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  • Morning Bell: Taxpayers Should Be More Than a Little Scared

    Maybe Jay Leno should host Meet the Press. Bowling and canine questions aside, Leno pressed President Barack Obama hard on the House’s vote to strip AIG employees of their retention bonuses via the tax code:

    Well, here’s something that kind of scared me. Today they passed this thing that says we’re going to tax 90 percent of these bonuses. And the part that scares me is, I mean, you’re a good guy — if the government decides they don’t like a guy, all of a sudden, hey, we’re going to tax you and then, boom, and it passes. I mean, that seems a little scary as a taxpayer.

    And taxpayers should be scared by this Administration. Especially considering Obama’s answer:

    I think that the best way to handle this is to make sure that you’ve closed the door before the horse gets out of the barn. … The change I’d like to see in terms of tax policy is that we have a system, going back to where we were back in the 1990s, where you and I who are doing pretty well pay a little bit more to pay for health care, to pay for energy, to make sure that kids can go to college who aren’t as fortunate as our — as my kids might be. Those are the kinds of measured steps that we can take.

    Translation: the only problem Obama has with Congress targeting specific groups for astronomical tax hikes is that they didn’t do it early enough! And there is nothing “measured” about the steps Obama wants the federal government to take. The Obama Administration budget: 1) increases government spending by $1 trillion over the next decade; 2) permanently expands the federal government by nearly 3 percent of gross domestic product; 3) raises taxes for 3.2 million taxpayers by an average of $300,000 over the next decade; 4) raises taxes on all Americans by $1.4 trillion over the next decade; 5) leaves permanent deficits averaging $600 billion even after the economy recovers; and 6) doubles the publicly held national debt to over $15 trillion.

    When pressed earlier in the day at a rally in Los Angeles about whether the federal government’s borrow and spend policies might “create here a chance that we may follow in the footsteps of Iceland and one day just simply be brokeall Obama could do was attack the previous administration: “[W]hen I hear some folks from the other party in Congress start howling about the deficits, I’m starting to think, well, where have you been? What have you been doing?”

    The Bush Administration and the Tom DeLay Congress will have to speak for themselves, but true conservatives fought against the explosion of Washington spending every step of the way. The Heritage Foundation was opposed to the idea that more federal spending and control were good for education. We opposed the idea that more federal spending and control were necessary for transportation. And we so opposed the idea the Medicare ought to be expanded to include prescription drugs that DeLay banned Heritage research from his office.

    But enough about the past. Looking ahead to the future, both the Democrat controlled Senate Budget Committee and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office offered some stark reality to contrast with Obama’s Hollywood budget pitch. Senate Democrats say that Obama’s budget will push federal deficits “as much as $1.6 trillion higher” than the Obama Administration claims. The CBO places the number at $1 trillion. The Obama Administration is not going to cut any of its spending priorities. So yes Jay, you should be scared … you and every other taxpayer should be very, very scared.

    Quick Hits:

    • The Obama Administration announced another $5 billion in bailouts; this time for auto suppliers.
    • Credit-rating companies, widely assailed for their role in fueling the financial crisis with overly rosy debt ratings, stand to make a billion-dollar windfall in the Obama Administration’s latest attempt to heal the credit markets.
    • Earl A. Devaney, head of the RAT Board (the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board) said: “Logic would suggest there’s going to be a loss of money to fraud and waste with this amount of money going around.”
    • Another day, another Obama Administration appointee needs a waiver to skirt Obama’s own ethics policy.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, 50% of U.S. voters now say they are more worried that the government will do too much in reacting to the nation’s economic problems rather than not enough.
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    64 Responses to Morning Bell: Taxpayers Should Be More Than a Little Scared

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The HF should change the name of this to



    2. Joe Ruffino, Merrick says:

      Why hasn't the Supreme Court stepped into this situation. Seems to me that Congress has kicked the Constituion in the you know what.

    3. Mark Y Durango,Co says:

      All I have to say today is, Hey Obama let's see that BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

    4. Jeff McDonald, Santa says:

      Actually the scariest and highest creepiness factor for me is the fact that this tax is so obviously unconstitutional and I have only heard one show, last night's Hannity, discuss the constitutionality of these draconian measures. Also high on the creepiness chart is the fact that Congress PASSED the exemption of these bonuses in the porkulus bill and embarrassed this country by having their dog and pony show of feigned indignation. I mean, to pass a couple of $Trillion in borrowing and spending, with about $4Billion going to "community block grants" (i.e ACORN and its various tentacles), hiring these vote fraud professionals to man the census is a truly frightening prospect. Where are our conservative representatives to counter all this?

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      In an


      video message released

      Friday on the

      celebration of the Persian new year,

      President Barack Obama

      speaks directly to the

      Iranian people and


      saying his administration

      "is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us" and that that the process

      "will not be advanced by threats."

