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  • United Nations says to America: 'You're Deadbeats'

    Yesterday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called the United States a “deadbeat” donor to the world body. The White House called these words “unfortunate” and at least rightfully acknowledged the “the contribution that the American taxpayer makes.”

    However, these words are much more than “unfortunate.” Let’s start with our donor status. The United States puts up 22% of the operating budget of the United Nations. Compared to other well populated nations with large economies, this is an outstanding number. China barely tops 2%, Brazil is just over 1% and Russia and India barely register as donors at all. Considering our secondary role as the official host country to the United Nations headquarters and any expenses that status costs, it is insulting when the United States is referred to as a “deadbeat” by the UN Secretary-General.

    But moving beyond our taxpayer’s considerable financial investment that is largely ignored by the UN is a more prescient issue. The issue is why liberals ignore the incoming insults and believe the UN doesn’t have enough power over the American people?

    Earlier today, Senator John Kerry (D-MA), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations announced he is moving forward on ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) which the UN began working on in 1973. The timing was hard to make up. The Secretary-General’s comments calling us a “deadbeat” happened in a meeting with U.S. lawmakers, including Kerry. And then 24 hours later, these lawmakers reward him with a potential treaty that the United States has refused to sign for nearly thirty years, and five presidents.

    Steven Groves of the Heritage Foundation put it best: “You have to pay royalties on the value of anything you extract (from the deep seabed), those royalties to be distributed as the new [UN] bureaucracy sees fit, primarily to landlocked countries and underdeveloped countries.” American money would also help fund the International Seabed Authority, which Groves says “would have the potential to become the most massive UN bureaucracy on the planet.”

    So it would appear that we may be returning to a phase of American diplomacy where we apologize first, give money second, and ask questions never. The UN Administrative Tribunal (UNAT) recently ordered the UN to pay the legal fees of Benon Sevan, the disgraced former chief of the Oil-For-Food program who is hiding from U.S. indictments of bribery and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in Cyprus. The UN said it would abide by UNAT’s decision. So our “deadbeat” taxpayers are going to pay nearly $1 million in legal fees for a fugitive who led the manipulation of a $60 billion UN program that was steeped in bribery, kickbacks, corruption, and fraud on a global scale. Remember, LOST is going to put this disgraceful bureaucratic mess to shame.

    It would seem that President Obama would be well served to do more than call these comments “unfortunate.” We also hope that our Congressional lawmakers stick up for American taxpayers the next time our international integrity is publicly questioned. America being called a “deadbeat” by an organization that as a whole excuses catastrophic human rights abuses, terrorism and widespread financial fraud around the world might be laughable, if it weren’t so expensive.

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    47 Responses to United Nations says to America: 'You're Deadbeats'

    1. WA, U.S.A. says:

      It is regrettable that 22% is not appreciated; nay, met with ingratitude.

      Ingratitude is a burden on the spirit. The USA should not inflict that burden that upon the would-be governors of the world.

      Except for exclusive, direct contributions to the few UN organizations that actually do some good, let us make the percentage 0%.

    2. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Very nice of Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon to insult us this way. We pay the freight for the wasted space called the UN with our tax dollars, we (the USA) are the first to send help to these peon excuses for countries whenever they need help and all we ever get is stepped on and insulted. I think that it is time for the UN to find another "Deadbeat" country to host them. How about Korea, Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon? Ya think ya can see your way clear to have all those Diplomats running around your country, stealing, raping, doing what they want and claiming Diplomatic Immunity? What-d'a-ya say there Moony, why don't you take all your low life friends home to momma in Korea?

    3. Lanny Valentine, Dav says:

      I am in favor of shutting down the UN and send them all packing. Their building is on valuable real estate and we can do better on our own. The members are always trying to degrade us and bring us down. Think about it, we are the only country that has people trying to get in as citizens and to enjoy our countrys freedoms. Russia, China, or Korea don't have an illegal entry problem do they?

      The European Union like to see us degraded, it makes them feel superior. Well, Europeans my family left you in the dust a couple hundred years ago and I say good ridence.If the UN stays we should insist that they pay the bills without us as we are giving them free rent in a very good rental district that Donald Trump would love to have.

    4. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Perhaps the UN seeks is own Porkulus, excuse me, "stimulus" from the USA?

    5. Bill, Missouri says:

      I have always thought that the United Nation was nothing more than a front for getting rich for diplomats. I have the solution, get us out of the UN and expel all of them.

