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  • Out of Wedlock Birthrate Out of Control

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report Wednesday on preliminary data for 2007 birth rates in the United States. Among those statistics, a new historic high — 39.7 percent of babies born in America are to unmarried women. Even worse, 71.6 percent of out-of-wedlock births are to African American women.

    This should be alarming to read considering the negative societal implications for children born and raised in single parent households. It is well documented that compared with children born to married couples, those born outside of marriage score lower on tests, have increased chances for committing a crime, have higher chances of living in poverty, experience more emotional and behavioral problems, are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and have higher chances of becoming pregnant as teens.

    Most of the poverty in America can be intrinsically linked to the decline of marriage. When cash assistance programs were first introduced in society during the War on Poverty, less than ten percent of babies were born out of wedlock. For decades long, this well intentioned program had the unfortunate consequence of encouraging single women to have more children out of wedlock and penalized them if they got married or found employment. Not surprisingly, the welfare caseloads exploded and the out of wedlock birth rate steadily rose. The 1996 welfare reform law made long strides in helping single moms find employment and the 2005 reauthorization of this program created a $150 million marriage and fatherhood program. However, not enough is being done today to encourage healthy marriages and educate low income couples on the benefits of marriage.

    President Obama understands the gravity of high out-of-wedlock birth rates and the importance of marriage. From his book The Audacity of Hope:

    [C]hildren living with single mothers are five times more likely to be poor than children in two-parent households. Children in single-parent homes are also more likely to drop out of school and become teen parents, even when income is factored out. And the evidence suggests that on average, children who live with their biological mother and father do better than those who live in stepfamilies or with cohabiting partners…. In light of these facts, policies that strengthen marriage for those who choose it and that discourage unintended births outside of marriage are sensible goals to pursue.

    This new data should serve as a wake up call that more efforts need to be focused on educating the population on the vast benefits of marriage. Not only do children fare far better being raised in a two-parent married families but society is made stronger, communities prosper and poverty declines.

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    29 Responses to Out of Wedlock Birthrate Out of Control

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    2. Barb -mn says:

      Well, when you have Mrs. Obama telling everyone that it's okay, and the president saying single parent families are great, everyone else will take care of them, what do you get? Irresponsibility and welfare recipients.

      Obama and his administration doesn't believe in personal responsibility and promote irresponsibility with no hesitation to take advantage of those that do believe in personal responsibility.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      Who's job is it to arrest those committing treason?


    4. David says:

      These unwed mothers aren't popping out children. They are popping out little 18-year annuities.

      We are finally seeing the full effects of late-20th century "Family" Law legislation. Marriage has become an all-stick/no-carrot proposition for men.

      Man strays, man loses.

      Woman strays, man loses again.

      Heads I win, Tails you lose. Which man would take this gamble?

      • Victorious says:

        It takes a man and a woman to make a baby but yes I get ur point, all I can say to u is wear a condom or keep ur pants zipped!

    5. Vern- Texas says:

      To Barb who wrote that idiotic comment about the Obama's condoning single parents and that they don't believe in personal responsibility is a fool and better…a liar! Barb get your facts straight and stop spreading these untruths…you must be either (1) living under a rock or (2) can't read or hear!!!

      No one can stop this epidemic but black women themselves. This issue was around way before President Obama arrived and will continue unless these girls/women get some good sense. Lets point the blame where it lays and stop looking for a scapegoat!

    6. Charles Martin, Afgh says:

      In the 1960's Daniel Patrick Moynihan (a liberal) warned that the out of wedlock birthrate for blacks was out of control at 35%.

      Sadly, the birthrate has about topped out at 70%. All of the social pathologies that Moynihan warned about are here with us.



      Early sexual involvement for single-parent children (male and female)

      No supervision for the children

      Higher crime rate for the children (especially boys running with the gangs)

      Lower performance in schools

      Higher out-of-wedlock birth rate for the children of single women

      Males with no stability, hanging on the streets

      Higher poverty rate for these children

      etc. etc.

      The solution is to cut off the money tree for the welfare women. If there is no money for welfare, AFDC,food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, then the numbers of women turning to welfare as a life-style will disappear. Spend lavishly on orphanages.

      Also- Expand the Job Corps program to unmarried mothers. Set up group homes, where the women and their children can have close supervision, and the children can be kept free of drugs and gangs, and the women can be taught skills, and enter the labor force.

      When the money spigot is gone, women will have to look for other means of support, besides as career as a welfare queen. They might even return to relying on men, for support. Marriage might come back in style, and women may choose to delay sexual involvement, until they have a MAN to rely on, instead of Uncle Sam.

