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  • Secretary Clinton’s Real Reset: Missile Defense

    Secretary Clinton

    In a recent Associated Press article, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s trip to Europe and the Middle East showed improvement as far as missile defense is concerned. Secretary Clinton “appeared to suggest that missile defense in Europe was a good idea even if Iran was no longer a worry.” While Iran is currently one of the biggest reasons for an effective missile defense system, Iran represents an evolving threat that will likely exist as long as ballistic missiles do. Missile defense systems are an integral part of national security in the 21st century.

    The Obama Administration has not officially stated its intentions regarding missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Experts at The Heritage Foundation see missile defense as a necessary mechanism in protecting the United States and its allies. The Heritage Foundation released a documentary earlier this month titled 33 Minutes; the amount of time it would take for an enemy missile to strike the United States. “No issue carries greater potential for crisis than the growing threat of missile attack,” stated Dr. James Carafano of The Heritage Foundation. The Obama Administration should heed the warning and support the funding of proven missile defense systems.

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    10 Responses to Secretary Clinton’s Real Reset: Missile Defense

    1. bernard Stewart says:

      It would be a major mistake for the Obama Administration to assume we do not need a Missle Defense System or that the current system is no longer required. Just the opposite is the case. With rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea seeking to acquire Nuclear capabilities the threat to America and its allies is just as real as it was during the Cold War era. Only the adverseries have changed. The systems we used to deter the Soviet Union then should work today. To do away with those systems for budgetary reasons would be a clear indication to our potential enemies of weakness. That is insanity as a political policy and Americans should let their political representatives know that they oppose such policies. The recent actions by North Korea to test our resolve by developing and testing nuclear capable missles is but one example of things to come if we demonstrate weakness in this important policy area. In my judgement, if North Korea fires such a missle in U.S. security air space, it should be shot down by our Air Defense Forces. If that means war with N. Korea, so be it. As a 30 year veteran of the U.S. Army, I fully understand what war means. I also understand weakness on these issues does not deter war but invites such action.

    2. James Carafano James Jay Carafano says:

      Bernard thanks for your service to the nation and your cogent assessment on the current situtation

    3. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,"

      George Santayana

    4. Evan in Anchorage says:

      The missile defense system in Europe should be paid for by Europe. No more free defense for the world paid for by the US. That way it is not just the US making Russia mad– but a whole group of countries. Let's not be stupid with the money that we do not have.

    5. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      And yet Mrs. Clinton was willing to offer removing the missle defence system as a bargaining chip when talking to the President of Russia.

      I do not forsee this President nor any of his staff supporting development of the Eastern Missle Defence Systems.

      He is already proposing to greatly reduce our Military Budget!

      Building bridges of sand.


    6. mike baker Dallas C says:

      I can't assume this president has this nation's best interests in mind anymore. It took Carter four years to dislike the U.S.A., Obama started that way.

    7. Robert Wayman says:

      Why is Hillary Clinton able to stay in a job that she is Constantionally not able to be in? Robert Wayman

    8. Angel VA says:

      Let's all watch carefully what actions Pres Obama takes to continue to ensure our national safety. Our very existence as a free nation may be deeply imperiled

    9. Joanne Tellez Giron says:

      This president is intentionally doing what he can to destroy our economy in order to remake our country to his specifications. His foreign policy, though, is dangerous. Russia and China are

      laughing at us. What an embarrassing situation.

    10. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      There are many who have short memories of all the

      various things that have gone wrong,when we let our Guard down! Vigilance makes neighborhoods Safer!

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