    6. Gail Tuminello Ind says:

      Wow! This is disturbing on so many levels. Too many of our legislators don't have a backbone.

    7. Gary, Michigan says:

      I think it's high time we ask the UN to leave America. They can set up camp in some other country more to their liking, such as France. Let them pick up the bill for a while.

      Why do we constantly think that throwing money at an issue will solve it? When has that ever worked? America forgave just about every European countries debt after WWII. They sure seemed to forget that pretty fast!

    8. Arizona says:

      Hey BO tell the UN to move to France. We can use OUR building to house our homeless.

    9. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      Accountability. Americans as a whole now are apathetic, lazy, and narcissists. It is about time that the majority of America learn the lesson that previous generations had. If one lets someone abuse someone else and not say anything, sometime in the near future, the abuser is going to come knocking on your door/rights. So you might not like what the u.n. is doing, but it doesn't affect you so you just complain when it gets brought up in conversation. Well one day, "change" is going to "accept" a proposed bill/action from the u.n. that will directly affect you and yours. But if you the last ones, and everyone else has been dominated by YOUR lack of caring or action, then who is there to rise up for/with you?!!!

    10. Matthew Mullian - De says:

      Comrade Obama will surely make elevating the US portion of UN dues part of the next wave of world-wide stimulus. US taxpayers have received such benefit from past UN expenditures!

    11. mark elder says:

      Words can not start to explain how I feel about the U.N. This worthless dictator that says we are dead beats should turn back into the pages of history and see how often America has doled out, bailed out, rescued and fed and protected these worthless degenerate piss ants in the U.N. And for him to call us dead beats well lets just say had he said that in Texas that would get the U.N. secretary "FLOORED!"

      As for The haughty John Kerry wanting to sign on to the Law of sea treaty is rediculous. I suppose now when America wants to drill in so much as a pond we will have john kerry go and ask the U.N., "AH would like to get me a drillin lisence." The man has no concept about reality and if this sea treaty is signed and then cap and trades goes into effect and then the card check passes along with any of the other sensless projects on the table or coming down the pike we will all be at the mercy of the jackles in office…Folks we are being robbed blind and obviously we are to cowardly to take the matter into our own hands…

      It is safe to say that John Kerry and Obama and the U.N and other like them quite frankly hate America, hate God and hate any thing civil, they hate family, they hate any thing and every thing they see . They are evil despots that need to be tried and prosecuted for treason in the highest order and with the most severe of penalties…

    12. Edna Eagle, NC says:

      LOST is a lose lose for America!

      It's divide the country using the Mississippi River and the CORRUPT Un will be the only thing to benefit.

      The UN is so deep into American politics and now is trying to get into it's infrastructure that it'll soon destroy our Constitution and AMerican dreams.

      We need to demand our reps fight any and all UN based treaties if we're to preserve our country! Between LOST, the UN's Agenda 21 and CRC we'll no longer have a republic nor a soveriegn country.

    13. Caitlyn Antrim, Arli says:

      I've been looking for Sen.Kerry's statement on Committee plans to address the LOS COnvention that you mention above, but I haven't found it. Can you let us know where the statement was made?



    14. Frank W., New Mexico says:

      I think it's unfortunate we would have a president that thinks it's unfortunate for the UN to make a statement like that. I just want to see who Sec.-Gen. Ki-Moon goes crying to when North Korea comes down across the 38th parallel again and starts to kick his butt.

    15. Tom, Chicago says:

      They can pack up and go to Paris or Beijing any time they wish.

      take our money and then use it to critcize us. Enough is enough.

      Another bureacracy with no accountability.


    16. Sam N. Virginia says:

      Problems with the UN are nothing new. But the real problems are just beginning under Obama. I understand that while he was in the Senate, he introduced the Global Poverty Tax bill in the Senate and VP Biden tried to rush it through Committee.

      According to an AIM Column by Cliff Kincaid on 2/12/2008, the intent of this bill (which passed the House) was "to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day."

      "Jeffrey Sachs, who runs the U.N.'s "Millennium Project," says that the U.N. plan to force the U.S. to pay 0.7 percent of GNP in increased foreign aid spending would add $65 billion a year to what the U.S. already spends. Over a 13-year period, from 2002, when the U.N.'s Financing for Development conference was held, to the target year of 2015, when the U.S. is expected to meet the "Millennium Development Goals," this amounts to $845 billion. And the only way to raise that kind of money, Sachs has written, is through a global tax, preferably on carbon-emitting fossil fuels."

