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  • Morning Bell: The Durbin Doctrine's Assault on Free Speech

    Following a premeditated White House campaign to demonize Rush Limbaugh, Newsweek aided the left’s “Hush Rush” campaign with a cover story pushing for Rush to be silenced. Now Rush can handle criticism from the White House and Newsweek just fine. But there was also a little noticed vote in the Senate late last month that could enable the left to accomplish by government regulation what they could never accomplish with actual debate.

    During the debate over the unconstitutional bill that would give the District of Columbia a vote in the House of Representatives, Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) each sponsored amendments with major implications for the First Amendment. DeMint’s amendment banned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine which, prior to 1987, was used by the government to stifle free speech on our nation’s airwaves. DeMint’s amendment passed 87-11. Score one for free speech.

    However, Durbin’s amendment also passed, although by a much narrower 57-41 margin. And what does Durbin’s amendment do? It forces the FCC to “take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership and to ensure that broadcast station licenses are used in the public interest.” In other words, Durbin wants to bring the wonders of government enforced affirmative action to our nation’s airwaves. Sen. James Inhofe warns: “The revocation of broadcaster licenses [under the Durbin Doctrine] is a real possibility, which at the very least will threaten the willingness of broadcasters to appeal to conservative listeners.”

    The true intention of the Durbin Doctrine could not be more clear. Its language is modeled after a Center for American Progress report that aims to fix “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.” And just two years ago, Durbin told The Hill: “It’s time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. I have this old-fashioned attitude that when Americans hear both sides of the story, they’re in a better position to make a decision.”

    Durbin’s commitment to squelching free speech has not diminished at all since that 2007 statement. But Durbin has gotten smarter. He knows that reinstating the old Fairness Doctrine is a non-starter so he has come up with a new but equally pernicious law that will accomplish the exact same thing. Conservatives need to wise up in the fight for free speech. The Fairness Doctrine is dead. The real threat is the Durbin Doctrine.

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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: The Durbin Doctrine's Assault on Free Speech

    1. Jim, Oklahoma says:

      Senator Durbin your red color is showing. Shades of Cuba, Venezuela, China Russia, North Korea, and other countries run by dictators. The Fairness Doctrine is so un-Constitutional and so anti-American, that it is difficult to believe that a member of our esteemed Congress would even consider re-instituting it. Free speech is what Americans have fought and died for for the past 200 years. If you Senator Durbin cannot stand the heat, get out of our kitchen.

    2. Brian Jennings, Bend says:

      There is no question that Democrats want to muzzle conservative talk radio. Since 1987, there have been numerous attempts to restore the Fairness Doctrine repealed by President Reagan. Since then, the number of talk stations has grown from about 125 nationwide to over 2000. Democrats feel conservative talk is their only opposition to implementing their full agenda. When they raised the trial balloons of restoring the Fairness Doctrine they knew it would be found unconstitutional, so they have come in through the backdoor with the Durbin Doctrine which will empower them to regulate their goals through the Federal Communications Commission. They argue that by forcing balance onto the nation's airwaves, it is not a free speech violation. But, it clearly censors one form of talk (conservative) to do that. And, they refuse to acknowledge they already dominate all other media with their viewpoint. In this day when there are over 13,000 radio stations (many liberal NPR), 1400 newspapers, dozens of cable channels, and tens of thousands of internet sites, the argument for any form of censorship through a Durbin Doctrine, which is the new Fairness Doctrine, is moot. Thank you.

    3. Bob in St. Louis, Mi says:

      What do you expect from Sen. Durbin?! He's one of the biggest socialist/commies in Wash D.C.!! He's one of the biggest whiner, cry-baby democratic senators up there in D.C.! It's amazing how these turds keep getting re-elected, because they have shown their true colors (RED!!) so many times down through the years! He's the kind of guy you'd like to get alone in a room, just the two of you, and put the gloves on! Boy! I wonder what what he sees in the mirror every morning! A traitor to the constitution and everything that is good about AMERICA! Well Mr. Turbin! Oops! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD SAVE AMERICA FROM FOOLS LIKE YOU!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!

