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  • Morning Bell: Protecting Our Southern Border

    In the first two months of 2009, there were about 200 fatalities in Afghanistan including 29 U.S. troops. But in January alone, over 1,000 people have died in Mexico’s escalating drug war. Fueled by a $25 billion a year industry, Mexico’s two largest drug cartels have an estimated combined 100,000 foot soldiers battling each other and Mexico’s own 130,000 strong army. The increased violence has not been confined to Mexico. Phoenix, Arizona, has seen a spike in Mexican drug-smuggling related kidnappings and Atlanta, Georgia, has become the principal distribution center for the entire eastern United States. And in Northern California, firefighters battling blazes have had confrontations with Mexican drug gangs over their marijuana cultivation on public lands. The first duty of any state is to protect its citizens. We must stem the flow of drug violence into this country.

    Speaking to regional newspapers yesterday, President Barack Obama said: “We’re going to examine whether and if National Guard deployments would make sense and under what circumstances they would make sense.” They don’t make sense. At least not right now.

    President George Bush did send 6,000 National Guard troops to the border in 2006 as part of Operation Jump Start. But those forces were meant to supplement Department of Homeland Security officers until more permanent numbers of border forces could be hired and trained. Since that time the feds have successfully doubled their border manpower to over 18,000. If there is a true border “crisis” the federal government already has contingency plans in place that include the National Guard. We are not there yet.

    But there are other key steps the Obama Administration ought to pursue to strengthen security on our southern border:

    • Financial Support for State and Local Officers: Our state and local law enforcement agencies aren’t beset by the corruption issues that plague their Mexican counterparts. They can and should play a vital role in policing border communities. The biggest obstacle is that, right now, the narco-terrorists have them outmanned and outgunned. What state and local officers need is support and financial resources. This should be a critical priority for homeland security grants.
    • Increase Cooperation Between Federal, State, Local, and Mexican Governments: Our state and local law enforcement agencies also need to be integrated into a smarter border security network. The Border Enforcement Secu­rity Taskforce (BEST) is a program that couples U.S. federal, state, and local law enforce­ment with Mexican law enforcement to share information and collaborate on matters such as border crime. Investing in programs like BEST and Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement’s 287(g) program, which promotes federal and local government cooperation, will help state and local law enforcement fight smarter.
    • Expand the Merida Initiative: Around $300 million of the $1.5 billion allocated for the anti-drug program has been spent so far. The U.S. needs to go further to ensure that all of these monies are spent to provide this valuable assistance.

    Gaining control of the border is not optional—the security of the United States depends on the ability and determination of the U.S. govern­ment to keep its citizens safe. Sending brigades of our already over-stretched military to the border would doubtless grab a few headlines, but it’s a less-than optimum strategy for winning the long war on our border.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: Protecting Our Southern Border

    1. San Antonio, TX says:

      Protecting our southern borders should be a major concern for all Americans. The lack of intervention by law enforcement activities only encourages the illegal activities. If the illegal activities are not stopped soon our souther border will be Oklahoma. Perhaps part of the solution would be to eliminate sanctuary cities such as Ladero and San Antonio which harbors illegals who promote gang and drug activity.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The HF provides links to a LOT of things

      how about one to the

      "Merida Initiative"

      Obama doesn't have it on his agenda

      on Whitehouse.gov

      WHY NOT?

    3. Suzanne, Texas says:

      Considering that the Mexican government is corrupt from top to bottom, ESPECIALLY the police and army, I don't think our police and armed forces should share anything with them, as all information and money will be given to the drug cartels. Instead, American sanctuary cities should be cleaned out and local law enforcement should be included in that effort. We should put the U.S. army on the border and start shooting. Close the border and allow no one in or out. Since it appears that American gun runners are aiding and abetting the corrupt Mexican government and drug cartels, a special effort should be made to stop that. Whatever it takes. Those savages won't be stopped by anything but bullets. The Mexican people who are not involved in this corruption (and they seem to be fewer and fewer), should work to change their government and and not come here. They are not after anything but money anyway.

