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  • Government Power and Control: The One Trillion Dollar Takeover of Health Care


    A Down Payment on Nationalization

    • Trillion Dollars Down: In less than two months, the President has already budgeted nearly $1 TRILLION on his health care proposals—SCHIP, the stimulus, and now the budget.
    • A Bottomless Well: President Obama’s FY 10 budget proposal offers a $634 billion “down payment” on health care reform. The only truth to this number is that it will continue to grow, and they openly admit it in the President’s budget proposal: “The budget calls for an effort beyond this down payment, to put the nation on a path to health insurance coverage for all Americans. However, additional funding will be needed.”
    • Squeezing Water from a Stone: The President’s budget depends on typical liberal tax hikes while rearranging the deck chairs for Medicare and Medicaid to produce “savings.”  There is only so much you can tax or squeeze before you hit rock bottom.

    Fast-Tracking a Flawed Process

    • Taking Your Own Pulse: A bipartisan health care summit may be nice window dressing, but the test of real bipartisanship is found in policy, not in photo ops. So far on health care, the President’s promise for bipartisanship is more hope than change. Since January, President Obama has signed into law over $200 billion spending to advance his health care agenda—$136 billion alone on in the stimulus—with little, if any, notion of bipartisanship.
    • Consolidated Power: To achieve his goals, President Obama’s health plan will need to depend on a massive top-down infrastructure to control health care dollars and decisions. Instead of empowering patients and doctors, Washington will be in charge.
    • Loss of Private Coverage: At a time when Americans are worried about losing their health care, the promise of a new government health plan will only undermine the private health insurance that million of Americans depend on today. Not only do government programs cost more than they project, but they also promise more than they deliver.

    Real Health Care Solutions for America

    • Consumer Choice: Give Americans the consumer-choice system available to Members of Congress as a true model, not as a façade for government-run health care.
    • Take Bold Steps, Give States the Power: Allow states to experiment with better ways of reaching the nation’s health coverage goals rather than imposing a national plan on states and families.
    • Be Bipartisan: In such areas as the tax treatment of health care, federal-state cooperation, and other critical pieces of health reform, there are thoughtful and well-developed approaches. Build on these important developments; do not ignore them.
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    37 Responses to Government Power and Control: The One Trillion Dollar Takeover of Health Care

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      As though the beltway demagogues haven't figured out that their earlier market interference sent the economy into a nose dive? Who the heck are these fools in charge? What do we need to do? Grab all the leftists' "Impeach Bush" signs and stand on street corners with Obama bumper stickers pasted on them? The Democrat's congressional majority already had their leftist wish list wound up tight just waiting for their presidential chosen one to spring it on the public. The stupidity of it all is more than any reasonable and seasoned mind can bear.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I've just been tongue lashed by a colleague for questioning Obama's policies. My liberal friends are religiously engrossed by Obama's smooth delivery of "intelligent sounding" rhetoric. Anytime one criticizes their man's policies, they're quick to assault you with their absolute hatred of Bush and for heresy against their icon, Obama. Maybe the end of the world is 2012.

    3. Richard, Clovis, CA says:

      Many question if Obama and the congressional Democrats understand the impact of their actions on the American people. It's not that they don't understand, because they do. It's that they don't care. The more fear and uncertainty that can be sustained, the more of their policies they can pass without close study or opposition. The goal I'm afraid is total, complete, absolute control of everything.

      People being out of work, foreclosed out of their homes, losing their 401K retirements, charities being de-funded by reduced contributions through increased taxes, the cost of fuel – food – everything going ever higher. All these things will lead to ever increasing dependence on government. And with that dependence comes control. Government telling you where to live, how to live, how long to live.

      All brought by the “smartest guys in the room” who think the Americans are too stupid or irresponsible to run their own lives.

    4. Loney McKee, Ohio says:

      I have worked in healthcare for 40 years and have seen many changes that have occured.

      Obama says that he wants to bring costs under control and creating well paying jobs at the same time.

      I started out making $1.90/hr. and everyone that I associated with worked in other occupations making more money per then I did.

