:

      If the envro nuts want to eliminate "carbon footprints",

      ban all pets.

      Their waste is in the millions of tons.

      Fish food for cats is depleting the ocean's stock.

      Let's beat them at their own game.

    6. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      How do we stop these incompetent, rabidly fanatic and dangerous nincompoops? They inundate our Government and are running wild over all aspects of our lives.

      They are "shooting their arrows" into the corpus of America. How long before we see it die?

    7. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I am relieved, for a moment in the past I was considering believing there was some sense to our government. I stand corrected ; power corrupts absolutely is no hyperbole.

      The question is; what are we going to do about?

      We are under attack, we must react!

    8. Jeff, Florida says:

      Talk will not end this Government!!!!! Take action NOW!!!

    9. Becky, Pinconning, M says:

      I was just telling my husband that what I really want is more government control over my life; telling me how to breathe (from both ends, no less) seem like such a simple starting place, after all, it's the first thing humans do after birth.

      In a surprise move, government officials seem to like playing the "god" game more than God himself. Had God been a Democrat, we would never have committed that original sin, since we would not have had that darned "free will."

    10. Amber Largent, Kansa says:

      We keep "wondering" what we should do and saying we "should" re/act… PEOPLE: quit preaching to the choir and go join a tea party. If there isn't one where you live, create one. Oh, and use your intellegence and fury to write to congrss, state and local gov'ts AND the editor. Let the world hear your out rage! The most poigant (sp off sorry) quotation I remember from the Nazi horror was: "They came for … and I didn't speak up because I wasn't …. Then they came for me and nobody came forward because there was no on left." Don't let the gov't be overrun with this socialist oligarchy they are striving for, not without fighting tooth and nail. Make sure you and yours are registered to vote, research local elections and help others learn wht you–the biggest excuse for not voting (besides that their vote doesn't matter) is that they don't know who's running or why. Help fill in the blanks, because it starts locally. Ok, I'm stepping off of the soapbox now. Good luck and God bless! :)

    11. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Earth Day

      Sat 8:30 to 9:30

      What will Rush do?

      Turn on a Flood Light?

    12. Arnie Rsoner, Founta says:

      To support comments from Ozzi from CT who made a relevant comment above: Some may find some historical significance to predict the future (Insert the name that most comes to mind for Hitler):

      When Hitler came for the Jews… I was not a Jew, therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned. Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church — and there was nobody left to be concerned.

      — Pastor Martin Niemoller, Congressional Record, October 14, 1968, vol. 114, p. 31636.

    13. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD ALERT! Elect a demagogue majority and suddenly they feel empowered to control the universe. Heck, don't need any more of their destructive interference. The weakend economy is enough for now.

    14. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Steve, I believe the demagogues have already demonstrated hypoxic brain syndrome. Just the same, I enjoyed your take on oxygen.

    15. michael hutchings says:



























    16. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      The problem is that environmentalists depend on computer models instead of historical facts.

      I can make a computer model that says if today is Tuesday tommorow is Saturday, that don't make it so.

      The historical facts are that during the Midieval warm period the earth was warmer than now and it was one of the calmist weather periods in history. Vikings were crossing the North Atlantic in open boats, mild weather dominated the globe and temperate crops were growing far more northerly than now. So whats so bad about getting warmer?

    17. William Cole - Texas says:

      EPA rules that are rooted in junk science are nothing new. A few short years back, rules were established to control mercury emissions with a specifice timeline for attainment. THE RULES WERE ENACTED BEFORE ANY TECHNOLOGY HAD BEEN DEVELOPED THAT WOULD ENABLE COMPLIACE.

      Your article included a reference to logic. The only logic applied by any branch of government can only be described as "FRACTURED LOGIC".

    18. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Read what is being said where the decisions get made. Arm yourself, Knowledge is POWER.


      Then pursue what that which you FULLY UNDERSTAND needs to be done.

      As the ancient religious writings say:

      See to it that you do not destroy my world,

      for there is no one to repair it after you.

      [Midrash Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13]

    19. Diane Atkins, Libert says:

      As someone who was instumental in the banning of MTBE (methal tertiary butyl ether, the neuro toxic gas additive) it was Carol Browner that mandated its use across American and poisoned only God knows how many Americans. (Google my name to find out what has been "dropped" before Americans got to know what was going on.

      It was ALL about the bull on CO2, global warming, and many Americans did die! Many children affected, the increase of Ridlin coordinates with the use of MTBE!

