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  • The American Tea Party

    A grassroots movement gaining momentum across America, and refusing to be knocked down by administration hit jobs, is calling for President Obama to do something besides spend money. The furor, originally voiced by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, is directed at government policies that reward individuals and companies who made poor decisions with taxpayer money:

    “Enough housing bailouts, enough bank bailouts, enough bailouts for everyone who took risks that didn’t pay off. People who played by the rules and paid their own debts shouldn’t be forced to pay for all these bailouts. I support Rick Santelli’s call for a Taxpayer Tea Party to defend our country’s founding free-market principles.”


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    65 Responses to The American Tea Party

    1. dan smith, fernandin says:

      its time to retire congress. they've made a mess of our country. personally, i truly believe they should be held accountable for what they have done to america. arrest them, put them on closed military bases, then grill them one by one until they confess their sins against the people. make them rejoin the work force. no more automatic retirement benefits. make them pay social security taxes, make them subject to the same insurance situation as the rest of us, prohibit their use of military aircraft or any other transport unless its paid for out of their own pockets.

      no one should be president of the usa unless that person has served in the armed forces for at least two years.

      my government makes me want to puke. is this the best we can do ?

    2. einstein tucson az says:

      april 15th tea party—@ your local post office—the one open late— media will be there— bring signs— 3 pm till……. the revolution will not be televised……..

    3. Leslie, Port Charlot says:

      Dan, I totally agree with you. After watching the AIG hearings today, I am more angry with certain congressmen than AIG. They think we are mindless idiots. It is so frustrating.

    4. ra,ohio says:

      Dan, I,m right there with you.

      I think they get their yearly salary for the rest of their life if they have served 1 term in office. I may be wrong on that, but I think once they leave office, their pensions should be invested in the stock market, and they should be limited to two terms just like the president.

      If the above took place you would see a much different behavior from "our representatives and senators".

    5. ra,ohio says:

      Dan, I,m right there with you.

      I think they get their yearly salary for the rest of their life if they have served 1 term in office. I may be wrong on that, but I think once they leave office, their pensions should be invested in the stock market, and they should be limited to two terms just like the president.

      If the above took place you would see a much different behavior from "our representatives and senators".
      OH! You're my new favorite blogger fyi

    6. Rick, Vermont says:

      I would like to see a much more thorough investigation of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd's financial ties and involvent with Freddie Mack Fanny May, and AIG. It's time the spotlight of truth shines on the source of the problem and remove them by the same standards they hold others to.

    7. Donna, PA says:

      The problem with the "light of truth" argument is that the main stream media has far too much invested in their shiny new toy (the President) to honestly tell the public what's really going on. So it will be left to the Internet, talk radio and Fox News, all of which will be called right wing extremists and marginalized…

    8. Grace, Florida says:

      Dan – well said. I think a good majority of Americans are feeling exactly like you. I was thinking about it too and these guys forget they work for us. I wonder if the citizens could hire an attorney and sue the government. I know it sounds crazy but I can tell you this is not what I want to see going on in Washington. This kind of crap has got to stop. I see a REVOLUTION in the wings.

      Leslie – I too was feeling more outrage against our government officials that I was Mr. Liddy – I really felt sorry for him.

    9. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      I believe that congressional salaries and benefit packages should be set by individual state legislatures. Nothing says that people doing the same job must make the same money. They aren't self employed (which is essentially what the current system means). They don't work for the federal gvmt. Senators and representatives work for the individual states and should be accountable to them. This gives the opportunity to cut a senator's pay during hard times or for lack of performance without having to wait six years. If he doesn't like the pay cut…. quit.

      Welcome to the real world.

    10. Sandy, Vandalia, Ohi says:

      People are focusing too much on the bonuses; it makes you look like liberals who are angry at any who make more than you. I agree is is tacky and morally wrong, but it is a tactic for the Obama people to keep outfront to keep our minds off their real agenda. Stay vigilant. Do not let small items in the news lead you astray.

