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  • Surreal Statements from State on Russian Bomber Reports

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

    Are the Russians going to establish a bomber presence in Venezuela or Cuba? This past weekend a Russian air force commander spoke of potential basing opportunities in Venezuela while leftist President Hugo Chavez seemed to indicate a readiness to accept Russian aircraft. But then Chavez “walked the cat back” as the press officials like to say.

    Or didn’t he?

    Both the Pentagon and State Department press folks were quick to downplay the issue, not wishing to make waves when the White House has so much on its plate. One exchange at the State Department’s daily presser on March 16 between acting Department spokesman Robert Wood and the press, however, bordered on the surreal:

    QUESTION: Robert, Venezuela – a reaction to Chavez’s comments that Russian bombers would be able to make strategic stops on its territory if they needed to?
    QUESTION: Or Cuba.
    MR. WOOD: Yeah, I’ve seen reports with regard to Russian and Venezuelan statements. They appear to be walking back from what was said previously, so I don’t see it as much of a story.
    QUESTION: Well, he stopped short of saying that there would be a base there, but he’s still saying that –
    MR. WOOD: Well, look, I have to refer you to, you know, the Government of Venezuela on that subject. But the statements I have seen since the original story, since the earlier stories that ran, seem – that they seem to be backing away from –
    QUESTION: Well, actually, Robert, the head of the Cuban air force, I think, just said today that there is interest – I’m sorry, the head of the Russian air force today just said that there was interest in having their strategic bombers on Cuban airfields. So I mean, does the idea of having Russian bombers in this hemisphere concern the United States? I mean, this came up a few months ago. I can’t remember exactly when, but I know that the Administration spoke out very forcefully at the time that it would not be taken well.
    MR. WOOD: There have been a lot of news reports about what some people have said, and then reports saying that, well, that’s not exactly what they said. I just don’t have a way of saying anything beyond what I’ve given you already.
    QUESTION: But – okay, but the Russians and the Cubans, for instance, I mean, regardless of Venezuela, have been talking for some time about putting strategic bombers in Cuba. I mean, would that concern the United States?
    MR. WOOD: You’re asking me to speculate. I am not going to speculate on press reports.
    QUESTION: It’s not really speculation. These talks have been out there for at least six months.
    MR. WOOD: Talks are talks. I’m just not going to speculate on something that hasn’t happened.

    Four points of observation are in order: 1) Does it require a talking point signed off by Secretary of State Clinton for Mr. Wood to state that the permanent establishment of Western Hemisphere-based Russian military air base would not be considered a friendly gesture? 2) Is this sort of Venezuelan saber rattling a good thing less than one month away from the Summit of the Americas at a time when the Obama Administration wishes to make amends with straying Latins? 3) As Russia is rushing to establish offensive military presence in the Americas and President Dmitry Medvedev is announcing a massive rearmament package, doesn’t all the talk about pushing the reset button sounds hollow? 4) Finally, would Mr.Wood’s Russian counterpart be so sanguine with regards to reports of U.S. strategic aircraft landing in Georgia or the Ukraine?

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    25 Responses to Surreal Statements from State on Russian Bomber Reports

    1. Tim Johnson says:

      This is the kind of diplomacy that scares everyone I know!

    2. Clifford R. Hockensm says:

      Are we back to 1962 again? Why do the Russians think they can start this all over again just now? What has changed? I'm sure I must be missing something.

    3. Robert G. Garmon, We says:

      If government wants more of something, it subsidizes it. The unemployment benefits for part time employs have the potential to increase out of wedlock births with more single mothers, the major factor contributing to increased crime, increased government dependency. Also, the benefits will increase pressures for more abortions. Unintended consequences strike again.

    4. Steven Peters, Everg says:

      So the Monroe Doctrine is officially inoperative at State. We will allow European powers to exercise hegemony in the Western Hemisphere. Way to go, Democrats!

      This is payback for the Afghanistan war support base in Kyrgyzstan that Putin forced that government to close. And the pusillanimous Obama administration has no recourse but to accede to this extortion.

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The Obama administration is setting-up the American people by drawing down our nation's defense posture while granting hostile foreign regimes a strategic advantage. Russia, Cuba and Venezuela would understandably be foolish to pass up such a rare opportunity. The same can also be said about his inept policy on North Korea and the radicalized Muslim world.