      CAROL BROWNER has already killed Americans, how many more lives will she destroy because of the lies? (After I got the ban I returned to college and got my Environmental Science Degree to better arm myself to fight the EnvironMENTALists. It's all a lie, but it is a lie thay can destroy us all with! If you don't accept this, it's OK…somebody somewhere will read it. I want to help save America.

    20. Diane Atkins, Libert says:

      Carol Browner is responsible for the greatest environmental damage to America's water supply by mandating the use of the gasoline additive MTBE when head of the EPA under Clinton. How many more American Lives will she be allowed to destroy because of the lie about global warming, climate change, CO2 is bad?

      I got my degree in Environmental Science just to be better prepared to fight EnvironMENTALists. How can I help?

    21. Wayne Smith says:


    22. Wayne Smith says:


    23. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Wall Street thinks somebody is doing something right!!!! It's up, up, up.

      But how would they know; they didn't even catch onto the man-made economy fiasco that's been taking us down the tubes for years now. Any of us grownups that went through the home financing offers of the past years knew the ads didn't make any sense. If it sounds too good to be true; it ain't true,


    24. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The only way this can all be stopped is for the citizens to rise up and protest. We must storm Washington DC in a protest that can not be ignored and demand that the Congress pass legislation to stop spending, stop piling debts, get rid of the most of the cabinets and their organizations.

      To Ken Jarvis of Las Vegas, on Earth day electric utilities must shut all the power to Las Vegas. Just think of how much carbon offsets it will save. On top of that, your hero Obama already condemned all those evil business people going to Las Vegas. So, it won't be a big deal to the rest of us. It is like the protest by ACORN in front of the houses of AIG executives.

      As a matter of fact, let us require that electric power be cut off to the EPA buildings everywhere.

    25. Joanne- Pensylvania says:

      Well it seems to me that if breathing is a problem then lets ask all the enviromental whackos to stop breathing,starting with Al Gore, and while we're at it if all the liberals would just shut up for awhile how much C.D. would be eliminated? It's time to get real,God created this planet and only god can destroy it, and if He plans to set his kingdom up on this earth,the why would he allow us mere mortals to destroy it.

    26. Tony Hollick, Bristo says:

      It bears repeating, that "Anthropocentic Carbon Dioxide" is so trivial as to make no detectable difference to "Global Warming Gases."

      However, the ignorant and / or malevolent "Water-Melons" ('Green outside, Red inside'), and theit wealthy corporate sponsors, have provided us all with a great opportunity to seed selected areas of the seas with iron salts, catalyzing vast proliferations of algae and marine micro-organisms. which can be harvested by "floating factory refineries" (FFR) and the resulting biofuels and/or crude oil are taken by supertankers. and provided to us by oil companies world-wide, destroying Henry Kissinger's "OPEC" forever.

      Let's get om with it, right now.


      Tony Hollick

      Rainbow Bridge Foundation

      ———— * * * * * ————

    27. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      The facts are:

      1. Not only are virtually all forms of life on earth (including us humans) carbon-based, and not only are elements in, around, and above the earth carbon-based, but the earth itself, and other forms of life on it, produce and emit more carbon based elements, including so-called "greenhouse gasses", (and so have an overrulingly and overwhelmingly larger so-called "carbon foot print"), than all of us humans, and what we produce and emit, combined!

      2. There is plenty credible both anecdotal and pure science-based (as opposed to junk science-based) observation and research to show that, for example, not only is "anthropogenic global warming" still not an unquestionable fact established beyond any reasonable or purely scientific question or doubt (thus making it still an unproven theory at best), but there is plenty credible evidence showing temperatures actually naturally going down, which would mean natural "global cooling" if anything.

      3. What is the #1 so-called "greenhouse gas"? Answer: Water vapor!

      The fact is the earth and it's natural environment always have, still do, and always will "rule the roost" with that one and others, but the government elitist Left keeps trying to ignore or obfuscate that fact and keep up their freedom and free economy hostile power and money-grabbing fear and crisis-peddling about so-called "greenhouse gasses" and our so-called "carbon footprint", etc.

      Indeed the government elitist Left keeps ignoring and, especially when they don't get away with that, denying all of the above facts, and more, including the fact that their so-called "environmental" declarations, etc, have practically nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with their Leftist government elitist agenda, as shown and proven by such as, but not limited to, the facts above, and more.

      The bottom line is, once again the facts don't count to the government elitist Left, only their Leftist government elitist agenda counts.

    28. jc, central texas says:

      When facts are ignored, anything is possible. The egocentric idiot in the Whitehouse thinks this whole situation is hilarious. He is laughing about the near total destruction of the wealth of a nation. How can we stop this?

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    31. joe says:

      You don't understand what the left is doing.

