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  • The White House "Rush" to the Fairness Doctrine

    Over the past few weeks, America has seen President Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel and former Campaign Manager David Plouffe channel much of their focus on what they see as a major problem facing America. You might think the object of this affection is the spiraling economy, which has led them to declare war on moderately successful investors and small business owners while they refuse to acknowledge a war on terror. That is certainly a focus. Secondarily, you might think it is the housing crisis, where they are attempting to cram down irresponsible mortgages so that responsible homeowners pay for the irresponsible mistakes of their neighbors. Definitely a focus. You may also think their focus is on creating a national health care plan, complete with community servicing centers and government run treatment plans paid for by a select few and at the expense of charitable contributions. Nobody argues that is a focus.

    No, with these important issues being debated on Capitol Hill, President Obama, Rahm Emmanuel and David Plouffe have channeled their focus towards Rush Limbaugh. Arguably the most successful radio host in American history, Rush has historically drawn the ire of the left, for building an army of conservatives poised to battle bad ideas, and offer better solutions to the nation’s challenges. But this time, it is a bit more calculated, a bit more centralized and a bit more vitriolic. So the question has to be asked, why? Why would the President risk taking his eye off the ball to clash with one radio host?

    Why would Congressman Grayson (D-FL) call Limbaugh a “sorry excuse for a human being,” in these times when President Obama is calling for bipartisan solutions and a change in Washington tone? And most importantly, why would David Plouffe, one of the President’s closest confidents over the past year, devote a full editorial only to the subject of Rush Limbaugh? He chose to use the platform afforded to him by the Washington Post, not to sell America on Obama’s economic, housing or banking solutions, nor to sell America on the largest spending increases ever seen in a budget in Washington. He chose this platform to attack a syndicated radio host who disagrees with the President’s ideas.

    You may remember that Obama had problems with disagreeable radio hosts in the past. During his presidential campaign, Obama’s team led by David Plouffe, battled against WGN Radio in Chicago, for having one single conservative guest on the Mitt Rosenberg show. WGN, known mostly for favorable coverage of the then-Senator, was awash in vitriolic hate mail and phone calls from Obama supporters urged into action by the campaign, because Mr. Rosenberg wanted to discuss Obama’s connection to William Ayers, a popular topic at the time.

    But again, the question remains, why? There is only one simple answer. By making Rush Limbaugh the target of their attacks, they have the ability to rally their political capital around the Fairness Doctrine, or elements of it. It can be the only reason why this battle against free speech has been waged. The timing is impeccable. It was only two weeks ago that Rush Limbaugh wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal asking the President to “keep the airwaves free.” Only days later, the White House was pulling together their official government muscle to silence him.

    As has been documented here before, there is little question that one of the top priorities of Washington’s liberal leaders is to muzzle conservative and religious broadcasting. It is also well known that American public opinion tends to favor the first amendment and free speech, and oppose measures to limit it. The only opportunistic time for such a measure would be in the early days of a popular presidency. And the only way to make it palatable to the American people is to vilify a recognizable name of the opposition. Much like Senator Joe McCarthy needed Edward R. Murrow; David Plouffe needs Rush Limbaugh.

    Today, the Obama Administration announced their choice of Julius Genachowski to head the FCC, on the same day David Plouffe’s editorial ran in the Washington Post calling Rush Limbaugh the “Minority Leader.” James Carville, Rahm Emmanuel and Paul Begala charted this course in their daily phone calls together, where the three plan the strategic communications of the liberal message. It was capped off yesterday by White House spokesmen ending his official White House briefing with a jab at Limbaugh, “I was a little surprised at the speed in which Mr. Steele, the head of the RNC, apologized to the head of the Republican Party,” Gibbs quipped with a grin, before striding out of the press room, according to Politico.

