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  • Employee "No" Choice Act: Increasing the Fed's Role, Again


    Unions Rally against Democratic Elections

    • Card Check: The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would replace secret ballot organizing elections with publicly signed union cards, allowing union organizers to deceive, harass, and threaten workers into signing these cards and thereby unionizing.
    • Stripping Away Privacy and Freedom: A worker may vote “no” against a union behind a curtain but may be less courageous if pressured in public. This is why most union organizers currently don’t call for elections until between 60% and 75% of a shop notes interest, knowing that there will be drop off once the votes are tallied.
    • Union Workers Oppose: A recent Zogby poll found that 71% of union members believe that the current private-ballot process is fair. A McLaughlin & Associates poll found that fully 74% of union members favor keeping the current system in place over replacing it with one that provides less privacy.
    • Liberals Opposed It … in Mexico: In 2001, labor-friendly Members of Congress, including EFCA sponsors, pressed Mexico in a letter to increase its use of the secret ballot, saying it was “absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose.”

    Card Check Creates Government-Run Workplaces

    • Collective Bargaining: Under current law, no contract takes effect until both workers believe they get a fair deal and management believes the contract will not bankrupt the firm. If negotiations end, the workers can strike or management can lock them out, but neither side must work under an unworkable contract.
    • Putting the Power in Washington: Section 3 of EFCA gives government officials the power to impose contracts on workers and firms. After a union organizes a business, there would a short period of time for management to offer them an “acceptable” contract. If the union does not agree, the matter would be sent to a federal arbitration board.
    • Bureaucrats in Charge of Your Workplace: Instead of mutual consent, the federal government would then impose working conditions on both employers and employees, whether they were workable or not, and these conditions would be binding on the business for two years until the negotiations are reopened.
    • In Summary: So after the unions strong arm employees into their union, they would then have government-backed authority to tell business owners how to run their business, including wages and bonuses; employment levels; retirement and health care plans; business operations; promotions; assignments; subcontracting; and closure, sale, or merger of a business.

    Increase Opportunities for Employees

    • There IS an Alternative: There is a better way to help workers earn more money. Unionized workers are not allowed to earn more than their union contract calls for, no matter how hard they work. Unions keep wages of above-average employees down so that workers will look to the union—instead of their own efforts—as the way to get ahead.
    • Let Workers Earn More Money: By allowing employers to pay individual workers more than a collective bargaining agreement calls for, Congress would eliminate union wage ceilings and allow workers to earn more money and be rewarded for outstanding performance.
    • Don’t Kill Jobs: Unions reduce job opportunities in the economy. Conservative estimates show that EFCA would reduce employment opportunities by 765,000 potential jobs in the economy over the next seven years. Other studies estimate even greater effects.

    Learn More about Protecting Worker’s Rights

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    43 Responses to Employee "No" Choice Act: Increasing the Fed's Role, Again

    1. Bill - Knoxville, TN says:

      This bill has to be stopped. What can we do? This is an outrage.

      Let me know what we can do to FIGHT!

    2. Dwana Townsend says:

      FIGHT AMERICA FIGHT!!!! What lunatic is trying to put this into law??? Are we just going to just sit around and take it, or are we going to do something about this and take back our government and our country!!!!! This is sickening.

    3. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Sure, can "fight" the Socialist Left in control of Congress and the White House, such as while they make sure their "Big Labor" union benefactors get their way through their misleadingly so-called "Employee Free Choice Act".

      However, while we may or may not always have the votes in Congress to slow them down, as already demonstrated by a few RIPO (Republican In Party Only) Quislings, we don't have the votes in Congress to stop them, and both we and they know it.

      This is another example of why, short of every citizen who has it using the "right to recall" such as their Leftist Democrat or RIPO Congressmen and Senators back out of office, and short of Obama being both Impeached by the House and Removed from office by the Senate, and the entire "Presidential order of succession" (Vice President, Secretary of State, etc.) meeting the same fate now, the only real chance we have to really even begin to stop them is through the next two elections (2010 and 2012), and by then of course it will be both too late to stop and either simply impossible or practically impossible undo too many of their Socialist things, probably including the so-called "EFCA".

