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  • Profiles In Conservatism: Aaron Schock


    NAME: Aaron Schock
    OCCUPATION: Member of Congress, 18th District of Illinois
    HOMETOWN: Peoria, Illinois

    Congressman Aaron Schock was elected in 2008 and is currently the youngest member of Congress. A title Schock is all too familiar with. In 2001, Schock was elected to the Peoria Public Schools District 150 school board at age 19, making him the youngest school board member in Illinois. Only three years later, he became the youngest member of the Illinois House of Representatives. Schock is a staunch conservative who has big shoes to fill, as he represents much of the same district President Abraham Lincoln served in the U.S. House.

    Earlier this week, Congressman Schock spoke to a group of bloggers at the Heritage Foundation where he recounted a story from February when he was able to escort President Obama back to his home district for a speech on the Stimulus bill. During the speech, the President called on Schock and told the workers at the local Caterpillar plant to lobby the Congressman in suport of the legislation. Schock recounted: “The funny part was, I stuck around for 45 minutes while he was in there taking pictures…and [the Caterpillar employees] came up to me and said ‘Hey Aaron, stick to your guns. This is a bad bill’. The irony was..the local…UAW did not endorse the stimulus bill.” It turns out Caterpillar President and CEO Jim Owens had also been ambushed by the President, as he told Schock aboard Air Force One.

    You can catch Congressman Schock on Fox News Sunday this weekend during the Power Players Segment, and also on his YouTube page.

    HF: What does “Conservatism” mean to you?
    AS: In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “Ensures government does for the people only what they cannot do in their individual capacity.”

    What is at the top of your ‘I tunes’ play list right now?
    Taylor Swift and 2Pac

    Name three interesting guests (living) you would like to host for dinner.
    Oprah Winfrey, Neil Armstrong and Nelson Mandela

    Who was your influence in conservatism?
    My Parents

    What is your idea of earthly happiness?
    The freedom to do whatever it is I want

    What is your guilty pleasure?
    Really good food

    What is the first website you visit every morning? (Heritage.org excluded!)
    Peoria Journal Star (my hometown paper) and AOL email

    What is the last book you read, and do you recommend it?
    Millionaire Next Door – Yes, absolutely

    What do you worry about?
    I worry about our current economic challenges, our federal debt and struggling families and small businesses.

    Name your hidden talent.
    I played the baritone growing up

    What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    Hopefully it hasn’t happened yet.

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    19 Responses to Profiles In Conservatism: Aaron Schock

    1. mary snapp....the vi says:

      what the heck r they American people supppose to do. I am tired of just sitting here, and emailing your congressman or Senator is a Farce. Half of the time their Webb Sites are jammed, and you cannot get thru, and they say try again. Excuse me!. Try Again. Trouble in River City. We are in deep trouble. Very deep trouble. I worry about all the people that have lost their money, and not sign of a return to the economy. What can we do…Help

    2. tom, a.h., il says:

      keep up the fight these iberals and this President ware ruining the country.

    3. William Lulias, St. says:

      Congressman Schock, thank you for giving our country hope. You're quote from Abraham Lincoln about what conservatism means to you is certainly what most Americans believe. In my opinion it is not so much conservatism as it is being of sound centered moral fiber willing to conduct yourself as an elected representative. I pray this is not the last we hear from you Congressman, and I am certain your greatest achievement has not yet happened.

    4. Rev Dale D Connell says:

      Aaron Schock, is a refreshing face in Republican Conservatism. Hats off to you, Aaron.

      Do not allow anyone to sway you in your conservatism at all.

    5. Jeff Ready, Camarill says:

      Aaron, this is the first I have heard of you and better not be the last. Dive DEEP into your passion and keep honest to your constituents and yourself!

    6. Sandy Burke, Canal F says:

      Aaron: Please continue to hold on to your conservative ideals. This country needs more young people like you.

    7. Dorothy Gavin, Pas. says:

      Represenative Schock:

      I am glad to see a real conservative and one young enough to bring some hope. I am disgusted with this liberal , stealth, agenda and those pushing it down our throats. Please answer your constituency questions and keep them up to date. My Senators never answer an email, I have gotten 1 from our represenative but he is pro this stimulus and omnibus so there is really nothing to talk to him about. God Bless

    8. Frank Freidhoff, Okl says:

      Aaron: Don't let the liberals in either party change your thinking. The policies and programs of this president are out to destroy the America we know. They represent all that is wrong with the socialist agenda that they are forcing into programs that do away with personal responsibility.