    4. Floyd - Chicago says:

      We, the legal American citizens, need to regard the drug war being fought at the Mexican/United States border as any other war! We need to enter with full military strength, KILL the druggies and those supporting them, and shut down the flow of drugs into the US and the flow of weapons into Mexico. No prisoners, no holds barred. This is going on only because our liberal politicians either haven't the backbone to stop it, or don't want to give up the money they are making from it.

      We also need to abandon the Stimulus Bill, Repeal the Social Security changes recently made, and get back to conservative government. The only way that will happen is if our citizens and the millions of illegals quit holding out their hand for money!

      Floyd Green

    5. Politicafe.com, Hous says:

      I find it interesting that we send money to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan every year, and other countries, and the US sends our military to Afghanistan and Iraq, but we don't send troops to help our next door neighbor? Would we have already sent troops to our other neighbor (Canada) if the situation occured at the other border? And where are the advocates for a Northern border fence?

      One may say "we don't need a border fence to the North because the supply is not entering from Canada"; hence, the issue. This IS a supply/demand issue. Seriously cut the demand (illegal hiring), and the supply will diminish (illegal immigrants). Terrorists entering our country obviously don't follow the supply/demand formula.

      Mexico has been "lost" for a number of years, but only since the organized efforts of the drug lords have the ineffective and dishonest governments of Mexico (local and federal) become apparent.

      I believe the only hope Mexico has is going to come from outside sources–other countries. Mexico needs to be cleaned up from the top down. It's just a matter of time, albeit short, that the President of Mexico will be foreced to declare a "broken arrow".

    6. Fred Stickler Sierra says:

      Whatever happened to investigating Franklin Raines and the other crook at Freddie and Fannie Mae? Both of these crooks were praised by Babbling Barney Franks and Slip of the tongue, socialist Maxine Waters. This has been the greatest plunder of the American treasury and we the American Taxpayers are left holding the bag.

      Perhaps,some someone should start looking into these two characters.

    7. Christopher Ppham Sm says:

      There are no ifs, ands or buts on this issue of

      southern border protection. We are talking about

      the security of our homeland, the southern border

      of the United States of America! The situation

      with drug cartels worsens by the day.

      A few thousand National Guardsmen is not, in my

      humble opinion, the solution.

      However, 50,000+ redeployed troops from Iraq or

      from our 853 bases around the world would serve

      well to quell the violence in the region.

      That is how the remaining $1.2 billion anti-drug

      funds should be spent. Come on, Mr. President,

      do something here, before it gets out of hand and really spreads across this country. Send more

      federal agents and/or troops into Atlanta, Ga. and please protect our borders–south and north.

    8. Franklin's Lock says:

      Where is the fence that was supposed to be built? Eliminating sanctuary cities would help, especially in Atlanta. Also, enforcing our immigration laws and kicking these people out and fining the companies that hire illegals would cut down on immigration. But, we need to deal with violence on the border and a military presence may be necessary but the states should have control. The precedent of sending the US army to the border scares me. If these were controlled by the states it, it may not be so worrisome.


