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  • Cap and Trade Was Never About Climate

    The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel reports today that the businesses in the U.S. Climate Action Partnership are beginning to realize that the cap and trade was never about global warming:

    “People are learning,” says William Kovacs, vice president of environment, technology and regulatory affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (which has been cautious about embracing a climate plan). “The Obama budget did more to help us consolidate and coalesce the business community than anything we could have done. It’s opened eyes to the fact that this is about a social welfare transfer system, not about climate.”

    Nothing makes this more clear than President Barack Obama’s budget. Obama’s budget promises to raise $650 billion in revenues by selling carbon permits (which are the exact same thing as an energy tax). Only $150 billion of that pot of money will go to alternative energy production. The rest goes to pay for income redistribution in the form of income tax “cuts” for people that don’t pay income taxes.

    But that is just the beginning. That $650 billion total low-balls the amount that a cap and trade system could raise if 100% of credits were auctioned off at the levels of carbon reduction that Obama wants. The Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation analyzed the economic impact of the less aggressive Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade. We found that total value of the allowances (the government auctioned permits whose cost is passed along to energy consumers) would be at least $1,622,848,000,000 for the years 2012 to 2019.

    In other words, if 100% of the permits were auctioned off, the left would have almost another trillion dollars to spend on new social programs. Or as Obama’s budget euphemistically puts it, the money be used “to further compensate the public.

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    33 Responses to Cap and Trade Was Never About Climate

    1. Ron, Derry NH says:

      I find this as creating more avenues of control and corruption and misdirecting of funds on purpose to start with to, create an atmosphere of misappropriations right from the start.

      This seems to be the Barrack pattern; Mislabel taxes as revenue enhancement, mislabel voting ballots that won't be secretive to protect the voters to a ticket change or any other "new Label" to deliberately misguide the facts of what he is about.

      His entire persona is one of gentle , suave communicator with amiable intents when his actions are one of a ruthless calculating fascist.

      He is deliberately setting things in play with dubious intent clocked as salvation to an ailing economy when all he really is doing is inflating debt, tax burden and renaming economic burden and servitude to the state as the new improved essential change that America needs.

      I can't believe we have become so ignorant of such charlatans and are falling for such childish language changes to an otherwise familiar game of deception.

      There is no magic to this. Give some one else's money away to create allies, bill the cost to a well defined enemy and as the bills come due spread the burden to all. Change the avenues of revenue to ones own control and rename them "NEW" or "Improved" . As the revelations open up that things aren't as they seem continue the process until the bank is leveraged from the masses. The aim is absolute power by absolute deception at all times to bring confusion to the people and hope toward salvation from the one.

      The loyalties gained from the initial robbery will still be intact even if failure is eminent and the fleecing will be attributed to the new enemy as defined by the sanctimonious leader, who having no apparent skill other than to deceive and steal from all to gain power.

      The dismantling of all previous order will be called "FIXING" things for a more efficient less wasteful manner. In other words; removing the peoples influence from them and giving the power to a government committee or centralized formula.

      BAIT and SWITCH comes to mind every time he makes a speech and a move to change America to the new socialist agenda.

      America should cry RAPE!

    2. Phyllis Marcus, S. S says:

      I am having deja-vu (all over again, as Yogi said).

      Think: Hitler, Stalin, Chavez


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    4. Marilee, Illinois says:

      I may be a conspiracy theorist, but seems to me follow the money is good advice. Who will be put forth to head and control the selling of these carbon permits. Would said person by any chance achieve great wealth from this appointment?

    5. Preston, Bushkill PA says:

      When are we going to wake up and realize that those in power now want to take this country down the path of socialism. Cap and Trade needs to be stopped. As a people we need to pay attention, research the issues and stop reling on 30 second sound bites in the news and polical commercials that are paid for by special interest groups.

    6. ETHAN, Lansing,MI says:

      I am tierd of the politcians sticking there hands in my back pocket, how much money do they think i make? They try to be snikey sbout it , and if people dont wakeup they will get away with it. All they want to do is keep raising taxes, if they think that this new health care idea that there trying to shove down our throtes is so good then they should opt out of the health care plan that we are paying for.And maybe they could pay for there own exspences, but there polititions they wont do that, maybe term limites is the way to go!!!.

