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  • Obama: I am "a Strong Believer in the Power of the Free Market"

    President Obama

    Breaking news: President Obama is a strong believer in free markets.  Yesterday, in an address to the Business Roundtable, Obama mounted a vigorous defense of the free market and private enterprise, explaining his basic approach to economics and regulation.

    In his own words, Obama has “always been a strong believer in the power of the free market. It has been and will remain the very engine of America’s progress – the source of a prosperity that has gone unmatched in human history. I believe that jobs are best created not by government, but by businesses and entrepreneurs like you who are willing to take risks on a good idea. And I believe that our role as lawmakers is not to disparage wealth, but to expand its reach; not to stifle the market, but to strengthen its ability to unleash the creativity and innovation that still makes this nation the envy of the world.”

    In his response to the first questioner, Obama immediately and emphatically reiterated his approach: “As I said before, I am a strong believer in the ability of the free market to generate wealth and prosperity that’s shared across the board. I think there are times where sometimes our economy gets out of balance. This is obviously one of those times. And so government has to intervene in a crisis. But the goals should always be to right the ship and let private enterprise do its magic.” 

    According to the President, he seeks not to undermine or destroy the free market system that has created America’s prosperity, but to establish temporary spending and regulatory programs to restore the conditions that will allow the free market to flourish.  If the President is to be believed, he does not aspire to move America away from a free market economy, but back towards it, eventually. 

    We’ve heard this message before, of course.  For instance, FDR famously argued that continued dependence on government relief destroys the human spirit and is a violation of the traditions of America.  It’s easy to pay lip service to traditional American principles such as economic freedom, but much harder to follow through.  President Obama has declared that his intentions are to temporarily depart from free market ideas to save free markets and private enterprise.  However, if he is truly serious about letting private enterprise do its magic, at some point he’s going to have to give back the wand.  That would be real change, rather than more of the same.

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    28 Responses to Obama: I am "a Strong Believer in the Power of the Free Market"

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Obama is a hypocrite and a disingenuous politician interested in power through the massive spending. The sad aspect about this is that the mainstream media is aiding and abetting in the big scam going on in Washington,DC. We are losing our country for our children and grand children.

    2. Anne Leach, Dayton, says:

      Hogwash. I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. The American people have been duped. He hasn't a clue what the American people thinks about government(the people who actually work for a living). It's appauling.

    3. Cris NY,NY says:

      Never before have I witnessed a President who would and could so effortlessly lie to our faces. All politicians make promises, they inevitably can not fulfill, however no American President in my life time has ever been as disingenuous as President Obama. To grasp the essence of my comment one must distinguish between, an unlikely desire(promise) which could come to fruition only if a number of disconnected variables fall in line accordingly and a deliberate gross distortion of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic. Given perfect conditions, in practice the first example would be a lie, for it was something in line with the true value set possessed by the Politician who proposed it at the start.

      However, Mr. Obama uses the second type of falsity to pacify and placate his immediate audience. He closely follows the instructions penned by Saul Alinsky, which profess that "the ends justifies the means": avoid specifics and details of your ideas, encourage your audience to believe that your vision will improve their condition and never justify your positions, instead personally attack your critics and those holding opinions in opposition of those you promulgate. In short, to appease his immediate audience, Mr.Obama, effortlessly gives lip service to policies which he vehemently opposes and regardless of circumstances, would never support or lend a hand to enact. His deceit is ubiquitous(e.g.) Freeze capital gains tax, support gun owners, close Guantanamo, create four million new jobs, then 3.5 million new jobs, increase the tax burden for those with incomes exceeding $500,000, $400,000, $250,000 and then $200,000, etc. His handlers are masters of withholding pertinent details, in order to dishonestly garner support from the ignorant hoi-polloi (e.g.) small businesses (IRS criteria 500 or fewer employees) & tax code which encourages business owners to file as an individual.