    9. Bob in St. Louis, Mi says:

      All the more reason to not granting amnesty to the approximately 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in our country! Big "O" is going to bring this whole amnesty question and legislation up to congress real soon because the mometum is on his and the democrats side with all this stimulus money being doled out to the free loaders in our country! "O" wants to get as much legislation passed while he has the upper hand. And I'll tell you one thing right now! The republicans and conservative democrats better say no to amnesty or fast track citizenship or they are going to face the wrath of millions, believe it! People are fed up with being ignored on this sensitive, volatile issue. We live in America! We have laws, obey them! And I don't want to see my country wind up like the U.K.(DOOMED!!), pandering to the muslims and their Sharia law! Our country was founded on the beliefs and principles of christianity and the one true "GOD"!! I suggest you all read the true history of our founding fathers!! Secure borders at Canada and Mexico and a ten year moratorium on any immigration into our country is what we need!! The troops coming home from oversea's could be stationed at our southern border or increasing the national guard presence would be a plus. And one other thing, since when is it that when you pick up the telephone to call for an appointment, the recording says, "For Spanish, press #1", For English, press #2".!! The Obama takeover has already begun!! Guess we'll have to fight it out in the streets to get my country back to the way it used to be!! A country and its people who worked hard, had moral values, valued family and human life, stood up to their enemies and took care of their own! All I see now in D.C. is corruption and greed and a president who just isn't up to the task of governing this great nation. Sorry to babble on, but felt these thngs needed to be said. God Bless America and "In God We Trust".

    10. Ron, Derry NH says:

      There are mixed messages in everything the government has been doing regarding our safety and social integrity in regards to non citizens and our culture in general.

      One; they don't put much effort into border security, by underfunding local enforcement, with money and federal laws that prevent local enforcement.

      Two; the funding of illegal/undocumented aliens with welfare, hospitalization and schooling sends and promotes a different message than that we are a bordered country with a distinct membership with requirements.

      What ever the political reasons the government has chosen, to not enforce current laws or use INS to regulate the influx of citizen from one country to another, has had the results of habitually showing foreigners we haven't the will or the methods to be a country deserving of law enforcement respect.

      Why the government has chosen to leave the door open and burden the tax payer and honest citizen with all this cost and detrimate to safety is beyond my understanding. Similarly why it put banking laws in place that set them up to fail? All good questions to ask about our government which is forcing us to cover every cost of its ineptitude's.

      Border security will never be done affective as long as financial aid is given to illegals and and criminality is uncontested. Similarly with bail outs, same methodology.

      The ambiguity as I understand it is that politicians have come to understand that we, the tax payers, are to fund their every whim, and if they can't legally make us do it, they will force it upon us and twist the constitution and good sense to do it.

      Long live Fascism.

      I seriously doubt that the next government cure will be any more of a waste of effort and money than the last until two things come to pass. One; we no longer give free health care to undocumented peoples and two; we search them out and deport them.

      I'm not convinced our government has the will or the ability to actually get results other than put more people on, tie up their hands in legal confusion and give every one bonuses for not doing their intended job. As long as the feel good approach is in play, we are not a nation with a backbone and the people will be trod underfoot as the next diversion is calculated.

    11. Ed Kadlecova Fl. says:

      Finish the damn fence.A double fence,outfitted with listening devices,seismic and optical capable,will help immensely with our invasion problem!25 ft. ladders compromising a 20ft. fence is all I hear from the opponents that want our country invaded.Put a damn mine field in between the two fences and you will not see many people going over it.Enough!,with the lies and excuses.And down with the damn politicians that serve only themselves!

    12. DannyFLA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: It is obvious to me that there needs to be a buffer between mexico, and The United States the Beutiful America. If it is not for some agenda, by bringing as much drugs into this country to poison a true, nation of righteous values, what are then the motivations of those who are allowed to contenue on to cross the borders,and milk our now meager resources to obtain some sanity into their lives. If we are to have such an sweeping effect from these souls, then is it not proper, and correct to segregate them, into a modem of society, for the transformation of the need by intelligent endeavor, that not-only protects, our citizens in a stable, protective-and constitution certification.?

    13. Richard Cancemi,Arli says:

      Our Country never learns from history! Obama is reproducing a social program that FDR used and which worsened the depression in the "Thirties."

      In 1930 the prohibition of alcohol went into effect and it spawned an era of crime resulting in deaths and mayhem. People didn't stop drinking! In fact, it probably made more people drink because of the "forbidden fruit" aspect.

      When the law was repealed it put the crime gangs out of business re. alcohol. The Country did not sink into a nation of alcoholics! The criminality was taken out of the problem.