      WHERE ARE ALL THE REPUBLICANS OR OTHER CONSERVATIVES WITH MONEY?? WE NEED YOU TO HELP ORGANIZE LARGE AND LARGER AND SMARTER AND MORE CUNNING FORCES THAN THE DEMS WITH ALL THEIR MOVIE STAR GUIDANCE AND ASSISTANCE. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE FROM OUR SIDE. It is well known that the majority of moneys for the conservative side come from us small people. We need our people with great reserves to come forward and help financially, so we can pull those with the best skills and ideas so as to overcome the left. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!

    11. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Apart from venting our anger, what concrete proposals do people opposed to these policies suggest? Our most effective approach is winning elections. How do people opposed to these policies win elections?

    12. Barry, Florida says:

      I'm a little slow so let me get this straight – AIG was failing due to miss-management and bad decisions so our government punished these people by giving them money. Now that they are miss-managing the money they were given as punishment, our government, the ones who gave them the money are outraged? Isn't this like giving a panhandler $5.00 for food and then becoming outraged when you find him in a convenience store buying a six pack with the money you gave him. The outrage should, and must be toward the people who enabled this behavior. Besides, had they not been given the money, they would now be looking for jobs instead of where to vacation.

    13. peggy california says:


      I totally agree with you! A good start would be to get rid of nancy pelosi. Every day Congress or the Obama gang do something that is totally outrageous! What is going on?

      This is true insanity!

      I would like to have information of any "tea parties" that are taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    14. Lynn, Cincinnati says:

      check out CincinnatiTeaParty.org…their first event was March 15…tremendous event…great turnout.

    15. Linda from NY Hudson says:

      I need more info on local Tea Parties in my area. I never thought I would be protesting anything, but I am very scared for our country and want to be heard. There are so many Libs here in my area, I fear I may be walking alone.

    16. Lin Michigan says:

      I agree with Dan. They should have a 2 term limit. They should pay all taxes that the average middle class American has to pay. Their retirement plans and health care should be comparable to what the average American has! They should not be treated any different then we are!

      I also think the Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, Frank and anyone else who conspired with them should be brought up on treason charges, tried, convicted and jailed! It's a disgrace and unforgivable!

    17. Dennis, Idaho says:

      Obama is not an American citizen. He has not produced a long form birth certificate which has the name of the hospital and doctor. Until he produces this proof of citizenship everything he does is illegal and void.

      This is foundational to our constitution and cannot be ignored. We need to demand that our House, Senate, and Judiciary resolve

      this issue.

    18. Dennis, Idaho says:

      Our congress has for decades voted themselves perks, raises, and other bonuses and now seem outraged at private sector waste.

      Where is the the Biblical idea of "remove the beam from your own eye so that you may see clearly to help your brother with the mote is his eye"?

    19. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      TRAITORS must be dealt with according to the law we know. We the people need to get our act to-

      gether before the traitors in Washington,DC are

      allowed to go any further with their criminal acts! They have betrayed the constitution, the

      people, and their oaths to office. They are the

      worst sort of hypocrites who defile all that is

      good and right to serve their own selfish inter-

      ests. We need to move to impeach them and their

      criminal acts in order to reverse the damage they

      have already done!!

      Therefore, they must be charged for the criminal

      acts they have clearly already committed. If we do

      not act soon and swiftly, it will be increasingly

      difficult to undo the damage they have already

      done in the few weeks since the inauguration.

      Tea parties are great, but true action must go

      far beyond that as made evident by those who were

      participants of the original tea party in the

      1770s… Either we do what's needed now, or suffer

      under the type of thing all other tyrannical gov-

      ernments have inflicted on previous populations

      who, like us, thought "that could never happen to


    20. Jerome Zacny says:

      It has become the theater of the absurd. Mr. Obama visits Southern California yesterday and tells the mob, "I too am outraged". He refers to the "Washinton crowd" running around pointing fingers at each other, as though he was not the leader of that crowd. This is a man who says, "I didn't know about bonuses for AIG executives". He signed the bill that authorized it. If he truly didn't know, that means he didn't read the legislation he signed into law, making him dangerously irresponsible.

