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  • There is Still Time, Senator: Fix the Stimulus

    Senator Max Baucus

    According to Politico, CNN’s Dana Bash and Ted Barrett reported yesterday on how the $800 billion Stimulus bill managed to not only protect AIG’s bonuses; but a provision that would’ve prevented the executive bonuses was stripped. The obvious question is why these protections were put in place by Congress for AIG’s executive bonuses? A stunning comment from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) says it all:

    Frankly it was such a rush — we’re talking about the stimulus bill now — to get it passed, I didn’t have time and other conferees didn’t have time to address many of the provisions that were modified significantly.

    So not only did the rush to pass an $800 billion Stimulus bill cause the situation outraging America right now, but Senator Baucus has readily admitted that there could be a whole slew of incompetence buried in the stimulus bill. The time has come for Congress to take a second look at this $800 billion Stimulus bill and decide what parts they can rescind before they do anymore damage.

    It should be noted that Senator Baucus called for “the highest excise tax we can impose that will stand up in court” for the AIG executives who followed Congress’ direction. Who will be the next American put on the ‘enemy’s list’ for doing exactly what Congress told them to do?

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    32 Responses to There is Still Time, Senator: Fix the Stimulus

    1. Linda May, Placentia says:

      I'm so sick of this! Pelosi and Pals need to tender their resignation, NOW!

    2. dmc222 Michigan says:

      I wouldn't vote for anyone who votes to pass a bill before reading it. I've said it before and will say it again: unconscionable.

      So there were threats of Martial Law. If you all demand the time it takes to read the bill, the populace will stand behind you and applaud.

    3. John D. Froelich says:

      As complicated as the health care problems are, it will take about 5 years work to do it right, if it can be done at all. Otherwise a worse mess than now.

    4. John D. Froelich says:

      As complicated as the health care problems are, it will take about 5 years to work them out, if it can be done at all. Otherwise, a greater mess thqan now.

    5. Ron, Derry NH says:

      The one and only good thing about congress as it takes so long to decide on an issue that by the time a law is written, society has adjusted to and solved the crisis at hand. So when all the dust and rigmarole has settled political ineptitude is washed away to be nothing but a ritualistic dance that is strut upon by the lamesters as they ponder their next move or run for their warmed over seat.

      That is why we tolerate these turkeys. They are usually more of a curiosity than a necessity, but we don't want them to know that, or their pomposity may reach a temper tantrum and really cause harm to society as their manifestations of corruption may actual be heeded by the private sector.

      What we have with this "Speedy, panic laden forced economic take over" by the Demagoguery party, is an attempt to become a significant payer in shaping humanity, without debate.

      By becoming responsive to a crisis in a timely fashion, congress itself has dishonored its age old practice of debate, cajole and fester on an idea, until its solution reveals itself through proper channels "THE PEOPLE" and then move in and take the credit for political gains.

      The stimulus is positively going to be a failure because congress hatched it. They can not and should not lead in a society based on its people. It should get the heck out of the way and let us do what we do best; get to work and make things happen as they ponder, reword and constipate an idea into a lard ball of inadequacy and slime as to have no actual affect on every day life.

      They have suddenly become aware of their incompetence…what a shock! This is a great opportunity for them to stick their heads back up their proverbial waste management areas, and repeal the stupefying arrogant display of frustration they have unleashed.

      What they seem to be doing now is panic laws. They wrote an inept package at the hands of a bunch of fascist socialist preppies, that think it's their duty to rule, not serve and in a sudden display of realization at their over exuberance, they are lashing out at the public and private sector for laws of inadequacy perpetrated by they themselves to clear up their fiasco.

      They need to go back to the time honored tradition of debate and fester!! Otherwise we will be smothered under consistently more and more inept laws to erase the haste of each new and better solution drawn up exposing their incompetence….and we don't want that..