      This is what we get for such as settling for a "Middle-of-the-road (Roadkill)" chameleon of a Quisling John McCain up against a Leftist such as Obama, and for "single issue" Conservatives sitting on their butts and not voting instead of helping prevent this mad-dash down into the pit of Socialism.

    4. Tim AZ says:

      This is another great tool for Obummer to keep the economy tanking. We shall see just how smart these employees are when the union thugs come calling. Will they be intimidated and gamble losing their jobs to support the remaining union employee contracts? If I owned a business in this country I would either move it out of the country or close shop and find something else to do that didn't require employees.

    5. Jerry Kuzia, Peachtr says:

      Why should congress have the luxury of running for office indefinately? Not an original idea, but we the people should limit congress to same term limits as the President. This alone will cure a lot of economic ills of this country.

    6. George Danz, Suffolk says:

      I agree with Jerry Kuzia. Term limits for Congress is definately needed. If one can't make a significant contribution in one or two terms max. they should not be allowed a third. Make the bastards work their asses off like we have to.

      Also, NO special Health Care plans for congress and no "Retirement at full pay for Life" either. In fact they should get NO service awards for time epended. It's already included in their salaries!

    7. Charles Adler Kinnel says:

      In my former corp Estee diet sweets, several uniouns tried to organize my plant.They followed my employees home (that didn't sign their cards) and beat them etc. till they signed. They forced an NLRB election by presenting cards for 30%. In the subsequent election the union got zero votes out of 276. With the proposed laws my employees would have been sitting ducks.

    8. john j. grauer hilto says:

      The conservative movement is doing itself a great dis-service by pretending that they are objecting to the "card check' provision on the basis of the "santity of the ballot".

      Let's face it, the union does not cause a decrease of favorable votes in the final ballot as opposed to the initial favorability–just see the movie "Norma Ray" and the whole history of the South with regard to unions. It is just as bad as the black history.

      As to the provision regarding the forced contractural agreements, I agree with the criticism.

      John J. Grauer

      ps: John Paul Getty "Unions are the bulwark of the American economy" Can this be now agreed upon since we have loss our manufacturing base and the great American middle class union workers? think about it.

    9. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This bill is so dumb. The unions have obama in their hip pocket, he owes them for his so-called election help. Congress must be told to defeat this bill.I will never understand why union feel they have to pressure people to sign up for the union.They have ruined this country and have become so strong that they have the ability to shut this country down, this is wrong.

      The government should never have the power to tell business they must do what it says while running their business. The corporate tax rate is so high, that it is not feasable for business to operate in America. Tjhis tax rate needs to be cut, and the idea that pelosi has of taxing "excessive" profits is so stupid. Why would someone strive to increase profit just to have the dems declare "excessive" profit, and then pay more to the government???

    10. Bob Jones Wolfeboro says:

      At the age of 24 I was forced to join the Teamsters Union as a truck driver working for an Industrial Food Business. I hated it but had no say in it. When I was promoted to a manager I left the Union and now had to deal with all the union employees. Dealing with the Union organizers were the worst days I ever had and left the business to become an independent sales person where I rose to become the General Sales Manager of a large Rubber Co. The Union was mostly responsible for causing the Company to sell out to a foreign Company from Sweden who cut all the production jobs and left them out of work.

    11. John NY says:

      If this bill is allowed to pass it will only takes us further down the slippery slopes. When you have things like this, you are giving up freedom of choice. How long do you think it will take before some one is helping you to vote the right way in a general election. Ballot secrecy it tantamount to freedom.

    12. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      If this doesn't violate the Ninth and Tenth Ammendments, what does? Are you supporting your state's U.S. Contitutional rights? Why not?

    13. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Between the culture wars and the blantant imposition of a secular socialist vision for America on us by the dems, we are coming dangerously near to an outright breakdown of law and order in this country. We already have the left ignoring the law with sanctuary cities and granting "marriage" to gays such as in San Francisco when it wasn't legal. Laws such as the card check and some proposed by the administration will invite similar reactions from the right when they are immoral laws. Without respect for life, which the dems and the administration reject, these invitations to oppose the law quickly result in societal chaos.