      Mr. Obama tells Ms. Pelosi to have Congress put together a stimulus bill. Congress turns the project over to their staffers, who slap it all together, maybe adding a few of their own ideas into the mix. The staffers give it back to Congress, all 1,100 pages. Of course no one reads it, yet the Democrats all vote aye. The President also doesn't read it and signs it into law. We all find out the hard way what is in the legislation. When the public finds out what all this costs, they explode. And who comes to the fore, leading the chorus of outrage, but the architects of the madness themselves.

      Two days ago, Senator Dodd said he didn't know how the language in his amendment to the stimulus bill was "gutted" to allow for an exemption on the restriction of bonus payments to executives of companies receiving bailout cash. Last night, when confronted on camera about this change to his amendment he said Geithner called for this.

      Next we have to listen to Barney Frank berate the CEO of AIG for payment of bonuses he, Frank, voted to approve. The same Frank who stood before members of the Justice Department demanding to know when that Dept. was going to open criminal and civil investigations into those responsible for the crisis at Fannie and Feddie. For once, I agree with Barney. I believe the Justice Dept should begin by investigating the roles of Mr. Frank, Mr. Dodd, Maxine Waters and Mr. Obama in the Fannie and Freddie debacle, detailing how much in campaign contributions, loans and other incentives they (or their familiy members)were given by AIG.

    21. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      These companies have been given our money, and now it is revealed that many owe taxes they have not paid. Can I not pay my taxes and recieve bail out money for doing nothing????? If I owe back taxes the irs will take everything I have to satisfy the debt. Guess I am not a huge company, bank, nor a politican or a supposed minority.

    22. Jim, Dayton, Ohio says:


      I heartily agree. However, don't sell we "little people" short. What is needed is organization. For example, we could form "topic groups" to review all relevant bills created by congress and the Obama administration. The original "stimulus bill" was, I believe, simply too big for individuals to read the entire package in time to make definitive comments on it. So the idea here is to have one topic group review health care portions (which could be further broken out); another to review environment/ "global warming" portions, etc., etc. Output of the groups would need to be combined, as appropriate, and distributed to all for individual forwarding to congressional representatives and senators

      This is just one idea of many that relate to what the "little people" can do.

      Anyone interested in helping to form such groups, or at least in further discussion of the concept?

    23. Patti, California says:

      I knew this was going to happen if we elected this president. I did not vote for him. His radical community activist background scared the hell out of me. Now I am REALLY, truly scared to death. Obviously, I did not vote for him. And now look at where we are.

      It's MADNESS. They are all sociopaths. In fact,in case you have not heard, 1 in 25 people are sociopaths !!! I don't have to spell this out for you do I?

      They are called Liberals.

      It is quite simple. They should all be nuetered, put in straigtjackets,with a colostomy bag and uretur that is hooked straight into the sewer line and on a constant intraveineous librium drip…but instead, many of them are now in Washington, ruining this country as I speak.It makes me SICK!

    24. Natalie Georgia says:

      Join your local or state Tax Day Tea Party. I believe all of the web addresses are listed on FreedomWorks.com. We need to be seen and heard. They can not continue to ignore us, this movement is getting too big. Little people do have a voice!

    25. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Bring back the DRAFT! Only this time use it on the Senate and the House of Represenatives.

      Each State pulls two non-felon names from a hat and Bingo, they are the two new Senators for that State, and get paid the average income of that stae, with the average benefits! Same for the Representatives.

      Those people are going to be bitter, non-partisan, people who just want to get the job done and go home and ask,"Why the Hell do you get ten buck more an hour than I do?"


    26. Lynne , New Hampshir says:

      We can be seen, heard and grow this group! As the Obmatrons stump this weekend for "budget support",ha how can they call it a budget! Greet them kindly with a cup of good old American tea! I'll be leaving a basket of teabags on my porch for the poor misguided Obmabots!

      Yes we can and we will!

