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  • What Russia Wants from the G-20: The End of the Dollar

    We know what the EU’s leaders want out of April’s meeting of the G-20 in London: lots of regulations to tie down Britain and the U.S. And we have a pretty good sense of what the outcome of the meeting will be: the Europeans will get what they want, and will throw a bone of a token approval of so-called fiscal stimulus to the U.S. But now we know what the Russians want. It almost makes the Europeans look modest.

    The Russians unveiled their proposals yesterday, after a meeting with EU officials. They didn’t meet with the Americans. Given what they have in mind, you can understand why. Naturally, the Russians want a new framework of global regulations – SURF, short for Standard Universal Regulatory Framework. But the real biggie is their other major demand:

    the introduction of a supranational reserve currency, to be issued by international financial institutions

    That means the end of the dollar as a major international currency, and its replacement by a fiat currency to be issued not by national governments, but by the global regulator. In short, the Russians are approaching the G-20 summit with the explicit goal not of addressing the global financial crisis, but of kicking the U.S. off the top of the international financial and political order. Not surprisingly, this appears to have gone over quite well with the EU: the Russian spokesman on Wednesday reported that “Our positions are very similar on most of the topics.”

    Frankly, there’s not much likelihood that the Russians will get what they want, as least as far as the dollar is concerned. Right now, foreigners want to buy dollars, not sell them, and any concerted attack on the dollar would be extremely unpopular with nations like China, with its enormous holdings in dollar-denominated debt.

    But the Russian proposals are revealing nonetheless, because they point out a simple, all too often neglected fact of international politics. The U.S., like Britain, is a problem-solving nation. Americans disagree – vehemently – about how precisely to go about solving problems, but they do believe that problems exist to be solved. But most of the G-20’s members – never mind the rest of the world – don’t work that way. For them, a crisis is not a crisis: it’s an opportunity to make gains at the expense of someone else. And since the U.S. gullibly believes that everyone’s on the same page, those gains usually come at its expense. Let’s hope the U.S. refuses to play the patsy in London.

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    19 Responses to What Russia Wants from the G-20: The End of the Dollar

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Theodore, you're soooo on target "… it’s an opportunity to make gains at the expense of someone else." It's difficult enough addressing corruption generated by the federal's control of our nation's money supply. Just what the heck we need, an ever larger unstoppable monster driving economic and political policies. I'd like to personally tell the Russians to pack-it where the Sun doesn't shine!

    2. ra,ohio says:

      And the only one we have to send over there is Geihtner ?

      All he is is a pawn in Obama's chess game.

      In two years the American voters need to destroy this massive ponzi scheme that they are harnessing us with and take back this country.

      If you think OB cares about this country, it's people, and it's future, you are wrong.

      He has an agenda that he wants passed, and he will lie, cheat, or divert your attention for however long it takes to get what he wants. He is manipulating a massive shell game/bait and switch, program to fool the American people.

      Why is he in California, on the Jay Leno show when the country is in turmoil over the bail-outs, taxes, mortgages, debt, corruption in congress, and the general collapse of the principals that built this country ??

      He is not a leader, he is a follower of the administration that he was told to put in place to cement his place in history.

      This man is a menace, along with the legislature, and the administration.

      Oh, by the way, they're pushing for illegal aliens to be able to join unions.

      go figure…..

    3. Pat Matheaus, Pipe C says:

      Who is running Obama? Who is pulling the strings?

      Is it one of the multi-billionaire liberals or is it someone from another country? I think he is only a puppet.

    4. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Both Russians and the Administration can agree on this initiative. Looks like the Russians want a bailout now.

    5. Patrick McDonald, Co says:

      Old Hickory Andrew Black Hawk Jackson analyzed a country's sovereignty is hijacked when banks or owners of your country's gold ( the pure power ) is owned by banks and not the U.S.Treasury. Some internationals desire to break the dollar. Some do want a one world currency. If the FED ever changed hands and the new banking structure pooled together an AMERO..Canada Mexico and America unified currency…perhaps the Central and the South American countries will form a type of union, a trade union and join the Amero. Printing money making it elastic has proven by the ink; the pen is mightier than the sword. The whole world is printin money. some of the world is counting on the USD to rally back against a basket of currencies. Investors, traders use the USD for trade credit transactions. People do know the answers; but if they let the herd in on the info then everyone will be going for the same goal. One must theorize no matter what Russia or any country will try to change; the American brand FED has a back up plan. There has to be a back up plan. i believe the U.S. monetary system is invincible. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the irresponsible will throw the world into The Dark Ages. i am a speed reader as many Americans became when it was in vogue in the mid to late sixties. 400 pages of reading in time for the vote would be doable and that probably would make U the most hated man in congress. The super ego , the ego and the id of Obama looks into the mirror and i guarantee he is too proud to fail. Will is a formidable champion of the human spirit. The Americas will succeed although foreigners would like to divide and conquer the Americas. Thy will be done.