    6. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I give up! The new administration and their deamagogic congressional majority are totally out of control. I don't take issue with whatever fourm Obama chooses to verablize his message. But I'm blindsided by is his not minding the store so as to accomodate his celebrity tour, AKA smoke and mirrors. All the while his administration is not completely up and running. Disorganized is an understatement. The demagogues are simply winging it with the "HOPE" their magic show will convince a disinheartend public.

    7. Jay...Wentzville MO says:

      How about that 1 Trillion dollars we just printed, to purchase U.S Treasury Bonds…

      Can you say National Bankruptcy ???

    8. Ingrid in Texas says:

      It's scary for the big corrupt elite but, it should not be scary for the common citizen.

      Considering the IRS is a private company and so is the Federal reserve, we the people can and will make these producing entities obsolete.

      We must remember that when it comes to the elite group, it is common for them to lie, cheat, create laws to hide there corruption and short of killing each other, they will do anything among themselves thinking they are above us. These rich people only care about the money they can put in their bank accounts. This includes all of our Federal government, state and dept. heads.

      We the people are gathering and we will not tolerate this much longer.

    9. Ann, Georgia says:

      Our country has been in a mess, financially and morally, for quite a while. Putting B.O. in the White House has proven we're idiots. It's too bad that we can't politely ask B.O. to go away and find a community to organize. Too bad we can't hit the reset button.

    10. Duke, Ohio says:

      Americans get the politicians they deserve. Our ability to believe this clown and elect him President is embarrassing. He is clearly acting in response to his plunging approval rating. When the polls turn negative, he resorts to class warfare because thats what his miserable liberal fan base wants.

    11. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Ken of Vegas, what you suggest is only fair as conservatives have received a daily dose of venom about what Bush did wrong during his eight years in office. In fact, Mr. Celebrity, AKA Obama, continues to blame Bush for the current fiscal debacle. Allow me to remind you that the president, which includes the left's celebrity guy, does not make law. The Demagogues controlled congress during Bush's second term. His downfall was giving into their demands.

    12. Jeff McDonald, Santa says:

      Maybe he will go home to Indonesia. I think it is a great place for him. He is so arrogant and he is an embarrassment to our great country. May America Rest in Peace.

    13. christopher g scott says:

      The legislation passed yesterday by the congress to tax AIG excecutives is unconstitutional they singled out indviduals,our nations founders are rolling in their graves. We need statesmen not panderers.

    14. Judy, Arizona says:

      This whole administration is out of control. I feel like we're sheep being led to slaughter and I don't want to go. I thought this would never happen in my life-time (I'm 65) but I think we will reach a point (if we don't act) when you will no longer own guns ( I live on a 40 mile dirt road in southern Az. that is a free-way for illegals) hunting and access to state lands will be a memory and cattle ranching and farming are almost impossible to comply with the laws and still make a living and even worse the total lack of relegion and morals in our children. This is where I believe they're headed. I don't like setting on my hands if you have suggestions I'm open to them. Some think this will never happen –Watch

    15. Russell Acocelli says:

      I hope all of the people that voted for Obama are Happy.Let's see what they say when they get their tax increase!America was a country for the people,by the people and of the people. It seems to be of late, the government for the

      government,and by the government! We better get it back before it is ti late!

    16. Amanda, TX says:

      A celebrity was elected to the White House NOT a leader. He's throwing house parties once a week, going on late night t.v. shows, can't give a speech without his teleprompter, and has no idea on how to handle other foreign leaders.

    17. Jeff, Florida says:

      Lets see now this so called Government plan so far is to tax the very people who create jobs, pissed off the people that have real money to the point where they will move all their money to off shore banks, reduce the Medicare benefits and cause the seniors to dish out more money, create a federal deficit for not only our children but their children and maybe their children and might even collapse the economy of this once great country, and last but not least cut the Military down to fight only one war. In the mean time the USSR is planning to increase all of their Military because they now know that the USA will be so financially strapped we can't possibly do anything about it. Now how safe do you Dems feel? Aren't you happy that you Dems have helped this mad man bring down the United States of America. There is more and it's about becoming a one party nation, "Socialism". The flow of illegal's across our boarders, are all for the Socialist handouts at the expense of the working class of people and this so called Government is all for opening up the boarders to let the flow begin to ensure the (Dems) will always be in power. There is another thing going on that people may not have recognized and that is the large numbers of coco children in the last few years and guess who they will be voting for. Wake up America!

    18. David Sayers, NC says:

      HELP!! Somebody please tell me how we can recall this incompetent sorry excuse for a president. This guy is not only going to flush all our money down the toilet but by talking to the Iranian thugs, he's going to get us killed. he needs to go, and FAST.

      On his way out the door he can take that bunch who call themselves lawmakers with him. He certainly is creating CHAINS we can believe in.

    19. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      If there really was a

      Liberal Media -



      The first tangible sign of President Obama's economic stimulus plan is showing up in paychecks. Under the "Making Work Pay" provision, employers are taking out less federal withholding taxes.