    27. Lynne , New Hampshir says:

      We can be seen, heard and grow this group! As the Obmatrons stump this weekend for "budget support",ha how can they call it a budget! Greet them kindly with a cup of good old American tea! I'll be leaving a basket of teabags on my porch for the poor misguided Obmabots!

      Yes we can and yes we will!

    28. Peggy - CA says:

      Beware, you have just experienced a political takeover of our government. Obama and the political machine (Democratic AND republican) have conspired to take away the rights of the citizens of this country. If you are a citizen, you have no rights to your own money. Your children are forced to listen to teachers indoctrinate them with left-leaning political garbage. If you are an illegal, you are welcomed with open arms and actually have the advocacy of our elected leadership. Both sides of the political system are completely corrupt. That's why the republicans cannot put forward a candidate that can win. Anyone who speaks against the political machine is aggressively persecuted and publically ostracized. It won't be long before the military "partners" with local law inforcement to maintain peace. Mark my words, the day is fast approaching.

    29. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The only way our outrage can change the direction of our country is when we collectively in millions descend on Washington DC and demand immediate cessation and restoration of the US Constitution in word and spirit. I suggest that we do this on either April 15 or on the Memorial day, honoring our veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty.

      Local protests will not draw attention and will be ignored.

    30. sharon layman ches says:

      we the people ought to demand pelosi dodd franks rangle schumer, all retire.also demand obama not a us citizen.

    31. Marlene, Las Vegas says:

      DO not get sidetracked by this "outrage" displayed by those in power – the "crisis" Emanuel is taking advantage of now by diverting attention is growing the government while we are "outraged." Pay attention!! They move swiftly, divert attention, and ram through their policies (unread)future generations must live with. Sound like a good idea to you?

      What a joke to hear Barney speak at these hearings – what happened to investigations concerning the $90 million bonus Franklin Raines received; the $24.7 million bonus Jamie Gorelick received, both running Fannie Mae into the ground. Maxine Waters husband works for a bank that received part of the bail-out??? Chris Dodd received special consideration from Countrywide – anyone remember that?

      We have got a real problem, folks…….time to demand accountability, transparency (does that word sound familiar), oversight and quit "rewarding incompetence" (Barney's words describing AIG exec's. Now that's a joke-Barney of all people talking about competence? He vouched for the soundness of Fannie and Freddie Mac five years ago!

      Those involved with allowing this crisis to occur or creating the bailout should resign out of shame or be impeached. Of course, that will not happen because those who represent all of "us" are out of touch…….logic and common sense are truly in short supply on the hill.

    32. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      I will defer to Dan's assessment of elected official's not Representing We the People and

      not Protecting OUR Constitution and Country!

      I will be at the TEA!

    33. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Yes we are all furious over the bonuses given by AIG. But now we know: a) the bonus plan was available and above board a year ago- sectreas was there then also. b) Sen Dodd/admin, playing the blame game, endorsed the bonus plan. Whether by design(corruption)or neglect, it's still Dodd's amendment and he's respsonible for what's in it. c) The AIG bonus plan was a legal operation.d) I believe it is unconstitutional for the government to go in and break a contract between private parties and it is also illegal to tax 90% of bonus pay for certain parties – not to mention it's a soviet style tax weapon of intimidation(we need the Fair Tax).

      Why are the republicans joining that bandwagon? They should be admitting that this is a congressional/admin mistake and AIG's bonuses are legal – get over it. The dems blew it. Let's get on with some adult supervision over this incompetant congress. At the rate this administration is going, there,soon, will be unrest in the streets moving to chaos. One good thing that may come out of this misadventure is that, hopefully, many organizations will refuse bailout money. Lets stop this bailout and spending nonsense and get on with a rational economic plan designed to regain prosperity to America, not remake America into a third world failing socialist country.

      If the dems push through Obama's budget plan(reconcilliation), implement cap and trade and eliminate the conscience clause for medical workers there is going to be one heck of a backlash by the people. The American people liked Obama, and voted for him because he is likable, but they will not and don't like his policies.