    7. Barb -mn says:

      The public doesn't need further compensation. The public need is to do for themselves! They need a kick in the pants.

      Stop making exception and expensing taxpayers for people according to race, creed and culture. Those are not government responsibilities!

    8. cat-kansas says:

      I feel this is the most dishonest group that ever hit the Washington area. I cannot believe they get away with this and the media stands by along with Hollywood…..

    9. Ron: Kent, WA says:

      Excellent! But what took you so long Mr. Kovacs?

    10. ra,ohio says:

      To quote the article above, "people are learning."

      With all the tea parties going on across the nation that you never see on MSM, you have to admit that people ARE LEARNING.

      I remember the comment that the leader of Japan made after the bombing of Pearl Harbor; I have to paraphrase: I fear we have awakened a tiger.

      Obama has awakened a tiger called American conservatism, and all we can do is hope it stops him before he does too much damage to the country we all know and love.

    11. Joe Howe, San Antoni says:

      Unemployment is a lagging indicator so President Bush owns those numbers for now. The stock market looks ahead so stock prices are a leading indicator. Sorry, President Obama, but you own the Dow numbers. Investors, you know, those people that create the jobs, are voting a big fat no to your socialist agenda.

      I just finished running a five part series on the history of economics in America at my website, The Right Viewpoint, at http://www.rightviewpoint.com and if the President or any of his people cared about what works, they would be doing just the opposite of what they are doing. It is not about fixing the economy, it is about changing America to the country they want, and I fear it may go beyond socialism.

      Joe Howell

      The Right Viewpoint

    12. Blake, Whittier, CA says:

      This charlatan conned his way to the Democratic nomination and no one blinked. How did he ousted the lead contender, Hillary? He's a radical and the Democrats are to blame. They didn't do their homework on this guy and now the American people are paying the price, literally. I believe this is the beginning of the end for the Democratic party. Tax and Spend is their motto and this charlatan exemplifies it. He is transforming America and the Democrats are to blame. We need to spread the truth about this guy. I even hear from people that voted for him that they didn't know enough about this guy. They regretted voting for him. All the bills being proposed by this administration is for paying back the people that got him in office. He is hurting the economy and the American people and the American way.

    13. Cecil Donaho, Mesqui says:

      It appears folks are slowly realizing global warming is a natural phenomenon. It is not caused by man. The 'Al Gores' are simply pushing global governance.

    14. Dallas Beaufort Bris says:

      And here in Australia its the same, as I thought that some of the savings for a rainy day may have escaped the states prescribed uses, but to the snake oil salesman go the spoils as new and old labor and democrat governments decree higher taxes and their mobs rule, all for the price of a publicly funded job to save the planet but unable to save themselves from the auto-immune reflex grab at the tax handle. All tax and no productivity from the lazy political left eating what ever may be seen by themselves as game left overs.

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    16. P. Henry, Victor NY says:

      OK, OK — we've been had. Al Gore's glowing endorsement of global warming (despite informed disagreement from the scientific community) should have given us a clue.

      The question now is "How do we identify and empower an electable, principled, less-government-is-more candidate to stop this insanity as of the 2012 Presidential election"? The existing nominating process has proven itself totally ineffective in uncovering a candidate's true beliefs, personal motivations, and underlying philosophy of how to govern.

      We should collectively figure out how to make this happen, and join with others to make it happen.

    17. Seth - Litchfield, C says:

      Again, not all the pirates are in Somalia.

    18. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It seems that this man, this Obama, has divided our nation more than I've witnessed since Vietnam, and in a matter of weeks, not years!

      There seems to be nothing that is sacred to him about our Freedom, our Rights, our Citizenship! An illegal in this country has more rights, more money, and less to pay than any United States Citizen.

      History has shown time and again that people can only be used and pushed just so far, and then they rebel! The Obamans have forgotten that this Nation was created by Rebels! My caution to them is do not push us to far, we push back, and hard!


    19. yvonne wittig Larned says:

      When Big Al was giving his speech after he won an award for the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" I thought the fact that he bought Carbon Credits to cover his Global Footprints sounded impressive but in reality if he really believed all the hype he was pushing he would have did much more than to give money to help preserve the Redwood forest. Well actually he has did more,his new business he started deals in buying and selling carbon credits.He is also a partner in another company that is heavly invested in the ever so fuzzy warm feeling of renewable energy.