      The tax credit adds up to $400 this year for the average worker, up to $800 a year for married couples that file jointly.

      The average means most people will receive between $10-15 more each week.


      Many higher-income taxpayers will see little or no change in their take-home pay. That’s because the

      Making Work Pay credit.

      NOT for individuals making $75,000 or more

      or Joint makine $150,000 or more.


      Wonder HOW the HF missed it?

    20. Mark says:

      Ok, so we all know the government has overstepped its limits, trashed the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

      Maybe it's time for the Heritage Foundation to stop talking about it and start forming a march on Washington and our local representative's offices.

      Bring together the other organizations such as the Re-Tea Party and others and let's just GET IT DONE ALREADY!

    21. Jeff says:

      Hey Mark, I just got done emailing the NJ SOS for the 4th time this month trying to get an answer as to who was responsible for making sure the 2008 candidates complied with the requirements of the Constitution.

      All I've received so far has been nothing but vague answers saying it's "not their job", but they keep avoiding telling me whose job it is.

      All I know is that none of them were qualified and Roger Calero was thrown off the ballot in 6 states that I personally investigated as being non-eligible. As for Obama, his father was Kenyan and his mother had him adopted and registered as an Indonesian citizen by the second alien father.

      Obama shouldn't even be in office. Had all these organizations investigated the law, maybe they wouldn't have lumped all those concerns in with the "birfer" people and realized this was a unlawful election.

      Next time Heritage Foundation, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and all the others who ignored a bona fide, constitutional issue, might want to think about the fact that NONE of them were eligible and NOW, what we're seeing, is backpedalling being done when you ask who was responsible for verifying their eligibility.

      You can't get an answer to save your life! It's now been a month and I'm going to continue this crusade until I get some answers.

    22. Robert Rodwich says:

      I am disappointed in you. It seems obvious that you did actually see the Jay Leno presentation of Obama last night. It was disturbingly obvious to me that it was just another scripted appearance to allow Obama to make excuses and to distort his position. I was waiting for the whole Leno crew to ge chills down their legs. Don't believe everything that you read.

    23. Robert Rodwich says:

      I am disappointed in you. It seems obvious that you did not actually see the Jay Leno presentation of Obama last night. It was disturbingly obvious to me that it was just another scripted appearance to allow Obama to make excuses and to distort his position. I was waiting for the whole Leno crew to ge chills down their legs. Don’t believe everything that you read.

    24. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Mark "Dodge" Durango – Get on topic. You sound like a typical Limburger dittohead. You know Rash Rush the mouth that gushed "I hope Obama/America/the economy fails" He's is our Commander in Chief so man-up and get constructive. Lots of one trick ponies in the West and elsewhere.

      I support the 90% thing. Our government is applying a great common sense response to the abuse of the "torrential trickle-Up" side of Reagonomics. Some are just plain "too frightened" of everything Obama – or are simply deeply and/or subconsciously racist.

      Too much emotion and little of constructive value for all our fellow citizens in these discussions.

      If you assume you have it right, explain why!

      And the supreme court cannot step in until those

      over bonused flunkies at AIG file a suit. I think,

      get ready to cringe Neo's, the ACLU might even be the one to stick up for these towering patriot capitalists at the AIG (Always Incompetent Group).

      I find the well entrenched and highly veiled third

      party in America to be The Fed and Bankers. Hell of a lobby those guys have. I am with Ron Paul a thousand percent on abolishing the Fed. They contribute nothing – only to their banker cronies.

      Now that should fire up Dems, Indpendents and Repubs.

    25. John Rosina, Bordent says:


      This is a quote from Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation and something we should ALL favor doing.


      Our fears have materialized about what happens when no one reads legislation. Now we have proof that 13 hours wasn't enough time to read the 1100 page Stimulus Bill. Reports have emerged that Senator Dodd, at the behest of the administration, inserted an unnoticed loophole that allowed AIG employees to receive exorbitant bonuses. I am certain that if Congress had put that legislation online for 72 hours before it was considered — if they had a chance to read it, or if you did — someone might have caught that last minute loophole.

      That's why we want you to sign the petition to urge Congress to Read the Bill: http://www.ReadTheBill.org/petition

      Yours in Good Citizenship

    26. Michael - New York N says:

      What country did I wake up in this morning? If elected officials target you with vengeance to take away your possessions, then it is not the America in which I was born. It sounds like a place where Lenin and Stalin ruled the masses [promoting class warfare] with the iron hammer, cycle and fist. Just like what will occur here; the masses put him in power, but will yearn for freedom some day.

      Obama, be honest, your are a Marxist.

    27. Mike O'Grady says:

      The current state of the economy and the incompetance of both the Democratic and Republican parties has worn me out. The country has been "run" by these two groups for the past nine decades and they've become complacent and ignorant of what matters to most Americans. I believe it's time we get a third party in there that represents the Middle Class for a change.