    34. Michelle, Lees Summi says:

      Wonderful!! It is so great to see people awakening to the truth of things. If we, the American legal citizen do not stand up NOW and start making our voices heard, I fear in a couple of years it will be to late. This is why it is soooo important that we really pay attention to who is wanting to be elected in 2010.

      I think we the people need to find a way to set term limits for congress. They have gotten so out of control. They have become so blatant in there disregard for us that they need a wake up call. They may be able to earmark alot of money to help get votes but they still need our votes!!!

      How about those bonuses ol fannie and freddie execs are gonna get! SICK!!!!!!!!

    35. Sundowner04, TN says:

      Arm yourself and prepare…

    36. Richard, Spring, TX says:

      This whole Congressional screw-up of the Stimulus bailout shows a real need for term limits.

    37. Zee Murray, Naples, says:

      Clearly this incompetent "administration" is tearing our Constitution to shreds on so many levels. How can we presume that we have any sort of representation when Congress has openly admitted that none of them had the time/inclination to read the thousands of pages in the legislation that they signed and the the "President" signed too.

    38. jack eck florida says:

      money is not the answer to organizing. limbaugh,hannity,levine,beck,ingraham,must pick a day and time for us to meet and protest. if they push the issue through their media outlets,we have some legitamacy and direction on a national level. they must help organize one big tea party.

    39. Diane, Santa Maria, says:

      Peggy, we're a few hours away but ther's a tea party in Santa Barbara, Ca on April 4,2009,wish you could make it.

    40. ram--bend, or says:

      i will be working to bring as many people as i can to these tea parties , we messeed up tremendously by allowing this perverted thinking in the whitehouse…….. we have no more time for talk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Randy Henderson, Powhatan, VA says:


      More “change to believe in”. The transparency in this administration is broken. See the link.

      I don’t blame the executives for taking the bonuses. Truthfully, New York could probably use the revenue in taxes. It is a capitalist way of stimulating an economy without government intervention. Were is the problem? This is a prime example of a government that is too big and acting as if the must control everything. Our forefathers fought off this tyranny years ago as I recall reading in the history books. I love the fact that we are seeing the Tea Parties, its time “We the People” actually meant something again.

    42. Dorothy, Colorado says:

      Everyone, please write to your senators.

      Maybe he really was not born in this country, then his presidency is a fraud. Someone needs to really check this out. I don't believe he is a citizen. He appeared out of nowhere into the Illinois senate for 2 years, then into the US senate for 2 years.

    43. Bill P says:

      I would love to see a time line of actions taken, committee meetings held, what ever, by those that regulate and have influence over the mortgage business, particularly as it relates to Freddie and Fannie. Snce the dems com plain about changes stemming from the Clinton years, lets do the whole decade and find out what really happened.

      The most surprising thing is that the media has failed the American people by not already having done this. So much for the 5th estate. They seem to be cowards.

      NONE of this would have happened without complicity on the part of Freddie and Fannie. Wall street only followed their lead!!! Funny(not funny) Congress has the power to destroy the wealth not only of the US but the rest of the world!!!!!!

      We are responsible, when do we make a change??

    44. Brother Dave, Annapo says:

      The American people can see through the phony concern coming now out of Dodd, Frank, Pelosi & Co. They have been complicit for years in this banking scheme and are now mired deep in this meltdown.

      If we must funnel taxpayer funds to anyone to jump start the economy, let's leave the giant banks and other trouble makers out of the equation. Instead, we should look to the many well-managed local community banks and credit unions who never strayed from sound lending practices. It is they who deserve our business and support.

    45. Tom, New Jersey says:

      Just one question for all of these democratic congressmen and our president; how can you take a sworn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, yet do everything in your power once elected to destroy it?

    46. Ed Warden says:

      Talk about of powers how about the whole congress giving themselves raises (which seems like every year) should either be taxed 100% or return all of the raises for atleast 10 years, you talk about ripping off the american people lets see them defend this.

    47. Ed Warden says:

      Congress give back your raises that you stole from the american people or pay taxes on the raises for the last 10 years.