      The War on Drugs can be won over night by legalizing them and placing them on the same level as alcohol and tobacco!

      Stupid people will always do stupid things and if they use drugs, at least the criminality would be removed.

      Prison populations would vastly decrease; the cost of drugs would be cheaper and therefore a person could continue to work etc. Illegality causes the price of drugs to be so high a person has to resort to crime to try to get enough money to buy them.

      Terrorism would be struck a major blow because their interchange with drug gangs and would cease. They would lose the money from drug sales and couldn't buy weapons! They'd not have a lucrative crop and might grow food instead.

      But hypocrisy rules! All the "legal industries and people" that profit in one way or another from drug money, cite morality and incite fear, to prevent legalization. And people who are naive buy into it!

      Many "benefits" to the general population would ensue by legalization.

      The current "War on drugs" is a failure! Things are worsening each year. The bad guys are winning!

      But Washington, being filled with hypocrites, doesn't want change; they only "talk" change

    14. Kevin. Albany, NY says:

      The article FAILS to note that the majority of guns that the Mexican drug dealers are using, and basically the only way they are winning, come from sales here in the U.S. Since Mexico has strick gun control laws, unlike the United States southern states, the Mexican drug lords are increasingly seeking military-style weapons which are easily available on the U.S. civilian market. If the statistics are correct, we seem to supply the world with the guns they use to kill others with–how is this possible?

    15. Dave, Los Angeles says:

      Where is the simple logic in your piece about building a barrier fence along the border. It seems you are building a car but believe it will drive without wheels. Are you as blind as our government officials or just as arrogant?

    16. Jan in Westland Mich says:

      Why is the department of Justice investigating Sheriff Joe

      Arpaio (sp?) of Arizonia? He is a protector of the people

      and yet under attack. Sheriff Joe is a hero!

    17. george starch, tulsa says:

      Fifty years ago in Arizona I served as an auxilliary highway patrolman and assisted in visiting farm labor camps with Border Patrol agents to round up and deport illegals. What in blazes has happened since then? Literally zero. More agents have been hired, but the current administration has seen fit to assign them to other duties. We don't need any more wet backs on our side of the border to add to our overtaxed social assistance programs or to take jobs away from our citizens buy offering to work at lower wages. My family came here from Europe many years ago all quite legally, became citizens and founded various businesses without hand-outs. Now our country finds itself in the midst of trying times economically and the illegals do nothing but add to our current problems. Shut the border by use of all those new Border Patrol hires. Put them in choppers, on horse back, in jeeps, on foot and fully armed to run down and return the illegals to their own country and do it now. And lets not forget returning the great many already here without proper paper work. Enough is enough. We've got to take back our country.

    18. Tom, Houston says:

      The drug war is not win-able, just like prohibition of alcohol was not win-able in the 1930's. Legalize marijuana, tax it and control its distribution, just like alcohol. Take the profit motive from the criminals and they have nothing left but the hard stuff. That's the only answer.

    19. Carol in az says:

      Why does America have this love affair with Mexico?

      As stated;

      "It is one of the most corrupt country's in the Americas'

      All of your comments above are "right On"

      Do I care how many drug deaths are now accounted for on the Mx side of the border as the cartels fight of control. No.

      It has been going for decades.

      The American press never reported this serious problem until now, since the carage and recent body count has climbed to over 7000.

      Additionally, what is currently not reported are the numerous number(s) of persons "missing" who have just disappeared after crossing the border as tourists.

      This count last I heard is not known. No one's talking about it accept family memebers who have heart wrenching pleads on the local news for information. This is a separate issue from the known issue of kidnappings.

      Lou Dobbs has been speaking about this issues for two years. (Free press)

      What is clear here is the border with MeXICO must be closed.

      Here on the border state we all know the "pay-off" go very deep with corruption on both side of the border and how highly organized it is.