    6. Harley Watkins IV, F says:

      I think that if we wait two years to stop this travesty that there won’t be an America left, well not as we would recognize it away. The time is ripe for us as American's to demand that all of the scoundrels and crooks in this Kleptocracy be indicted, impeached, charged and prosecuted… and jailed! Let's start with Dodd, Frank, Schumer, Rangle, Geithner, and any other “Washington Bureaucrat Lying, Cheating, Scumbag” from the top down, that had a hand in any of these misused taxpayer funded bailout scams. Cleaning house of every corrupt individual on either or any side of the aisle is what we must make sure happens before it's too late to reverse.

      I don’t believe that we should forcibly take back any of these paid bonuses… as then we are saying that we don’t honor contracts… and prove that we have no integrity, but hereafter this must stop!

      Everyone's worst suspicions about these issues are, get this… TRUE! We are in danger of losing our nation and the principles on which our forefathers founded this great land… so we have no choice but to fight back and win back Our Nation, it's Our duty as Americans.

    7. Stephen Jones Sr. N. says:

      The most important issue faceing America is the flagrant abuse of the governmental checks and balances put in place buy our founding fathers. It is time for our leaders to prevent our president from skirting these checks & balances and hold him legaly responseble before it is too late.

    8. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      It seems to me that Obama's Bosses.. Unions.. Progressive Socialists and Soros are really Running our Country and when will our so called CIC wake up and Claim to be "STUNNED" again???

    9. molly, colorado says:

      All this, and Russia selling missiles to Iran, and Obama is on the Leno show? Shows where his priorities are,….himself. He doesn't care about our country, just himself and power!

    10. Ron, Colorado says:

      The move towards a one world currency given the recent and ever more progressive world wide economc problems is not at all far fetched. Couple the economic problems with the moral decline of economic regulation, identity theft, and electronic banking system, and Biblical prophecy moves from something viewed as a fairy tale to a very real and scary proposition.

    11. Tom, New Jersey says:

      Talk about a ponzi scheme… Look at social security. It seems the definition fits…

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Lenin once said,"If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." The people in D.C. who are supposed to represent us, don't even know us!

      They lied for so long now that most everyone, and it is still taught in schools, believe Oil is a fossil Fuel! Wrong! Go to any web site and check under,"Not a fossil fuel" and you will find out just how Planet Earth keeps making it!

      They lied about the,"Green House Effect", and its being caused by carbon dioxide. Got to the same sites.

      They give us a,"Red Herring", about all the AIG bonuses, which is around 165 Million, (Which Congress told them to write up in contracts prior to the additional bailout), so that we do not focus our attention on why they are giving France 45 Billion dollars, Germany about the same, and about 85% of the total bailout went out of this Country! If we were to focus our attention on that, They would have to answer!

      The Media supports Mesia Obama's claim that all this difficulty that we are in is a result of the Bush administration.

      Check the facts! Who ordered in 92 that a certain percentage of loans be given out to people who didn't qualify for homes. Then increase the amount again in 96 and again in 98? Slick Willy that's who. Clinton and his crew.

      Check also the national debt figures for when Clinto actually left office and Bush left office. 2001=2 Trillion, Clinton. 2009=2.2 Tillion Bush, and if you adjust for inflation that is below Clintons! Now Mr. Obama in his first 50 days has added another Trillion, and most of it went out of this Nation!

      We do'nt need new World money, we need new American Leaders!


    13. T McAnnally, Texas says:

      Let's don't forget to lock up Pelosi right along with the rest of them.

      I don't understand why there is not a bigger public outcry over everything that is happening.

      It is like the Chicago Mob moved to Washington and have crowned themselves King.

      Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for speaking out.

      All the things we have learned from the Pulpit that many scoffed at is ringing loud and true.

      I awoke one morning right in the midst of the book of Revelations. Wake up America.

    14. T McAnnally, Texas says:

      Thanks to you guys for the information.

    15. Rachel, Cookeville, says:

      Ron in Colorado is hitting the nail on the head. For those who know prophecy, the current economic situations are fitting right in. When we go to a cashless society, I just pray that no one accepts that mark on the hand or forehead (needed to buy or sell). America, start praying and ask for wisdom in these perilous days.

    16. ROBERT T. DAVIS AUS says:

      Thank goodness for the Heritage Foundation. Sad that American News Media conceal the truth so much Americans dont know what is happening to their country. We need to throw out all incumbents. The new guy could not possible be as sorry as the old one!

    17. Thomas C. DeCelles says:

      What comes to mind is my service in V.N. 1968-69, WE WERE PAID IN mPC payroll that was subject to change at any time, average around 3- months with very little notice in order to controll the flow of Ilegal drugs and the spread of siver backed American Dollars into the Enemies banks who in turn would purchase arms from the Russian Military.

    18. Street Disciple says:

      One world currency = mark of the beast

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