    48. Pam Albany GA says:

      I agree 100 percent and I intend to support my local Tea Party on 15 Apr. I'm SOS. How can this man go on Jay Leno and joke around, bet on basketball, continue to tell us (the ignorant masses) that TurboTaxTim is doing a great job, act physo on the economy, and still be considered popular. It's going to be a long 4 years doesn't even cut it anymore.

    49. Jimmy Konogeris, May says:

      Jim count me in!! Talk is cheat…except when congress does it. Dan, you're on target. Each state should establish minimum and maximum salaries for congress men and women and senators. And yes they need to provide for their own health care and retirement through their state's offered programs. Call it whatever a "TEA PARTY", "TP PARTY", "BS PARTY" or a "GLUE PARTY"……CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE on: _______15, 2009, at any US ________.

      A message for AIG//etc., Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and the Messiah and company: "A democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." (Thomas Jefferson)

      "There is no distinctly native American criminal class ….save Congress." — Mark Twain

    50. Jimmy Konogeris, May says:

      "If you believe health care is expensive now, wait and see what it costs when it is free." — P.J. O'Rouke

    51. Paul, FL says:

      I'm seeing a lot of venting and calling for more Tea Parties as well as calling for certain members of congress to resign or be impeached and that's good. Although, senators and representatives will more often than not ignore a letter or email just because someone is from outside their state.

      The Constitution says in Article 1, Section 6: The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.

      This part of the Constitution CLEARLY makes congressional pay made from the FEDERAL TREASURY, not the STATES! I'm hoping that helps to clear this up.

      Now, we should ALL be open to suggestions as to having a CLEAR APPROACH and CLEAR THINKING for making plans to deal with the current crises. I have read what Newt Gingrich has said and I agree to many of his points, but, he isn't the only one trying to take clear, concise measures.

      Does anyone else know what else is being talked about as far as actually getting something done about the current mess we find ourselves in? If so, let's start making plans, that is including and besides Tea Parties.

    52. patricia barr,Deming says:

      The Teabags will not help,they have been Treasonus

      for our rights under the constitution and all law's

      have been broken,and they do not care.

      So convict them of Treason and be done with it.

      This will not happen because the american people

      are yellow and i don't mean the color.

      we the people have not stood up for our rights,

      so look what happened.

      so send tea bags by mail!!!!!!!

    53. Laura, Montana says:

      Don't these clowns have a CLUE yet? We are not happy- I think the Consitution states that we are required to remove the Congress if they become to involved with their own agendas.

    54. Whatcheer? ,Providen says:

      Jack gReed, Dodd and Frank are lucky this is not 1776, for they would be tar and feathered!

    55. Scott Petersen, Omah says:

      New Third Party: THE AMERICAN TEA PARTY

      We believe in:

      Less Government, Lower Taxes.

      The Power of Freedom and the Free Market

      The Common Sense Values of The Founding Fathers

      Take the next step and get it going…

    56. David Rathbun, Omaha says:

      I nominate Limbaugh/Beck to lead the 2012 "Tea" Party.

    57. richie, smithtown, n says:

      why do all the hollywood people, rock stars and those who earn a fortune why would they approve of the government upping their taxes?or is it because rumor has it they get a kickback from the govt if they endorse the liberal left?

    58. cynthiakellam Wilmin says:

      I would never venture an attempt to lighten the subject of military service. There is nothing remotely weightless about parents faced with the ultimate sacrifice. I know.

      In spite of high school teachers discouraging and in some cases insulting my son, he has chosen, with a GPA that exceeds 4.0 and SAT scores close to perfect, to attend Virginia Military Institute next fall. Whether or not he will serve directly overseas in the military or choose a life of civilian service remains to be seen; but I can tell you, the pride that fills my heart to over-flowing is very, very heavy. Yet still, he makes me laugh; for eighteen years he has made me laugh.

      Born in 1990, my eldest son, dare I say, ‘virtually’ shared a birthday with the internet. Without doubt, they grew up together. The interactive games he played as a toddler infatuated and entertained the entire family; with the passing of every year heightening our awe as both witty computer programs and his clever abilities to master them, increased in sophistication exponentially.