    4. David Morris, Birmin says:

      I could not have said it better. Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth so much you cannot believe a word spokenm. No lobbyists, then lobbyists, no earmarks, then PACKED, hating the rich then he says he is "free market" he is truly the Manchurian Candidate, he will say whatever to whomever to get his socialist agenda across. Either that or he is so weak he has allowed the left in this country to run over him. Pelosi and her ilk are powerhungry bolshevics woh want a perminent Politburo

    5. Barb -mn says:

      He is also a strong believer of indoctrinating his lies as truths, hypocrisy, destruction of this country, bias, racism, discrimination, etc

    6. Noelle Perry, King o says:

      Yup, it's textbook Alinsky all right. What is interesting is that there is nothing that is creative or original about this so-called change that Obama wants to implement. It is the same, tired leftist dogma we've been hearing, well, since LBJ's Great Society, if not earlier with FDR's New Deal.

      Obama loves the free market? Well, he did say it but he looked like he was going to be sick any minute.

    7. jr., Michigan says:

      yeah, right. he believes in communism.

    8. D Kasold, Seattle says:

      Actions say otherwise. Believing in the "power" of a principle does not mean one believes in the principle.

      He is much more inclined to attack the power of free society and proves it daily.

    9. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Some how I think he will say anything that any one wants to hear.

      The master of the persuasive monologue, but a pure fascist at heart, he is taking America down a path of debt so huge with a government employment burden and growth, that it would take an even bigger disaster to cure.

      We have all seen that when government competes with the private sector with an unlimited budget and no need to make a profit, it destroys housing markets, education and any other product that had a successful and healthy competitive growth cycle and turns them into long term retirement programs with little concern for the product/service to debt ratio.

      Notice he said "so the free market could do its magic"; that is because he has no idea what the working class or the free market does.

      In the Marxist world we serve the state, the only magic occurring there is, how after becoming slaves to a debt so huge, how will anyone have the desire to work and earn to feed this monstrosity of a government.

    10. marino, Colorado says:

      So true. So true. 46% of the Electorate didn't vote for the incumbent. Of those who did, I wonder how many would change their mind at this point if they had the opportunity? It is my impression that the vast majority are so uninformed and so lacking in a desire to find out the facts that this charade may continue a little longer before some semblance of the reality comes permeating through. The question then is that how much damage will be done by then, how much will be irreversible, and how much character will be shown by a sufficient number of Democrats in the Senate to say "enough is enough" and form a strong bloc which will determine the fate of legislation in the future.

    11. Dave H, Culver City, says:

      It's true that Obama believes in free markets to generate wealth. He also believes once that wealth is generated, the government's job is to take it and "share it across the board." He never said he believes in the power of the market to distribute resources in a fair manner, only to "generate wealth and prosperity that's shared [by goverment confiscation and redistribution programs] across the board." That's just 21st Century-style socialism; they don't believe in planned economies anymore, merely in planning to redistribute the wealth created in the free market.

    12. Floyd - Houston says:

      Thank you, thank you. Americans are waking up and seeing Obama as the rookie president who hasn't a clue about running the county much less about guiding the economy.


    13. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      Unfortunately, desperation and foolish decision making of some American people recently has given the reigns of power over to an incompetent, inexperienced "community organizer". No question this bumbling fool is in way over his head with the highest position in the land. This current crop of political "children" are uncontrollably running through the candy store hoping to spend as much money as possible before they are shut down by the adults in 2011. Fortunately, in 4 years this pretend president will be given his walking papers which will return him to organizing whatever it is he organizes!

    14. Michael Major, Dalla says:

      If any of that were true, Obama would not be advocating nationalized health care. The solution to our health care system is to remove government distortions and let the market "work its magic". Third party payers, mandates, reduced reimbursement schemes, and entitlements serve only to undermine market dynamics.

    15. Greg Rogers, Cincinn says:

      Great comments: I want to ask a question of this audience: What can we do besides vocalize our opinion to a majority conservative audience like this? Heritage, e-mail me with suggestions. I refreshed my history by reading about Roosevelt's New Deal and there were groups like "The American Liberty League" formed by concerned Americans. My concern today is that too many Americans don't care or are too ignorant to do anything and, unlike the 30's, the mainstream media is turning their head to this very socialistic regime and this combination is very disconcerting. I have heard of a propostion whereby concerned Americans are sending tea bags to Washington on April 1 to confront this ideolgy. What else? Bombard the papers with letters to the editor? Set up blogs? make a tea party? Sit ins? Maybe most importantly, prayer mtgs for wisdom and guidance-afterall our Creator must be incensed at the idea that Americans are not as concerned about defending the most defensless of us all: the unborn.