      The truth about renewable it can not survive with out being heavly subized by the federal government. Wind only produces 40% of the time,ethanol has to be trucked because it won't flow though the pipes like oil.Nuclear would be able to get us off of foreign oil, but oh my we can't use that,what would we do about all the spent rods?

      Coal,which we have a wealth of,can't be used because it is dirty. Even though the advancement has cleaned it up greatly. A perfect example in Kansas the Governor stopped a new coal plant expansion,claiming she was protecting the air. The truth the coal plant was an expansion, from one coal stack to 3. When they would have completed the two new stacks they were going to shut down the origional one and clean and install the new tecnowledge to cut the amount of polution. When all three stacks would be on line it would be emitting less than the one origional.I am sure what motivated Sebulus was not the clean air but making a name for herself so she could move up to Washington.

      Global Warming is being used as a back door for control over our energy, which is control over the economy, which is total control over our lives. If anyone doubts that is the final goal,you only need to look at the EPA paper on controling all emissions.

      CO2 is plant food,global warming comes first and the rise of CO2 comes after. It is the effect not the cause.If Cap and Trade is put in as law, everyone will suffer. The President even said that our energy would triple or even more. That will hit everyone.

      It is about time that America wakes up and tells Big Al his Global Warming, oh excuse me Climate Change,is nothing more than a money making scheme.James Hansen the guru from NASA needs to have all of his funding cut off and actually go out and get an honest job.

    20. PB sf says:

      There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding regarding what a cap and trade system actually is, and what it will do.

      1) a cap and trade system is a MARKET. There is nothing socialist about it.

      2) the system can be designed so that utilities won't push their initial costs on to the consumer. Smart utilities like pg&e have been creating renewable portfolio standards so that they will be poised to MAKE money. Maybe they'd pass their savings onto their consumers?

      3) cap and trade will incentivize innovation. Innovations lead to prosperity. We could use a bit of that right about now.

      4) the innovation will be privately funded since corporations, for the first time will have to account for carbon. They will make money if they come up with the best innovations and energy savings.

      Sure sounds like market capitalism to me. Watch the discovery channel on Wednesday night, 10pm to learn more: earth the sequel.

    21. Terry-Wichita,KS says:

      The American people had better wake up,and betterwake up quick! Mr. Obama knows exactly what he is doing,and that is spending his political capitol why he can. He knows soon that the honeymoon will soon be over,by that time he will have made such drastic change to America that it will be too late,Americans heads will be spinning! This is exactly how dictators/socialist always create the agenda. Simply read the beginnings of Hugo Chavez,he is following in his footsteps. You gain so much power while the getting is good so that once you lose your political capitol it really doesn't matter all is in your hands. He is truly a marxist and a narcissist. Combining the two makes for something that scares me. When you combine that with a very dangerous complicit media,we had better be on our toes! This president only has so much time left to use the Bush factor,he plans to totally have the fix in before the Bush factor is played out! Beware of the majority,the majority is what is needed to create a socialist template,and that he has got!

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    24. PsySciGuy - South Da says:

      I'm waiting for the gun control shoe to drop. I'm afraid it's going to be a cheap Saturday Night Special. It's going to go off…

      Has anyone noticed that Home Land Security claims that the war going on in Mexico is caused by the US exporting guns to the drug dealers (And those guns are fully automatic guns that we don't actually manufacture for public sale in the US!). It's a small step for Obama to use the logic that halting the fearful Mexican chaos urgently requires ending private ownership of guns in the US.

    25. ahem says:

      PB: 'Privately funded?' In what universe?

    26. Joseph Gentry, Houst says:

      The idea of global warming and the purported consequences are nonsense. Government policies related to climate change are purely detrimental to the world economy, with no benefit of any kind whatsoever to society.

      - Global warming is not a proven scientific phenomena. Recent evidence points to global cooling.

      - Even if there were slight global warming, this is within the normal cycles of the earth's atmospheric change, and are of no consequence.

      - It is preposterous to think that we can adjust our energy mix and lifestyle to have an impact on climate change in any case.

