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  • The Longest Sentence Against Global Warming Legislation

    Courtesy of Lord Christopher Monckton:

    I warn this honorable House that any proposal to inflict billions of dollars of new taxation on all citizens by charging selectively-disfavored industries for arbitrarily-rationed permits to emit a harmless and beneficial trace gas that is necessary to all life on Earth and has little effect on its surface temperature will fall cruelly and disproportionately upon the poor, will threaten their very lives, will gravely diminish the liberty that is the glory of your great nation, will render difficult if not unlawful the pursuit of happiness, will raise little net revenue if the poor are adequately compensated by subsidy, will damagingly distort the labor market by widening and deepening the unemployment trap that already gives millions of your most helpless citizens a better income on welfare than in work, will imprison the poorest earners in a perpetual poverty trap by inflicting upon them a crippling marginal taxation and benefit-withdrawal rate that powerfully deters them from increasing their earnings,

    will be complex, extravagant, and costly, will savagely compound the adverse effects of recession, of excessive public and private indebtedness, of fiscal incontinence, and of monetary laxity on industries and employment, will create soi-disant “green” jobs by the thousand while destroying real jobs by the million, will establish an unstable and artificial derivatives market in hot air that will enrich a handful of portly middle-men while impoverishing the people, will automatically and ineluctably defeat its own objective by so depressing economic activity that the “market” price of carbon dioxide will tend rapidly to fall as close to zero as it has done in both of Europe’s attempts at a cap-and-trade scheme, will directly encourage fraud by incentivizing not only both parties to every transaction but also the regulatory authorities recklessly to overstate the magnitude of that transaction, will set your enterprises at a profound competitive disadvantage against nations that steer wisely clear of purposeless restrictions on or taxation of the very air we breathe out, will accelerate the transfer of wealth from your citizens’ pockets to other nations’ governments by way of boondoggles such as the UN’s “Clean Development Mechanism”, and will appreciably increase global carbon-dioxide emissions by transferring US jobs and manufactures to less efficient nations whose emissions per unit of production are many times greater than your own, and by increasing poverty and consequently birth-rates and consequently carbon-dioxide emissions worldwide, thereby exerting at prodigious and tragic cost a double influence on the global climate that will be precisely the opposite of that which was, however piously, intended.”

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    10 Responses to The Longest Sentence Against Global Warming Legislation

    1. Randall VN, CA says:

      Well stated. Thank you.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      What a fabulous sentence! Thank you, Lord Christopher Monckton.

      The president may use his excuse, it is beyond his pay grade to interpret correctly. We understand. Your ONE SENTENCE says it all!

    3. David, Wisconsin says:

      Amen!! The most expensive fraud ever perpetrated.

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    5. enerwise, sc says:

      Dear, Lord Christopher Monckton

      When my mother Constance Clark from the UK and my dad Irving G from the northern British isle's married, it was said how can this be that a catholic marry a protestant, but this was America and nothing more was said that I know of.

      So I'm sure you understand how well pleased I am that someone with a name from whence I came is now among the first to speak up in defense of the only people I know. I wanted you also to understand that there are not a few that know about the dire situation of the north sea oil decline rates that the UK depends upon for energy independence

      I have been an advocate of atom powered electricity for many years now and very soon decisions must be made because as worldwide oil supply continues to decline, to increase natural gas supply cannot make up the difference for very long and even coal has limits if one does not want to see the air one breaths.

      Modern nuclear powered electric generating plants can give us the greatest invention since fire ELECTRICITY.

      But there is no reason in GODS kingdom why we cannot have affordable electricity. If we can no longer afford fossil fuels for transportation and must walk then so be it. I can still walk, and most of us here in America need to lose some weight anyway.

      What more versatile energy source can be found that electricity can and is being used for, manufacturing industry heating cooling lights water pumping sewer pumping refrigeration computers music washing machines transportation microwaves coffee makers and tea lifts presses and the list is very long very long.

      Electricity can remain affordable even to the poorest people for the next one hundred years plus.

      I know not to whom the politicians of my country pledge their allegiance, but I do certainly not consent to their current actions but, one voice makes little noise and one light has no value among the blind.

    6. ecoanne, Yorkshire, says:

      Fantastic, what a use of the english language. It must be that 'The Lords' are so full of wind that they don't come up for air! It's a pity that such a serious subject should find itself ridiculed, somewhat. Still we Brits are known for laughing in adversity. http://TheEnergyLadyUk.com/blog

    7. Jeffrey Kampfert Oa says:

      My questions for the Obama administration are these. All this shale oil in Colorado, do we use it or look at it? And the 300 year supply of coal buried under ground, do we use it, or look at it?

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    9. Gray, South Carolina says:

      Fabulous response to the absurdity of all the hype global warming has received, and will continue to receive. Thank you.

    10. Patrick Zilliacus, L says:

      BRILLIANT! These "Wise Men" who promulgate the Global Warming due to Human Activity myth don't mention that herds of cattle, other farm animals and, of course, wildlife are the biggest contributors to the so called "Greenhouse Gases". At a very minimum they must all become vegans for anybody to listen to them at all. For the last several decades they and their ilk have prevented the building of any ZERO EMISSION nuclear generating plants in the US while France, Finland and even Japan have been busily freeing themselves from fossil fuel through nuclear electricity. No French, Finnish, Japanese, or for that matter, US citizen has ever been killed in a nuclear generating plant.

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