    9. Frank Freidhoff, Okl says:

      What is meant by "moderation? Sounds like censorship!!

    10. Col. Dan Bohlin, USA says:


      I'm proud to have another relative serving our great country. (Your father, Richard, and I are second cousins; please pass my warm regards to him.) Always stick to our tried and true principles — fiscally conservative, a strong national defense and upholding the individual's freedom to choose — and you'll serve ALL Americans well.

      I and many other old, Cold War warriors like me are rooting for you and will always have your back. Good luck and God bless you.

    11. Ingrid says:

      As I've said before…..in a democracy they must beat you down to the ground first and then they can say we will help you back up. This is exactly what is happening now.

      I wrote a letter to our Northern Texas Senators and congress people in 2007 asking them why the FDIC isn't questioning BofA, Wamu, and some other banks who were dishing out bank cards, loans and credit cards to ILLIGALS. I went on the FDIC web site and not to my surprise they stated that they only check on the banks every 2 years if they feel they have to because they are OVER PAID AND UNDERSTAFFED (I just added that). They were supposed to have taped and written documents on every banks monthly board meeting…they didn't. They where supposed to thoroughly check their books every month or so…they didn’t. When I read that they would only investigate a bank if they felt the need to is beyond my comprehension. It again tells me that our federal government is a joke. And, yes every state should seriously consider Sovereignty and then secession.

      For me the FDIC stands for Flagrant-Deceptive-Idiotic-Council.

      Why do we have a failing economy? Because we have a failing federal government that makes no effort to ensure all of it's department wings (FDIC, FDA, USAD, IRS(private company), INS, ICE, HS, ETC are all working and functioning according to our Constitution and Laws. And is made accountable for all they do.

      Can anyone wonder or perhaps think that maybe this country is to big to be run and governed by a few rich elite who don't give a darn about this country.

      They are doing exactly what FDR did. It didn't work then and it won't work now. All these stimulus's are doing is paying back the rich elite and paying salaries for all the dumb federal employees who really don't know much except how to shuffle the paper work from one office to another. And there in lies the problem to much needless paper work and no accountability by any of them. Do you remember the congress saying they read the entire 600 page stimulus back in Feb. 2009…..no, no.

      WAKE UP!!!!! oH!

    12. Donna Shepherd, Ohio says:

      Congressman Schock, I am so glad to see such a young man with so much fortitude to stand up for your conservative beliefs. It seems like there are so many jaded, greedy people in the government that I have just about given up hope of our proud nation being recognizable as the one my father, and many relatives fought in so many wars to keep the way it used to be. At the rate of all the "hope and change" going on, we will soon become the communist nation that we went to war to stop in other countries, and we will do so by our politicians converting it. They seem to totally ignore the people telling them we don't want all the bailouts and the cap&trade bill along with so much more that is in the bills coming out. We were promised 5 days to look at any bill before it was signed into law. So much for "transparancy and honesty" I hope you stick to your guns. Good Luck

    13. Evamarie, Santa Moni says:

      So nice to see yet another young and passionate conservative thinker–and in Congress, nonetheless! Keep it up. Thanks for sharing the Caterpillar story.

    14. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I am happy he played the Baritone as musical talent develops more parts of the brain. That in itself proves he has one, giving us all hope that at least one member of Congress has used his at some point in their life.

      I pray for his sanity.

    15. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Welcome aboard Aaron,you are a Great Example of the American Experience and Hats off to your


    16. Jill Lohr MI says:

      A Candidate for the future

    17. G, TX says:

      Hey Aaron Schock! If you and your fellow replublicans aren't laying down your lives (read political careers) on the 'alter of freedom' to save this great nation from the tyranny that is surely headed our way, then YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH!

    18. Dan Meister Peo says:

      the learning curve is a steep slippery slope. Be founded on the principles this country was founded for Aaron. Religion, losing this one fast. personal protection,, this one even faster.. Property ownership,,,lost this one along time ago. (parking fines can take your house away) "the problem with socialism is i eventually run out of other peoples money"

    19. Abe Lincoln says:

      "the Baritone"?

      baritone what? only in singing is the label for frequency range abridged to (eg) "baritone". but singers don't say, "[i|he|she|they] play the baritone".

      "Essentially, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your mother at the dinner table."

      yeah, i always rant about "soshilizm" at the dinner table. ;-)

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