      Nobody complained about the cost's back then, but now that I am making significantly more money, a lot of people are complaining about the high cost of healthcare.

      I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways, high wages and benefits and low costs.

      Before any changes are implemented, I suggest that some studies be done showing where the abuse of healthcare is occurring.

      A lot of money is wasted by people who abuse the emergency rooms, because they do not have a family physcian or cause medical problems on their own.

      There is plenty of money to cure most of the healthcare problems in America, but throwing more money at them will not solve anything, this is a typical government reaction.

      Politicians are to willing to react to a supposed problem that they consider a crisis, before finding all the facts out.

      I fear that President Obama's plan for healthcare will increase cost's and reduce quality care.

      I remember when Lyndon Johnson said that medicare would only cost a certain amount of money and look at how much more it has risen.

      Hopefully, some much wiser and saner people who have more knowledge then I do, can deliver some solutions that will be more cost effective.

    5. S. J., Hammond, Loui says:

      Thanks for all that you do Heritage Foundation.

      I was very upset to see publications like Consumer Reports give Obama’s health care plan a favorable review. Everyone, including Consumer Reports, should have ignored campaign promises and study the candidate’s background and behavior. If you studied Obama and not listen to his rhetoric, his radical proposals would be expected.

      I think Obama is prostrating the economy to help enforce his control over the country and for his version of fairness (Redistributing the wealth in his version of fairness.). Controlling health care quickly achieves his objectives. This will punish achievers and those who are responsible; reward the irresponsible; and possibly bankrupt the country.

    6. Kate, Michigan says:

      I treated Medicaid patients for 15 years. The gov't NEVER paid on time, and when they did it was 60+% lower than UCR fees, AND they paid incorrectly. They would audit doctors and then make the doctors pay back money if they did not like how treatment was documented on the charts.

      Medicaid patients had a high NO SHOW rate, and when they did show they were usually more than 15 minutes late and then DEMANDED that they were treated even though their appointment was over as they were so late.

      Most (NOT ALL) of the Medicaid patients would arrive in new cars, wear new clothing, and have designer handbags and nice jewelry. The children misbehaved, and the parents were rude and demanded services that were not covered by Medicaid.

      There is definately a need for welfare, but most people abuse the system which drives up the cost of welfare.

      We need to make people responsible for themselves. When the gov't keeps giving lazy people food, housing, healthcare, and free daycare they do not want to help themselves.

      What ever happened to working hard, getting an education and providing for your OWN family?

    7. Donna, Allentown, PA says:

      The government already controls the prices of healthcare. Doctors, for instance, have seen payments from Medicare reduced more than 40% in the past 10 years, and further reductions of 21% are planned within the next 18 months if the flawed formula on which physician reimbursement is based isn't fixed. Many procedures already pay less than it costs a physician's office to provide them. Maternity wards across Pennsylvania are closing because the cost of a birth exceeds the remimbursement to the hospital and doctor. Officials in the Obama administration have said that they'll achieve savings by "squeezing" providers. At what point do they think providers will "squeeze" back by simply not providing care? We're already there in many specialties and areas of the country. Ask anyone who's trying to have a baby in South Philly how hard it is to find someone to deliver that baby. Rationing healthcare and taking medical decisions out of the hands of doctors through price controls or "best practices" isn't the way to do fix our healthcare mess, much of which is caused by government interference.

    8. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      It's so refreshing to hear from those who worked the front lines of healthcare. You're on the inside looking at the corroded nuts and bolts while the demagogues are throwing a coat of tax payer green at the problem and selling it as a new deal. Every one of their solutions regarding the economy and national security mocks history and sets the nation up for failure. I don't care if my liberal friends promote Obama's vast intelligence, he's not that smart. Bush may not have had the requisite slick tongue to warm liberals' fuzzy minds, but at least he understood an issue's machinery and its necessary repair. His down fall was giving into the majority demagogic party's spoiled tantrums.

    9. RG St Simons Is, Ga says:

      I canceled my subscription to "Consumer Reports" when they stated they believed in "global warming". I thought they relied on their own research. Guess Not!