    7. Pamela, Portland says:

      If abortion was available to most poor, uninsured women, the birth rate would be much lower. If others didn't have abortion, day after pills, reliable birth control, etc., the 39% rate would be much higher. What we need is to better educate our society on the value of self control and planning for the future. And men have to start acting like responsible leaders and think with the head above their necks- date women with class and don't get whiplash trying to check out women that look and act like strippers. Marry women and then start families. Be faithful and encourage other men to be the same. Make it cool to be a responsible head of your household. Women have always adapted their looks and behavior to please men- if men raise their standards, women will, too.

    8. Ben Omaha says:

      Black unemployment rates where lower than whites in 31 or 32 the following year legislation was put in place that enforced minimum wage laws.

      The chief proponont of the legistlations reasoning was that it would price black labor out of the market and in turn would prevent blacks from taking whites jobs. Today we don't hear the same type of arguments instead we hear about how compassionate such laws are.

      That was the last year blacks have had higher employemnt rates then whites in this country. Since then we have seen a steady decline in the state of the black community and our all knowing legislators keep coming up with new "compassionate" solutions. We seem to never correct the problem or see improvement. Curios, isn't it?

    9. RevEd, Detroit, Mi. says:

      Let us take a close and serious look at our mores and values. Some of the more popular figures in our culture are athletes. Today, for better or worse, there is no stigma, no societal nor cultural redressing of professional athletes nor entertainers who have fathered or given birth to one or more child(ren) without the benefit of marriage. In fact, several of THEM have been birthed by single parents who have never married and thus I conclude do not feel constrained from having unprotected coital relationships absent marriage.

      I submit to you, does the issue or concept of marriage have the position of respect and esteem in our society and culture that it has had in generations of the prior 50 years? Not only in the African-American culture but in society at large?

      It is NOT an African-American Womanhood plight! Men must be Men and control the use of their reproductive organs.

      However, if society as a whole does not value marriage and the issue of having children devolves to material purchases as the standard for "taking care of" and not parenting in two married parent households, it appears to me the trend will continue unabated.

    10. Kel - Baltimore says:

      First, wrt BARB-MN's comment; the babies conceived since Obama's been President are not even swelling their mother's bellies noticably yet… so directing blame toward Obama and his administration is unfair and illogical.

      Secondly, attitudes of many African Americans toward marriage need to change. I am a youg married black woman in college who is waiting to finish my studies before having children. The reaction I get when black people learn I am married with no children is one of shock…it isn't something they've encountered much. As one fellow student put it; "Usually black people have children first, and getting married first is rare." Making the decision to commit to marriage as a couple before you have any reasons to force you to be in each others lives (like a child) paves the way for a more stable family. Yes the divorce rate is high, but that does not mean every marriage is doomed, and pre-marriage preparation makes a huge difference. Like every other big decision, marriage has risks, but in the long-run the rewards can outweigh the risks.

      I wish to give due props to the single mothers who are attending my college and trying to make a future for themselves and their children. But I think it would make a big difference to the stability of the African American family if the bridal shower came before the baby shower. It's a multifacedted issue based in attitudes shaped by individual and collective history, but these can change by giving young WOMEN AND MEN education, preparation, guidance, and good examples.

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    12. Barb -mn says:

      To Vern who responded to my comment. Obviously you are misunderstanding why people feel free to have children out of wedlock! The government has various programs to provide for these unwed women and their children so why would they stop? If there were no programs available and people were held accountable, they would be making more RESPONSIBLE decisions. If the men were held accountable to provide for the children their actions brought into the world, they would make responsible choices. Nobody but the tax payers are held accountable to expenses for the choices of consequences of others when it comes to unwed mothers. Scape goat are the government programs paying the cost of personal responsibilities.

      Obviously YOU can't hear as the Obama's DID CONDONE single parenthood each in their own way!

      I was a single parent, Vern fool, I made 6.50 an hr. .50 more then minimal wage. I didn't look for a government handout, I did what needed to be done to provide for my child. LIVING UP TO MY RESPONSIBILITIES, INCLUDING PROVISIONS FOR DAY CARE! PEOPLE DO NOT DO THE SAME TODAY AS THEY HAVE GOVERNMENT TAXPAYING PROGRAMS PAYING THEIR WAY.

    13. Whitney in Arkansas says:

      To Vern

      Just where do you propose these woment "get some good sense" ??? Really? When our goverment says, here let me give you food stamps, here is a WIC coupon for food WHILE you're pregnant, formula for your baby until its a year old, a medicaid program for you to go into the hospital and have your baby for free, low income housing for you and free money to go ahead and get your college degree. Where do you expect them to say, oh hey, I better not get pregnant AGAIN. I mean please, we have over indulged and been overinduldged in this country for many many many years and I don't see any end to it soon. Espically since goverment programs are growing and they are going to keep handing out this money. Their is no pride in people anymore. They'll take handouts and free stuff with out blinking an eye. Personally I agree with Barb……who is responsible or accountable here? We'll never know, because we're not demandind to know.