    16. Kenneth, NW says:

      Obama's a commie, a racist, talks out of boths sides of his mouth and more! That kinda sums him up in the eyes of posters on this website. You guys need to get a wee bit more serious and less bosterous if you want the American people to pull the lever in great numbers ever again for conservatives. Don't put your effort towards Newt or Rush- they are both damaged goods. The GOP just does not have a strong reasonable voice.

    17. kyle, ca says:

      the hypocrisy that is spewing from the man's lips is ludicrous; and people question why he uses the teleprompter on a frequent occasion, albeit for small or large speeches – to jog his memory of all the lies and misnomers that he informs the public on a daily basis. the sad truth of this whole debacle in d.c. is that the mainstream media is so invested in this man, that they are negating their jobs as reporters to blatantly ignore what this administration is doing. and when someone stands up and publicly decries the policies that are being administered, the propagandist (gibbs) with the support of the media, go on the offensive to diminish and devalue the opposition…this is change we can believe in, right?

    18. Keith somewhere in t says:

      O President,

      Faith without works is dead. –James

    19. Ross, Bradenton Fla says:

      Of course our socialist president is a hypocrite and again he has tried to demonstrates the fine art of sophistry, a well known style of the Democrats. It was tyro at best…or was it?

      I'm sure afterwards, he rushed to wash out his mouth with a socialist mouthwash to remove the bitter taste of having to swallow a little "free market". I don't understand; the free market is the United States' golden goose…or what was the real reason for this action…huh?

    20. Ron Thompson says:

      Free market! you really believe in a free market when your heros are Marx, Lenin,Chavez, Castro not to mention all the books you can read that reinforce Marx, Lenin…etc! He believes in a free market about as much as I believe in gobal warming! Another deliberate miss representation out of the white house.

    21. Barbara # 2 AZ says:

      I think that the truth of this speech is very deceptive. Obama appears to be is using a very clever kind of hidden hypnotic speech. He prefaces his statements that he believes in the free market economy with an undeniably true statement like the one "I am a strong believer." Don't laugh!! This is the exact technique he used in his DNC acceptance speech. These are statements which are "undeniably true" and are used to lower our critical factor defenses.

      His own DNC speech examples:

      "That's why I stand here tonight"– he is undeniably standing there, isn't he? He followed this one with "And that is why I will be your next president! Get it?

      "Now is the time"— it is undeniably now, isn't it?

      "This moment"—used 14 times- it is undeniably the current moment, isn't it?

      and the most recent- "I am a strong believer" when translated:

      I am— he undeniably "exists", doesn't he?

      a strong– he is undeniably "strong",

      haven't his followers and the newspapers lauded him for his work-outs and the sun glinting off of his undeniable and steely pectorals?


      doesn't he undeniably believe in Hope and Change?

      These introductory phrases are used to lower our critical factor defenses in our thinking. These words of Obama's are spoken in order to allow the implantation of subconscious messages that follow these statements.

      In other words he is using a hypnotic language technique to cover up lies or implant ideas. He is not a strong believer in the free market economy. But by preceeding it with an undeniable truth we are lulled into believing the lie that is hidden from view.

      Once your defenses are down, then he trots out the UNTRUTH hidden behind the true "I am a strong believer." Or the thought he wants you to believe. No wonder people fell for his rhetoric. See how devious this is???

      This is a language theory of hidden hypnosis, put forth by Milton Erickson M.D. Check it out.

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Maybe that's the real agenda here, instead of Emanuel's never waste a crisis statement.

    22. Tristan Benz says:

      I think the end of your post says it all – if ANY PERSON believes in something, then s/he must have the integrity to stay the course of his/her beliefs (not take a detour betraying something "other" than the belief – it is NOT the ONLY WAY).

      In this case, if our president TRULY believes in the free market, then the only true reflection of this belief is to ALLOW THE FREE MARKET TO WORK. To do otherwise is, by definition, hypocritical (you don't have to be conservative to argue this point – in fact, the sooner we put all politics of division aside and focus on things that speak volumes, at a much higher pitch than party lines can ever hope to achieve, the better).

      Seriously – it doesn't take anything more than basic COMMON SENSE to recognize how "do as I say but not as I do" really works out in life.