    14. Tim AZ says:

      AAh yes I remember back in the seventies the lovable little fuzzballs known as the teamsters union were striking. They took great pleasure in rolling independent truck drivers up in barbed wire and leaving them along the highway. Sometimes the teamsters would shoot through the widshields of non union drivers from overpasses they considered themselves lucky if they hit the drivers. I remember in the nineties when I used to live near Mansfield Ohio the union workers at the Steel Mill decided they weren't appreciated enough. So they decided to strike. To the mills credit they hired temporary workers from other mills that had shut down. The union thugs made jack rocks and scattered them on the streets in an attempt to to terrorize the community into supporting them. They waited outside of restaurants and scatter on the ground the food that was to be loaded into vans to be taken to the mill for the temporary workers. They beat a motel clerck for renting rooms to temporary workers. Fortunately the owner armed himself and begged them on local tv to come back and tell him who he should do business with. At the end the UAW joined them in a march against the Mill. In return the mill marched them out of their jobs permanently. The temporary workers became permanent workers. This is change we can believe in.

    15. Ross, Bradenton Fla says:

      In a secret meeting in Miami(at a $400 per night hotel per guest, not counting ball rooms and meals) with the labor union bosses, Fox News reported that VP Joe Biden reassured the labor bosses that he "knew who brought him to the dance". I'm not aware of any other news organization reporting it, much less asking the right questions. Dare I ask where are the real reporters, "the watchdogs of our freedom"(and the news media wonder why their readership is tanking). The labor unions have been financing Democrat candidates for years. Labor unions are the only major businesses(and they are a business) protected from monopoly (or conspiracy) law, nor is their contributions to politicians considered unwarranted influence. Historically, labor unions have been ruthless to non-union workers and members who question their leadership and how they 'do business'. Talking about big money being spread around! Todays Unionist are socialist and the biggest union population is in government(at all levels). Why do you think we now have such an ignorant population; union teachers in government schools. After all, public schools are government schools paid by us, "the unwashed masses" who pay for this shameful government school failure. How do we fight this?

      The time has come to make all elected federal representatives employees of their home state by constitutional amendment. This would mean that these representatives could not receive federal funds for any salaries,any staffing, office space, their housing while in Washington, trips between Washington DC and their home state, nor benefits and retirements. But would receive their funding for their operating budget through their state government. After all they are representatives of their home state, why shouldn't the state pay the bill? This would bring them closer and be more accountable to their constiuents and state government(by stopping unfunded mandates and silly, if not dangerous laws). If there is a inequity between what states pay their representatives, so be it. After all it would truly reflect the wealth of state and the people they represent.

      As far as labor unions, repeal their monopoly status subjecting them the same laws as all business, non-profit organization, and individual political contributors. Also make it unlawful to unionize at any government level. After all they work for the government, why do they need a union. This would make way for a more efficent government at all levels.

      After all they are our employees, we pay the bills through taxes, fines, user fees, and god knows what else. Tax reform is another subject for another time.

    16. Mark Baldwin, Dorris says:

      I know you had enough. I know I have had enough of this "ruling class and control administration" Now, we need to get our friends and acquaintances to act. Two ideas for us to consider. First, enrole two of your friends and family with the Heritage Foundation. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Second, say something. When you hear this Obama nonsense speak out! If we remain silent, we will never overcome this attack on American values. Talkback America!!!

    17. Alice Earhart, Misso says:

      I worked as a nurse from 1945 thru Oct. 1999. I never belonged to a union, never wanted one or needed one. Raises were given thru evaluations. I worked until I was 78, now 87. America needs more growth in infrastructure, more people willing to start businesses, more people like Edison and others who look for and see needs and develope a new industry. Enough for now.

    18. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Secret Ballot is the American Way!

    19. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Stop the unfair and intimidating Voting Plan!

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The only people in faavor of this Bill are the same type of people who used to say,"Do it Comrade, we are all working for the common cause!"