    6. Rose, VA says:

      Watching Barney Frank demand from the AIG Exec., what Americans should be asking of him and his part in the financial disaster we are in. Again the government insults the intelligence of the American people giving the impression that they are just outraged at the AIG bonuses. The American people are out raged at the ineptness of the politicians and the new administration. Their mantra was we have to do something and in a hurry. Well this mess is the result of doing something but not the right thing.They are out of control, and need to be reigned in. It breaks my heart to see the direction our great country is go in.

    7. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Let's clarify this: We are NOT advocating anyone commit suicide, unlike a Senator's recent call to private executives.

    8. Grace, Florida says:

      Americans are outraged and rightly so – but I for one am not outraged at the AIG Execs – I'm outraged at the liars who call themselves lawmakers in Washington. They are corrupt, greedy and full of pride. They claim no personal responsibility when they do or say the wrong things. I'm surprised we haven't heard them trying to blame Bush for the bonuses.

      I am embarrased by our President and his Cabinet, Our Senators and our Representatives. I'm proud to be an American but I'm not proud of what we've done.

    9. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Wow. I actually saw CNN do some real reporting last night when they grilled Chris Dodd on the "modifications" that he added to the Porkulus bill that re-instituted the AIG bonuses. (Which he vehemently denied he did the previous day.) What a farce. Chris Dodd is up to his posterior in this mess and both he and Geithner need to resign immediately.

    10. Jeff, Florida says:

      This Congress = TOTAL INCOMPETENCE!

      This Presendent = TOTAL INCOMPETENCE but a good fascist socialist!


    11. Jeff, Florida says:

      I was in the military for 20 years and I served in Vietnam for freedom. If I had to do it under this present Government I would not. This Government is a national disgrace.

    12. Sharon Indiana says:

      I am sick to death of the lying, cheating, deranged people representing us in Congress. Who in the world do they think they represent? Geither and Pelosi should resign!

      Only interested in getting their seats back another term.

      This is still America, but times are changing. Change is a natural thing. Many industries from the past became outdated. Carousels, horseshoeing, buggy making, etc. But new ones came along. It would be the same now if there weren't so much finageling and chicanery. We are propping up businesses that have run themselves into the ground and it is time for them to take a back seat and let others begin.

    13. Richard, Washington, says:

      The executives of Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, all of the financial institutions receiving bailout money, the big three automakers, AND the administration/Congress need to review the term fiduciary responsibility. They collectively have an obligation to wisely and frugally spend the taxpayer's money. It's absolutely unacceptable that the same Congress that signed into effect important legislation without knowing its' details is now witch hunting for business execs on whom they can hang responsibility for the mess!

    14. Tim AZ says:

      There appears to be more than just class warfare going on here. The Govt. Is using these contractual bonuses as a cover hoping no one will discover the money they were giving to foreign and domestic banks through AIG. Duetsche Bank and Goldman Sachs are just a couple.

    15. Jeff, Florida says:

      We seem to be a nation of cheap words but no action, when will we become a nation that takes back our country? The very least you the people can do is show up at the polls and vote out every last dead beat in our so-called government.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Who are these people and where do they come from? They are not Americans! They are Lawyers, one or wosteps below a human being. They knew exactly what they were signing. They knew exactly the repurcussions. They knew exactly that we would fall for the 'Red Herring' of AIG bonuses!

      We are the fools! 1185 million or so is nothing compared to 40+ billion given to France! 40+ Billion given to Germany! Billions upon Billions given out everywhere but here in the United States!

      We're the suckers who fall for the media hype of AIG bonuses. Instead of worrying about the small change, we need to ask,"Where did the Money go, and Why?"


    17. Linda, Pennsylvania says:

      Those representatives in DC need to go…all of them. I am disgusted about this every single day. It is as though they have all lost their minds. No amount of writing or calling seems to register with them. I don't even get a response anymore. Arlen Spector has gotten his last vote here. I suggest we all start now finding canidates to replace those that have decided not to represent "we the people.