      "Even these increases, however, will not be enough to satisfy the requirements of the Obama bill. A global tax will clearly be necessary to force American taxpayers to provide the money."

      So not only will American taxpayers get shafted on the UN proposal but this so-called Cap and Trade is another scam being perpetuated by Democrats to take more of our tax dollars to spread the wealth.

      I have a question for Obama…you know your half-brother is living in squallor on less than $1 a day (or is it a month)…what have you personally done to help him better his life…or anyone else on your father's side of the family? Don't you believe charity begins at home and that if we all took cae of our own first, the world would be a better place? Why don't the Democrats practice what they preach? Now that we know many Democrats don't pay their taxes…I wonder how many Democrats and wealthy Hollywood folks are guilty of the same and how many are hiding their money in Switzerland?

    17. Jerome Zacny says:

      Another of Mr. Obama's campaign promises was to rely to a greater extent on diplomacy when dealing with other nations in the world. If Mr. Obama's comments were accurately reported,we now have seen an example of that diplomacy, as he calls the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's declaration (that the United States is a deadbeat donor to the word body) "unfortunate". Unfortunate? Bravely spoken, Mr. President.

      If Mr. Obama's comments were accurately reported on this issue, I can't truly express my opinion of his choice of response without resorting to obscenities. "Outraged" is too hackneyed an expression. Other hyperbole, would be just that, hyperbole. Suffice it to say that I, as an American, am deeply insulted and offended by the Secretary-General's remarks. I am also ashamed of Mr. Obama's jellyfish characterization of those remarks as "unfortunate".

      The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Mr. John Kerry's, response to Mr. Ki-Moon's spitting in our face? He announces that he is moving foreward on ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty, which the United States has refused to sign over the past thirty-five years. This Treaty would call for the payment of royalties by the United States for any deep seabed oil drilling which we may undertake. Such royalties to be distributed by a bureaucracy of the U.N.

      Now this is the same U.N. that issued those ever-so-effective resolutions, in getting Iraq to submit to inspections for weapons of mass destruction. It is the same U.N. that wants the U.S. to remove Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens and eliminate gun ownership and legal commerce in firearms. This is the same U.N. before whom Mr. Obama and his predessor, Mr. Clinton, feel we should get on our knees.

      Do we really need this kind of association? I for one, say absolutely not. Kick the lot of them out. I'm sure that France or maybe even China or Russia would welcome them with open arms and gladly pick up the paltry 22% of U.N. funding formerly provided by we deadbeats.

    18. Neal Lang, Boca Rato says:

      “deadbeat” – Diplo-speak for "Up Yours!!!"

      “unfortunate” – Diplo-speak for "Thank you, sir, may please have another?"

    19. Tim AZ says:

      I don't think Obummer would give the UN power over America unless he intends to be the Secretary General of the UN in the future. I think queen Pelosi and king Harry are unknowingly intensifying Obummer's hunger for power every time they fragrantly ignore his instructions on what should be and should not be in the legislation that comes to him to be signed. That being said I think we should roust everyone out of the UN building and frog march them into the ocean. Then tear down the building and build a coal fired power plant as a tribute to the UN that used to be.

    20. Ardell Nagle , Rexbu says:

      The UN is a joke if they said the same thing to any of the other countries they would probably walk out. Ya move out we don't need you. Move it to Korea.

      All these countries that condemn us forget who is always there first when it comes to disasters.

      We are always there for the ones who can't fight for themselves. There to condemn those who wants to suppress freedom. We are not afraid to speak up and and not worry about what other countries think. Regardless of what a country thinks of us, if they asked for our help we would be there anyway.

      Obama needs to take a look at what President Kennedy did, he told Russia and Cuba to remove the missiles of which they did. Sure there was more going behind the scenes, but he stood up for us. All those Presidents that he is trying to copy, they had backbones he doesn't.

      As for Moon, he needs to resign. He needs take a hard look at what this country has contributed to other countries. Also during the Bush administration we made head way on the problem of Aids.

      Sorry but I am tried of writing a blank check to other countries that downgrade us.

    21. Ron says:

      I want the UN to leave our country. I suggest going to, lets say, Saudi Arbia. Then the UN delegates can enjoy all the freedoms that the mideast can offer.