    6. Alex, Coral Springs says:

      This is just a hint of we can expect by this new government in DC when it comes to foreign policy.

      Little by little you can see that the world is seeing the US as being weak. Because of this new liberal government, the posture of the US is no longer looked at as being strong.

    7. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      What you see on display is the uneasiness to offend a fellow socialist in Venezuela. The current administration clearly thinks that the US is the problem and as such they don't see anything wrong with the Russians and Cubans getting together with Chavez.

    8. Alex, Windsor ON says:

      While many of us have been distracted by politics, the election and the economy, Russia has been making some very disturbing and significant moves. I have been hearing about Russia and Venezuela for more than a year now. We know about Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. An Ottawa Citizen report states that when President Obama made his trip to Ottawa, Russia had 2 bombers within 200km of Canadian air space. Canada srambled fighters to intercept but I'm not sure what if anything they would have done about it had the Rusians continued.

      I don't have a clue what Medvedev's intentions are but it seems as though he is playing the new administration to see what the responce will be.

    9. mark elder says:

      Our enemies have been our enemies since the creation of America and their natures have not change although their tactics have they feel America is on the brink of a major revolution and they at least hope that it will spill over into the streets in the form of blood. At the very least they move in ever closer for the kill with every cloud that cloaks the light of freedom within this battle of socialism vs Freedom!

      Obama is taking away missile defenses in Poland if russia will agree to talk to iran now there is a no brainer. He wants to reduce our nuclear stock piles by 80 percent and liberals want to reduce defense spending across the board as well.

      The sea treaty the liberals would love to embrace where we will have to go through the U.N.just to drill off shore or even a pond or national land is another stick in the eye to American soverienty and national security along with cap and trades and union cards will further kill us.

      China, North Korea and Iran and God only knows who else are in on this I cant say for sure it is in total a grand scheme from foreign countries but I think IT IS A PUZZLE that seem to be fitting nicely together. Ironic is it not? It is from our white house and those in Congress with the help from people like George Soros that I think the greater scheme exists or at least its evil crux.

      Military build up and oppression in central America by our enemies and the fall of Mexico would send more refugees to America crippling us even more. Our languages would be even more mixed and we would have many more mouths to feed with our even more threatened food sources a huge mess to say the least as well terrorist could slip right throught he cracks inflicting further damage to our endangered freedom.

      I feel that Obama is attempting to get us in a blood money war with pakistan or at least a war where he intends to let American troops get cut to pieces and we are further stretched militarily he wants them preoccupied because he feels that military will not fire on their own people mercinaries will. China already has control of the Panama Canal thanks to the Clintons and Jimmy Carter just think of how China could utilize that one?

      The Obama admninistration is attacking our food sources by ramping up regulations on who what, where, when, and how we can grow food. China and others could poison so many Americans while our own ability to grow our own food is threatened and Obama and his administration looked the other way which would be furter disorientation and weakness for the American public.

      The Obama administration is trying to disarm Americans and now is giving or selling our military brass casing to china and attempting communist gun laws here in this country as well.

      Allen Keyes said it best and at least much nicer than I can say it. "Obama is a radical Communist and must be stopped or America as we know it will cease to exist."

      Obama also wants to make our military pay for their own insurance if injured in battle to further Deincentivise enlistment or reinlistment in our military and lest anyone forget I am sure his 'Homeland National Security Task Force' will be well funded with great insurance. The huge amount shell casings used by our military that he sells to China or gives to them will go to the mercinaries he recruits to fill his positions in his securty task force he is trying to use our strength against us.

      In short Obama is a DEMON! An evil communist DEMON and wants Freedom to fall! and his liberal cohorts are his angels. I say that not being biblical but that is really the closest I can come to explaning how poison of a person that he is.

      Call me crazy but if your not ready to survive to the best of your ability in the months and years to come well then your in big trouble…The dominoes are lined up we Americans must be the missing Domino so that all dont fall.