    10. RG St Simons Is, Ga says:

      I canceled my subscription to “Consumer Reports” when they stated they believed in “global warming”. I thought they relied on their own research. Guess Not!

      So if they back the Obama health plan it can't be worth much.

    11. Steve, Michigan says:

      If the President Obama is truly interested in cost containment in health care, one focus of his administration should be on forcing every level of the health care industry to live by the only proven cost containment strategy: competition. I would like to propose that any health care bill contain provisions overriding any state sanctioned regulatory schemes limiting competition. Michigan has an inaptly named “Certificate of Need” process for new health care investments, even those made in the private sector, requiring an applicant to prove that there is a “need” for the investment. A board consisting of the applicant’s competitors and regulators then get to decide whether the applicant has made a case of “need.” Guess what: the process is fraught with politics and inevitably limits the supply of health services, causing costs to go up rather than down as competitors collaboratively boycott new and exciting developments with the state’s blessing. If done without state sanction, their actions would probably per se violate the Sherman Act. Is it any wonder that MRI and PET service costs are astronomical, for example, when Michigan’s law bars many hospitals and clinics from even purchasing the machines?

      Another example of state imposed anticompetitive rationing is in the insurance business. We are long overdue for a federal reform that recognizes that the insurance business can become vastly more competitive if state limitations on insurance competition are removed. If the Obama administration offers a plan that allows for private insurance, it should press Congress to eliminate all barriers to interstate commerce in the health care business.

      I’m afraid, however, that our current administration is philosophically inclined more to price controls rather than competition. They should know better, as the former have never worked. If we are really going to set up universal health care, it will be in the taxpayers’ and patients’ interest to make sure that all barriers to competition are removed.

    12. JD, Hays KS says:

      One Obama disasterous proposal after another. The hits just keep on coming. Health care is too huge a problem to reform it in a few days with a bunch of young up and coming idealogs who haven't spent any time in the private sector. I think the likely hood of the country going bankrupt is realistic. The congress needs to show some backbone and stand up for the citizens. Most of the folks around here don't see much hope of that.

    13. Tim Az says:

      Here's the genius in his plan that no one has seen. When Govt. decides which medicines can be prescribed from which pharmiceutical companys compitition is created among the pharmaceutical companys to ensure their drug is the govt's. drug of choice. You wonder how they will compete against each other? The answer is very simple and a very old one. The pharmaceutical company who contributes the most money to the liberal elites gets the their drug prescribed through the national health care data base. How would the pharmaceutical companies sustain the ever increasing amounts of money required to keep their drugs in the national health care data base? Through higher premiums you will pay to the govt. for your health care. The govt. will simply give a portion of your premium payments in the form of subsidies to the Pharamaceutical companys. In return that money or a portion of it is returned through campaign contributions to the Liberal elites.And you thought it was about taking care of American citizens. If you follow the money you will discover that it is very rare that legislation is ever written for the good of the people. Most of the time its about taking wealth and power from the American citizens under the guise of feel good BS. As Rom Emanuell would say aaah don't cry that's a waist of good suffering.

    14. Earl Dillenbeck, For says:

      I pray that the American people wake up and open their eyes before it is too late. The fact that the new administration and the Democratic congress is spending and terrorizing Wall St, is not out of ingnorance or incompetance it is well thought out and planned. I fear that they want Wall St to fail and the country to go broke. This will allow them to completely take control. Then socialisom is the only thing left. I truely believe that this all a plan. I can't believe that we the people are allowing this?? I hope that I am wrong!

    15. JImmy Konogeris - Ma says:

      Why do the Canadians, who can afford it, come to the US for their medical needs? How come so many others in need of challenging surgerys seek American hands? Because we have competitive health care facilities and practioners! The bottom line, hospitals are a business. And…..the business of America is……BUSINESS (competition).

      JC Hughes, I am envious of eloquence!