      So please let us be clear about this problem and our GOv't handling of it …. "Duplicity" is the problem on all the border states. The deception of acting one way on the issue and looking the other way,

      For two decades have sent $$$ over the border for drug interdiction. Oh please!

      I have so much respect for the members of ICE, sheriff's Dept. that has made huge in-roads on this problem and the border Guards that see more action in some cases than in Iraq.

      It is certinly a grass roots issue that can be handled town by town and county by county, and electing officals that will enforce the Federal strick laws and the judges that will hand down the correct punishment that goes with the crime.

      But duplicity cuts deep.

    20. Jamey, Central Calif says:

      First and formost-call them what they are~international criminals. This puts into perspective as to how and why we should deal with them. Secondly, this meshes perfectly with that idiotic comment from the U.N. cheiftan. I'm sure the boarder patrol/dept. of homland defence could use a 22billion shot in the arm. Get out of the U.N., give the moneys spent there to the border patrol/dept. of homeland defence(de-fence is what I meant ). Easy.

    21. Ardell Nagle , Rexbu says:

      My sister teaches in one of the local schools. One day a Spanish student makes the comment where are you going to live when we take over. Now it makes me wonder where she got her information.

      In my local newspaper they have a news of record 90% are Mexicans pickup for drugs or alcohol or know diver licence. On my local news everytime there is a drug bust 95% are Mexican.

      More people have died on the border than Iraq and Afghanistan combined. All I can say is every American should be armed. They are going come into every city and the ones that are already here are going to help. Sure there is a percentage that are here to work and support their families I have no problem with them but they need to be here legally. We can no longer sit back and hope things will change we need to speak up and tell our Congressman we need to take control of our borders.

      Wonder how Nancy would fill if her city was threatened, she's from San Francisco right?

    22. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The current government does not have the guts to enforce the laws we already have to keep this country safe.They [dems[ want to grant all illegals citizenship and never seal the border. The ALCU wants to take local law enforcement to court for trying to contact immigration now on those that are arrested. I wish someone in DC had the guts to protect this country, but untill the next election, and people wake up to realize the current administration is a bunch of liberal socialist this will never happen. ENFORCE WHAT LAWS WE HAVE AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    23. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Au contraire, mon Comrade Citizen!

      More Federal Government intervention (read interferance) and Federal spending of our taxpayer money when the Federal government is already on an "every day is an Xmas 'wish list'" of taxing, spending, and debt, is neither the first nor the last nor anywhere in-between of what's needed to solve this problem.

      What's needed to solve this problem is:

      Force the patently, grossly, wontonly, megalomaniacally abusive, inefficient, ineffective, and, yes, currently waxing definitively disingenuous and corrupt Federal government out of the way as much as possible (thereby saving us all from both providing them with yet another excuse for more taxing and spending which (as demonstrated by "Stimulus (Porkulus) I", the "Omnibus ("Earmarkulus") bill Obama just signed", and the comming sooner than Summer "Stimulus (Porkulus) II") is already out of control more than ever before, and encourage local and state citizens on all levels to solve this problem, even if that means "ruffling a few meddling Federal feathers" to do so.

      In other words, let the people solve the problem first, and let anybody else try to argue later…they'll find it a bit hard, to say the least, to argue with a solved problem.

    24. P. Saunders says:

      I'm afraid when the feds do get serious about the border it will be to control the people of america

      not the invited invaders.

    25. Phil, North Carolina says:

      What do spies, senators, stupid, socialists have in common? They all start with "s" and they are all in the US Senate.

    26. Jaime Resker, New Yo says:

      The Democrats are leading our great country to ruin, more government means more of a terrible problem we have. This includes many Republican leaders too.This obama administration is as corupt or more corupt then the clinton administration.

    27. Bill - Greenville, S says:

      What's more important; enforcing the current immigration laws and building the long awaited fence, or investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff's Office for "alleged patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures conducted by the MCSO"? While our nation is on self-destruct, Barack Obama, the Democrat Congress and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have chosen the latter. This gang has, once again made a devastating choice.