      By the tender age of seven our little fellow’s computer savvy was quite impressive to say the least; his command of the medium having been for years already, the stuff of family legend. Admittedly, computer skills eluded yet many adults whose interests had not been, previous to the internet, microchip related; inspiring exaggerated pride, admiration and envy in parents and grandparents far and wide; our family no exception. Nonetheless, my son’s astonishingly capable keyboard skills were uncanny.

      Pride coming before a fall, at the age of nine and one half, my motherly egotism gave way to horror and humility on learning that the blue-eyed, tow-headed apple of the family eye, was in fact the delight of another dynasty not one of the nuclear family had, in fact, ever imagined existed much less made acquaintances.

      Admittedly behind the times in computer acumen but never naïve, I monitored my child’s devoted friendship with his techno playmate faithfully. Having observed his and PC's enchantment and tireless engagement in a new game, I decided to follow up; expecting to discover a fascinating new odyssey myself. ‘Oregon Trail,’ after all, had certainly been fun.

      With some time and due diligence; requiring, even, supportive navigation and explanation from Bugsy himself, the allure of his latest venture became alarmingly clear. Following days of instruction and travel deep into an underworld of my erudite nine year olds’ own design, I found myself astonished and flabbergasted; perversely proud, humored and mortified simultaneously.

      Imagine my surprise at learning that our little ‘Christopher Robin’ played in a forest quite unlike that of the Pooh and Piglet—and in fact owned not only his neck of the wood but everyone and thing in it. My son, it seemed, had made quite a name for himself. Though cloaked in a Byzantine setting, Jr. had established himself Don of a thriving virtual mafia operation.

      It took little time for MAMA to dismantle his outfit; fortunately without incident. No contract was put on my head though apparently numerous hits had been, on countless virtual others during the time that my son, goons in toe, built his empire.

      Owner of businesses, laundering outfits and property all over his private world, my son was not only loaded, but king of the hill; with, virtually, thousands answering to him and following his instructions; a select group of shady colleagues assisting him in amassing a virtual fortune; personal body-guards, of course, protecting him along the way.

      To say that I knew beyond doubt I was the worst mother on the planet would be an understatement. Nevertheless, dismantle my son’s kingdom, I did.

      More years have passed than I care to admit. Computers, without second thought, are as much a part of my family life as taxes, substandard public education, tooth brushes, my children’s girlfriends and boy-friends and on-going sibling disputes.

      All three of my PC children, grew into PC teen-agers; each benefiting from the use of computers and the net while being monitored and protected from them as well.

      In spite of many escapades and motherly foibles that have, and no doubt will happen again and again, my brief experience as mother of a prodigal son, my virtual Don, will ever reign in my mind. And the whole virtual reality thing has not ceased to bother me, in a myriad of ways.

      I have, sadly, witnessed friends of my children sink into what I can only describe as virtual existence; frequently, very violent ones at that. Avoiding any semblance of such a fate I pushed my children from their gaming chairs out onto the lawn; baring doors; reading riot acts, threatening computer screens with hammers, and throwing open windows with promises of imminent PC doom and grisly death by gravity. I may one day attempt making amends with my children for my many failures, before handing them the down payment for their psychotherapy. But for those tirades I have never been sorry and will never apologize.

      My theory, my mantra, one that my children could lip-sink if asked, was, and is this: virtual reality precedes virtual life; virtual life: benign subsistence with extinction around the bend. Eerie my mantra as it relates, not to the reality of my children, but to their entire world, has come back to haunt all of us.

      Fast-forward with me if you will. America’s economy has crashed following the inflating of virtual numbers on virtual spread sheets, culminating in the explosion of a virtual real-estate bubble.

      As capitalist America dissolves under the watch of a virtual president, before the world’s and our very own virtual satellite-eyes; our collective response as citizens can best be described, likewise: virtual.