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    17. R. Hata, North Carol says:

      True health care reform is not something that can be enacted by government funding, but must include, as a integral part, the fundemental change in character of the American public. L. McKees' statement that "A lot of money is wasted by people who abuse the emergency rooms, because they do not have a family physcian or cause medical problems on their own" is only a small fraction of the problem. Having worked as a health care provider in some form or fashion for many years, I can say with certainty that there is not only a crisis of health care in this country, but a crisis of character.

      Persons who take little or no responsibility for their own health and well being are often those that engage in some of the most egregious abuses that cost themselves, their families, and ultimately society as a whole. Throwing government money at another welfare solution IS NOT THE ANSWER, and will only allow for further abuses of the system by those who see an opportunity for less personal responsibility. Also, any time a bureaucracy enters into the covenent between a patient and his or her health care provider, it strips BOTH parties of the fundemental rights to privacy, autonomy, and personal choice. The solution is not an easy one, as health, life, and prosperity are intimately related, both on a personal and societal level.

      All one must do to see the unintended and often deleterious consequences of government-run health care is look not beyond our borders to Canada or Europe (although these are ripe with examples), but look here at home at our own medicare, medicaid, and VA system. Granted, our VA system is absolutely neccessary and provides outstanding care to many individuals. But this is often in spite of, not because of, government involvement. Our military men and women deserve the BEST treatment in the world, but often find that the VA system is overworked, underfunded, and full of bureaucratic red tape that stifles efficiency. This is NOT the fault of the doctors, nurses, and other health care providers, as they are, for the most part, outstanding individuals. Nor is it the fault of abusive and entitled patients. It is simply a function of government interference in what should be a private interaction between a patient and his or her health care provider. While private insurance may do this as well, the opportunity for true choice and competition helps to ensure that quality and efficiency constantly improve. More examples exist in medicare and medicaid, but these government versions of social insurance speak for themselves. The government offers no competition, and limited choice, so logic and evidence have shown the inevitable outcomes of rationing and stagnation. If you require proof, ask yourself or any person this question: if you had the choice between medicare, medicaid, the VA system, or private insurance with all the choices available, which would you choose? The argument that the government systems may "provide quality health care at an affordable price" is fallicy, as we ALL pay for it with our taxes, our quality, and our choices.

      For there to be true health care reform, people must come to understand that health care is not a "right" to be guaranteed by the government, but a responsibility and a privilage to be cherished and valued. This must first occur on the personal level, with each individual making informed decisions with his or her doctor. And on the societal level, people must begin advocating for an end to irresponsible and destructive behavior. We must also come to realize that our culture of "life at any cost" must be tempered by a willingness to see the end of life not only as a tragedy, but as the natural ending to our story as human beings. The cost of life and health cannot be afforded a material value, and to spend recklessly does not give it the dignity it deserves. Safety nets should be the exeption, not the rule.

      Your life, values, and health, when it comes right down to it, are all you have in this world. Do you really want the government making decisions about such precious, intangible, and irreplacable commodities?

    18. Kate, Michigan says:

      Did you know that those in the lower tax brackets get free daycare, free healthcare, free food and cash each month on their "bridge cards" ( welfare cards) in Michigan? THEN any income tax that they did pay gets returned to them. Some of my welfare patients brag about this!! One of them got $9,000 back this year and the gov't provided food, cash, free daycare and healthcare to their family. They pay NO TAX and get everything else handed to them on a silver platter in Michigan. WE NEED welfare reform and we need it NOW!!!

      Then, as a small business owner, I was taxed $16,000 MORE this year!! Doctors, dentists, and hospitals provide a lot of jobs and great service to the people of America. The gov't needs to take a serious look at us docs and quit taxing us so much!!!