    14. Damajah says:

      I'm not sure what the point is. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the rest of the greatest mass murderers and deviant psychotics in history all came from two-parent homes. Additionally, when you look at the divorce rate in this country, and the higher wages made by women, together with greater financial support networks, and better health care, this shouldn't be a surprise. I know we shouldn't look to Hollywood as role models, but the fact is, that a lot of people do, and the stigma of being a single mom isn't as great as it was forty years ago, coupled with the declining number of abortions. In Sweden, the out of wedlock birthrate is well over 50% (for those who want to blame it on minority women).

    15. Damajah says:

      One other point. We have to stop looking at this as something that is bad, Think about all the single moms created after the American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Those newly widowed young women still managed to raise their children, and no one blinked an eye.

    16. Concerned Woman says:

      The main problem is that no one wants to marry black women. The largest group of absentee/deadbeat fathers are white males, not black, and they've been historically negligent across racial lines. Plus society puts little pressure on males to marry in instances of pre-marital pregnancies. It's no wonder that the singe parent birth rates are so high.

    17. Claude Cornell says:

      It all comes down to …."Keep your pants zipped" and the problem is solved. Our culture of sex and violence is so controlling of our society that it will only get worse in the years to come. A society that does not cherish high morals will eventually destroy itself.

    18. Mark A. says:

      It must be made clear that women initiate 70+% of all divorces. Marriage, and divorce, by feminist doctrine has become an obligation and risk only to men. We loose our children by default and are expected to support women through alimony and child support. Women that are not our wives and children we are not allowed to see! Please google and read Divorce Declining, But So Is Marriage: By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY we are moving toward polyandry and loose knit cohabitation instead of marriage. I've written a blog to illustrate the issue with graphs on divorce and single mother birth rates rising precipitously beginning with second wave feminism. They lobbied for no-fault divorce as well.

    19. Mark A. says:

      Ahhh yes forgot the blog. Please google rebukingfeminism.blogspot.com for my blogspot on the issue.

    20. Mark A. says:

      -"In Sweden, the out of wedlock birthrate is well over 50% (for those who want to blame it on minority women)."

      Actually Sweden is quite a socialist country. One will always find polyandry among women when resources are provided outside a mated monogamous pair bond. The requirement of resources by both partners is the only reason monogamy in nature exists. The one defining factor is the need or lack there of of male resource provision. In countries that implement forced male resource provision outside of marriage you will have women initiated divorce (70+% in the U.S.) and polyandry. Your welcome to view my blog at rebukingfeminism.blogspot.com. I say feminism as you will see from the graphs on my blog there is a single point of increase in these demographics which corespond with the beginning of second wave feminism i.e. no fault divorce, default female child custody, forced male support through alimony and child support. She even gets the house as well.

    21. eric, virginia says:

      out of wedlock births

    22. Kathy, Wichita Kansa says:

      I am the mother of a black male and female-both college educated and married and planned for children in a year or two-how novel. I always emphazied that if they had children out of wedlock, I may accept it it but there would no celebrations. Its damned stupid to set your life up that way. And its flat out unfair that the two of them-who played by the rules, got educated and married BEFORE considering children,(as I did) have to have their hard earned money syphoned off to people too stupid to do the same.

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    24. Mary Florida says:

      There is little debate about the deleterious effects of out of wedlock births and absentee fathers. It is harmful for all including the fathers who are not connected and grounded to family.

      Out of wedlock births are costly to society, both monetarily and in the social pathologies that result.

      However, it is not helpful for conservatives to be unrealistic in regards to family planning. They would deny many forms of birth control along with abortion. If they had their way, the numbers of out of wedlock babies would only continue to grow.

    25. steven kansas says:

      president obama and his lovely wife, married, educated and with children will act as role models and the illigitimate birth rate among minorities will drop.

    26. Danielle MD says:

      The true question is why do black women continue allowing themselves to put in that position. It is not an economic issue. I know plenty of well off educated black women with careers made the same choices as the 15 year teenager. Then they complain about being a single parent. I'm 33 year old educated black female and I don't understand.

    27. walker, NY says:

      If you accept government welfare, male or female, and are of child bearing age, you should be required to take Norplant or the male birth control pill. You don't have to take these contraceptives, but you do if you want the money. That would clear this mess up quick.

    28. john says:

      When Michelle Obama used the term "baby daddy" I could feel the shudder to our civilization. Read between the lines. The Obama gang espouses values but then sets policy to promote the pandemic of laziness that puts more people on the welfare rolls, and more spending on the backs of taxpayers, and worse on the children of taxpayers. But I believe we will overcome this spedthrift and fiscal incompetent President. The hope is gone but the change is here: devalued credit rating, record spending, high unemployment and nothing done to stop the slide into general economic decline.

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