    22. Ross, Bradenton Fla says:

      It's time for the United Nations to leave the shores of the United States of America. I would suggest that they move to Haiti where the weather is much warmer and the cost of living is lower. While there, they could properly set up a functional government…or maybe Somalia. That would put them closer to the trouble spots of the world. Then the USA drop down to paying 3%(fair is fair)and then decide if we really want to belong to an inept peace organization that gobbles up 22% of our donations with no results. These ostensible peacemakers has been a bureacratic nightmare of corruption for years, not to mention a law enforcement nightmare for the city of New York.

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    24. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The UN is all about one world government, not about helping. Look into a senate bill that was submitted by "the chosen one", it is named the GLOBAL POVERTY ACT".As far as I can find this is the only bill submitted by obama while in the senate. This bill gives AMERICA to the un and wraps a bow around it.

      The american public goofed up on the last election with obama, and he is determined to send this country down the tubes. He and pelosi and reid are sure to make us into a socialist country.

    25. Barb -mn says:

      oops. meant to send earlier comment here…

      That's okay guys. If he's talking about every single person that brought this country where it is and continues to go, where any handout or position in government, (except the minority few) is a cheat he is right. but maybe deadbeats to them means: 1. Most generous and commendable. 2. all knowledgeable (as soon as the public school systems close down) 3. truthful 4. Strong in principles values and CIVIL LAW (the only law known to mankind that is equal to mankind. Let's not be democrat and take that out of context "equal" as far as rules, laws and expectations. Ask what every american can do for this country is TO DO FOR YOURSELVES. TAKE ON AMERICAN PRINCIPLES AND VALUES. TAKE ON YOUR INDEPENDENCE. IT HAS ALWAY BEEN EXPECTED OF YOU. WE BELIEVE WE ARE CREATED EQUAL. NO EXCEPTIONS TO ANY ABLE BODIED HUMAN LIFE. THE GOVERNMENT SEEMS TO THINK LESS OF YOU. CONDUCTING, PROMOTING AND PROVOKING MUCH RACISM.

      DEMOCRATS leaders: anyone can make anything anyway they want to understand it. Lie through their teeth to justify their cause. indoctrinating into others, hmmm sounds like a certain religion. After all countries like Japan learn this from America. Did he have a scouring look? or was it warm and gentle?

    26. Barb -mn says:

      Boy, I really flubbed this one up. I had Japan on the mind. I meant the UN. Any other mess I made, I apologize…

    27. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Stop all payments to the UN and give them an Invoice for rent in New York!

    28. Steve, Seattle, WA says:

      I guess it's time to break up the band. It's been fun, UN. We won't burden you with our 22% anymore. Good luck.

    29. Alex Simic, Windsor says:

      I have forgotton what the purpose of the U.N. is. Oh Yeah. Legislative extortion and bribery.

    30. Alex Simic, Windsor says:

      I have been noticing a pattern whenever President Obama speaks. You have to expect a double meaning. He may be agreeing with the U.N. Secretary-General. It is possible that the President's "unfortute" remark may mean that he really does believe that Americans are deadbeats.

    31. Terry ,Mich says:

      The time has come for the UN to leave the US.

    32. Dwana Townsend says:

      It is clear that when it comes to Obama he does not have the guts that George Bush had. I am sure Bush would have called it like he saw it.

      Unfortunate??? What about UNGREATFUL, LEECHES, and that we would not stand for such disrespectful words!!!

      This is just another example that BO did not stand up for America or the American people!!! Get used of it cause there is more to come folks.

    33. Jake, Arnold MD says:

      I say we make the percent 0! Then they can have something to complain about. This is completely ridiculous.

    34. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      After the disatrous reign of Kofi Annan I had high hopes when Mr. Ban Ki-Moon was elected as Secretary General of the United Nations. Korea has been one of our strongest allies in the world and I believe that there has always been mutual self-respect between our nations.

      Sadly, Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon is falling in bed with the "bash America" crowd at the UN. He sounded like one of those tin-pot dictators or despots rather than a reasoned leader of a free world. He certainly did not sound like the world's pre-eminent diplomat by expressing this view in front of the whole world. One would expect an accomplished diplomat to handle these matters discretely rather than on the front pages of the evening news. (As an aside I can't recall for the life of me when the Secretary General has ever called out and chastised any other nation. What about the genocide in Darfur as one example. Need I mention more?)

      Second, why would anyone talk so disrespectful about any nation who was the largest financial contributor. Would the Sec. General be so disrespecful to Russia, China, France or a host of nations?

      Now to the point; the US's GNP totals about 22% of the worlds total economic output so our contribution is relatively in line with total world output. China however produces about 10% of the total world output and only provides 2% of funding. If America is a deadbeat, then watch out China, to be equitable Ban Ki-Moon should be tearing you a new one any day now.