    4. Andy, San Diego says:

      Wait – I thought we Republicans were in favor of fair and balanced objective thought and reasoned argument, which the Fairness Doctrine, to my understanding, would encourage. I read nothing of affirmative action here – just balanced journalism with a little integrity. I guess I'm an old fashioned, educated Republican who actually values hearing the many sides of an issue before formulating an opinion, unlike the Republicans of fear and hate who seem to have overtaken the party!

    5. Dwana Townsend says:

      Well if they want to pass a bill like that, how about MSNBC, CNN, etc hiring some of the more conservative hosts for their programs so that their shows will be fair and balanced and not leftest!!! This should force all Media to publicize all points of view. So all newspapers that still exist, all radio (even music stations) should have a Rush Hour and a Katie Hour.

    6. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Considering the groundswell of discontent and the demonstrations thereof, it is no surprise the left is nervous. The conservative voice on radio and TV is our source of truth and encouragement. Except for NPR, history has proved the liberal talkers cannot maintain an audience.

    7. Franklin's Lock says:

      Spot on! I wrote about this a few weeks ago before Durbin Doctrine. What needs to be pushed by Conservatives is the definition of the vague terms, “encourage and promote diversity in ownership.” That should worry every American. This is just the drip, drip of Socialism. The government wants to tell an industry who should own what. This is an attack of the freedom of speech, first, but then goes further to the basic right of Capitalism of the freedom to property. What is the next industry they are going to make “diverse” and why? Oil, auto, retail, ect…


    8. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Left has almost all of the news papers, the Right has "Talk Radio". The Left has PBS, the Right has "Talk Radio". The Left has CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC – in other words most of the TV news media, the Right has "Talk Radio". The Left has Air America who cannot hold sponsors due to its boring, screaming shows, the Right has "Talk Radio".

      In my book, the Left has more at its disposal than the Right and still can't get the job done! Who is REALLY monopolizing the News Media? THE LEFT!

      It's really simple. Talk Radio had more listeners and advertising and the Left cannot deal with this. But what is the LOeft worried about – they won, didn't they? Why are they so worried about the Right – They Won! Why does Talk Radio bother you so much – YOU WON…. now live with it!

    9. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      If I was running things and wanted to "hush Rush" I would change an FCC regulation and require each and every AM/FM station to produce 90-percent of it's programming locally. That wipes out most distribution of satellite fed programming in an instant and no body is being blocked out. Rush is still on WABC. However, that means thousands of radio stations and those that choose to retain the 'talk' format, can develop their own talent for their own communities. Novel idea. The best radio is local radio.

    10. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW … ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS …" Which part of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does Senator Durbin and his fellow demagogues not understand?

    11. Sandrajean Brown St says:

      I don't particularly care for Rushes style. This doesn't

      hit right to an opinion. If the American public doesn't

      stop this government by rising up and make known what is

      happening here. We have to fight, if necessary like the

      patriots on Concord.

    12. Mary says:

      It's just the beginning. People don't realize our freedom and liberty is going down the drain. Freedom of speech, social security to illegals, health care to illegals, check card which will force more companies to close or move over seas because of high wages/benefits demanded by the union workers, and the list seems to grow. Where they have national health care, you may be denied or delayed the care we now call urgent/life saving procedures.

      Our constitution was written to do the opposite of what is happening!

      The honest taxpayer will pick up the tab, and global economy seems to be the goal!

      Spreading the wealth is going to force us to hide our assets in foreign countries to keep what we work so hard for!

    13. DannyFLA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: Free Speech is a God given Right.No/ one weather by law, or vote-or anything that would stifle the Voice of anyone, is unconscionable. I say Wake up America, You are Greater than those, who work by night, to cover your eyes, against life, they will steal from you, your Country-and the Precious-Very Precious Freedom.!