      One that implements a FAIR FLAT TAX for all companies operating in our borders both domestic and foreign

      One that implements a FAIR FLAT TAX for all citizens regardless of their income levels.

      One that can make all citizens in the US accountable for participating and sharing the load. This means voting is mandatory and that you have to show a tax return reciept showing proof you filed your taxes before you can use any public infrastructure or services.

      One that can level the playing field with stronger Free Trade Agreements and closes those loopholes that our own corporations are using to avoid paying their fair share

      One that prohibits ANY lobbying – PERIOD

      One that takes those cradle to grave benefits that our elected leaders have bestowed upon themselves away and makes them use the same medicare benefits we'll all have to use.

      And More…..

      I think that new politcal party can be named the ANGRY-AMERICAN Party.

      Respectfully – Mike in Michigan (and yes I am PO'd)

    28. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Duke, this is just an idictment on the intelligence and common sense of a good portion of the population. We have a population that was brought up on American Idol and shows like that so they want an idol instead of a President. Soon if not now you will see billboards and heaven forbid busts of obama and his minions blanketing the country. These people think that everything he says is the truth when in fact he lies everytime he opens his mouth. REVOLUTION REVOLUTION BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

    29. ella quinn kinston n says:

      You are right jeff.We the american people are out numbered.The democrats are evil and donot care about us.Cutting our defense is the wrong thing to do.I am sick of obama taking our money to do what he wants to.Our money is not his.We all will probably say before it is all over lord come on back to earth to get us and take us home.In heaven we wont have these people their. Hell is where they are heading.Let us all hang in their.Something has to give for us all.

    30. Sliver Wisconsin says:

      Ella, you are correct but the politicians think it's their money and they can do what they want with it. We can't just hang in there we have to organize before it's too late. With their class envy indoctrination of the people that have some money and ambition to start a business that supplies a good pecentage of the jobs in this country. They are trying to divide and conquer which takes the attention off of what they are doing, destroying capitalism. We are in a fight for our freedom for us, our children and future generations.

    31. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      I think it's like the old Country western song, Obama gets the Gold and we get the Shaft. Like one comment above, I want to see Obama's original birth certifcate, not something that one of the clerks types up from the hall of records. The birth certificates I seen didn;t have any seal on them. Judging from my own experience he couldn't get a Passport with that birth certificate they sent around on the internet.

    32. s johnson says:

      with nobama new found money ie book deals,tax him @90% and when his kids go to college tax him again@90% oh & for energy use tax again @90%,also change the age limit on ss to 100 payrolltax by 90%&let state&local collect the other 10%!

    33. rebecca kaminski says:

      You mean the wealthy tax payers who are privileged to be able to do so?

      The great divide. Drumming up fear out of greed. Certainly not morality, which is closer related to the definition of what heritage is conotating here.

      Thank our Lord Jesus Obama gets it.

    34. ella quinn kinston n says:

      Silver i am ready to organize, just say the word.I am a fighter for freedom along with you.I want to do what i can for the american people.We are all in this together the ones who believe like we do.

    35. ella quinn kinston n says:

      David you are right obama, is leading us in a path of destruction.He should not talk to iran, they are as crazy as he is.We need help.



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    38. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I am not scared, I am terrified.

      He thinks corruption will go away because "He is in charge".

      This kind of spending will usher in the type of corruption we all fear. Government misuse of Power, resources and money. Where is the proof that what he says will bring anything but out of control, or even worse in control deliberate misuse and misappropriation of power.

      Th every FACT that under his tutelage, congress is moving with venom against private business is proof enough we are under siege by a diabolical eminent threat; a misuse of power!

      The very FACT they are targeting free speech, individual value and aggressive law changes with no equality in mind shows a contempt for America and our way of life.

      What he intends to trade it in for is CONGRESSIONAL oversight like the ones that regulate, welfare, medicaid, medicare, and all the other inept branches of pure stumbling ineptitude we lovingly call our government. Now that the beast intends to devour us with regulated fury, I have to wonder who is on the menu next!!

      This profoundly arrogant snake is wielding an ax upon the last remaining roots of liberty and planting the seeds of extortion and pomposity of regulation by CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT pawns.

      This is changing success, freedom and liberty into servitude.

      I'm not scared, I am terrified.

      Never before have I seen our government act with such imbalanced intention to deliberately write laws to protect constituents then to use them as a way to leverage hate at their contract obligations to hide the governments ineptitude in giving away our money without reading their own bill!

      This is by fact alone the risk we all face when they can politicize their screw ups and shoulder the blame on Americans. Who can defend this inequality and injustice and still call themselves Americans?! Is this the kind of government we are seeding to grow with only 2-3 weeks of Obama's guidance?

    39. oscar says:

      Help, please tell me ways I can help get my America back – the America of the constitution, Red, White and Blue. Both "sides" are to blame, the over the years, many (not all) wealth Americans have forgotten that with wealth comes responsibility to community, not greed and arrogance. It has been noticable, now the far left are taking those "sins" and rolling us into a mess. Don't know the answer, but perhaps a new conservative party could have more to offer the misguided far lefters, and win them over to the true American ideas and ways. Plus be more suited to the middle classes like my self.