    35. Dominick C, CA says:

      What benefit is the UN to the U.S.A.? It's time that our Government leaders show some guts and leadership when it comes to the UN and get on the offensive. Will it take a revolt by the populus before our Government formally says "we've had enough of your one-sided view of the world, go find yourself another country who will put up with your uncivilized, corrupt and socialistic ideology and actions"?

    36. Tom K., from Communi says:

      The U.N., translated United Nobodies, has been a union of losers since WW1, when they were called League of Nations, translated League of Losers. They only changed the name to give them another 'run at it'! They were and still are a large ass-ociation of stand around and do nothings, which is where we got our concept for the TSA, Thousands Standing Around, who do little or nothing.

      I read a billboard sign once when I was in Pennsylvania that said it all and said it right. It read, "Stop Terrorism! Get U.S. out of the U.N." Nuff said.

      As for the P.C., go with the few, spine-less girly-men and women we have running this great country of ours, it's time we clear out the lot of them as well. Get rid of the U.N., and get rid of the wimpy, liberal sell-outs.

      One only has to look at California, to see what the Libtard MSM and the corrupt Libs of Hollywood and the state gov can do to destroy not only it's economy, but constitutional rights of the citizens, as well. Now, if you are a career criminal, or Lindsay Lohann, or Robert Blake, Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, or a corrupt corp exec, then that statement does not apply to you, as you have special rights, the kind that come from being above the law, or beneath it. Yet, if you are one of the 80% inbetween those two groups, well then, the laws are made just for you, as a means of oppression and crowd control.

      When will we wake up indeed?! All soldiers, past and present, are duly sworn to protect the people of the United States of America, and to defend it's Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. And by God, we need to defend it from the constitutional rapists who are assaulting it now, before we have been dis-armed, and before we have been subdued by the same. There is the U.S. military and we committed, patriotic citizens that stand in the way of their treasonous attempts to destroy the American way of life, and bring us to 2nd or 3rd world status.

      May we continue in freedom and liberty……or perish in the process.

      God Bless those who love this country, and those who fight for her survival!!

    37. Peyton, Kalamazoo says:

      Deadbeat? I say let's stop paying at all, start charging the going rate for that prime real estate in NY, and send our collection people to have all the deadbeat diplomats pay their parking tickets!

      Then, once that's completed, kick them out of the US and let them go to Cuba or Russia!

    38. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      In Donovan's song,"Riki tikyi tavi", there was a line that fit then and fits better now,"The United Nations ain't really United.

      I'm in my sixties and fell that I'm well educated, and I have never seen the use for the United Nations! They cannot make immediate decisions, nor take immediate steps to do anything! We have always been their largest donor.

      From all of the WW11 debts, only two Nations ever paid us back fully, Germany and Isreal! We forgave France and may others. England and Japan we created special tade agreements to off set the debts.

      We should remove ourselves from the United Nations and them from our soil, and they will in turn remove themselves from existance.

      Our problem now is we have a President and Congress and Senate with no Balls! You steal from my family and then accuse my family off being deadbeats! How dare you risk the wrath of the United States of America, unless we only have limited educated, limited focused, non-historians, tree and bunny huggers in power!

      American Men do not take insults lightly. American Women do not take insults lightly, and only they can give birth to American Men and Women!

      Sadly, what I forsee is our Leaders giving in and more to the U.N., allowing more Illegals to come into our Nation and work, (having already removed E-Verify), Creating a National Socialized Medical care,(remember that M.D.s cannot deduct their insurance anylonger as a cost of doing business and that Malpratice for a G.P if fifty percent of their income)(They cannot afford to practice medicine), that we will now have to pay a tax on "Carbon Immition FOSSIL FUELS, and the term itself is a misnomer! Oil is not a fossil fuel! It was misnamed by an oil man, and the Scientist who created the Periodic Table (requires a bit of intelligence) called that man an idiot, which is a very appropriate name for our leaders. How can you tax something that does not exist?

      We have come down to a Nation of fools of two types; the elected ones, and those who elected them.


