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  • Heartland Update: Causes of Global Warming Alarmism

    Bob Carter is the first speaker during the last event of the conference. Professor Carter is a geologist at James Cook University and is widely known for his global warming skepticism. In his 2006 article, “There IS a problem with global warming… it stopped in 1998,” he said,

    The essence of the issue is this. Climate changes naturally all the time, partly in predictable cycles, and partly in unpredictable shorter rhythms and rapid episodic shifts, some of the causes of which remain unknown. We are fortunate that our modern societies have developed during the last 10,000 years of benignly warm, interglacial climate. But for more than 90 per cent of the last two million years, the climate has been colder, and generally much colder, than today. The reality of the climate record is that a sudden natural cooling is far more to be feared, and will do infinitely more social and economic damage, than the late 20th century phase of gentle warming.”

    An Australian professor, the first item Carter discusses is the Australian wildfires, which resulted in over 200 deaths, displaced 10,000 people and devastated a great deal of land and wildlife in Australia. He then points to massive floods, hurricanes, tornadoes that have done the same around the world. Needless to say, the alleged culprit of these events is often global warming. Any plan stemming from natural disasters should be a plan not to change temperature but to accommodate those affected and adapt when and where we can.

    Carter asks how governments can believe something that is so inconclusive. He says it starts with primary school. In his presentation, he has slides of a website for elementary school individuals called Professor Schpinkees Greenhouse Calculator. Based on answers you give, the site records your carbon footprint based on the amount of carbon you use and calculates the amount in years it will take to use up your lifetime share of the planet. Clearly, the website is geared towards kids and is slanted. You have to click on a skull and crossbones to get your results and (spoiler) your pig representation explodes at the end. It’s worth trying; check it out here. Carter also rightly criticizes the media and celebrities for their bias belief.

    Dr. John S. Theon, retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist and James Hansen’s Supervisor is next on the bill. Hansen, remember, is the climate scientists known for raising global warming awareness and is the most prominent name in the global warming movement other than Al Gore. Hansen believes CEOs of oil companies should be put on trial for committing high crimes on humanity and nature.

    Theon is one of the 650 dissenting scientists named in a U.S. Senate Minority Report released in December 2008. He tells the story of Hansen’s close relationship with Gore and how Gore and Hansen worked together to politicize what should have been a scientific debate. Accused of muzzling Hansen, Dr. Theon confidently says he did so for a good reason. The climate change models used by NASA simply did not know enough to forecast credible predictions of climate change and anthropogenic effects on it.
    At the time in 1988 to the early 1990s, the variation in modeling results, from a few degrees of warming to a few degrees of cooling, indicated to Dr. Theon that these models could not be trusted. Though the models have improved, the climate remains extremely complex, and that has led Dr. Theon to the same conclusion that many other climatologists and scientists have arrived at over the past few days: there is no scientific consensus on climate change and implementing an extremely costly policy that may have little or no effect on temperature would would be ill-advised and dangerous.

    Dr. Theon concludes by emphasizing that

    Science cannot be based on faith. It must be based on fact alone.”

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    11 Responses to Heartland Update: Causes of Global Warming Alarmism

    1. Lee, Ottawa says:

      Global warming is a very serious threat to our planet, and as a world, we must be doing everything in our power to stop our contributions toward its destruction. That doesn't mean waiting for cues from Dr Hansen or Mr. Al Gore, who care about saving our only home. "We need a much stronger sense in our societies of urgency," John Ashton, Britain's top climate negotiator, told journalists today at a Conference held in Copenhagen.

      Nowadays natural disasters are more frequent than ever. If it’s not earthquake, then it is storm, typhoon, drought impacting lives worldwide. Many islands, cities and countries have been impacted by floods. Southeastern Australia is experiencing wildfires over the last few days Other parts of the world have been impacted by earthquakes, ice storms, torrential rains and other natural disasters.

      Please pause and think what the real cause is of these disasters and climate change and what can you and I do to halt climate change. A 2006 UN FAO Report stated that the production of meat (especially livestock) creates more greenhouse gases than ALL the planes and other forms of transport put together. The livestock industry is the number one producer of methane gas, the most potent of all the greenhouse gases. Meat consumption is a major source of land, soil, air and water degradation, and other environmental problems, it’s also a main cause of the current world food crisis, as nearly half of the world’s grain is used to feed livestock instead of humans. The immediate solution and immediate impact to reverse climate change starts at our meal plates. We, humanity, have a collective duty to reverse our actions that affect climate change if we want to save the planet earth which is our only earthly home. What is good for your health is also good for Mother Earth. Please BE VEG, Go Green and Save the Planet.

