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  • Will Obama Defend DOMA?

    The Boston Globe reports:

    Fifteen gay and lesbian residents from Massachusetts who wed after this state legalized same-sex marriages plan to file a discrimination suit today, challenging a federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    Six same-sex couples and three men whose husbands have died – one of the deceased was retired congressman Gerry E. Studds – said in the suit that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act treats them like second-class citizens and is unconstitutional. The complaint is being filed in US District Court in Boston.

    Mary L. Bonauto, the civil rights lawyer for Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders who was lead counsel in Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health – the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case in 2003 that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States for the first time – said the suit asks the court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act because it targets gays and lesbians for discrimination.

    “This is a case that should go to the Supreme Court and in all likelihood will go to the Supreme Court,” she said.

    If the plaintiffs win, she said, it would not extend same-sex marriage beyond Massachusetts and Connecticut, the two states where it is legal.

    A handful of federal agencies and officials are named as defendants in the suit. A spokesman for President Obama, who has spoken of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act but does not support same-sex marriage, said the White House had no comment.

    DOMA currently provides that no state has to accept a same-sex marriage from another state. But if it were overturned that could change. In addition, overturning DOMA could affect the definition of marriage for purposes of federal law.

    President Barack Obama has referred to DOMA as “abhorrent law” and the White House website states that the president wants to repeal the law .

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    8 Responses to Will Obama Defend DOMA?

    1. Phil, NC says:

      Our nation is founded on absolutes of Nature and God. Neither of which are homosexuality.

    2. Franklin's Lock says:

      By referring to Obama’s track record, he is going to defend DOMA. Why? He is breaking so many campaign promises and why not break this one. This would suit his mold of creating polices that counter Conservatism and American principles and values.


    3. Kalindi Maplewood NJ says:

      Hey Phil – since when did you become the authority on "Nature and God" ?

      The only "absolute" I can think of is your hatred…btw did God come down and tell you that homosexuality is not natural ? How do you know its not natural ? and do you REALLY believe that people care about what YOU think ?

      being a hating biggot is what comes to you naturally… Go get a life and stop hating on people.

    4. Diane Merrillville, says:


      How do I know of you, but by your words which you wrote. How do we know God but by the words He wrote. God wrote in His Word what he likes, how He feels, and what He expects of us. He wrote of love, forgiveness, through faith in Christ's shed blood, which He freely gives to all who receive Him. I hope you will read what God said for yourself. Only He can give you peace.

    5. Paul, West Lafayette says:


      There have been many words attributed to "god"– it is shamefully arrogant to think that you are so much of a better judge of what god is and what god isn't, that you have the right to discriminate against people you "don't think he likes".

      If you believe that god does not wish his children to have sex with members of the same sex, then you are free to abstain from such sexual encounters. It's not your prerogative to tell others how to live, just as it is not their prerogative to tell you how to live.

    6. Curtis of Tahlequah says:

      What I write comes from God's not me. If you believe in same sex marriage or practice it, one day you will stand in front of God while he sets on his throne, and try to get Him to believe it.

    7. Kiet,Virginia says:

      Why is it that when you are stating your state of mind and belief, the gay supporters start calling us by name? Gay supporters are not nice. Don't call us name and let's debate the issue.

      I oppose gay marriage because it makes no sense, unnatural and unhealthy for society. When the traditional family is destroyed by divorce and homosexual relationships, society suffers. Look around and see.

    8. Lisa chicago says:

      What will gay americans do when they realize that it's best to be on the conservative side of the fence?

      They currently exist as Log cabin Rebublicans.

      Will you cast them out like you do with the GLBT community now?

      Will you use them for your own selfish political agenda, and later stab them in the back?

      Will you change your ways to include those who agree with you in many principles?

      Being conservative in the GLBT community is deeper then what you think. and your throwing it all away by being judgemental.

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