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  • ACORN Gets Plum Census Assignment

    Remember ACORN? The Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN), which has been plagued by allegations of voter fraud and abuse? It appears the chips just keep getting cashed in for the group that President Barack Obama once counseled as an attorney. First it was discovered that they were going to literally ‘cash in’ on the $800 Billion “Stimulus” bill that lawmakers ensured would give them access to hundreds of millions of dollars. Not really the ‘stimulus’ people were expecting. Then it was discovered that the White House and Congressional leaders were pushing for a new ‘Fairness Doctrine’ at the behest of ACORN.

    Now we learn that President Obama has recruited them as “National Partners” to the 2010 U.S. Census. Remember the Census? The Census was one of the reasons Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his name from consideration for Commerce Secretary after he learned the White House would be moving the ‘non-partisan’ agency under the control of the ‘ultra-partisan’ White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

    It appears the Senator’s worst fears didn’t even come close to the tragic reality. As Fox News reports, ACORN’s “partnership with the 2010 Census is worrisome to lawmakers who say past allegations of fraud should raise concerns about the organization.”

    Congresswoman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), vice ranking member of the subcommittee for the U.S. Census told Fox News:

    It’s a concern, especially when you look at all the different charges of voter fraud. And it’s not just the lawmakers’ concern. It should be the concern of every citizen in the country. We want an enumeration. We don’t want to have any false numbers.

    A concern indeed. Let’s hope the Census Bureau doesn’t use the same system the same system states use to register voters.

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    41 Responses to ACORN Gets Plum Census Assignment

    1. Randy Henderson, Pow says:

      ACORN is listed in the Combined Federal Campaign contribution booklet given to Federal employees and the service members. They also get a bonus from the Stimulous Bill fiasco. Why aren't they asked to give that money back or be taxed out of oblivion? Futuremore I ask The Heritage Foundation to investigate the CFC booklet to find the corrupt organizations and those who receive bail out money and demand these organizations be taken out of the booklet.

    2. ra,ohio says:

      This is disturbing, and the congresswoman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) needs to acquire a sense of patriotism. She states that the fact that ACORN being involved in the census is a “concern”.

      No congresswoman, this is an OUTRAGE !!!

      I have never heard of her before, but if this is her reaction to ACORN being involved in census taking she should be removed from office and replaced with someone who is more passionate, and more “concerned” for this country’s future.

      The congress is full of spineless boobs the way it is. Why corrupt it even more with census numbers that can skew the percentage of representatives per state to achieve the liberal agenda ?

    3. dmc222 Michigan says:

      Why doesn't this surprise me?! You know they'll be the President's National security force leaders. Oh, and don't be shocked when you have a few ACORN members as poll watchers in every single election site, the next time you, and we, vote.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      ACORN- Not only evidence of fraud and covering up, the government neglected honesty to inform this fraud program to the taxpayers, just tells me the census will reflect the next government agenda as deception isn’t accurate.

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    6. gp,nj says:

      I have a nephew out in California that’s in ACORN and they are basically laughing at Republicans. ACORN is an arm of the Democratic Party and we help to support them without any option. I agree with ra, Ohio, our representatives need to put up or get out of the way -we will vote them out.

    7. David M birmingham A says:

      This is typical and it is only going to get worse. THIS is the proof about the dlupicity of the media. putting ACORN in charge of the sensus is like the fox in the hen house. The brown shirts are everywhere. Orwellian?

    8. Sundowner04, TN says:

      Anyone or any organization with this kind of reputation should not be considered for anything (other than further investigations and jail time) having to do with anything. Especially something that requires a level of trust and accountability which these people have already shown to NOT be worthy of.

    9. Flower Mound, Texas says:

      ACORN is an arm of those with a hyper-liberal ideology (Socialist/Communist) and it is deplorable that "We the People" are funding this facist organization with federal dollars. They have perpetuated voter fraud for decades and if they are allowed controlling participation in the census then they will perpetuate their fraudulent schemes to the scale in which we will never recover. Mr. Obama is very busy paying back those that got him elected. Representatives for both parties are responsible. I agree with "gp,nj" – "our representatives need to put up or get out of the way – we will vote them out." Yes, I will add to that – national term limitations – a return to the citizen legislator – dump the politico dinosaurs from both parties.