    14. John Miller, Paluxy says:

      There are two different issues involved in the discussion of a radio fairness doctrine. The issues are first free market control of content and location and second governmental coordination of frequencies and power. The proper operation of both is important to a strong broadcast system. The free market directs content and location. People listen to the content they want to hear. People do not listen to the content they do not want to hear. Right now on radio a large number of people in many areas want to hear conservative talk content and as a result companies selling products purchase advertising time to reach the contents audience. The market, for the most part, has rejected liberal content. There are a few listeners but not enough to attract significant advertising dollars. In both cases the government coordinated the frequency and power of the broadcast facilities. The system is simple enough. The Fairness and/or Durbin Doctrine wants’ to merge these two very different roles and place them both under government control. A merger would eliminate the radio free market. The fairness doctrine then is not so much an assault on talk radio but rather the continued assault on capitalism, and that assault is much more dangerous than the silencing conservative talk radio.

    15. Brooks, Utah says:

      Two questions. First, can Durbin's amendment be applied to the imbalance in the media in general? and is this a amendment to the bill to give Washington, D.C. voting rights in the House? What if that bill doesn't pass? Maybe we can turn this whole issue around and bite them.

    16. Ron, Derry NH says:

      We are living in dire times indeed when a constitutional officer, our representatives or senators actually begin writing laws against free speech.

      Obviously Durbin isn't an American with ideals rooted in the grandeur of this country but an idealist that prefers the controls of communism and fascism to be shaping America.

      He must fear that his ineptitude as a defender of American freedom and liberty may come to affect his lively hood and would like government imposed leverage against private radio stations to insure government approved speech. Why is the government seeking the power to threaten a station for not speaking the governments message?

      What fascism is this?

      Where is his sworn oath to uphold the constitution not to weaken it?

      I fear America's politicians have forgotten what makes us different from the dictatorships of the world and are beginning a treacherous set of laws to take control away from us and put themselves in charge as lords and masters over us.

      There is no innocence in his treachery to America with this latest threat against free speech.

      Americans need to wake up to this internal threat.

    17. michael hutchings says:




      AXELROD;captain obama fires are breaking out in the country and the people are having tea parties;


      AXELROD;they talk at these parties and our scientists havent finished the mouth meters to make them talk nice;


      AXELROD;what do we do until we have smashed the free speech of our enemies, they still bandy ideas and use big words we dont understand;


      AXELROD;senator durbin would like to have you sponsor legislation to stop people from calling him turban durbin;


      AXELROD;but they are calling us names and making fun of our policies and thats the europeans. the russians and chinese think were wimps and i dont like being called a wimp, they called me that in school until mom made them stop;


      AXELROD;what do you want me to do;


      AXELROD;i think i see a way CAPTAIN OBAMA;


      AXELROD;while they are in worship of you we can move behind the scenes locally to shut them up;


      AXELROD;thats it, we can have free speech if we can tell people what to say and they can only say what we want them to say for free;



    18. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      Why are the Democrats hell-bent on destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? They use words to conceal, not to reveal their true intentions. They should be unmasked.

      All their ruses should be shouted over and over again to the public so people can be informed.

      Perhaps then, we'd have a better informed voting majority.

      Liberals don't play nice; Conservatives shouldn't either. Fire fights fire!

    19. Claudia, Wyoming says:

      If the House and the Senate don't listen to the public, how will the attacks on freedom of speech and capitalism be stopped? Is everyone that was elected totally disconnected from our heritage and beliefs based on the U. S. Constitution? The fears that are hitting so many of us in the U.S. is unbelievable! Don't give up or in, Rush!!

    20. William Cole - Texas says:

      Limiting free speech is nothing new and is not an action limited to one side of the isle. Election/Campaign reform legeslation sponsered by John McCain a few years back blocks everyone and all organizations from expressing their position on the election at a specific interval prior to the primary or election all the while the candidates and the major media can continue to spout their biased and prejudicial retoric.