      They want to pass a massive tax increase NOW because they know that we are in the threshold of a global cooling.

      Once they pass this massive tax increase they are going to start saying that we are in a global cooling trend because of the CO2 reduction but they are not going to repeal the tax and they are going to take all the credit

      Just like NYC did with the water shortage. They increase the water prices because the reservoirs were low now the reservoirs are full they did not reduced the price of the water in-fact they still going up

      The left need to scare the public so they will have their way

    32. Tony, Australia says:

      Dear America,

      You do not have the right to pollute the world for your own profit.

      You do not have the right to consume energy at ever increasing rates regardless of the consequences.

      You do not have the right to wage war to secure the resources you need to sustain your unsustainable consumerist lifestyle.

      You do not have the right to act like arrogant cowboys on the global fronteir.

      You are citizens of the world and you must start to act like it.

      Think beyond your borders for once in your cloistered, isolated, arrogant lives.

    33. mike, hickory, nc says:

      We are thinking beyond our own borders precisely because the facts show how the Left and their insidious agenda is such bad news for everbody and everything, and they already have too many parrots mindlessly parroting in every hemosphere including the Southern one.

    34. Rachel, Cookeville, says:

      Tony in Australia, I would like to remind you that if it had not been for we "arrogant" Americans, your asses would have been dissolved in World War II. My husband a WWII Vet took me back to Australia in 1998 to retrace his years during the war, and I was so rewarded to hear from so many of your compratiots of how respectful they were of him and others like him.

      This leads me to believe that you are a younger person who has been very indocrinated about the world today and the world of then. Tony, please fight for your freedoms. Every time you give up a "piece" of them, i.e. cap and trade or others, you are succumbing to government 'control'. The way tyranny starts is a piece at a time. Please don't be fooled.

      Unfortunately, I think the indocrination will work, as there are extreme forces at work globally that aim to organize a "one world government" for their power positions, doing so by sending the message that all will be well. I pray that each and every soul on earth will look deep into their souls. I pray the young people who can be so easily swayed, pleeease take the time to check historical circumstances such as these.

      The Russians via 1900 started this by killing the "rich folks" and said the "people" would run the stores. They went into two decades of starvation because the 'farm owners' of the time (rich people) were killed. The others didn't know how to do it. They starved for 40 years.

      Young people, please study your history. Obama is leading us into the same trap seen in Russia and Germany.

      Don't be so easily fooled.

    35. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Analogy for "Common Carbon" Bluegills. Millions of bullets are manufactured throughout the world. Yet, maybe one in a hundred thousand ever actually end a human life at the hands of another human. Most are benign pieces of metal and gun powder.

      Most people never even contemplate being shot! Beware the very common and benign bullet, or, all carbon is not the same! Play this denial game at your children's and Grandchildren's risk.

      The only ones with a critical interest in confusing us with this message are those addicted to and unwilling to relinquish their reliance on carbon based energy!

      I am amazed at the number of work-a-day folks that have been suckered into doing the bidding of the powerful oil lobby!

      Lastly: Energy production is a real wealth generating and value added industry, as is manufacturing and agriculture. Obama is right on the money when he says development of alternative energy will power this country into an economic recovery. It will also make us energy independent again and, much like ridding gasoline of lead 30 years ago, it will verifiably stave off green house gas emissions. (See the startling improvement in the data on ice core samples and lead) What are you so damned afraid of? Exxon-Mobile Bazzilionaires?

      When they finally come for the Carbon Club, it may no longer matter! Check out the Satillite photo's of the polar ice cap and, I don't know….maybe watch American Idol…or is it "American Brain Idle"?

    36. Barb -mn says:

      Dear Tony, Australia,

      Response to your comment:

      Dear America,

      You do not have the right to pollute the world for your own profit.

      **The people do have the right under freedom to use the natural resources provided in the land they live. The people do have the moral duty to Regulate and control pollution emissions for the safety standards of the public. The businesses have the right under freedom to charge whatever the people will pay when it comes to non-necessities.**

      You do not have the right to consume energy at ever increasing rates regardless of the


      **The people do have the right under freedom to conduct business according to the lifestyles and innovations of the people. The people have the right to consume what they can afford as long as it is lawful for the common good or need of all the people and with the minds and abilities to avoid the worst of consequences that are known.**

      You do not have the right to wage war to secure the resources you need to sustain your unsustainable consumerist lifestyle.

      **Everyone has the right under their own birthright freedom to defend the resources to sustain the lives they've taken the freedom to afford to give themselves!**

      You do not have the right to act like arrogant cowboys on the global frontier.

