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  • More Phony Obama Health Care Facts

    We’re not the only ones who are questioning the facts coming out of the Obama Administration on health care. Maggie’s Farm has put together a solid Top Ten Reasons For ObamaCare Are Based On False Information, including:

    9. More Preventive Care Will Better Serve Consumers And Save Costs: The February 2008 New England Journal of Medicine contains a review of 599 peer-reviewed articles between 2000-2005. The conclusion: “Studies have concluded that preventing illness can in some cases save money [and health] but in other cases can add to health care costs….[and] also sidesteps the question of whether such measures are generally more promising and efficient than the treatment of existing conditions.” The effectiveness of wellness programs is difficult to measure but are less costly than extensive additional testing of the population for rarely occurring illnesses. More early diagnosis uncovers some treatable illnesses but leads to more avoidable interventions, side effects, discomfort, and overuse of resources. Further, extended life health care costs are estimated to cost more, particularly for the aged..

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    17 Responses to More Phony Obama Health Care Facts

    1. Recruiter, CT says:

      How can anyone trust anything that Barack Obama has to say? During his campaign he said one thing and in reality, it plays out in an entirely different way. I think his agenda is completely clear. He is not a Socialist as many people have said, he is a MARXIST and he is bankrupting this country and our kids future. Contrary to what some people think, Nationalized Health Care has not worked in any country and many come here for treatment because we currently have the best healthcare of any country. Wake up America, that is all about to change. I wonder if that's the change people voted for?

    2. Ed Jones says:

      To say Obama is a Marxist is putting it politely.

      I reme ber reading in a British news paper back before obama was elected that said " America needs to be scared of Obama as he is a "CLASSIC OLD WORLD MARXIST" be very scared!!

    3. robert sargent westv says:

      i would like to donate to heritage foundation i dont like giving my imformation to the anyone.could you email where i could mail my donation.i do believe you are the light that shines on our country.god bless america

    4. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Marxist is very polite hen speaking of obama. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing leading this country to the slaughter.Socialixed medicine is not the answer to health care. We the tax payer can not afford the bill now or in the future. Look around at the countries that have socialized medecine and see what the cost and benefits are. Obama is taiking a good store, but I have heard the wind blow lots of times. The difference between obama and the wind, he cost more money.

    5. Barb, MD says:

      RE: the commenters: You people need to stop spewing your hatred and paranoia and get yourselves a good therapist. Now that you are no longer in power you don't know what to do with yourselves. Why weren't you complaining when Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft/Gonzales/Rice et al. lied about the war in Iraq (and pretty much everything else), ignored the Constitution and violated the rights of Americans, gave no-bid contracts to Cheney's former corporations (I wonder how much Halliburton/KBR money [KBR - also electrocuting soldiers with taxpayer money]Cheney got in his fist after Jan. 20th, 2009), gave tax cuts to the rich and allowed deregulation and tax loopholes galore, etc., etc. ad nauseum?

    6. Sherri, Covington, G says:

      Barb is a typical liberal. It is Obama and the Democrats who are spewing hatred and pitting rich against poor, black against white. They have demonized corporate America and entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the prosperity that we have enjoyed and more than likely provided Barb with a roof over her head, food in her mouth, clothes on her back, etc. Liberals don't have a clue what's best for Americans but they think they do. Actually, they think Americans are too stupid to know what's best for them. I have a brain and I use it! Republicans want Americans to be the best they can be–it's all about personal responsibility, which is what the American Dream is all about. Equal opportunity does not mean equal results. You've got to work for the Dream. I think Obama is a radical Marxist and more–a Trojan Horse. He wants to remake America and rewrite our Constitution; and if he succeeds, you can forget about socialism because we'll be in the throes of communism. The fact of the matter is that liberals can't accept that they are dead wrong. They ignore history which clearly tells them what we should and should not be doing. All Obama and the Dems care about is power and his spending bills aren't anything but payoffs for those who helped get him elected. They buy votes with handouts and the minorities have been deceived and they don't even know it. The problem with socialism is that you will eventually run out of other people's money. Then what??