      We blog, we discuss, we commentate, we commiserate, we sign petitions, we write our politicians. We join virtual communities for the sake of bolstering one another in our faith in Capitalist America and Judeo-Christian ethics where we: blog, we commentate, we commiserate, we sign petitions, and we write our politicians. We stage virtual, make believe Boston Tea Parties. What next, a virtual revolution from the comfort of our living rooms? Wait a minute while I grab my Roy Roger’s BB gun.

      In all seriousness and with due respect, I acknowledge that each of these first steps is important and well intended; I am in fact a participant. And I certainly do not advocate violence, but the time has come to face it: The Boston Tea Party was no tea party, and neither were the lives, before or since, of those who gave everything they had to create, then sustain the United States of America.

      Duels, physical disputes, family rifts and separation; the sacrifice of sons and daughters to war and death; poverty, loss of property and great wealth and or financial ruin are but a few of the realities endured by the signers of the Declaration (an act of treason in and of itself), and those who have protected America ever since.

      In short, there was, is and never will be simple means of securing the Capitalist, Democratic Republic of America. Blood, sweat and tears bought her. Nothing less will sustain her. And there is nothing virtual about it.

      It would seem apropos to contemplate then contrast the stark realities and fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, with the empty, virtual efforts we American’s along with our politicians, in spite of our best intentions (we hope), currently endeavor; and to consider the promises, made and lived out, first by the founding fathers, and later by every soldier who has ever fought to secure this Nation:

      “…For the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      Virtual reality precedes virtual life; virtual life: benign subsistence with extinction around the bend.

      God Bless America. And God Bless all three of my children. But today, God Bless in particular my great big, all grown up little boy. Watch over him please in the new hundred acre wood he has chosen, and in those other wooded places awaiting him, just around the bend.

    59. Bob Holtz says:

      To all my fellow Americans " Let The Truth Be Told " I'm about to share with your three all important web pages given you the real reason as to why our country America is in the mess it is in.

      1. The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control Of America … A 215 minute video.

      2. The Evil Federal Reserve ( A Must Read )

      3. The Money Myth Exploded. ( A Must Read )

      With These Three web pages you will see and know the truth about the real crisis here in America.

      Note: Let it be our civic duty to share this information with all 300 million Americans , For our nation has been deeply wounded.

      Note: For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

      God Bless Americans , God Bless America.

    60. tom hart st. james m says:

      Spot on! All of these insane "fixes" that have been put forward over the past several months have pushed me over the edge. We are gathering here in south central mo to display our disgust with the way our government is being run. Its not too late get organized in your area and keep up the fight until we take back our government!

    61. Cowgirl up Somers Mo says:

      With over 3 million Americans unemployed, why are the banks still out sourcing work to other countries? These are the same banks that took bail out monies from us, the tax payers. I thought those monies were to stay in America!!! How much of those monies are being used to pay the salary for jobs out side of the USA? This really makes me angry!!! The debt is out of hand and I resent paying people outside of America for jobs that could be done here!

    62. Curt Sherwood Richar says:

      How can I become President. I will take care of all of this!

    63. Charles Killen, Ala says:

      Has anyone ever really wondered why the second amendmant comes directly after the freedom of religion. If you have some time read the federlist papers and see what our founding fathers truly feared the most and why they wanted the people armed instead of just the military and the police having guns. We need to arms ourselves with knowledge as well there can be no doubt of that but when the worm finally turns then there should be some intresting times because they will not be able to hide for long in a nation that is truly pissed off.

    64. tim las vegas says:

      you fucking mother fuckers dont see what the rest of us see eveyday.

    65. Bill, Tacoma says:

      I'm concerned about the current alignment with Republicans, regardless of how conservative they say they are. Just today it was reported that hundreds of thousands of donations supposedly used for electing good candidates was used instead on private jets ($17,500), limousines ($15,000), very fancy hotels ($31,000) and a s*x club ($1,946.25). We tried term limits once before, but it was just a ruse to get one set of career politicians out of office (D's) and put another set in (R's). Both are corrupt.

      It's time for a third party.

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