    40. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Now let me see if I've got this straight. AIG was failing and the Government loaned them money so now the Government can tell their employees to return half their salaries or we will tax them at 90%.

      First question, all employees including office clerks, secretaries, mail room clerks etc?

      Second question, does this apply to all companies who received government money? If so when will we see the UAW workers return half their salaries to the auto companies or get taxed at 90%?

      So maybe this will expand, as all government programs do, to include others who may not have received government money. How about all the high priced ball players who the Yankees hired to help win the world series, will they be required to give back half of their salaries?

      How about government workers, after all the government has been operating in the red for decades, will government workers be required to give back half their salaries?

      Where does it stop?


    41. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      The article above presents in fact another example of how the "Liberal"/Socialist government elitist Left are making it increasingly evident and obvious that they are indeed being much less patient and much more in a hurry to get their Leftist/Socialist government elitist way, and thus, in effect, finish changing the U.S. into another Socialist nation.

      Thus they are indeed proving true even the "1-liner" of: "What's the difference between a Liberal and a Socialist? A Liberal is a patient Socialist, and a Socialist is a Liberal in a hurry".

      The upshot is that the government elitist Left is now much more hurriedly doing to all of us the same things which have already turned cities and states where they "rule the roost" (such as my original home state of New York) into the unfortunate "poster children" of their ruinous Socialist/Left policies, which are, in effect, driving out businesses, jobs, and people, while also driving those who stay into being less prosperous and more dependant upon government, and driving ever more of them down below “the poverty line” and into outright dependence upon government.

      So the Leftist government elitists are indeed making it strangely so that even while they are supposedly "targeting 'the rich'", it would behoove you to be at least as "well-heeled" as possible in order for you live, pay for their taxes and cost of living, and at least try to forestall, for as long as possible, their taxing, spending, and legislating you down into being among those who are in any way dependant upon "Liberal"/Socialist government elitist politicians and bureaucrats…which is the "equality" which the Left has a nasty habit of promoting and causing, as already shown and proven more than once around the world.

    42. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Before you or anyone starts begrudging elderly Americans help with prescription drug costs, you need to start criticizing all the money that goes out of this country in fruitless endeavors, all the money spent on the no-goods, and all the money wasted in general on Pork projects by our worthless politicians.

      We elderly citizens are small potatoes when it comes to fiscal waste and irresponsibility. We've paid our way for many years. Charity begins at HOME, or at least it should!

      And I am not a supporter of Obama and his Socialism.

    43. Ingrid in Texas says:

      I guess if your not making over 250K, your considered to be in the loser category. This means your salary will most likely go down to minimum wage (with the recent increase) wow!!!!

      No more middle class. There will only be:

      the very rich

      the so so rich

      the wana be rich (steal and borrow) then declare bankrupcy

      And the poor

      And the very poor (most likely 45 to 50%)

      This is how they will be spreading the wealth:

      The wana be rich and the poor will have to give 50% of their salary to pay for the very poor. This way it equals and balances the wealth for the two sides.

      This way the very rich can continue to make money off of us and total stay biased. Pretending that they are paying their share of the taxes.

      Get the picture.

      Wake up America!

    44. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Who is John Galt? Cronyism and Nepotism and the buying and selling of favors covered by the veneer, "We are doing this for the downtrodden, the victims of circumstance; we must abolish profit and dole out to those in "need" by taking from those who have ability". They want power, they want our money, they want us to live in squalor while those whom the federal government deems necessary for unity and the whole will live a life of luxury. Aristocracy has raised it's head and it must be voted out of office.

    45. mcs, North Carolina says:

      I have noticed both here and elsewhere that Obama and others are so much alike that they possess and keep parroting the same venemous vendetta against people who expose or oppose what those such as Obama are doing, (even when it is in fact a continuation instead of any "change" from what anyone has done), and are so determined to use it to distract, that in order to do so they will all even personally attack by name, whether it's a mere Conservative commentator such as Limbaugh or a Liberal former President such as Bush.

      I wonder how many others here have noticed the same thing?

    46. Dave Schraub, Indian says:

      K.J., LV. is the finest example of the ignorance in this country. He has a closed mind, does no thinking on his own, is in lock step with the liberal media. He cares nothing about the truth, he listens to the liberal media demonize the conservatives, and thinks that it has to be right. I've said it all along, you can't compromise with people that hate you. Liberals are godless, bitter, and hateful people, with no principles or morals.

    47. AC, Rancho Santa Fe, says:

      The top 400 earners, who in 2006 (the most recent year for which data are available) earned an average of $263.3 million, paid on average $45.2 million each – an average rate of just 17%, the lowest ever. How many of you hicks posting to this thread make that much income – and how many of you understand the implications? Doubtful any! So why don't you start thinking with your brains – please?