    21. Natalie Georgia says:

      Is it true that the "stimulus" money for infrastructure, etc can only be paid to unionized contractors? If so, they just greatly reduced the amount of jobs they will create! I heard that you have to use union workers on the improvements to your home in order to get that tax credit as well. Someone please tell me that I heard this wrong…Obama is paying the unions back for all of thier donations, and we are footing the bill.

    22. The Intelligence Rep says:

      It has become increasingly obvious that Obama and this congress are out of control!

      We have been watching them for months now,and what the mainstream media is NOT telling the american public is a travesty!

      Obama has continued to lie about everything!

      The socialist agenda of Obama and the congress has got to be stopped..The stimulus was nothing more than a complete lie to the american taxpayer,and the scary thing about it is nobody was able to read it before a vote,and even scarier yet…they voted for it anyway!..Card check has got to be stopped at all costs to the american worker..Obama and this congress have committed more crimes since January 20,2009 than anyone can count..We can try stopping them in the courts,and if all else fails..This country needs to replace the entire government!

    23. Greg ,Virginia says:

      Where is your site for automatically sending a prepared email to my representatives on important issues like the EFCA?


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    26. R.L. Palos, Cibolo, says:

      I did some consulting work in Italy for an American Insurance company that I am sure everyone would recognize today, in 1996 that was 51% owned by the "Catholic UNION". I am here to tell you that was 100% MAFIA directed. Don't be fooled, not by 1 second, the MAFIA controls all UNIONS. That means that the MAFIA is now in control of the White House.

      I laid my life on the line for this country in Vietnam and am prepared to do that again. And I mean to tell you I am prepared to do that. When will Americans stop looking the other way? This is what they expected we would do, let's prove them wrong and take back our Country and Government, NOW!

    27. Honey Bee, Texas says:

      If we as Americans do not make ourselves heard on this issue and all others, then we deserve what we get.

      We should be deluging our elected officials with letters, emails, phone calls, text messages and any other form of communitcation to make our VOICES HEARD very loudly.

      Mr. O is/has violated the Constitution of The United States on so many occassions, how is he still being permitted to hold office?

      WAKE UP AMERICA. This country will no longer exist as a free nation. Our personal freedoms are being obliterated by Mr. O. and until we force our officials to "Just Say No" I am truly afraid the Nation we love will disappear.

    28. Lionel says:

      Beyond outrageous – all one has to do is look at the plight of small business – the engine of America's growth in good times and bad – in countries like Belgium, France etc. Unions are hollering about outsourcing – wait till this absurd act passes to see what outsourcing is really about for virtually nothing will be viable in the US after that. The only ones to gain are corrupt union bosses who don't ever file financial reports (remember the LM-2?)and use workers' funds as personal piggy banks.

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    30. Bill, Colorado says:

      Let's set aside all this blather about liberal politicians, socialism, union thugs, etcetera. Labor law and policy, in which both labor and management in this country are heavily invested, are extant, and all these protestations will not change that fact. The best we can do is seek improvement in existing conditions. Mandatory arbitration of first-time labor contracts would not serve the best interests of either labor or management. On that we can agree. But let's face it, there is nothing democratic about the election process currently run by the NLRB in determining the validity of a union's representation claims. Those who protest, claiming the Employee Free Choice Act would deprive employees of their right to the free choice, secret ballot election process do so with malice of forethought. Of course, employers want to preserve their right to call for the NLRB-conducted election process because the union's demand for recognition alerts them that it is time to bring in the professional arm twisters, employer advocates who mount the employee intimidation campaign by promoting and teaching techniques designed not to facilitate but to thwart employee free choice. Employees suffer more from employer intimidation and retribution in these situations than from union pressures. After witnessing this time-and-again over the years while representing EMPLOYERS, I have come to believe that only employees should have the right to chose the ballot process, because typicallly there is nothing secret or free about employee choice as presently constituted. The NLRB has been known to impose union recognition on an employer without the benifit of an election when the employer has so tainted the process with employee intimidation and retribution that election results likely would not be meaningful.