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    20. laura georgia says:

      they will continue to try & take us over and many of us will die BUT 'We' the people will not EVER stop fighting for the truth & our America rights & values!! We will fight to our very deaths!! so i say BRING IT ON DUDES!! 'WE' THE PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR YA

    21. Jon Bagwell, Columbu says:

      I am currently a law enforcement officer. Everyday I see the disastrous results of this socialist/entitlement mindset that is dominant in so many of our fellow citizens, and is now allowing our President to engineer this nationalization of private industry. Health care costs are out of control for one reason: the erosion of personal responsibility. So many health care workers have their valuable time wasted by people who simply will not take care of themselves; "parents" who will not take their child to a pediatrician for a check-up twice a year or feed them anything but high-sugar, high-saturated fat trash, end up taking up space in ER's across the country when the little one's cold turns into full-blown influenza or pneumonia. When these children get too fat to physically drag them to the ER, these kids are permitted to let their health decline through a lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, and drug/alcohol usage. I would be willing to bet that if you tested 100 high school students, at least 85 of them would be pre-diabetic and show signs of heart disease and cancerous conditions. Any wonder why today's children have a lower life expectancy than their parents? But hey, the solution is simple: just through MORE money at it. It's worked every time it's been tried, right? Look at what it did for poverty, crime, education, and preventing teen-age pregnancy. Oh, that's right….never mind.

      Liberalism = Intellectual Laziness

    22. Dorothy Morgan, Okla says:

      My friends and I have a great idea to make Medicare much cheaper…to us and the government:

      Get rid of the new drug program and go back to the beginning and write it properly.

      It might help to read the history of how this expensive mess happened in Congress….all the big monies we gave the drug companies up front…our government gave them up front. A budget buster, if you ever saw one. Look up Tom Delay of Texas and John Behmer of Ohio; maybe they'll explain why they did this to you. They never explained it to us…..why all the money to the drug companies before we ever spent a penny on the first prescription. The rest of the plan is the biggest "redistribution of wealth" in history. Look at the "donut hole" while you're in there reading all about it.

      If we had a choice after 65, it wouldn't be Medicare as it's written….makes us feel like bag ladies…

    23. Robert Amos Weirton says:

      President Bush I respected,even with some of his faults.Gosh I even admired the man.But with Mr. Obama, I fear more than any man in the history of the US.Especially with his past acquaintance's.My father once told me on the way to a coal mine,don't think your going to always have these kind of benefits,or money,because they can't control you. They are now in charge. Thank you for fighting for our democracy and keeping us informed "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

    24. Nancy, Texas says:

      Earl, I agree with you 100 percent. I think everything that is happening in our country has been carefully orchestrated and it is playing out exactly the way they intended it to. I, too, am worried that the American people will not wake up and see what is really happening. I am so thankful I have these websites to go to and read blogs by like-minded citizens who have the same fears and concerns I have. And it looks as though more and more people are joining these conservative websites, which is a very good sign. We all must stay informed and stick together.

    25. Keith, florida says:

      Questions such as ‘how can they not see that their interference has caused the problem’ or 'when will they realize what they are doing’ have republicans, conservatives and any group right of center playing the Obamacrats’ denial-non-denial game.

      They know exactly what they are doing!

      They are not just misguided idealists infatuated by a naked emperor – their intent is to destroy free market Capitalism and thus control the world. Of course they will fail…eventually.

      But the damage they inflict will last for centuries.

      Free the Capitalist hounds before it’s too late.

    26. m. monarch says:

      The dog is being wagged. Only this one isn't hiding an illicit affair by the President, this wag is to hide all of the secretive power grabs happening. The bills that are going to slip through before we can stop them. It is interesting how the far left accused President Bush and VP Cheney of trying to keep things from the American people, of hiding things. Yet this President's promise of transparency was shot down with the first of his bailouts to not appear on line in the promised 5 days prior to the vote. James Carville and Rahm Emanuel among others in the Obama staff are using Rush Limbaugh as their foil, their distraction from all that is going on right now.

    27. omg says:

      I recommend that you contact every R and every moderate dem (if there are any left) in congress and plead with them to vote NO on this bill.

      Also, i urge you all to join Grassfire and other patriotic resistance groups.

      I think its going to come to a bloody revolution.. Be PREPARED

    28. Engineer, Mississipp says:

      No one would suggest that nothing should be done about health care; however, the problem should not be made even worse by adopting single payer health care programs like Canada, France, or England. In those countries quality has gone down (as evidenced by those people trying to come America for treatment) and there is no guarantee very single person will have their needs met (they have health care rationing) and income taxes have been raised to 70 percent to pay for coverage.