      Interesting – if I made over $200m/year I don't think I'd be complaining about a 17% tax rate. Granted – since I'm compelled to civil service I'll never be in that category – I'll presumably always be stuck in higher tax bracket (aka the middle class) – am I the only one who finds that problematic?

      Also worth remembering when paying your taxes this year – you're paying your taxes based on the Bush Administrations tax policy, not the Obama plan – so where should you direct your frustration?

    48. Donald Modaro, Tucso says:

      Aw, give him a break! He's just one of the guys, doncha know?

    49. Jeff says:

      Hey, Let's pass a bill to tax PAC money that the politicians receive 90%. I don't agree that the execs deserved a bonus, but I doubt they deserve to pay a 90% tax, on what grounds can they do that?

    50. Ken in Texas says:

      Obama never stays in the Oval Office every wonder why ?

      Well I believe it is just like in the movie “Wizard of Oz“. Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin man, and Toto are standing in front of the wizard wanting for their promised reword for snuffing out the wicked witch of the west. Loud noises, flashes of lighting, hums and crackles of electricity. The Wizard really putting up a good dog and pony show. The waiting is afraid to approach and disappointed in the treatment they are receiving. Little Toto notices small man behind a curtain pulling switches, pushing in knobs and speaking into a microphone. They find out this is the real wizard of Oz. the man behind the power of the throne.

      Obama is the man out front. He says and does what ever it takes to get our attention. He makes promises he knowingly can not keep, He lies with a straight face. The whole world is calling Obama the wizard of Washington! He himself says he is responsible for Americas’ troubles. Although he did not cause them, He will fix them.

      My question is this, who is the person behind the curtain in the oval office? Who keeps Obama on the road as if he is still in his campaign mode?

      The other day a reporter asked Obama if he was a socialist, it wasn’t until the next day Obama gave an answer. Did he have to return to the true Wizard for the right answer? Joe Biden all most always has to retract something he says. Why is Obama carry a prompter? With the prompter Obama is smooth without it he stumbles, and trips over words.

      Who is behind that curtain in the oval office? Nancy? Barney? Harry? George S., Rev. Wright, or Ayers. Maybe all are part of a secret Obama cabinet.

    51. mike, Hickory, NC says:

      That makes two (2) of us who have noticed that (how people like Obama and others will try to distract with personal attacks against Conservative commentators like Limbaugh, [or anyone who has ever listened to him, for that matter] and even "a Liberal former President such as Bush").

    52. D.Neils says:

      Everyone on this blog MUST buy the book by Saul Alinsky, titled "Rules for Radicals".It is Obama's training manual.Creating class warfare, and attacking morality are two of the key factors that Obama has used to keep the focus off-of the REAL PROBLEM in this country,THE GOVERNMENT!!!

    53. John Rosina, Bordent says:


      1st. Do you even begin to think that clerks get a bonus! Not hardly.

      2nd. I am a 33 year UAW Worker. I got a 9 minute break in the AM and PM and a 20 minute lunch. The remainder of my 8 hours (I ususally worked more) were spent tied to a mass productionized work station. 20% of all new hires quit on the first day and 20% more before the first week is up, despite the whopping pay scale.

      I have a titanium plate and 4 screws in my neck, 5 screws holding my totallly ruptured rotator cuff together from loading 500 lb transmissions and engines onto trailers for delivery. My left hand is numb 24 / 7. I survived Vietnam with far less physical trauma.

      BEST OF ALL: I MAKE $29.00 an hour, or $60,320 per year. Remember that big mouth hypocrite Republican Senator from Louisana? Well his state coughed up nearly a billion dollars to incentivize Toyota, Honda and Mercedes to build factories in his "Right to Work State". Toyota workers in AMERICA ARE BEING PAID $30.00 an hour.

      And I'd like to drop a left hook onto that jerks chin.

      I venture that the vast majority of Americans either can't or "statistically proven" wouldn't do my job. Get off the Unions when you are soooo clueless. They were 35% of the Workforce when we WERE NOT a debtor nation in the 50's and 60's, companies made great profits and were good American Corporate Citizens. We spent ALL our

      expendable income in America. The companies reinvested back into America. Most were returning WWII Vets who said one hell of a lot less than the average "Internet Patriots" who spew ad nauseum about jibberish today and, how ironic, they had their co-workers back indeed – not just in a blog. Vets can do that. Most Americans today cannot – they pee themselves come any significant D Day, or hide behind some false mantra or another.

      Lastly – As a combat vet I wish the plethora of bad mouthing people in this country would figure out how to work together on anything.

      Manufacturing is a WEALTH PRODUCING real job. Wall Street Engineered paper "profit generators" add not one ounce of "Value Added" growth to America. They just keep their main Lobbyist printing more money for them to transfer overseas. Globalism – which came to fore on Reagans watch, is the bane of our economy and why the average workers incomwe, adjusted for inflation, is 14% less than 30 years ago.