    10. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      The Liberals around the world HATE America and everything it stands for. Liberals that are now running America in the house, senate,AND presidenct HATE America and everything we stand for. If you believe in the everyday man and his inalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, then you are out for destruction! They are comming after you. You are going to be taxed, regulated, and spun into oblivion. Everything short of actually arresting, shooting, beating down, and stating that they are doing it is already under way. I would put money down that RUSSIA WILL have a base in Cuba within the year. I bet a certain amount of CHANGE that they will. "But that doesn't mean we're not PATRIOTIC!" the administration will say. How much more do you have to see before you realize that a civil war is going on?! Just because it is being fought with civility right now with words and political posturing, it is quickly escalating with decisions being made by anti-America policies by the house,senate, and president. Your a nut if you disagree with anything they do. Your part of the problem if you disagree with anything they do. Clinton had stated that it was are patriotic duty(something to that affect) to disagree with the administration during a speach when she was running for the presidency, yet now we're part of the problem. Do as I say not as I do IS the current presidencies policy. Sounds to me like the Russians are already here!

    11. Siafu, KZ says:

      So, it’s all about FREEDOM, heh? Let me guess, maintaining of around 1000 military bases around a world is also just for the DEFENSE? And if you cannot have M1 Abrams in your backyard it is also mean DISARMENT of Americans? You are perfect! “))) Although I’d prefer smart enemy you are perfect! ")))

    12. Dmitry, Moscow says:

      I presume someone of the fellow commentators has already told you that we actually have U.S. strategic bombers and military bases not just in what you call "this" (or should I say "that"?) hemisphere, but also in the countries bordering Russia.

      Now the question is why does that bother you so much about S.America? Haven't you heard that famous "spheres of influence are so XIX century" thing from your then-State Dept head? Just practice what you preach, maybe? Leave Venezuela be, and let it host as much bombers and fighters – just like any NATO country in Europe does.

    13. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      1000 military bases around the world? Only if you're counting pup tents. My question is who's been attacking who for more than three decades. Americans have tried to live in peace but are under constant assault by gangs of hateful thugs hiding under the umbrella of Islam. Their twisted actions are in league with the KKK claiming to do their Christian duty via a burning cross calling card followed by murder. Islamic extremists' behavior is driven by pure malice. Muslim terrorist justifying slaughter by dehumanizing their victims which totally violates Almighty God's Commandment to Moses, "You Shall Not Murder!" I hope these deranged jihad killers enjoy Hell. They'll be there awhile.

    14. mark elder says:

      Hey Dmitri

      Mark Elder here! TEX from "TEXAS!"

      I tell you why it bothers me that we have communist bases in Central America and Cuba because communists are responsible for over 60 million deaths in their own country since the creation of communism. I tell you another reason we dont like you red commies is that you or at least your government does not believe in the freedom of religion or any thing decent. I actually think your just envious because we have been the leader of the world for so long and at least we have some pride over here something your government will not let you have! Why dont you over throw your two bit communist thug government and create some freedom over there and you will see what it is to fight for freedom and mean it and love it!

      As people in Gods eyes we are no better than you but we have a constitution that we hold near and dear and it is a constition that is second only to the HOLY BIBLE I SAID HOLY BIBLE! The reason we are light year's ahead of the rest of the world is because of Freedom and Divine providence. And yes we have a bone head president that in my opinion should not even be in there but we Americans will rebound we will rebuild and we will rule and dominate because we carry the banner of freedom! In fact if it was not for the good ole USA you would not even be enjoying what little electricity you have in that country and you would have never seen a car and you sure as hell would not know what a computer was! What little medicine you do have over there was most likely invented in the USA Or Great Britian! Also if not for the USA you would still be riding a horse every where you go if your so called beloved country was generous enough to let you have one.

      Another thing that we can say is that we have generously given our sacred blood to little tit mice like yourself for far to long only to get no recognition or respect from wimps like yourself all you can do is spit in our eye I would rather be dead as live in a country like russia and if communism ever tries to take over here they can have my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers from around it! We TEXANS like to say we'll go down with six guns a blazing! We PATRIOTS love to say "Give me Liberty or give me death!" Now I will say this that Communists are pushing their luck with us here at home and you will soon know what it is like to "Mess With Texas" .

      If not for AMERICA half of the world would have already starved to death or died of pestilence. All that Russia and China and tin horn nations like them know how to do is start trouble and try and under mine God given human rights and values by intimidation violence and ignorance.

      Another reason that I dont want you communists as a neighbor is it has been proven by greater men than you will ever hope to know that life liberty and the persuit of happiness creates great nations and wealth and freedom for people to have the greatest health care system ever know. Unfortutnatly the idiot we have in the state department worships the same leaders you do. The moran we have in the white house is one of you guys and that is why I despise the ground he walks on. The speaker of the house is only a mere moment before she is voted out. See Dmityr I am still free to say that. How about you?

