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  • Heartland Update: Anthropogenic Effects on Global Warming

    Anthropogenic, (processes derived from human activities) effects on climate change is the topic for the next panel. William Kininmonth, a consulting climatologist with the Australian Climate Research Institute, says that anthropogenic effects on climate change are very real. But his data and evidence suggest there is nothing to worry about.

    His main conclusions were that carbon affects global temperature through its increase in back radiation at the surface, but carbon dioxide is not dangerous nor are the anthropogenic effects that result in increased carbon dioxide.

    Jan Veizer, professor of geology at the University of Ottawa, is talking about the relationship among climate, the water cycle, carbon dioxide and the sun. He put it best by saying (to paraphrase) that carbon dioxide is emitted from the top down and the bottom up. The top down is through solar radiance and cosmic rays that increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the bottom up is from human activity.

    The big problem, however, is that the top down cause is greatly understated while the bottom up cause is greatly overstated. Like Kininmonth, Veizer draws the conclusion that CO2 is not a problem and policy implementations wouldn’t have any effect on the top down or botton up carbon emissions. Veizer also mentions that, methane is more potent than carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is more potent than water vapor but because water vapor is so dominant,( it comprises 98% of the greenhouse effect) virtually any policy to reduce carbon wouldn’t matter. Yes, anthropogenic effects are real but carbon is such a small portion of the natural cycle and let’s not forget both the sun and carbon are needed for natural cycles that are good for the earth such as photosynthesis—the process by which plants turn sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates.

    Dr. Brian Valentine, general engineer in U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Rnewable Energy, is talking about the radiation caused by carbon dioxide and whether it can be resolved. The reality is that there is no direct empirical evidence that carbon dioxide has a detectable influence. Thus, EPA or Congress would be ill advised to implement a policy to regulate something we cannot successfully measure.

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    6 Responses to Heartland Update: Anthropogenic Effects on Global Warming

    1. Brian G Valentine says:

      Thank you to Heritage, for covering the important conference organized by Heartland.

      The freedom of the American people depends on the understanding that laws and regulations imposed on the American people simply CANNOT be based on the whims of a few extremists – people who have convinced themselves of bizarre consequences of the presence of a vital component of the Earth's atmosphere. Those convictions are based on their emotions alone – and there is no evidence in the external world that supports their conclusions.

      Absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

    2. THOMAS GRAY, SC says:

      I concure Mr valentine, however for various reasons the truth is not what is being searched for and huge amounts of money are the reason why,,, you woulden't happen to know where I might buy some cheap carbon credits, our nuclear power plants here in SC will soon be gone.

    3. Mike Haseler says:

      The US: late for two world wars, now you're about to join the "overwhelming consensus" just when that consensus is about to fall apart.

      Personally I think its just a conspiracy by the US oil companies. What better way to put up the price of oil than to tax it? And what better way to convince the idiots of this world that is it not a US oil giant conspiracy than to activity "support" those who try to tell the public the truth.

      Lies, damned lies and global warming.

    4. John A. Jauregui, G says:

      Nothing has done more to "GREEN" the planet over the last several decades than elevated levels of CO2 together with moderate sun driven warming. Studies show doubling CO2 levels increases plant growth rates 33 percent. It is no accident commercial greenhouse operators invest heavily in CO2 generators to increase the productivity of their operations. Farmers, ranchers and foresters, and in fact all living things, have benefited from this rare, but temporary, gift of nature. Why is our government spending so many resources to convince us otherwise?

    5. Brian G Valentine says:

      Because after the Soviet Union fell, John, all the Communists needed something to do – and they needed to find a way to "bury" the West – just as Nikita Kruschev promised to do fifty years ago.

      Now the Commies are making good on their promise and America and Western nations are the willing patsies to destroy themselves.

      It's that simple.

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