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    32. John LaMarr, Plano, says:

      We are not wringing our hands together down here in Texas.

      My advice to any union thugs trying to use violence or intimidation on a Texan can not be given in this polite format.

      Have a nice day, and think positive thoughts, like re-establishing the Constitution.

    33. Laura Van Overscheld says:

      I agree with John in Plano, because there is an inherent independence in Texas that is unique to Texans. The rest of the States would be more than well-served to adopt some independence of their own brand so that we can get big government Uncle Obama out of our hair!

      State legislators are you listening?!

    34. Larry, Montana says:

      I fully agree with what Bill from Colorado says.

      "Of course, employers want to preserve their right to call for the NLRB-conducted election process because the union’s demand for recognition alerts them that it is time to bring in the professional arm twisters, employer advocates who mount the employee intimidation campaign by promoting and teaching techniques designed not to facilitate but to thwart employee free choice."

      Take the need for coercion out of the picture on both sides and you have a win-win situation,and then the collective equal sharing of responsibility for a working airtight contract that is binding on both sides can begin.

      Neither side gets all they ask for, and this is how true democracy works, but if a binding arbitration sets standards that neither side likes, democracy is out of the picture.

      Montana law allows 'maintenance of membership' in whatever Union mans the job you are working at, guaranteeing that there are not any freeloaders benefitting from the dual collective bargaining that made the good work rules and conditions and wages and benefits possible.

      Believe me when I tell you that when the Union sends a discharge letter due to nonpayment of contractual Union obligations, the employer is only too glad to call the scab in and explain that they as well as the Union agreed to not allow freeloaders, after all the fun and grief involved in negotiating the contract.

      Union referral lists are open to anyone, and the clock runs as to being a member in good standing only after being hired, with plenty of leeway allowed.

      You either stay current or you go home without the job, and it should be explained that what was paid into the insurance and pension trust by the employer is only for those who are eligible and stay the course to become booked up on hours for insurance and also become vested for the pension.

      I am proud to be a 40 year member of the Operating Engineers, with a good pension under a defined benefit plan that no bureaucrat can meddle with.

    35. Merm the Daid says:

      I fear for the demise of this last best hope for freedom,the USA. The Obama administration and its union-thug-anti-freedom ways MUST NOT be allowed to succeed. Our God given freedom is at stake!

    36. Fred, TN says:

      If all of congressmen and women and senators were all fired and term limits mandated. (Without full pay and benefits for new guys in their pockets, the term limits will rotate them out. Not a prayer for this is there?

      Oh, I saw a poll the other day that 87-13 in our country want prayer and religion back. So how is it 13% out way the 87%? Majority!

      It’s time to take back our country.

    37. john frazier calera says:

      there is one answer to most all the problems in washington "vote them out" it is hard to believe that enough people voted for the likes of Obama,

      Pelosi,Reid,I am ashamed of my own representative here in Okla.who was financed by one of our ex-politicians who was indicted and convicted for illegal acts including illegal political donations 2010 gives us an opprotunity to clean up washington by "cleaning it out" lets follow the lead of Jeff Flake.

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    39. Bob Beck, Evans, GA says:

      All the comments about EFCA are right on but all Republicans are missing a huge point about the current situation. The Republican Party has split in many pieces and is NOT organized like the Democrats (labor, abortion rights groups, homosexual community, environmental group, etc. The Republican Party is now a splintered mess that is quickly destroying itself (with no help from Democrats) over abortion, bailouts, and illegal immigration. When are we Republicans as a group going to see the massive error of thinking that winning elections is not important? We had great candidates to run against President Obama including Mayor Gulianni, Mitt Romney, and Governor Huckabee but our splintered Republican Party went through the entire primary process and ELECTED Sen. John McCain to represent Republicans as President. That's right, we as a party elected John McCain in a fair primary, process. For all people up in arms in the Republican Party right now about EFCA, increased taxes, bailouts, and massive socialist programs that ARE coming, ask yourself three very important questions: 1) Did I vote in the Republican Primary? 2) Did I vote for John McCain to represent my Republican Party? 3) Did I vote for the Republican Candidate in the General Election? It is that simple in my view. President Obama, Sen. Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are not the problem. The divisions in the Republican Party is the problem. President Bush made mistakes no doubt but WE had the White House for eight years with four of those eight years with a House and Senate majority. EFCA and Socialism are now going to be a stronger part of our Nation because the Republican Party did not come together to win. We decided to fight amongst ourselves and some even sat out of the National election over abortion, bailouts and illegal immigration reform. “Elections have consequences” and “To the victor goes the spoils.” Remember this in Nov 2010.