      Their main Lobbyist, of course is Greenpew and Ber-nifty. THE FED, aka the REAL MAJORITY PARTY IN AMERICA)

      Before 1960 – hardly anyone had a credit card or borrowed, other than once for their mortgage.

      The Fed and Wall Street have you crying Bad Union while they are eating your "lone ranger – macho, I need no one but me" LUNCH. REAL STUPID POSERS We have become.

      Obama is up front and tells you the truth. He said long before being elected that we were in trouble and it would take some sacrifice. I'd rather pay known – up front taxes than pay China the 100 billion each 3 months that chicen hawk Chenney borrowed "off Budget" to finace his global war mania. Run Run – were under attack – quick, fight somebody – anybody. Hysterical little girl coward, I said so! Cheney is a factually demonstrated liar who hid everything from most of us. Bottom line – you Wyatt Earp types can't handle the truth or up front facts. Yippie Ki Yo Ki Yea – Kimosabe!

      If you get too traumatized by a new party in power, who happen to be your fellow American's, Give Uncle Dick the Ex VP a call- He'll really want to talk to you! Yeah -right.

      My hat is off to President GW Bush for asking the country to get behind this President. Spoken like a man who has been there and a very patriotic thing to do. I salute him for it.

      Challenge to everyone / anyone. What is the Game Plan for a global economy that benfits our Nation and Workforce to one enth of a degree to the masive "profit" (*not to confused with National Wealth) realized by the sleaze on Wall Street and in Banking. They only need our military – folks, and screw the rest of us.

    54. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      PS – Don't injure youself dropping that tea bag in the mail!

    55. mike, hickory, NC says:

      The article above presents in fact another example of how the "Liberal"/Socialist government elitist Left are making it increasingly evident and obvious that they are indeed being much less patient and much more in a hurry to get their Leftist/Socialist government elitist way, and thus, in effect, finish changing the U.S. into another Socialist nation.

      They are indeed proving true even the "1-liner" of: "What's the difference between a Liberal and a Socialist? A Liberal is a patient Socialist, and a Socialist is a Liberal in a hurry".

      The upshot is that the government elitist Left is now much more hurriedly doing to all of us the same things which have already turned cities and states where they "rule the roost" (such as my original home state of New York) into the unfortunate "poster children" of their ruinous Socialist/Left policies, which are, in effect, driving out businesses, jobs, and people, making those who stay less prosperous and more controlled by government, and driving ever more of them down into outright dependence upon and control by government.

      So yet again, as shown by history to this day through the actual effects and results of their attitudes, policies, and actions, while the Leftist government elitists are in such a hurry to supposedly "target 'the rich'", etc, they are actually making so that it would behoove us, the people, to mount our own revolution against such Leftist government elitists (who are now in fact “the establishment”) in every way we can, including through our being as "well-heeled" as possible.

      For what purpose? For purpose of proving both the incomparable benefits, efficiency, effectiveness, and appropriateness of free individuals, enterprises, and efforts (including charity) in what’s supposed to be this free country, (especially if we the people and this country are to remain free), and thus expose the inappropriateness and resulting loss of freedoms and prosperity through the incomparable costs (both tangibly and intangibly), abuses, ineptness, ineffectiveness, and inefficiency, of government interference with and control of our lives, enterprises, and efforts (including charity); save what remains of our freedoms, prosperity, and security, and so stop Leftist government elitists gaining control through their taxing, spending, and regulating away as many and as much of our freedoms, prosperity, and security away from us as they can and making as many people dependant upon and controlled by them as they can …which is what government elitists of all types have nasty habit of doing, as already shown by history to this day around the world.

      The fact is, it is indeed as Thomas Jefferson said: “Experience has shewn (shown) that as government grows, liberty decreases.

    56. Frances, Abilene, Te says:

      I feel like my teenage grandsons are running the white house with a bunch of their fraternity brothers. The only thing is, they would probably do a better job.

    57. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      NC Mikey, Once again you help inform the pubic – To Wt: the socialist leftist commies have rapidly increased THEIR ELITIST agenda using a Titleist Bill right off the first tee and as the fifth estate molds and melds itself toward calamitous brinksmanship guaranteeing that THEY will quite apparently render us assunder constutionally without liberty and justice for all when free speech usually is purposeful, my friends and foes!

      The leftist socialst mean commie pinko air heads of the anti neocon right think and act Elitistly differently than some of us and should be hoist on THEIR (severally or singularly – depending on how you find them) own Unionized Chevy bumper for taking OUR citizens down the road of the hairless frog, even if some of THEM fought for the right to be free and may be even liberal, we should deport THEM.

      At least when our last Administration put a hold on all passed Congressional Regulations on the 1st night of his presidency – even though it was unconstitutional and actually performed by the White House Chief of Pizza, Chef Boy-R-Deever,

      (Wild Guess) it was for our own good. But not now!

