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  • How Unions Will Manipulate Workers Using Card Check

    Liberals are introducing the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act today on Capitol Hill. The legislation would effectively eliminate workers’ rights to a secret ballot vote on joining a union. Heritage’s James Sherk has done extensive research on card check, including a new paper that outlines why the bill would create government-run workplaces.

    Last month at a Heritage event, former UFCW Local 700 Organizing Director Rian Wathen described how unions will creatively manipulate workers into signing union cards if EFCA takes away their right to a secret vote. Click here to see the actual card being used by unions in California that Wathen talks about in the video below.

    Would you realize that by signing this pamphlet you legally decided to unionize your workplace?

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    11 Responses to How Unions Will Manipulate Workers Using Card Check

    1. Ken St Louis says:

      Just what America needs, a bunch more crooked unions!

    2. Becky in Michigan says:

      Witness first hand to the DAMAGE the Unions have done to my Michigan economy. Employees do not want to automatically be signed up for a union with automatic withdrawals being taken and spent by union officials with no choice in where the money is going. In Michigan's auto industry there are no choices. It is time to STOP allowing the Unions to run our businesses into the ground. Free Choice means NO CHOICE.

    3. Maria New York says:

      With democrats controlling all three houses and they are in the fast track of doing all their evil things that they have always wanted to do, WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE IN THIS ONCE WONDERFUL COUNTRY. GOD HELP US.

    4. Mike, Ohio says:

      Don't jump the gun too quickly. This country is strong and the founders smarter than the average American/Liberal. We need simply hang on until the mid term elections and vote in conservatives in an overwhelming way…BIGGER THAN 1994!! Obama will not be nearly as popular then…he is getting ready to go through a serious drop off in popularity starting in June and peaking in September. As long as we can control the current wing of liberal republicans, we can hold back some of this craziness…but nonetheless, if Conservatives get elected and actually act like Conservatives, we can reverse everything he has done. Conservatives MUST vote and MUST get real CONSERVATIVE politicians!!

    5. James McEnanly, Belm says:

      An offer you can't refuse is never a good one.

    6. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      we now have so many Labor Laws in place,I have a

      problem with the Idea that Unions are a must have!

      We have gone through Seventy plus years of Union

      Presence in every area of the Work Place! Unions

      have done their Job and are now in the Path of our


    7. Biker Mike says:

      This document is not legal!! it is written in english and spanish on the same page. It is signing a document with a foreign lauguange that you dont speak is not legal, who knows what they can put in the spanish part of the document

    8. Andy,CT says:

      Why is it that when someone has a union negotiate a contract for them their somehow unworthy and anti-american or even a thug,but when executives,which are running a company into the ground and losing stockholder value,negotiate million dollar retention bonuses and golden coffins their brillant and irrplaceable. If unions are so bad then why do so many people wish they were in one. I do not see to many people leaving there job once represented by a union. Unions help negotiate contracts for people who would other wise be taken advantage of by unscrupulous and greedy people. We need to stop being jealous and worried about people being in unions and start focusing on the real crooks that steal millions and billions not just a few bucks.

    9. John, Pontiac Michi says:

      I'm a uaw member and a conservative republican. The membership here in the plant is constantly being misled by very misleading and often false claims in order to get the uninformed drones to support there agenda, not a difficult task. The misleading card check propaganda was just put on the bulletin board. I am totally against this crooked goverment back legislation and will never give up my right to a private ballot. One point that the supporters of the bill say is that the union membership is given a choice on whether or not they want to vote by secret ballot or card check. what either side has made clear is how the membership chooses which method they will use to vote, a raise of hands? Private ballot? or card check? I would really appreciate an answer to this question. Thank You

    10. John Roanoke Va. says:

      We need to get the unions to back off. We do not need to be like GM. I like the secret ballots. We do not like to be push in things we do not like. I live in the USA not the USSA.

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