      **This is just personal opinion. I haven't seen a cowboy, let alone an arrogant one since the 70's.**

      You are citizens of the world and you must start to act like it.

      **Every person born in this world is born of freedom and their own individualism, why don't you act like it? One thing (the people, no matter how many, are willed & proud to do) that should never have come to be but is, out of force of the leadership government of America taking it away, is to defend the freedom America stands for.**

      Think beyond your borders for once in your cloistered, isolated, arrogant lives.

      Well, thank you for your personal opinion. Often people of freedom empathize with those that aren't and wish upon them the strength to be. I feel sorry for you and your misconception of the true Americans you trash.

    37. Judith in Michigan says:

      Dear Tony in Australia;

      You do not know America, or Americans, at all

      1: China and India are fast becoming the worst polluters of the planet.

      2: Energy is not a finite product. A lot is limitless. If our new Socialist government would stop barring energy production and research, with our ingenuity and innovations, the US would probably be exporting energy now to other nations. Talk to our govt. about that.

      3: And just what war are you referring to, Sir, that we waged to "secure"

      resources? What oil we do get from Iraq (and it isn't a lot. Canada is our largest importer), the US pays for at fair market value.

      4: As an American I feel we can act any way we wish. Who are you, an Australian,

      to lecture us how we must act?

      5: I am NOT a citizen of the world. I am AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, and darned proud of it! No one will take our soverignty away.

      See #4 above.

      6: Think beyond our borders??? The US is the most generour nation in the world and gives more to help others in need abroad than any other nation. Just what does your country contribute for disaster relief, disease iradication funding, aiding the starving, helping struggling and weak nations to thrive and fend off brutal dictators who butcher their own people. The stats are a public record.

      It sounds to me, Sir, you are suffering from a case of envy. Why don't you come for a visit and see for yourself just how great this country is and what tremendous citizens live here?

    38. joe ny says:

      Does anybody knows were milk comes from?

      You probably say from the cow.


      Let’s think about this. If there is no milk in the supermarket shelf do you go and protest at the cow for not producing milk OR YOU START PROTESTING THE SUPERMARKET OWNER FOR NOT HAVING MILK ON THE SHELF

      Now let’s thing how milk get to the supermarket

      It requires ENERGY: to milk the cow, process the milk, and deliver it to the supermarket

      You probably say the supermarket owner has no right to stop putting milk on the shelf

      But the supermarket owner says he has no right to ENERGY so he stopped excepting milk delivery

      And this goes for everything in the supermarket

      The left is out of touch they need to get in touch with them selves

      We don’t have the right to energy but the minute you turn of the energy all food stops coming to city and then what?

    39. Miller says:

      There is a medical term for what the right wing fanatics are going though…something along the lines of paranoid schitzophrenia?

    40. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      For those who may have doubts on who is left you can trust, I suggest you look no further than the mirror.

      Provided our right to free speech and opinions are taken seriously by those at Heritage who "Monitor" these posts you may have the opportunity to view the following and make up your own minds.


    41. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Tony in Australia.

      Remember what happened when Ron Paul tried to explain to Giulianni about BLOWBACK. Same goes for our "still #1" pollution standing in the World, although China is catching up quickly!

      We Americans can't handle much in the way of criticism. Thought I'd take this opportunity to thank Australia for being one of our closer allies in the War on TERRORISM. I call it a Campaign for unlimited Presidential Powers – or – the NEVER ENDING STORY.

      Thank you mostly for the troops you kept on the ground with us in Vietnam. It was mostly Australia an South Korea that stayed with us then.

      Caveat: Beware the average Internet expert. The current bunch, in general, are recently deposed Conservative Republicans on a mission from Cheney.

      They remained strangely quiet while Bush/Cheney raped our Constitution and sent our GI's into harms way. The Trillion dollar cost of that War – finaced by our currency manipulating bankers in China, hardly ruffles a feather. Why – because most have not spent countless hours in harms way and the borrowing is somehow diffent from taxing. In taxing – you pay the bill, In borrowing you only pay on the interest. Immediate gratifcation with no short term pain!

      I only had to do one stint in Vietnam. These Great American Military Patriots are going back for their third and fourth tour.

      Well – it does make the drive to the Acme a lot less worrisome for the typical "hand wringing" haters of all things Obama, Democrat, or Liberal!

      The Republican Conservative FRINGE call these folks Nazi's, Commies, Hitlerites, Stahlinists, at every turn. The Dem Liberal FRINGE call the NeoCons as bad! Where are you gonna go with that crap???

      It is easy to rant annonymously.

      Sgt J E Rsina, dos 1966-70

      RVN – Camrahn Bay, 1969

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