    21. Derek, Las Vegas Nev says:

      Barney Frank (D) has a short memory (or no memory at all).Where is is outrage at the bonuses corruptly obtained by the FREDDIE MAC/FANNIE MAE trio FRANKLIN RAINES,JIM JOHNSON & JAMIE GORELEK.

    22. Michael - New York N says:

      The left controls print media, and conventional broadcast, now they want what they cannot get in a free democracy, everything. Durbin is a socialist, and red is his color.

    23. Andrea Nichols, Gold says:

      Dear sirs; Is there any way that your company or

      someone who supports the conservative issues, can

      initiate a petetion to the FCC, to forstall the

      implimentation of durbans bill and to facilitate it's demise. Thanking you in advance, Andrea

    24. John Rosina, Bordent says:


      No one is better a demonizing than Rushbo, and I am cetain, HF, you are most acutely aware of this.

      I do not accuse HF of anything remotely like a ditto head, but many of us have fallen prey to infotainment talking heads public emmissions of pure gaseous nitogenous waste.

      Enjoy very short video on why "ditto heads" should not regurgitate all things Limbaugh! Or anyone else, for that matter. "Ditto Heads are rampant and easy to spot, if that should matter to them!

      PS to HF, I assume this video attachment is legal public domain material. If not, could you be so kind as to advise? Thanx – JR

    25. Melissa, Indiana says:

      I applaud the governors who are rejecting the stimulus money. I wish our governor would do the same. Unfortunately, Elkhart County has been hit very hard with the steep decline of the RV business. So, I understand Governor Daniels’ feeling obligated to use every resource to help Hoosiers, but I detest being obligated to the federal government.
      Please keep up the conservative fight! Thank you for all you do at Heritage!

    26. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      "Six of one; half-a-dozen of the other", "Durban Doctrine"; (Misleadingly so-called) "Fairness Doctrine", or, as Shakespeare would put it (especially since he was as much of a promoter and practitioner of free speech as he could be), "Such a rose by any other name would stink as foul as that".

      In other words: Whether it's called the "Durban Doctrine" or the (Misleadingly so-called) "Fairness Doctrine", or anything else, and whether the government elitist Left tries to "boil" our freedoms to death with it "all-at-once" or "1-degree-at-a-time", it's still the same Leftist government elitist effort against our founding principles and documents, including our founding principles of a free market and freedom of choice and our 1st Amendment protection against government control of speech and of (any part of) the press.

    27. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is a bunch of crap. The dems are determined to make this country into a communist state before the next election. They are raceing to get there. We must contact our Senators and Representatives to stop this run and others on our constitition.History always repeats itself or so I have been told, only this time it is "king obama" not Hilter or Stalin.

    28. Pingback: Illinois Review: Durbin Continues Assault on First Amendment :Protect Fairness | Fight The Fairness Doctrine

    29. Chris E. age 18, Ore says:

      Of course they want to silence us,they knew that people got tired of Air America. It would only make sense to make everyone else's voice silent. "To abolish any of the amendments, you have to start with the first."Something among those lines: Thomas Jefferson.

    30. ella quinn kinston n says:

      We need talk radio. Rush and sean h. are doing a good job with it.The democrats better leave our freedom along.The left are scared.

    31. D.B. KENT OH. says:

      This is the most dangerous attack on liberty since 1861 ! This issue will create A Fascist power tha won't be controlable.

      My beliefs have been that our success as a nation has been a foundation of free speech and the freedom of transportation .Wether it's Chaves,Stalin, Mao, Hitler or Pol Pot ,these plus the confiscation of firearms were the very first things to be aradicated . In fact, the first action taken was to silence the opposition .

      I don't listen to Rush and I don't listen to that loud mouth that yelped for Clinton all the time. ( Can't remember his name but he's married to a Republican adviser I believe. ) Anyway the point is Both of them are repulsive to someone or another . The arguement that makes most sense usually gets the attention . I guess Congress doesn't know how to change the channel .

