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  • Global Warming Science Report: Tropical Cyclone Activity

    Global warming alarmists link every natural disaster to global warming. Most recently, they blamed the Australian wildfires on global warming and, of course, one cannot forget their efforts to connect global warming with Hurricane Katrina. But is this really the case. The short answer is no.

    In fact, new findings from Florida State University that global and northern hemisphere tropical cyclone activity is still the lowest in thirty years and will likely continue down that path:

    Tropical cyclone (TC) activity worldwide has completely and utterly collapsed during the past 2 to 3 years with TC energy levels sinking to levels not seen since the late 1970s. This should not be a surprise to scientists since the natural variability in climate dominates any detectable or perceived global warming impact when it comes to measuring yearly integrated tropical cyclone activity. With the continuation (persistence) of colder Pacific tropical sea-surface temperatures associated with the effects of La Nina, the upcoming 2009 Atlantic hurricane season should be above average, as we saw in 2008. Nevertheless, since the Atlantic only makes up 10-15% of overall global TC activity each year (climatological average during the past 30 years), continued Northern Hemispheric and global TC inactivity as a whole likely will continue.”

    As Heritage Senior Policy Analyst Ben Lieberman writes, natural disasters are just that: natural. They will occur with or without global warming and their frequency or intensity cannot be linked to global warming.

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    7 Responses to Global Warming Science Report: Tropical Cyclone Activity

    1. larrydalooza, illino says:

      I read my children computer models at bedtime every night.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Global Warming enthusiasts remind me of Chicken Little… "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!".

      Or are they more like The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf?

    3. tarunkjuyal says:

      Combating climate change may not be a question of who will carry the burden but could instead be a rush for the benefits, according to new economic modeling presented at “Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions” hosted by the University of Copenhagen.

      Contrary to current cost models for lowering greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change, a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge conclude that even very stringent reductions of can create a macroeconomic benefit, if governments go about it the right way.

      “Where many current calculations get it wrong is in the assumption that more stringent measures will necessarily raise the overall cost, especially when there is substantial unemployment and underuse of capacity as there is today”, explains Terry Barker, Director of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR), Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge and a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Congress.

    4. Enerwise, SC says:

      To taruncjuyal,

      The lie here is the ''assumption'' by the people you note is that 'man' is causing future catastrophic climate change [ as if a computer is a prophet ] and that 'man' can change the future weather to stop what they positively know is going to happen.

      A lot of prophet's here yet no mention of GOD.

    5. jaxddt says:

      Every time you hear someone mention global warming ask them where they're from. Then ask them if they have ever heard of the change of seasons. Then when they say "yes" you say "are the change of seasons (which have happened for all of recorded time) man made? The earth heats and cools by the solar activity and the earth's position to the sun . that is scientific fact. Why do people follow a computer based model.

      Also think of this rationally – Co2 is used by plants to create oxygen for us to breathe. We, in turn, provide Co2 for them to flourish, which they are. The earth has more vegetation on it now then years before because of Co2.

      If we were allowed use use our own natural resources we would end the economic problems single handedly with the huge boom in production which in turn would spurr innovation as it has since man invented the wheel.

    6. jaxddt says:

      I doubt God directly controls the climate, it's more of a scientific thing.

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