      George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,Thomas Payne, Ben Franklin, Sam Adams just to name a few had more intelligence in their little fingers than the whole of Russia will ever have or for that matter Obama or Hillary will ever hope to have for centuries to come.

      I feel sorry for people like you Dmitry because your stuck under the thumb of worthless murdering dictators without the hope of ever knowing freedom. Yet one advantage we here in America have that you dont is we know what it is to be free and when some one over reaches like they are doing in Washington they will lose.

      Our fore fathers were smart enough to give us a constitution and bill of rights that are second to none freedom of speach and the right to keep and bear arms! Dmityr ole boy thats right we have the right to protect ourselves from tyrannical government so we dont wind up like you and with the pursuit of happiness through the liberty that GOD Almighty and Jesus Christ has endowed upon us as our CREATOR we will maintain our stance as a shining city on the hill!.

      Let me ask you Dmitry do you know what it is like to vacation in a places as wonderful as the Rocky Mountains with your family and not worry about secret police jailing you? To stand upon the purple mountains majesty far above the fruited plain? Do you know what it is like to drive all day and be at peace with yourself about it? Do you know what it is like to openely proclaim Christianity and not have to worry about it? Do you know what it is like to be able to cook out in your back yard with friends and family? Do you have any idea what is is like to be able to read any book you want to with out fear of imprisonment? Or to watch a John Wayne Movie as good always defeats evil! Those are values I am willing to die for at home or abroad! I Know what those things are like and I know that I do not want to live in the conditions such as russia or china and about 200 million other gun toting Americans are not about to let that happen with out a fight!

    15. mark elder says:

      hey siafa from KZ… If America ever does not exsist you will not even be able to say that! The reason we do not have to have M1 tanks in our back yard is that we have the worlds greatest volunteer army ever assembled! And if we pulled out of our one thousand bases how long would it be before you were just begging to eat a spoon full of dog food or have a drink of water? ANd pray you dont get dragged off to a rape or torture room?

    16. Egor, Moscow says:

      A country which spends for its military more than ALL other countries in the world, which has over 700 military bases abroad, which dropped two A-bombs on the cities and which since the end of WWII has invaded more countries and murdered more people than any other country – is not in the position to complain about any military arrangements of Russians who suffered in the XXth century more than any other nation – from the WESTERN invaders.

      P.S. To Mark Elder: nice posts, friend. I know a couple of Texans here in Moscow but they are not like you and are more about money and drinks.

      Would you like to come to Moscow to see polar bears hunting around the Kremlin and the KGB regiments marching along the streets? I can show you around if you want.

    17. John M. Stewgenbotth says:

      Well what did you all expect from uncivilized peoples like the russkies and the latins? They wouldn't understand what freedom is because they have never experienced it. Its useless to try and explain it to them. They just bite the hand that feeds them. We have spread the civilization and the Word of Almighty God around the world for centuries, and they have been murdering innocent people for all that time. And now they are coming after us. They are all joining forces, the Russians, the Latins, the muslims, the Chineese. Even the Europeans are turning against us.

    18. mark elder says:

      Hey there egor where did you come up with a name like that was it government appointed?

      We may have nuked Japan but when you consider the amount of casualties we would have taken had we invaded, it would have been in the 800,000 range and dont give me the tripe that socialist schools want one to blieve. As for us bombing japan we saved japanese lives by nuking them because had we went in we would have probably killed 10 million or so with mass bombing just to achieve our objective. You new left historians that dont want to have a clue about the real truth need to take note of what the prime minister Kantaro Suzuki said after the war, :"The atomic bomb "provided an additonal reason for surrender one not afford by the B29s alone." Moreover the suspicious timing of the Soviet Union in attacking Japanese troops in Manchuria,two days after the bombing of hiroshima, meant that Truman could in no way count on the soviets to help. Just ask the Japanese whose family members were forced to be suicide bombers and women who had to watch their kids strap bombs on just to go and kill Americans. And the women that were pushed into hard labor in order to support japanese troops.

      Now look at Japan as small as they are they have kicked the crapp out of Russia economically year after year after year because once a nation is freed they prosper no matter what nationality. The bombing was not to deter the Russians who did not have what it took to defeat Japan it was to end a bloody war that was started by japanese imperialist.