    7. Eva, Florida says:

      To Barb, MD, above – you are the one that needs to have your head checked. You obviously have taken the Kool-aid like the rest of them (i.e. liberal democrats). Your hatred for President Bush and his administration is so great that you do not see the obvious. Obama is knowingly destroying this country, and doing it on purpose, to pursue his Socialist agenda. But, we the people, are going to fight him every step of the way. And you fools thought "W" was bad! This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like Einstein. OMG, did I just say that???

    8. Tucker, Michigan says:

      Sounds good in theory but you can't force people to change their diets or get off the couch to exercise. I've been a nurse for over 20 years and have yet to meet a compliant diabetic. Obesity is at an all time high…people are eating themselves to death. Socialized medicine will weed out those who don't comply with wellness programs and put them at the end of the line.

    9. John Denver says:

      Barb, MD: You've been spoon fed liberal soy. The substance you're vomiting makes me think you're just a mindless vegetable. Reduce your carbon footprint, pull the plug.

    10. Bill, Missouri says:

      This is reference to Barb the socalled MD, maybe it's lambs like her who are being lead to the slaughter. As one who lived in Europe for several years where there is socialized medicine my question is this, why are they coming to this country for treatment. Oh by the way Barb, I consider myself an independent thinker neither political party ownes me.

    11. Chuck Alabama says:

      Tucker from Michigan wrote: "Socialized medicine will weed out those who don’t comply with wellness programs and put them at the end of the line." There in lies the exact problem. The purpose of socialized medicine is to control behaviour versus actually ensuring that everyone has equal access to medical care.

      There is a 2nd issue going on here. The dem's use the words "universal care" and "universal coverage" interchangeably. However, they are not even synonymous. Care is the medical service itself. Coverage is the insurance that would pay for the medical service. One is purely monetary while the other is the actual service. One is financially possible (ie. providing insurance coverage is a matter of writing a check). The other is physically impossible based upon the number of doctors, nurses, practitioners, hospitals, clinics, etc.. A subtle disceet but clearly intentional.

    12. art MD Goodyear AZ says:

      hey barb, when did you forget how to critically analyze scientific studies(or did you never learn that while getting your post grad degree?) Me thinks you're a phoney MD! You have been brainwashed with the usual liberal propaganda which is suggestive that your very own therapist has filed you, miserably( if you don't have one you should follow your own advice!) Too much cool aid is the right working diagnosis. Get a life!

    13. FED UP IN TENN. says:

      you all talk about the democrats said and do this and the republicans did and said that, what the hell. When are you all going to wake up and realize that neither party are worth a damn. They have both equally screwed up our country royally.

      Both parties are full of crap and toss out nothing but lies to get in the office, and feed their pockets with OUR MONEY.

      DO YOU HONESTLY THINK ANY OF THEM WORRY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU SEE A DOCTOR WHEN YOU GET SICK OR NOT. HELL NO. I lost my mother 3 years ago to Cancer, she was only 57 years old. She worked her whole life. When she needed a secondary insurance to help cover the cost of her bills in order to get the proper treatment she needed, do you think that the government stepped up to help her? HELL NO. I lost my mom in just 2 months time because of it.

      Damn people stop arguing back and forth about who is better for this country or visa versa. Because neither party is worth a damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. mmeister says:

      The history of this great country is the history of the individvual and the aspirations, the genius, the inspiration, the persperation, and the freedom of individuals. It didn't "Take a Village" to develop the auto, the airplane, the telephone and the electric light bulb, it took "the Individual".

      Individuals collectively working in collective self interest can improve Health care more effectively and efficiently than salaried government employees with "no skin in the game".

    15. Jvkwdgpc says:

      WJRVIo comment4 ,

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    17. Stephen Kipp North P says:

      We have to send a message to all liberals supporting this current Socialist President, trying to impose a dictatorship on our citizens. That will to to remove all up for reelection this year, and elect some new ones. Do I get an Amen on This??

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