    2. C3Heditor says:

      For goodness sakes, please, keep eating meat! The man-made/cattle-made global warming theory is at best a hypothesis that has badly failed. All actual temperature evidence, whether historical and current, totally undermine the concept that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are the primary driver of world temperatures. Over the last 10 years, CO2 and temperatures are negatively correlated, which is the exact opposite of what the theory predicted. The theory also predicted that CO2 would cause the lower atmosphere to heat up and result in a readily measurable "hot spot." Unfortunately, for the government sponsored ($50 billion and counting) authors of this really lame theory, the hot spot never materialized, which represents a total failure of the theoretical underpinnings of AGW.

      The only people who keep beating this dead horse (cow) of a theory are those with an agenda, such as Peta, bureaucrats traveling for free to global warming conferences, climate researchers afraid their funding will dry up, and your typical politician who wants to tax us even more. Don't listen to these "hystericals" and rent-seekers, and do keep eating meat just to spite them.

      For more info about global warming hysteria, go here:


      C3H Editor

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    4. Barb -mn says:


      ONE THING MAN IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE BENEATH IS, MOTHER NATURE! LEAVE HER AND US ALONE… you INCOMPETENT, ARROGANT, IGNORANT yet greedy, deceiving, distorting, thieves called GOVERNMENT. It is not your job!!!! You don't own natural resources. They are provided by the Creator for our use. Pollution has health issues, which has and continues to be reduced. But the universe and any problems is not being caused by man! Except maybe those satellites and space rockets are issues causing whatever? PEOPLE ON EARTH ARE NOT THE CAUSE!!!!

    5. Barb -mn says:

      If the government was sincere about man-made global warming, the first initial thing they would've done was ban all space explorations and the fuel their ships use to conduct explorations IN THE UNIVERSE.

    6. THOMAS GRAY, SC says:

      Mr c3,

      Some people just don't seem to care what the consequences might be if the half of what they are trying to do gets done and the bad part is in many respects things have already gone to far,

      I don't have time to make a long list but here's two,

      ONE. I have traveled extensively in the U.S. in my work career much of appalachian mountains where coal fired power plants '' WERE '' killing the forests but after installing scrubbers on the plants the forests recovered and are now healthy at least in the places I know about.

      auto emissions in the seventy's we stopped putting lead in gasoline but what cleaned up the air in the city's was the catalytic converters I;m not talking about CALifornia if one lights a cigarette in LA the smoke is still there three days later.

      most people don't know ninety percent emissions reduction is the converter the cost of the other ten percent is reducing gas mileage by as much as twenty miles per gallon.

      The total volume reduction would mean less pollution if we just used the converter and no lead.

      BUT the greens have these two in a vise with the EPA and even now it's costing the consumer billions a year and soon to get even more expensive.

    7. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Lee of Ottawa forgot that the global population of 6 billion people emit about 6 million metric tons of CO2 per day. May be we should terminate those over 50 so that we can reduce the global warming threat that all of us cause by our very living. I think all those that believe in man-made global warming should volunteer for their termination for the sake of mother Earth.

      It is really amazing how facts and logic that humans alone possess are perverted to accept self destruction!

    8. Volcanes are a part says:

      Like I said, 7 million years ago Volcanes starting putting co2 into the atomosphere.The plants need co2 in order to grow. Man eates plants and the animals that eat the plants.Plants give off Oxygen,people and most animal breathe oxygen Wow !!

      What a concept. the libs say the plants absorb co2 like its bad for them.Their brains are backwards.

      No More Grants for Scientists !!!!

    9. Neal Lang, Boca Rato says:

      "May be we should terminate those over 50(%) so that we can reduce the global warming threat that all of us cause by our very living."

      Don't give him any ideas!

    10. Jeff says:

      Let's see… mankind can apparently govern the temperature of the planet by regulating greenhouse gas emissions. IF SO, at what temperature will it be too high? Since there is no "ideal" global temperature that optimizes temperature for all species, how much adaptation is reasonable to demand of global species? Who gets to decide? IF NOT, why are we having this discussion?

    11. Barb -mn says:

      Volcanoes must be man-made too!!!! …bunch of clowns.

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