      In fact the U.S has fought and conquered more land than most countries have ever hoped to own and then turned and give it back to allow those folks to start a free enterprise system or at least to free them from the hand of despots and mainly to protect our interests abroad.

      I have nothing against the Russian People I have nothing against any of those people that yearn to be free it is their governments I dis like and I am sure the citizens are like me and just want to be free but I will be danged if I will set here and let America be steam rolled because others dont have the cajones to stand up for it because it is viewed as politcally correct to not fight back.. tell me about the Goolags there Egor ole pal ole friend. How many people have died at the hand of tyranny because of communist heavy handedness or alcoholism because all in life is lost every one is hopeless? How many people died and how many birth defects are as a result from nuclear contamination from your country blowing up bombs above ground? Let me ask you this egor how many times have russians supplied totalitarian regimes with weaponry to stamp out christianity and freedom loving men and women around the world? You tell me egor! Now as for those Texans in Moscow if they down have what it takes to defend America while on foriegn soil they are not fit to be called Americans!

      In fact before Ronald Reagan the greatest president in our life times defeated the Soviet in the Cold War with our free economy because Russian was the ones spending every thing they had on military and starved the poor inhabitants of that country..We did not spend every thing we had on military we had plenety left over in fact as Reagan said, We will enter an arms race you cant win." and he was right! .He believed in peace through strength by the way and obviously it worked

      And no I dont want to go to moscow and see Polar bears because we have our own here and as for the Texans that are all about money and drinks that is what is wrong with the world today every one is about a good time and they dont want to see what is really happening..I am beginning to wonder if your not a couple of jokesters yanking my chain.

      To add to that however we are more about money and drinks we can sell more than drinks to make money as well we can sell homes and tractors and cars and computers and whatever. I will say this you will continue to live in abject poverty as long as you are ignorant to the real truths in life. Keep reading the heritage foundation web site and learn of our history you obviously have access to it so learn. your not stupid are you? you can obviously read cant you?. So for your fellow man and the love of freedom and for your family study freedom and let freedom ring…

    19. Siafu, KZ says:

      2 Mark the Cowboy

      What is all your mumbling about? If not America blablabla,,, I know it is impossible to realize it from Texas but the world faces economical crisis. Do you know what does it mean? It means that the Chosen People were economically raping the globe for decades using “the worlds greatest volunteer army”. If not you I will beg the food? Wake up! Your national debt is biggest in the Galaxy! You owe me! The beacon of democracy from Texas, you know everything about the torture rooms for sure. Abu Graib and Gitmo


    20. Siafu, KZ says:

      Cowboy:"freedom for people to have the greatest health care system ever known"


      And what we got here? The report from American Human Development Project:

      • The U.S. will spend $230 million on health care in the next hour.

      • One in six Americans goes without health insurance (around 47 million people).

      • According to the National Academy of Sciences, lack of health insurance results in lost economic value equal to $178 million to $356 million every day, due to the poorer health and earlier deaths of the uninsured.

      • The U.S. ranks #24 among the 30 most affluent countries in life expectancy – yet spends more on health care than any other nation.

      • The U.S. infant mortality rate is on par with that of Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, and Poland; if the U.S. infant mortality rate were the same as that of top-ranked Sweden, 21,000 more American babies would live to celebrate their first birthdays every year.

    21. mark elder says:

      hey egor you can come to texas and i will show you alligators.

    22. Siafu, KZ says:

      Here we go again!

      Access to knowledge:

      . Fourteen percent of the population – some 30 million Americans – lacks the literacy skills to perform simple, everyday tasks like understanding newspaper articles and instruction manuals.

      . Twelve percent of Americans lack the literacy skills to fill in a job application or payroll form, read a map or bus schedule, or understand labels on food and drugs.

      # More than one in five Americans – 22 percent of the population – have “below basic” quantitative skills, making it impossible to balance a checkbook, calculate a tip, or figure out from an advertisement the amount of interest on a loan.

      . In 2006, 4.5 million young people ages eighteen to twenty-four were not in school, not working, and had not graduated high school.

    23. Siafu, KZ says:

      And the last drop:

      Other Domestic Issues


      * Over the course of a year, at least 1.35 million children are at some point homeless.

      * More families with children are homeless today than at any time since the Great Depression.


      * The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that on a typical day in November 2005, members of well over half a million households had their normal eating patterns disrupted due to lack of money or other resources.

      Criminal Justice

      * The U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s people – but 24 percent of the world’s prisoners.