    18. Natalie Georgia says:

      Fannie and Freddie are about to hand out the same bonuses. I sure hope everyone screams as loud if not louder. Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Waters, …..are a disgrace. They don't know what to do with thier newfound power. You know what they say, "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves". Unfortunatley the cost of rope these days is killing us.

    19. Charles, Oklahoma says:

      So,the left wing bedwetter's are upset that AIG took taxpayer money, and spent it in ways this congress doesn't like. Now they know how the tax payers feel everyday. We see this bunch of idiots spending our money everyday on stupid things that no one with a brain support. This Congress and president should ALL be on trial for TREASON! We have lost control of this ANIMAL HOUSE. I think I speak for alot of people. I am completely unrepresented in this government.

    20. Joanne Tellez Giron says:

      It's a smokescreen…. They are diverting our attention from the real problems….The dollar will be worthless, amnesty is a reality, no vote will be necessary……and I believe there is a

      " New World Order Militia" in training now… I know, it sounds crazy…. but pay attention friends. I love this country and I'm afraid of losing it… I hope that someone can prove to me that I'm wrong.

    21. Candice, Los Angeles says:

      I can't believe the condition of our government! Everyone one of these so-called representatives should be removed from office in the next election cycle. They are all liars and think that they can make false statements to cover for their wrong doing without repercussion. The People of America need to wake up and replace these men and women who have signed a bad bill without even reading it! Ask yourself how long you would last at your job if you did such a thing; I would say not very long!

    22. geof,michigan says:

      this is change all right,they are taking the country down with their stupidity,they are discraceful.I AM ASHAMED FOR THEM.HOW DO THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES?

    23. Ed, Louisiana says:

      Perhaps those Senators and Congressmen & Congresswomen who received money from AIG should return it to the Government or be taxed at 100% of the amount received. While they are at it, they could return the money to the government from any other company which recieved taxpayers' money in a bailout.

    24. joan, connecticut says:

      Chris Dodd squirmed like the weasel he is, when the CNN reporter got him to admit he lied about his role in the AIG fiasco. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights! Good work To Cnn" Donna Bash.

    25. Sundowner04, TN says:

      We need real candidates (not incumbents) to elect who are not millionaires or so far removed from reality that they forget who they serve.
      We need a new government, a new House and Senate and a new direction for this country.
      Term limits and true transparency now.
      IMPEACH D.C.!

    26. S af Ugglas says:

      Why can´t Republicans in Congress use the fast

      trac legislation to relive Obama from for instance Dirty Harry and madam Pelosi? Any kind of suggestion will do to help Obama.

    27. jh texas says:

      Many people in their anger have commented that these congressmen and senators are idiots. But we fool ourselves if we believe this. these people know exactly what they are doing and they have been plotting the over throw of capitalism for decades. Look at the programs in colleges these days.If this does not wake people up to the dangers of not talking to your children then I don' know what will. Maybe when your children walk in dressed in an ss uniform. Wake up people these people are not stupid they are dangerous!!!!!

    28. Matt Bowie, MD says:

      Obama and his merry band of socialists are at it again. Change we cannot believe in. Strange how Dodd and Frank and Biden benefitted from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as did our esteemed President. Affordable housing for everyone created this mess. Also strange how our esteemed President benefitted from AIG via contributions. America there is a definite movement afoot to creat class division. We need leaders America. Remember the Obama and Rahm Emanuel Manifesto for a national civilian intelligence apparatus.

      As for the stimulus; how many of us "common folk" read the loan papers before we sign the loan? Most of us "common folk" do except perhaps those who live in houses they cannot afford. We have created a generation of losers who realize Uncle Fidel or Grandpa Lenin can always bail us out.

    29. JAMEZ68 TEXAS says:


    30. Les,Albuquerque, New says:

      Its time for us to start pushing for term limits. These old, entrenched, idiots need to go.

    31. Paul, FL says:

      I sure wish that I had the money to invest in wheelbarrows and duct tape. Because I guarantee we all are going to need both. One to carry the cash it will take just to buy groceries and the other to wrap around my head to keep it from exploding.

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