      This IS absolutley UNAMERICAN !

    32. Connie W.V. says:

      What part of the constitution do the people on Capital Hill believe in. The Constitution was written for ALL Americans to follow not for a select few to trample all over and change to fit their agenda. If they don't want to listen to Rush than turn your radio or TV off. There are those of us that enjoy what he has to say,and may sometimes dissagree so I simply turn him off. I don't care who is in office he has had his say and will continue to have his say because it is his constitutional right just like it is CNN and other left wing channels to say the things they do about him. If I don't like what they have to say I turn the channel or turn off the TV. It is simple and it is my right. It is not the elected officials on Capital Hill(whom by the way are supposed to be working for us. We pay their wages) have the right to tell Rush he cannot speak his mind, and we can't listen because it offends them. What next are they going to tell us which Church we can attend and our Pastors what to put into their sermons and if it isn't politically correct in their eyes it can't be preached. God help us!! Pray daily for our Government!!

    33. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      I am against the Durbin take. But I also cringe at the schlock the infotainment mouth-missles perpetrate on our airwaves. The Fringe Right and the Fringe Left can rail against the machine and pose-patriotic all you care to, stronger minds will prevail and schlock shall fade.

      Some polling data on left v right below.


      I am an Independent and I liked one hell of a lot of what Ron Paul said and always stood for. He is a good man and most definitely leans conservative.

      I supported his campaign with money.

      I am also a Vietnam Vet and did not care much at all for John McCain's take on things. Flip Flop with a temper.

      And I like many things considered liberal. But I'm not a dyed in the wool liberal either. Obama's high ground approach, intellect and continued desire to reach across the ailse got my money and vote, in the end.

      Here is some interesting data about the 24% PURPLE AMERICANS, and I hope you put America first also. 5% are shown as Libertarian and in a category all their own. The fringes far left and far right are very vocal, and mostly contribute nothing but reckless and bloated anger. The far right is way behind the anti-w. bloggers of the recent past, to your credit.

      No one holds a lock on being a Patriotic, but when I read a post by an 18 year old stating he is tired of anything political, I know I am hearing regurgitated paraphrasing of the Limbaughs and Obermans of the world.

      I'll repeat something I stated last week: If Rush Limbaugh were sworn to uphold this nations constitution and defend our borders, do you think he'd go around spouting "I hope our President / economy, or Nation fails". (Sarcasm)- Where is Joe McCarthy now that the entertainers are now overtly anti American.

    34. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Time is fast approaching when we may have to exercise the Second Amendment right to defend the First Amendment violation. Those rights are inalienable and given by God, and more importantly can not be tampered with by any other human being.

    35. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      “'ditto heads' should not regurgitate all things Limbaugh! Or anyone else, for that matter. 'Ditto Heads' are rampant and easy to spot, if that should matter to them!"

      It is so very easy to "spot" those who go by misinformation and misconceptions (including things conveneiently and/or desperately attributed to that favorite escape hatch of the nameless, faceless committee called "they" or "everybody" [as in "they say" or "everybody knows"]), instead of doing their own homework well enough and long enough to find out that's what they're doing.

      This includes those who say "'ditto heads' should not regurgitate all things Limbaugh! Or anyone else, for that matter. 'Ditto Heads' are rampant and easy to spot, if that should matter to them", and so demonstrate how such a statement is the product of those who complicitely and/or lazily "regurgitate" the false premise about "ditto heads" and the misinformation and misconception upon which it relies, instead of doing their own homework well enough and long enough to learn 1st hand for themselves that the facts do indeed render that statement, and the misinformation and misconception upon which it relies, both factually and substantively indefensible, which of course drives the Left to desperation, including their resorting to personal attack, etc.