    39. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Other than repeatedly demonstrating how UN so-called "Peace-Keeping" efforts and forces are "shining examples" of impotent, "toothless" ineptitude which results in anything but "peace", and other than the UN increasingly demonstrating how it's the International Headquarters of both graft and corruption and Anti-(U.S.) Americanism (as demonstrated by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and his international allies with [the late] Saddam Hussein in their deal which dwarfed others in comparison [and which the Leftist media tried to minimize and bury]), the UN has a long history of being both dominated by and a favorite tool of International Socialists (such as the Soviet Union and other Communist/Socialist regimes to this day) and even Islamic extremist fascists (including Ahmadinijad and others), all of whom are "deadbeats" in light of the facts which include, but are not limited to, the following:

      A. The U.S. is the Host Nation of the UN, and absorbs and pays all the costs of doing so (both tangibley and intangibley), and

      B. The U.S. contributes more to the UN and various UN efforts (both tangibley and intangibley) than any other single nation, all of which make comparative "deadbeats" of Anti-(U.S.) Americans and their allies in the UN.

      So, yet again, here we have the Anti-(U.S.) Americans in the UN making themselves "shining examples" of the truism: "When you hypocritically point a falsely accusing finger at someone else, you have in fact three (3) of your own fingers pointing back at yourself".

      Of course that truism has never prevented the Anti-(U.S.) American Left's engaging in such machinations, and obviously won't stop them now, which helps explain their quest in every way for a "1-World (Socialist) Government", which also helps explain why we must continue fighting them, in every way, in order to be, as Ronald Reagan said, "The last, best hope of mankind".

      Indeed this is yet another example of why Thomas Jefferson said "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance", and "The tree of liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants".

    40. charles, wyoming.usa says:

      good, send 'em all back to rome or what ever. they can take their statue too. bugger'em all.

    41. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Give the UN nothing and see how long they last!

    42. HOUSTON says:




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    44. Scott E., Virginia says:

      Back in the 40's, the UN had a much needed place in the world. 60+ years later, it is no longer the machine it once was, and is now obsolete. Being a member there is almost like being a youth in a gang, just with structure and guidelines.

      We finance almost 1/4 of everything they do. We have been a voice of reason for them. We have been the people they run to when there is a crisis in the world. We have committed our soliders to fight battles that had nothing to do with us, because of the UN. We have stood up and fought for the UN's agenda many times. We give them a place to call home. We allow their representatives to come to our country as diplomats, and watch them disregard our laws as they will without fear of legal reprecussions.

      What do we get for our efforts? Well…umm…Hmmm. I can't think of anything the UN has done for us. They didn't help us with any of our natural disasters. They haven't supported us in any war since Vietnam (and what did they do for us there?) They don't contribute anything to our society. They don't help us feed the starving or build houses for the homeless in our nation like they do in other countries.

      Do we really belong in the UN? What do we get for it? What does it cost us as a nation? I don't expect respect for our financial contributions, that would be like expecting the kids on the playground to do what we say because we have all of the candy in our pockets, making us bullies. We don't need that. So do we belong there?

      I don't believe that we should pull out of the UN, too much could/would happen if we left. Can you imagine what would happen if the French and Russians were left in there to do what they want, unchecked by a representative from the USA? I do believe we should govern what we contribute better, and definitely scale it back, WAY back! THAT is in our best interest. Allowing them to slap us in the face with their comments? No! We don't have to accept that, nor should we.

      Imagine what would happen if we pulled our money and soliders out of all the "missions" they have us on.

    45. dmc222 Michigan says:

      You, I, and other Conservatives, know that under this President the UN will stay right here. Too bad. It's an archaic institution, and we'd be better off to be rid of them.

    46. Green man in Texas says:

      People heard "Hope" and "Change" and now we have a leader that says "it's Unfortunate…We need to pay attention to what BO is doing, not just hear his words of wonder. Remember Acorn??? BO just gave them his blessing to handle the next US Cenus. Check and see how much money we tax payers are sending to Acorn of the Stimilus $$$. But-they are a union organization that has BO's support. He promised "change" and from what we have been seeing, I can only "Hope" we all get more involved with our elected representatives and let them know how we feel. Pay attention to what they are saying and what they are doing. We need to be heard or we will get "Change" and it will be too late.

    47. queenie45 in largo, says:

      As an American over 60, which just means I have some history , Take the UN off our soil Mr President, that's what we elected you to do. PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION, Do you remember that in your history lesson's? "ITS UNFORTUNATE" what"s that mean? "m more insulted at our President. Let this idiot from the UN come to the "red neck' state of Florida and make a statement like that,"wops I forgot Mr President, you won the state of Florida",or "NOW THATS UNFORTUNATE".. Mr Pesident we're not children.. We know what's going on.."you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time". That's all I have to say….

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