    28. TC South Carolina says:

      Simple solution to the border crisis: First, we must identify it as a crisis for Washington to pay any serious attention to the problem. Second, finish the "wall". Third, take all the left over Katrina trailers and place them every five miles along the border. And fourth, staff the trailers with the ex-IRS employees after replacing our oppressive tax system with a flat-tax. Unfortunately, this is too simple and dosen't cost enough to attrach the politicians, plus it would solve a serious crisis thereby wasting numerous opportunities for our new administration.

    29. michael hutchings says:





















    30. ella quinn kinston n says:

      That is why americans cannot get a job the mexicans came over here and got a lot of them.We are in a mess. This is why people are buying guns for protection. They know obama will not protect us.Obama is selling us out.After awhile we will have islam religion from obama.THE MEXICIANS know they have it made with our government.We are supporting them with tax payer money.lET US NOT TAKE THIS ANY MORE.We will be broke or dead if thing continue.We all are so upset.

    31. Ingrid in Texas says:


      We never had, nor do we have now an additional 1,800 border patrol agents.

      What we do have is more Minute men and local civilian border patrol people assisting the agents. The only thing they plan to use the national guard for is to evacuate all the civilians from Mexico we will expect (in the millions) once Mexico starts their civil war with the cartel.

      We have given Mexico hundreds' of thousands of dollars and as usual with no over site as to what they are doing with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

      Their plan to unit Canada and Mexico with the good ole U.S.A is in the works. The reason we are getting socialized health care is for the benefit of the welfare people which will include 10 million Spanish and Chinese crossing our borders every year.

      It just amazes me that we don't emphasize the fact that these people crossing our borders illegally are from the poorest slum areas of Mexico. They come in dirty, diseased and very uneducated….prime for welfare and our tax dollars.

      Our government will not do much about our borders until they can find a way for it to make them money.

      Unless anyone has missed it or is not focused on what our elected officials are doing (dems and repubs)is because they are intent on making money and improving their relationships with anyone and anything that can make money for themselves and their families.

      Can anyone remember their representatives asking their city officials to have a town hall meeting recently or in the past year (unless it was an election year)? NO

      Can anyone remember their senators soliciting feed back from their constituents on their local tv channels and asking local cities to hold meetings and have a question/answer period? NO

      Well, folks they're much too busy for us once they get to D.C.. The only thing they do do is give us PORKIES (EARMARKS) to keep us satisfied.

      You folks out their need to regroup your thoughts and wake up before it's too late.

      I guess once we are a one world order we can start dishing out the brand new "EURAMO" dollars.

      I have come across many illegals in stores, banks on new home construction and street corners.


    32. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Like everything else that is going on, the vendetta against Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County AZ is strictly political. The mayor is carrying on a hate campaign – for whatever reason, while Joe continues to do the job he was elected by an overwhelming majority to do, and within the law.

    33. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      I fear for my country….not because of immigrants, Obama, terrorists, Wall Street crooks,

      bailouts, Mexican fences, the drug war, Rush Limbaugh, Socialism, silly Democrats, greedy Republicans, or the dollar's value. I fear because disagreements have caused a class warfare

      and a seeming hatred between segments of our country. This can turn out to be far more dangerous than any plots against us from outside of the country. We are our own enemy. Grow up!!!! Be kind and understanding with each other;

      it's to the point of being an embarrassment.

    34. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      "Impeachment Now!" Even if Obama escapes removal, the fact of forcing him to face the public's wrath might subdue some of his Alinsky-Soros-Stalinist urges.

      And, "Tea Parties now!" Every week, to force the MSM to report their existence; to force YOUR elected officials to wake up; to snuff out some of these insane executive directives, regulations and laws.