      How so? Well the fact is, as both experienced and discovered by myself and hundreds of millions of the people, "ditto head" does not in fact mean "one who agrees with and (quote) 'regurgitates all things Limbaugh, or anyone else for that matter'", but does in fact mean, for example, "Rush, you're just saying what I've always known or eventually realized, and actually heeding our right to know information which the dominant media doesn't want us to know!"

      In fact, in my own case, when Rush started over 20 years ago with his nation-wide radio program, I was already well into my adult years, and, while he and I very much disagree about a number of things, I found him otherwise sharing things I had already learned and realized, and giving information which the dominant media didn't, and still doesn't, want us to have.

      So…Am I a "ditto head" who (quote) "regurgitates everything Limbaugh, or anybody else for that matter"? No.

      Could I be called a "ditto head" who agrees with some but not all of what Rush Limbaugh, or anybody else, may say? Yes, and if that's being culpably "guilty" of such a thing, then 100% of the human race is also "guilty" of the same thing, since human beings do tend to agree with some but not all of what other human beings say.

    36. Buzzy S., Hendersonv says:

      Turban Durbin. What less should America expect? Obamma funneling money to "small business" without oversight? Follow the money to those businesses. See who's running those "businesses."

      There has been a plan in place for decades by the likes of Durbin, Reid, Boxer, Dodd, et al, to bring America to it's knees, wherein they have the power and money. But do you think for a moment our enemies, seeing our inability to defend our shores, and with 3 generations now being taught not to work, smoked up on various forms of dope…..do you really think they won't seize the opportunity?

    37. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Mike in NC: A rose arose!

      Good point and in you're own words. We are not in disagreement in principal.

      If you read many different sources, including HF, you'll realize things like "Death Tax" is Republican neocon code for "Estate Tax". This nuanced political ploy gets morfed into a misleading slogan that "Ditto Heads" regurgitate. It is also a good example of your "Rose by any other name" analogy.

      Even more Ironically is the attached and cited (not to be confused with a Ditto Head) url that even Shakespeare's very literal intent may have indeed been a double entendre' of sorts. Could the rose in this case, really smell like crap as you imply. If you already knew this, my hat is off to you.

      Meanwhile – count the # of places you see "Limbaugh ditto heads falsely regurgitating Obama is a Red Socialist. Like you say "Name Calling"


      What's in a name? that which we call a rose

      By any other name would smell as sweet;


      What matters is what something is, not what it is called.


      From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1594:


      'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;

      Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.

      What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,

      Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part

      Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!

      What's in a name? that which we call a rose

      By any other name would smell as sweet;

      So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,

      Retain that dear perfection which he owes

      Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,

      And for that name which is no part of thee

      Take all myself.

      A story, much favoured by tour guides, and as such highly suspect, is that in this line Shakespeare was also making a joke at the expense of the Rose Theatre. The Rose was a local rival to his Globe Theatre and is reputed to have had less than effective sanitary arrangements. The story goes that this was a coy joke about the smell. This certainly has the whiff of folk etymology about it, but it might just be true.

    38. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      If we "agree in principle", then why not leave it at that, instead of continuing like Don Quixote into again "tilting at windmills, insisting they be dragons"?

      I will let King Solomon, William Shakespeare, and Thomas Jefferson end this:

      "All is vanity and vexation of spirit"…King Solomon (KJV)

      "I will strive no more. I withdraw"…a line from one of William Shakespeare's plays, and

      "Present a problem to a ploughman (plowman) and a professor; the former will solve it at least as well and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules"…Thomas Jefferson.

    39. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Okay – Mike,

      I thought you might be an astute enough reader to see the phallacey of your own point, and then you majestically dignify my point by reaching into an arsenal of "Ditto's", albeit classics.

      What a clever way to portray yourself as "well read" also. Sadly, you syntax gives way your limitations. You want to take a man on – speak plainly.

      You aren't the sharpest tool in the tool shed and I thought your first shot across my bow a tad off base but I like to be a friendly adversary.