    10. Steve says:

      Stop the madness. Put an end to this. We demand it!!!

    11. Amanda, TX says:

      I'm disgusted with administration! Acorn is under investigation in 14 states due to voter fraud.

      First, they send the census to the White House and now put Acorn's hands in the cookie jar. This is another example of this administration not concerned with the type of people they give authority too, as long as it will benift their agenda.

    12. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      It should come as no surprise to find ACORN in a lot of "grass roots" movements to support the president's agenda. That's where he comes from – community organizers, otherwise known as thugs, intimidating various people/agencies to push for voter registration, housing for the poor and now counting people for the census and, no doubt, fair and balanced broadcasting at the local level. Good Chicago politics – we may well find we have 600 million people in the U.S. if that's what Obama needs to get his agenda passed.

      That aside, the congresswoman needs to rally her colleagues to demand ACORN be banned from the census. Guilty or not, the perception is that anything ACORN touches is tainted. The credibility of the census is in question, in my opinion, if they are involved. The tradegy is that we are not talking about mistakes, we're talking about political manipulation.

    13. Jerome Zacny says:

      Apparently, not everyone has forgotten about Acorn's if not illegal, at least unethical, behavior in several states during the last Presidential campaign. During that campaign, Mr. Obama was careful to point out that voter registration fraud was not voter fraud. Which, I guess, made it ok, at least in Mr. Obama's mind.

      Now he wants to give them control over the National Census Bureau. Mr. Obama must be humming the tune "I get by with a little help from my friends".

    14. Lee A Kenaga, Dearbo says:

      It figures that they would be selected because of

      past work with this organization. He gives re-

      wards to his friends, so it does not surprise me.

      Sincerely, Lee

    15. bernard Stewart says:

      I have only one comment that is printable in this format. Where the heck is our republican representatives as this move by the Democratics to control elections unfolds.

    16. David, Ma. says:

      I don't beleive impeachment should be used too liberally, but, in the case of obama, he should be impeached as soon as possible. This guy is nuttier than pelosi, reed, dodd, frank and all the others combined!

      If pelosy and reed think this whack-o is going to give them the socialist etopia they seek, there crazy! They will not see it if it comes because they will be long gone as a threat to the "one"!

    17. David, Ma. says:

      "Your comment is currently undergoing moderation"

      Censorship at it's best……

    18. Chuck, SC says:

      Why am I not surprised? I would say that this makes Obama the most corrupt U.S President in history but that would be an insult to corrupt politicians. This is worst than corruption, Obama is not only paying ACORN back but using their corrupt methods to help rig future elections in his favor. This a blatant form of election fraud that if successful will disenfranchise millions of Americans while enhancing the votes of others. This imbalance would be created to benefit Obama and the Democrats possibly producing a permanent one party rule.

    19. Carol, Charleston SC says:

      God Help America; that's the only one that can.

    20. joan, connecticut says:

      This is a disgrace> Why would anyone trust this organization to hand in a true census? They have proven in past election that they are trustworthy and are suspected of registering illegals and paying for votes. We are being taken for an expensive ride America. Time to call your Washington Reps— not that they will listen, but call them anyway– maybe some our outrage will sink in!!

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    22. Tim/Ohio says:

      I would liken this to putting Bernie Madoff in charge of the the treasury. This administration has no shame. They will do anything to achieve absolute power. When ACORN riggs the census, then they draw up the congressional seats, that is when we are in real trouble. They can put the fix in for the Dumocrats to be in power for the foreseable future. This really shouldn't suprise anyone though. After all, we have a govrnment comprised of tax evaders, socialists, and spendthrifts. Wake up America!

    23. MissArabian, Florida says:

      All voter's with children need to be educating them now (themselves instead of the socialist school system) before the next election(of any sort-local, state or federal). Your children in public socialist schools are being indoctorinated now and have been for the last 20 yrs. Socialism like Islam work slow and methodically. Pay attention America! I am a soldier fighting for this country and would like it to stay the people's not the politicians!!!!

    24. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Acorn is a Nut, created by nuts and fed by nuts! It is also a quandry. A non-profit organization that allows no one to look at its books, and that recieved a big, big chunck of the 'Bailout Funds' from AIG!