      I would submit that most of the rising costs are for tests that the doctor has to perform to cover themselves from a malpractice lawsuit and the use of emergency rooms for minor medical problems which currently is a huge cost burden.

      If you went to the doctor in the 1950s with a headache, more than likely he would give you some aspirin and send you home. Today, they would order an MRI at a cost of $1,000 to protect themselves on the outside chance (1%) that the patient may have a brain tumor.

      To make this system even more successful what needs to be done is remove the burdensome physician oversight from nonprofessionals which is nothing more than overhead from health care providers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and allow them only to manage the office (e.g., making appointments, entering data into computer, billing, etc.). Health care should be kept at the local level.

    29. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      There is no logical explanation for the actions of President Obama. He has an agenda that defies common sense because this is his opportunity to be the big kahuna, and to change our form of government by creating more chaos rather than find real solutions. Better he did nothing than turn the USA into a socialistic nation with extreme government control. I fear for my children and grandchildren.

    30. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I hope we all learn how to live in a socialist government, it is the way of the future. May GOD have mercy on this country and our souls.

    31. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      A few talking points that are easy to use in just about any situation.

      1. What program has our government established that has run efficiently ?

      2. Name one instance of a government-run program or company taken over by the government that has not been wasteful ?

      3. Why do you think that it would be any different for our Health Care ?

      4. If we know now that Health Care will be more expensive and less efficient (by tenets #1 thru 3) if run by the government, how does that benefit your family ? When you child is extremely sick ?

      This, of course, assumes that the people you are talking to have jobs . . .

      I appreciate those on the "inside" providing their insight to the rest of us that know that abuses of our current Medicare and Medicaid occur, but can't site any anectodal evidence.

      Just keep spreading the word -

      "Socialism only works for those who don't want to (work)."

    32. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      I live in Montana. Our senior senator is Max Baucus, Chairman of the Budget Committee. Baucus is an ardent supporter of nationalizing healthcare. Worse, the senator is laying the foundation for socialism by preparing legislation to tax as regular income the currently pre-tax dollars spent by employers on employee health insurance. The senator's position became public over the weekend although he claims it is just something he is considering and not a position upon which he has made up his mind. Frankly, given Baucus's record his protestations that this is all merely theoretical can safely be assumed to be a flat out lie. This conclusion is based on his unabashed socialist and nihilistic philosophy. Let me explain.

      First, Baucus's desire for power is much like an alcoholics "thirst." It can never be satisfied.

      Secondly, the very concept of taxing employer paid premiums is the reverse of the left's claim to wish to create incentives for a larger number of employers to provide health insurance. Subjecting the premium to income taxation would drive up the cost to employers, whose obligation to pay .5% of social security, when coupled with the need to increase salaries to compensate for the rise in employee tax, and adding to the accounting expenses of employers, would be an obvious and INTENTIONAL disincentive for employers.

      But lastly, that is the whole point. If the national government were to discourage employer paid health insurance fewer employees would be covered thus affording the left a potent, though sophistical, argument for socialized medicine.

      But it is more than fiscal control of healthcare the left desires–the real goal is to grab power over each person right down to the ultimate wish–government control over who will live and who will die. I used the term "nihilist" above purposely. The true hope for the left, the true philosophy of the left, is not "liberal," a meaningless term anyway. Liberalism is a deceptive device to hide the nihilism that is the true core of the socialist political anti-philosophy. This has been thoroughly proven by Seraphim Rose's monumental essay on nihilism.

      Since, for the nihilist, there is neither God nor Good the only meaning in life is to acquire for oneself the power once recognized as belonging to God. The power to kill, legally recognized, is the ultimate power. As this administration moves stealthfully but steadily toward irreversible legislation to expand power over life (PLEASE, for the sake of Truth, acquaint youself with the "Freedom of Choice Act," provisions in the stimulus bill for federal acquisition of healthcare information, and ongoing efforts to further physician assisted murder) the nihilist dream is but a step away from reality.