      I'll break some of your first answer down for you Basically, you strove to establish,

      1. I did little or no research! You failed to prove your point.

      2. That I myself am a ditto head. Pull out the "Dittos" from my piece.

      3. That my "ditto head" analogy is "A FALSE PREMISE" followed by a convoluted run on sentence that smacks of sheer mental masturbation on your part.

      4. And, your contortions "the misinformation and misconception upon which it relies, both factually and substantively indefensible, which of course drives the Left to desperation, including their resorting to personal attack, etc."

      Never use etc. when you are on such a pontificating roll, would be my advice. And always place your main concern up front, which is your disdain of your fellow citizens on the left.

      Much easier that way.

      by the way, you bloviate quite like Rush)

      There is much more but I'd rather stick to what I in fact really care about than follow your course of verbal diahrea!

      So – if you are going to "Ditto head several times in your follow up, try to find a good one lik:

      He who masters rhetoric,

      serves ego to a fault.

      He feeds on gullibility

      and leads his prey about.

      Beware of those who use their prose

      in devious endeavor.

      For if they knew of simple truths,

      they’d need not wax so clever.1

      Johnny Hart, Syndicated BC Cartoon Strip

      I've got plenty more to point out if you wish to continue. But please be clear – I'm getting old and impatient.

    40. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Ok, John, not only are you not on subject ("The Durbin Doctrine's Assault On Free Speech"), but you, I, and anyone else can have "plenty more to point out" from an already exposed and illustrated false premise and the misinformation and misconceptions which depend upon it, but as has already been pointed out to you in the interest of unity, if you and I agree on principle as you said, then why not let it go at that?

      The truly wise and intelligent will let it go at that and stop now instead of both staying off subject and continuing yet again.

    41. John Rosina, Bordent says:

      Good morning Mike

      One – I did not challenge your piece, you challenged mine. Two – you have not substantiated one ounce of the convoluted points you were trying to make, you simply display a "sense" of something. Nonsense.

      And 3. "Now, there you go again" Mike, hoisting yourself on your own petard. You convict yourself with your own words and I think it simply amounts to you not realizing what you have said. Dime a dozen.

      I think you meant to stay on topic – you just forgot the topic you started with me. I specifically broke them down for you, and, hypocite that you are, you bury your head in another pike of tripe.

      Done and done

    42. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      John Rosina, Bordentown, NJ

      I owe an apology…I've been warned, by a fellow Conservative writer (who is nationally known, but whom, out of concern for his privacy, etc, shall remain nameless in your case), not to try to reason with some people in such sites as this (quote) "They are not interested in reason, only in making points in their own eyes, and having the last word".

      However, as you can see, I'm still trying to stop an old habit of trying to understand and be understood which has drawn me into trying to do so anyway, and has evidently done so again in your case.

      Therefore, for trying anyway, I apologize, and so it is my intention to stop trying with you, except only to urge us both to not say another word about this, again in the interest of unity, or at least mutual fallibility as human beings, and hope that unity, or at least human fallibility, provides you with the intelligence and wisdom to finally let it go at this and not say another word about it.

      Now it is indeed done through my effort of admitting a mistake and apologizing in the interest of unity, or at least human fallibility, which would evidently remain unseen and undone except by this effort.

    43. Sandrajean Brown St says:

      There are 11.6 million U.S. unemployed workers in this country.

      There are 7.8 million U.S involuntary part-time workers and there

      are 5.6 million U.S. workers who are discouraged or dropped out.

      On the other side of the coin there are 7 million on the payroll

      here in the country. I don't understand how this country aside

      from the tax base loss , the cost of the handouts to maintain

      these poor people who are destitute. Where is the congress

      that the same citizens gave their vote for to put into office.

      This is a most un-equitable situation.

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    46. James McPherson, Spo says:

      As far as threats go, the Fairness Doctrine (and the "Durbin Doctrine") ranks right up there with the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, fraudulent ACORN voters, drunken leprechauns, or rabid unicorns–none of which we'll ever see. http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/cathol

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