      * In absolute numbers and as a percentage of the population, the U.S. has more prisoners than any other country, including China and Russia.

      * From the 1920’s until the 1970’s, the U.S. prison population was stable at about 110 per 100,000, about the same as our peer nations today. But now more than 700 people out of every 100,000 are behind bars.

      * African Americans are imprisoned at six to eight times the rate of whites; the rate is much higher for African Americans who do not graduate high school; by age thirty-five, 60 percent of African American high school dropouts will have spent time in prison.

      * State and federal prison inmates average just eleven years of schooling.

      * About 1,900 people with criminal records are released every day and, according to the Department of Justice, two-thirds of them will eventually end up back in prison.

    24. Peter, California says:

      Hey Egor, don't bother. People like Mark Elder won't understand your sarcasm. It doesn't worth it to argue with them. Just do what you have to do to keep your country strong since it looks like it is only power in the world that can keep USA on a leash.

    25. mark elder says:

      ok siafa

      First of all Americans do not spend over 5.5 billion a day on health care that is what you are saying by 230 million per hour.

      I am not sure what the % of americans are without health insurance but they dont all need health insurance. Some are young and have very low need for doctors care others can afford to pay for it themselves as well if you dont have health care and need it, there is a law that will not allow any one to be refused also there is a thing called the hipocratic oath. And another point on that subject is we have 20 or 30 million illegals over here getting free health care further driving up our costs. But I still at this point reject the notion that we spend 230 million per hour. The heritage foundation has a great source concerning health care in America I suggest you go to that and read it and If I am wrong I will admit it to you. But I dont think I am because that would add up to over 2 trillion a year in health care.

      Once again I reject the numbers on what it is costing America due to lack of health insurance but I will say that if we are so bad with our health care system why does everyone want to flock to America? Why is there a waiting list of several months just to get a procedure done in other countries and people die while waiting? And if nationalize health care is so great in your eyes why is Cuba aand mexico and russia and croatia so screwed up? Once again study it on the heritage web site I know that you can because you have accessed their blog.

      The reason so many Americans are lacking literacy skills so as to be able to function in life is because we have had a socialist like take over of our school systems for far too long and I feel your about to witness a voter revolution were we can reverse the effects of bad education policy. American schools under the pressure of the N.E.A. are trying so hard to immulate european schools and they are trying to appease despotic nations.

      How is it if America is so backward some 230 years ago we had a bunch of men create the declaration of independence and then the constitution and the the article of confederation and the bill of rights! Their literary science and math skills were second to none freedom flourished and In all of this expansion of freedom we defeated the greatest military power on the face of the earth. Yes we had our problems and we still do but we have been able to run rings around the rest of the world. Not because we are better people but because we are free and our founding fathers were brilliant thus we are still able to pursue personal and economic freedoms.

      What happens to a republic when they do not teach sound history and economics and math in schools and start teaching junk science and social sciences? For starters if one does not know history they are doombed to reapeat it. I challenge you in the country your from go ask some profound cutting edge questions about your history and why you can not keep more of your money or property rights and I am sure you will be silenced or branded an out cast.

      I feel that I am wasting my time here and I must insist that you read what Heritage has to say they are better informed than me and much more professional than I will ever dream of being. Just read them and honestly try and understand you will not be dissapointed and that goes for Dmitry from Russia and that Egor fellar with the government appointed name.

      I know what it is like to be free and I pray the Lord God Almighty will continue to bless us with those freedoms and as for the feller name Peter in california if they are so smart out there why are they getting taxed out the wazoo and being over taken by every illegal from around the world? ANd why is practically every business in California struggling laying off or leaving? California was once a great place to live but now with roving blackouts and a health care system that has gone down the tubes along with crime rates and gang troubles that are out of this world due to liberal socialist idealogies like those that you possess is it any wonder that it is screwed up?

      Let me ask you Siafa if you had a cancer for instance and you needed health care would you rather be in a foreign country or in the US how about Cuba several of our movies stars and a few politicans have claimed that it is the greatest health care services one could find world wide. Where would you rather be?

      You will have to pardon me because I am not sure where KZ is. I encourage you too access the heritage web site study them and you too can learn about the liberty and freedom that we still possess and so desire to hang onto.

      Have a nice day Siafa I really hope that you do find freedom in your life because I would never deny it to ordinary folk like yourself…God Bless

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