      We who see the government as a servant, not a master, and who, regardless of religious views believe in the sanctity of life (and there are many atheists who share that position), must not merely know the Truth, we must declare it from the very hilltop. Exposing the core of the nihilists' designs will anihilate nihilism–for Truth is our greatest weapon and the greatest fear of the Baucuses of our world.

    33. BT Sterling Va says:

      Let your congressman know you are not only upset with Obama's agenda, but there will be a march on the Capitol and the White House.

      Start by sending each congressman and senator tea bags and send the remaining box to the White House. Maybe he will get the message.

      P.S. Enclose a small note with the phrase "Remember Boston, December 16, 1773" and it will not be tea this time!

    34. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      And to think this is the second part of the, "Socialized Medicine." The fist part is in the, "New Tax Program", where employers are no longer allowed to deduct the cost of their Malpractice insurance, as a cost of doing business! Our personal MD, a general practicioner, pays one half of her salary for this insurance.

      She will have no choice but to join the Government's Socialist Group of Practitioners.

      All along the solution has been available by limiting the amounts in Malpractice suits. We all take risks everyday just going to work and shopping and not everything negative that happens to us is a suit! It is just life, and we as Americans have forgotten that and forgotten to teach our children this.

      If you read your history of Hitler, you will see there is but little difference between Obama and him, the Greenhouse effect, Banks being taken over by the Government, businesses taken over by the Government, roads and other civil projects created to bring down the unemployment numbers by the government, the 'Rich' being blamed and taxed out of the country by the Government, Industry and medicine taken over by the government.

      And it all worked well and everyone was happy untill there was no one left to tax!

      I'm an American, I live in a Republic where fifty independent Nations are drawn together under a common Charter, the Constitution! I am not nor will I ever be a Fascist nor a Socialst! If 'Chicken Littles' want to believe in the 'Greenhouse' effect, then let them, but do America and its Nations no harm.


    35. Ed Fresquez says:

      It is unfortunate that the American people are still in awe over the President. I hope organizations like the Heritage Foundation can continue bringing the right stuff to our attention, that will assist the people to wake up, it's time to be counted. Someone mentioned a march on the White House, well I hope it isn't to far off. Obama was a mistake, and like Rush Limbaugh, I hope he doesn't take to long to show he is failing, the longer he take's to show his true colors the more we hurt as a nation.

    36. PatriotB, Utah says:

      What is occurring to America, on a daily basis, is the systematic dismantling of our country, it's foundation, it's values & independence. IT

      is being accomplished at lightning speed, without sensible debate, research, or scrutiny by all sides. It's become the mission of ONE

      person, to implement HIS WILL & personal AGENDA upon our nation. This IS WRONG, Un-Constitutional, against all that our Fore-

      Fathers intended when this democratic republic was created. The President is NOT a Power unto himself – his job to protect this nation,

      not force his will upon it. It begs the question: Has any elected official actually read & studied our founding documents? IF so, WHY

      aren't they upholding them? They have sworn, under OATH to uphold our Constitution & it's principles. IF they cannot or will not – they

      are Traitors and deserve to be ousted – any and ALL that refuse to abide by our founding principles. That goes for ANYONE, even the one

      in the White House. NO one is above the law – No one. We either ACT and MOVE to hold these traitors to the fire – or we become

      SLAVES to the will of others… who are propelling us rapidly toward tyrannical rule & despotism. This is appalling. Those voters only concerned with WORDS got exactly that – superficial words full of promise – now the reality hits and it's worse than imagined. Any body care? Petitions won't do a thing, our VOTE is ignored, TEA Parties are a start – but while we are Tea-Partying, our FREEDOMS are being ripped from us, piece by piece. All the talk will not solve anything – THEY ARE NOT LISTENING, NOR DO THEY CARE – those in Weaselton, D.C. Until those who are selling us out, see the whites of OUR EYES, and are USHERED OUT of our Capitol – they won't take us seriously. They are enjoying the SPOILS from the fools too lazy to act against their lies and deceit. What will it take for Americans to get up and do something to take back our NATION from marauders and thieves?

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