    40. William, Louisiana says:

      Being from Louisiana, here we have what is called "open shop". We can join a union or not, it's our choice. At the last job in industry I had, the ex-union members were trying to put the union back into the company. Since I was one of the better workers, they were constantly on my case to join. I had the respect of both my fellow workers and management for my professionalism and always a willingness to go the extra mile for the company. I worked all the overtime I could and even worked 72 days without a day off to get a job finished according to the contract with the buyer. When the union had problems trying to get the company to give into allowing the union to come back in, the prospective members went out on strike. There never was any doubt in my mind what I needed to do, and I drove through the picket line the first day of the strike. The strikers on the picket line were especially brutal on my pickup truck with breaking their signs on my windshield and breaking the grill on the front of the truck. I even made it on the national news as video of me coming across the picket line with gangs of strikers attacking my truck. I needed to work, and like I told the union organizer one day, "I'm here to give the company eight hours work for eight hours pay." and that was my reason for continuing to break the picket line for seven long months, driving through roofing tacks at night flattening three of my four tires one time, and being cursed at by screaming picket walkers during the day didn't scare me like they wanted it to. The amazing thing was that after four months into the strike management came down and talked to all 35 men who were running the whole plant that usually took over 650, that management had done a production analysis. They discovered that the 35 of us had actually increased production 45% over what was done when the plant was fully manned. What does that tell you? If this EFCA is passed, and the union workers know they can't be fired or anything, they will work at whatever speed they care to. If you want slow inferior work hire a union worker. If you want work done on time at the highest professional quality hire a non union worker. And I'm not talking about illegal aliens either. I'm talking about skilled, experienced, professional American workers who want to work for the company for the rewards the company will give them for the money that these kinds of workers can give our American businesses. But under EFCA there's no telling what you'll get if you let a union take over your company. Unfortunately American companies won't have any choice. People like me won't be able to do the quality of work and committment to professionalism we are capable of anymore. We'll have to do what the union tells us to do. And based on the experience I had at this company I told you about, American companies won't ever be able to make that 45% increase in production if the employees and the company need to work together on improving life for both. American companies will have to be satisfied with whatever the union decides to work at, and that will be much, much less thanks to the intervention of the Obama government and the unions.

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    42. Gail Frankie Dayt says:

      I grew up in a family owned trucking firm that did local deliveries and were forced to be unionized. The local teamsters vote for the truckers did not come up for vote until after the over-the-road truckers voted on their contract. Then the local unions would try and force the locals to vote on the same package. Well the upshot was thay have run all local delivery firms out of business because they could not afford the pay scales which included medical and retirment and going non-union is a death blow.

      The most corrupt next to this government (palois and company) is the unions. This is not only the teamsters but also the long shoremens union.

      When I worked I had to join the union (ugh) and quickly learned the union I had to join was a joke. If you as an individual had problems and needed the unions help forget it as they always sided with the company. The only time they were of any help was at contract time. If they could get you higher wages then they could get more dues out of everyone. If you do end up on strike you still have to pay dues and if you are lucky you may get a petence from the union that you gave back in dues.

      Yes when unions came into being way back when that did help the working man but now they have grown to big for the britches and their heads are so swelled they can not get a shirt over it and run out a lot of small businesses.

      With them getting in bed with the government there will be not way to reign in any control on them because the government will protect them.

    43. Louise Parker, Garla says:

      Our Congress should very well pay attention to the rising of the voices, especially in Texas. We need to start over, get rid of the corruption.

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