    27. Fred, Simi Valley says:

      to PB sf:

      The Discovery, History and National Geographic Channels, are in the tank for the Enviro-Fascists (a.k.a. watermelons). These environmental program producers refuse to put up opposite data or scientists to refute the “sky is falling” claims. They are all part of the Green propaganda machine to proselytize to the under educated among us. Cap in trade will affect all industries: steel, copper, cement, rubber, recycling, paper, electronics…..ect, all that America still produces, so expect to pay more for everything!

      Look this up, if you care to: the 1960s, the Report from Iron Mountain

      “Iron Mountain: A Hoax or Betrayal?” By: Paula Demers

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    29. A. J. MOFFAT - IDAHO says:

      Carbon dioxide is not a polutant. Is there too much carbon dioxide in the air? NO. What is the dominant green house gas in the atmosphere? WATER not carbon dioxide. Is there danger in lowering the carbon dioxide level too much. YES. People will starve. But, I'm not too worried about it. I think that our leaders can spent many billions of dollars to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide with little success. Their greatest talent is spending money, not solving problems. Also, the vast majority of carbon dioxide is produced by MOTHER NATURE and not by fossil fuel combustion.

    30. Pegasus66, South Car says:

      Cap&Trade/a tax on carbon, like inflation is a cruel, hidden tax that harms everyone. C&T will make Algore and his firends, heavily invested in alternative energy companies obscenely wealthy. The rest of us will be crippled financially when we try to fuel our cars, light, heat and cool our homes, schools and businesses, cook our food, manufacture products, run farm equipment so we can have something to eat, whatever . . .

      Inflation is caused by the Federal Reserve printing money, which it has been doing for years so the government can meet its daily obligations, let alone the interest on the DEBT. The dollars held by EVERYONE are worth less every day. It is the same as if your money was taxed away from you – - you have less purchasing power. NO ONE ESCAPES.

      The entire banking system is designed so that no matter what happens, the taxpayers get stuck with the bill – - even FDIC.

      Face it. The "crew in Washington, DC aren't stupid, they have an agenda – - make us so dependent upon government that there is nothing we can do (The new term is COMMUNITARIANISM – - Google it.)

      My best advice is to read "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by Griffin, and "Economics in One Lesson" by Hazlett. Then go to a Tea Party on April 15th and speak up.

      You should also Google: Cloward/Piven Strategy, Hegel's Dialectic, and Pavlov's Children (why children in government schools can't read and hate America.)

      We are victims of a vast, long-term strategy; we had better wake up, study hard, and fight back quickly. If conservative American values and common sense do not prevail in the 2010 midterm elections it will be our fault and our doom. (See ya on the government plantation with all the rest of the serfs.)

    31. sean says:

      Question? Can individual states opt-out of cap and trade? Here in south carolina we have some co opts. Where the individuals citizens pay and set up there energy supply ran by a electic company where they have the say so on what kind of energy they want to receive. Can a energy company within a state like this refuse to send tax money to Washington without reprocussions? What if it was put into the state constitution that any form of energy obtained by the people of it's state can be sole property of it's people of the state and can be used to build it's infistructure without federal taxation to distribute that revenue to another company with a higher overhead cost or governmental social program to another state? The 10th ammendment containing to states rights should be upheld!!!!Would the governor's of such state's stand behind the energy companys not to pay federal taxes under a cap & trade sceme to send money out of one state to support a energy or social program to another state/country while impacting the people of the state that they were elected to represent? If so they should not have a second term in office without reprocussions to the growth of it's state welfare. I said states welfare; not a welfare system for you leaches,but a system that is able to produce revenue for a state's necessitys to opperate and keep order. This is done by keeping energy prices low inorder to increase buisnesse's to move into a commmunity with low taxation on corporate profits and abundant energy with a willing working populaltion without explotation. This working population will be then paying lower energy rates also, employed and be able to pay for there morgage(with property taxes payed to the state).

    32. Chris, Idaho says:

      If the Federal Cap and Trade goes through or not, if you live in the West you should check out WCI.org. It's our own 'homegrown' Cap and Trade, and it's coming sooner than the Federal Legislation. What I can't figure out is if these overlap, if one overrides the other, or if they will each take a big bite out of our economic prosperity. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    33. Chris, Idaho says:

      Sorry, not WCI.org, it's westernclimateinitiative.org

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