      Oh yeah – and those Unconstitutional 3,271 signing statements attached to legally passed bills made sense, so it was smart. Even Though it enabled China to send us lethal baby formula and Pirated Hungarian Goulash that was radio active!

      And Dick Cheney tortured so we could get back and forth to the Acme safely. Man amongst five times Draft differed men that he (and Limbo)is!

      With Dick's long military service in harms way – he knew it would be okay if our troops were imprisoned – cuz they would be more prone to uphold Geneva stuff because of how scary and brave Dick is. Can you believe that former POW John McCain had the temerity to disagree with Champ Cheney.

      And the only difference between a Conservative and a Neo Conservative is one arm is both the same! And The Liberals don't have a leg. So stand down!

      And so yet again, and for what purpose did they find the upshot on DELAYED COMPLACENCY removed and abolished on the 38th of October when every Thomas had been Shewn (Shorn) a Jefferson wing at a hospital. What's next. Better yet, what just happened!

      Everybody run – quick – hide. It's Obama!!!

      Try to enjoy this Feaux Companion Rant – I enjoyed the participation. Tomorrow I shall parody my self on Pinko, Transgender elitist puppy lovers Sesame Place!

      Mike – Booooooo! Boo! Run!

    58. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      Those of us in Unions all have our horror stories, but they would be far worse without them, EPA, and OSHA.

      What I'm sick about is that we are all so far off base on this economy problem….when all it would take would be to research it. Listening to ranting and raving of many of those resposible for the problem "ain't educating anyone and is keeping the problem going." For example, $600 billion dollars would have bought every mortgage that was ready for foreclosure and most that had late payments going on. He said he was going to buy the bad paper; then did exactly the opposite after being reminded that he shouldn't be trying to fix it….the heist wasn't finished and was going very well. It was worth much much more than $600 billion.

      The majority of sub-prime mortgage loans were NOT to poor people who couldn't afford them; they were to people refinancing their loans to a cheaper tantilizing rate and getting to pay off their credit cards in the deal. Mortgage brokers

      made more on the commissions if the loans were sub-prime. I sat in on one of those attempts by a broker with my niece when he said it was not a balloon note, the interest rate just got higher in 5 years!! What a liar. She didn't fall for it fortunately.

      Eliot Spitzer and 50 Attorneys General fought the Fed to keep this crap off-line; yup, the Fed was pushing it. Hard to believe, so check it out yourself. And Cheney said they just didn't understand economics (with a big smile)…..didn't know it was this bad. (another smile.)

      Now we have people protesting the AIG bonus story and going to employees' homes in Connecticut. The Pentagon is also hosting a protest to end the war in Iraq…NOW! Time to get honest here!

    59. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Dorothy – Well said!

    60. Rhonda, Texas says:

      Our (I didn't vote for him) President doesn't know how to be a president and he doesn't even know how to appoint a cabinet smart enough to help him. I'm terrified of what he is doing to our country. He is still campaigning like it's a popularity contest when he needs to stay in Washington and work and actually learn about what's going on. He has no clue!!!!! Someone needs to start a march on Washington to throw out all the losers,Obama,Pelosi,Dodd,Barney Frank,and everyone else in his cabinet that doesn't choose to pay their taxes but wants to spend our money.

      ENOUGH PEOPLE we have got to start protesting.

    61. jack eck florida says:

      America wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Easy steps to wage/bonus control by gov't(socialist).

      1.hide bonus approval jn stimulous package.

      2.allow bonuss to be taken by A.I.G.

      3.enrage public about bonuses thru steps1 and 2.

      4.pass law to control wage/bonus amounts on corps (with public outrage approval)

      5.first step in control of all wage/bonus stops for every industry—–yep.

      6.give A.I.G.more bailout funds for their co-operation in this well planned scheme.

      7.wow— they almost got this one by us.


    62. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The chosen one has siad he is about "change and hope". Well the cahnge is easy to see as well as the hope. He is all about sending this country into the depths of a socialist government and we all sit on our hands with the hope it does not happen. Well America has it "change and hope", now what do we do to stop this stupidy. The dems are not thinking and have not in many yeras. I am all for help those that need it, but am only willing to do so much, at some point and time people must be willing to help themselves. The dems are saying do not worry the government will see to all our needs and wants.Where is the money to come from????

    63. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      J.C. Hughes, Texas writes:

      Ken of Vegas, what you suggest is only fair as conservatives have received a daily dose of venom about what Bush did wrong during his eight years in office. In fact, Mr. Celebrity, AKA Obama, continues to blame Bush for the current fiscal debacle. Allow me to remind you that the president, which includes the left’s celebrity guy, does not make law. The Demagogues controlled congress during Bush’s second term. His downfall was giving into their demands.

      Ken – Wrong! Post and let me know if you wish me to articulate. Topic is so old I have better things to do!

    64. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      ps to Jack Eck –

      1. I thought only liberals had a lock on conspiracy theories?

      2. I thought only liberals had a lock on conspiracy theories?

      3. Oops! End of comment subsets!

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