      I wonder who could have possibly helped in creating that Charter? Mr. O?

      Seems like everything they touch gets tainted, and everything they do gets tossed out, maybe it ould just be easier on all of us if they came out of the closet and became a branch of the Federal Government!


    25. Marcia Picou, Baton says:

      Well, I am not surprised by ACORN being asked to participate in the census – as far as I can tell, the really liberal faction in this country wants to ruin the USA, so what if it takes a little fraud? To return our country to some form of sanity, we should demand term limits, no salary increases for Congress unless they are voted in by the people, stopping any further money spent by the "Stymie-us" package, and a move toward the FairTax. I hate to see us going down the path to becoming the next Venezuela, but that is where we are headed without some form of Citizen Revolution. Do you think if the Founding Fathers were alive today they would be leading the charge?

    26. James, Coral Springs says:

      Primarily we the American people are the only thing too big to fail, this is not a socialist Country or ever going to be one. We have been under attack by left wing socialist. We have been letting them get way with, Judges changing laws from the bench. We have been letting them indoctrinate our children in universities, and we pay them too do it, we have been letting get away with organizations like Acorn registering our children to vote, and driving them to vote, this is a public founded organization they should be forced to follow the roles. We need and deserve a media and representatives that love this Country and its constitution as much as us. How dare they spend our money foolishly on there pet projects. Let us Vote Them OUT. After all, we are paying them they should at least know how to read.

    27. Carol, Sheridan,OR says:

      The fact that ACORN or any other Obama affiliation, will be involved in the census is an OUTRAGE and I will not give one piece of personal information to them. They will not be welcome on my property and will be told to leave immediately and if they don't I will contact law enforcement and have them arrested for trespass.

    28. C.DeLeon TX says:

      I believe the President, the House and the Senate have all lost their minds. Obama is finally getting all his croonies in place to ruin the United States of America. This man has done more damage to the USA in his short time in office than any other president. Whether Democratic Party or Republican Party. To award money to a organization like ACORN to do the 2010 census is a slap in the face of the americans who work hard pay taxes and don't ask for anything from the government. It was this organization that ran corrupt voter registration to get Obama elected. We are turning into a socialist country no matter how hard Washington DC tries to deny the consequence of Obama's actions. Actions speak louder than words and Washington's actions are very loud and clear. We the people need to stand up and be heard by the people placed in office by the people. Washington DC listen very carefully, election year is in 2010 for so of you in congress and your actions are speaking very loud to me and I will not forget on election day. So be working on your corrupt resumes.

    29. Ivan, Marshall, TX says:

      Speaker Pelosi should be impeached before the situation arises where she becomes President. That would be a night-mare non of us would cherish.

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    32. Denise says:

      I worked for the Census the last time, and it is VERY EASY to put down diffrent numbers (number of people) at a residents home and unless someone goes behind and double checks the same address no one would be the wiser. This is very scary

    33. ED PARSONS says:




    34. Jake-NM says:

      Question: This administration would have us believe that it was the Bush Administration that created our financial economic crisis, but was it or was it “banking terrorist” tactics used by community organizers from the tools provided them under the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which were carried out by ACORN’s members, who used Alinky’s Rules to bully banks into making bad loans, that likely contributed to the “mortgage meltdown” and triggered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?

      Note: Keep in mind that these ACORN members were trained to use these outrages tactics by our President.

      My recent blog might gives us the answer to this question-You Decide:


      "Food For Thought"

      "God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe"

      Semper Fi!


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    37. Paulo Jones says:

      When these acorn losers come around, just play dumb and stare at them. Don't say a word to them. They are the most corrupt, disgusting bunch of fraudulent pukes on the face of the earth. They have got to be stopped!

    38. Jack says:

      We should have the census does by the Post Office, it needs the money and then we don't get charged twice. We also have a chance of getting a more accurate accounting.

      ACORN is just a bunch of Obama's fraudulent friends and they definitely haven't got America's best interests at heart. This again is the Whitehouse padding pockets and buying votes.

      We should just refuse to participate in this fraudulent census unless ACORN and other groups with agendas are removed from the census process.

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    40. Akshay says:

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    41. Akshay says:

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