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  • At Least Someone Thinks This is All Funny

    Posted in Ongoing Priorities [slideshow_deploy]

    12 Responses to At Least Someone Thinks This is All Funny

    1. JoyceAnn111, North S says:

      I find it quite ironic that somehow we have gone from "crisis to catastrophe" to inappropriate laughter regarding our economy. This on the heels of his Jay Leno "joke" about Special Olympics makes me think he is losing his mind.

    2. Jennifer MacFarland, says:

      Arrogance. He is sociopathic– all that matters to him is him, and he lacks any empathy since others & their situations & their pain are irrelevant to him. Has he noticed that he makes more than the $250,000, the cap that he suggests to others' pay?

    3. Wayne, Dallas TX says:

      What if Bush had laughed about the economy?! Oh my.

    4. mom of 3, Virginia says:

      Yeah my husband lost his job 2 weeks ago. Real funny….

    5. chris, chicago says:

      This is what you get when you put a rank amatuer in the highest office. At least Jimmy Carter ran a state. The closest Obama got to management was the Annenberg Challenge and the Chicago Public Schools. The CPS is not something I would be proud of.

    6. Terry - California says:

      Obama has a callous approach to his job as President of the United States. In his fanatical push to reshape America to his idealogy he is willing to step on the big and small with a detached arrogance. When the polls are in danger of slipping, he answers with expensive jaunts on Air Force One to locations where dedicated faithful swoon in front of the media cameras to assure us we are all misguided in believing his policies are damaging. Yes, his laughter during the 60 Minutes interview bordered on the insane and is truly gallows humor, and Obama is the hangman.

    7. ztormtra - NC says:

      Does the Media realize they will also eventually be subject to the Cap of what the executives can make?

    8. Bryan -Maryland says:

      The truth is the Obama is Lovin' it. It is his goal to redistrubute weath.

    9. A Clay says:

      This guy conned America, but doesn't yet realize that America is now wise to him. His behavior is un-Presidential and callous. At least Clinton was un-Presidential and compassionate. Imagine, drinking beer at a Wizards game after the Dow dropped over 100 points because of the incompetence of his administration. This guy needs to get serious fast. I never thought I would be nostalgic for Bush.

    10. Dannielle, Grand Rap says:

      Jennifer, I have been telling everyone the same thing. I think this guy is a stone cold sociopath. Whether it be his extreme views on live-birth abortion, special olympians or laughing at a time when people are losing their life savings. Its all about him. Disgusting!

    11. Barb -mn says:

      This guy needs a drug test.

    12. FRANK COLLATT says:

      Daily this Country is attacked by the enemies within; specifically the Obama Administration and their misplaced socialistic agendas. OBAMA is more concerned with his image, his ratings, and how other countries view Americans in the United States. Daily our safety in this Great Country is diminished because OBAMA simply does not get it. He is suppose to place out interests first. I ask you this question: WHAT HAS OBAMA or HIS ADMINISTRATION DONE FOR ANYONE IN AMERICA THUS FAR? It has been a little over 100-days thus far. At this rate, OUR COUNTRY AS WE KNEW IT WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED, FOR THE WORSE, BY AN USURPER BY THE NAME OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

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