      Unless you you're a big fan of Machiavellian Ethics (the end justifies the means, no matter how bloody or destructive), you simply cannot fall for an alternative that betrays a belief OTHER than that in the actual power of the Free Market. Anyone who TRULY believes in the Free Market knows that it can right itself and that interference only prevents this process. No, it won't be painless. But is avoiding pain in life always "better" for us?

      Is dealing with the pain what we fear? Really, what are we so afraid of? Living without cheap products? Eating potatoes and rice? All of us having to scrape by? Plenty of others around the world have paid far higher prices for what they believe in…

      We have had it pretty high on the hog in America for many yeasr – so I think it's all too easy to try and avoid the pain of doing the work (not looking for "shortcut measures" promised as temporary). Remember, no pain, no gain! As yourself – do YOU believe that we Americans still have the TRUE GRIT to bear it? To pull OURSELVES up by our OWN bootstraps. Do YOU?

      And then ask yourself, what does our president believe? What is he really saying when he does not allow US the opportunity to exercise our Free Market in America? To test this great thing he claims to believe in – this thing born of the will of our constitution itself?

      Is it that, while he believes in the THEORY of a Free Market, he just has such incredibly small faith in WE the PEOPLE – in our OWN ability to fix the economy by exercising our own, unfettered FREE WILL in the marketplace?

      If so, it's time to ask ouselves, is he right?

      What ARE we made of, America? Truly, our president (like any other elected official) does NOT HAVE OUR ANSWERS. Just like in the Wizard of Oz, each one of us is already wearing those powerful, Ruby Slippers. So the real question of consequence here is, when will we decide to simply click our heels, together, repeat our will until it becomes our action…UNTIL…it becomes the change WE want to see?! We need to stop looking for "fixes" beyond our own two feet.

      Finally, I candidly say that I do NOT believe we should invest ourselves in good intentions, NO MATTER THEIR SOURCE (who does not know the road they pave?). I say, now is the time to decide to dig deep and answer to ourselves and one another. For additional thoughts on the subject of our power, I just posted to my blog late last night – www DOT tristansepinion.blogspot.com

      Ultimately, when we make the decision of our own, free will, to believe in our own selves enough to do the work and deal with the pain in the Free Market WE claim to believe in – when we see fit to do the work to raise the self-esteem of each and every citizen (and not look for any one person elect to medicate our fears and cure what ails us) – will we have something far greater than any of the best intentions or "beliefs" to look forward to, in waking up, each day, in America. We'll have nothing less than the proof-positive results, born or our free will and actions that speak to the integrity to our own beliefs, that pave the road to greater prosperity (a road less travelled but well worth the work!).

      Thanks for the post – again, I hope we can force the core issues we ALL care about to jump the tracks of left vs. right and Rep vs. Dem – as the old Africa proverb says, "two men in a burning building do not stop to argue." We have little time to debate! Time to belly up to the bar – are we men or are we mice?!

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      How would Obama know what Free Market Enterprise is? He never even had a paper route as a kid! He never sold magazine subscriptions, or seeds, or mowed lawns for money.

      His idea of 'Free Enterprize' is,"The chains are off, everybody is free! Now run along and make money so we all can share it!"

      If this man had a clue, someone would have to translate it for him.

      Whenever he opens his mouth I expect to hear something of importance, but all I get is feathers.

      I truly believe that he is now taking on his Fathers role, now He is the Father of this Land, and he runs off and abandons his children!


    24. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      yea, as long as HE controls it, B>>>S>>>>

      just anyother communist wanta be.

    25. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Then keep your Hands off the Free Market!

    26. duelles, santa fe, n says:

      Some day every one should read a short book entitled, " the sociopath next door." I do not recall the author. It does describe the power of these deviants who can be mooching couch 'potatoes', heads of government and business or just PTA friends who have no conscience and can lie so well.

      I would like to see a diagnosis of our current president. He really does not seem to care at all about the differences between promises, actions and how far apart they are.

      I do not support his policies, for the most part, and I too hope that he fails!

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    28. Sam Kendall, Wiscons says:

      Some lyrics from several different songs come to mind that do a very good job at describing the current party in power, their apparent perception of the people and how the people feel about their recent actions, such as "…ain't no way to hide your lying eyes…" or "tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…". There is also my personal favorite: "…we're not gonna take it anymore…"

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