    35. ameliawasiluk, Oneid says:


      I am from LA and recently I visited some relatives in LA and across the border. I was in awe when I saw the the Mexican troops fully equipped out on the streets, ready to shoot. It is clear that a declared war has been set in motion right across the border. What concerned me the most was the stories I was listening to from my relatives on how easy it is to transfer just about anything illegal from this country into mexico with charm and using simple materials such as pipes, construction materials as disguise.

      My question is how come everyone in the communities seem to know about the back and forth dealings of arms and drugs except the government (those set out to control crime), and who makes up the government? Is not the people by the people…


    36. H L PUCKETT says:


    37. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      "Expand the Merida Initiative: Around $300 million of the $1.5 billion allocated for the anti-drug program has been spent so far. The U.S. needs to go further to ensure that all of these monies are spent to provide this valuable assistance."


      The United States "needs to go further" by abandoning the Merida Initiative, and suing the Mexican government for terms of surrender in this Second Mexican War.

      Why should we render assistance to or reward the Mexican nation, which has used a 38 million-man peasant occupation army to annex American territory?

      The true solution lies in the legalization and taxation of marijuana in this country. In addition, we must militarize our porous borders, in this age of massive infiltration by al-Qaeda operatives.

      Like every other question involving the failed state of Mexico, the answer lies in cutting off incentives for Mexicans to come here illegally; then they will self-deport, or not dare to come at all.

      The illicit drug industry generates four trillion dollars a year in profits for the enemies of America.

      It makes more sense to see the profits from marijuana sales go to enrich the federal coffers, rather than see that money end up to buy advanced weaponry for enemies of this republic.

      Let the Mexican nationals who infest America, be deported back to Mexico to prosecute the Second Mexican Revolution. Let them fight the drug lords to regain their own country.

      If Mexico needs American money, let that country sign formal terms of surrender, recognizing the eternal territorial integrity of the United States of America.

      Mexico must forever renounce La Reconquista as a pipe dream, and abandon all spurious claims to that which is distinctly American, such as our jobs, territory, and political process. This should be a prerequisite for American help and cooperation.

      The American taxpayer does not sanction paying Dane geld to the Mexican invader, on top of surrendering our country, jobs–and bread lines– to interlopers.

      If they want our money, they can sell us oil at the old price of $22.00 a barrel. The free ride for Mexico is over, as far as the American people are concerned.

      The host/parasite relationship between the United States and Mexico must end.

      The greatest enemy to America is our Great Imposter-of-a president, and our degenerate, criminal congress, which colludes with the Mexican invasion.

      Any American politician who promotes amnesty for invaders, or the alleged "comprehensive immigration reform," should be impeached from public office.

      True immigration reform, and effective prosecution of the war against narcotics, will come only when our lawmakers realize that a state of warfare exists between The United States of America and Mexico.

      Mexico must pay the price of its own nation-building.

    38. Dale Baranoski says:

      Borders!? What about an entire degradation of a State, such as New Jersey. Here is an expose from inside by a veteran police sergeant: He names names, gives dates and details and still the corruption overshadows his efforts. This makes the Duke Lacrosse fiasco pale in comparison. Here is the website: SouthJerseyJustice.



    39. christopher g scott says:

      In these days of aproaching socialism it is sometimes hard to be proud to be an American and then there it is, one of the many things us Americans do so well. Last evening me and my family watched from our home the Space Shuttle and its courageous crew reached for the stars it was something to see.the image of it will last forever in our minds,thank you men and women of NASA shuttle program you make us proud. And as always THANK A VETERAN AND AND THEIR FAMILIES its because of all their sacrifices that make our lives free and prosperous and give us the freedom to explore space.

    40. Olathe, KS says:

      No Amnesty! More Border Patrol! (Help those who protect our borders).

      Put God back in the equasion, schools, holidays, et al.

      HOLD Obama and Congress accountable.

      Question the Media.


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    Big Government Is NOT the Answer

    Your tax dollars are being spent on programs that we really don't need.

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