    The economy is not the focus of the President’s communications team. Neither is the housing crisis, the banking crisis, the auto bailout or any of their solutions to those problems. Why? Because their solutions are not popular. And the more radio hosts that tell America about these bad ideas, the worse off they are. So their focus is on the real problem, free speech. The sooner they nip it in the bud, the better. And the only way to do that is through the Fairness Doctrine.

    So while the President’s top aides will continue to get America to focus on Rush Limbaugh. They will try and split conservatives, as some fell trap to earlier this week. They will divide America into pro-Limbaugh and anti-Limbaugh groups, and then they will offer the only reasonable solution they have to the anti-Limbaugh group, the Fairness Doctrine.  And what better target than the man credited as ”the first man to proclaim himself liberated from the East Germany of liberal media domination.”

    Conservatives cannot lose their focus. They must remain vigilant against bad economic decisions, bad banking decisions, bad auto bailout decisions, bad housing decisions and above all bad Constitutional decisions. The Constitution gives Rush Limbaugh the right, even the duty, to inform the American public of the Obama Administration’s record. And when they try and take that right away, conservatives must stand against it.

    As Rush himself asks; “will the arena of ideas remain a free market.” From now on when Obama’s top advisors mention Rush, conservatives should answer Fairness Doctrine. That way, the conversation will be about what matters, free speech and accountability.

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    34 Responses to The White House "Rush" to the Fairness Doctrine

    1. Emags says:

      The "Fairness Doctrine" is straight out of Atlas Shrugged. The irony is lost on our parody of a president.

    2. Steve in Arizona says:

      In despotic Third World countries, there is opposition speech. It involves car bombs, IED's, killings, kidnappings, etc. You see, they don't have a First Amendment securing free (non-violent) speech. We can have free (non-violent) speech, or we can have Third World style opposition speech. Only a fool would prefer Third World violent speech methods, over First Amendment non-violent free speech. Apparently, there are fools in this country. Hopefully, they're outnumbered by the wise people.

    3. Charles, Texas says:

      Whether or not those on "the Hill" agree with Rush he has the "right" to say it. Perhaps part of our elected officals being sworn in should include publicly reciting the "Bill of Rights". If they are sworn to Defend the Constitution, then they should continually be reminded of what it states & truly stands for. In addition, my thanks to The Heritage Foundation for the pocket size copy of the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution of the United States.

    4. Albert Barbush, Kern says:

      The Fairness Doctrine is just one tactic the Administration uses to "clear the playing field." As a "community organizer" in Chicago in the '80s, Obama had been influenced by the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a radical who wrote RULES FOR RADICALS,

      in which he outlines a MODEL for revolution under the banner of "social change."

      It may be summarized by the following tactics stated in the book:

      "…it is not enough for the

      (community)organizer to be in solidarity with the people. He must also:

      A. Cultivate unity against a clearly identifiable enemy; he must specifically name this foe, and single out precisely who is to blame for the particular evil that is the source of the people's anger. There must be a face associated with the people's discontent.

      B. That face must be a personification, not something general or abstract like a corporation, or City Hall. Rather, it should be an individual such as a CEO, a mayor, or a president.


      There is no point to tactics unless they have a TARGET upon which to center the attacks. The organizer's task is to cultivate in people's hearts a negative, visceral, emotional response to the face of the enemy."


      I offer the following:





      — SEAN HANNITY —


      In short, Alinsky says the people want SOCIALISM; and KARL MARX said, "PEACE is the ABSENCE of OPPOSITION TO SOCIALISM."

      Last month, NEWSWEEK wrote:

      NEWSWEEK wrote:

      "Obama knew he had a knack for finding non-threatening ways to make people accept change. To begin with, Obama insisted that he wanted to run a grass-roots campaign because he had seen it work as a community organizer, and he wanted to try to "TAKE THE MODEL NATIONAL."

    5. Mark @ News Corpse says:

      You people are hilarious. You are accusing Obama of focusing too much attention on Limbaugh (whom you presumably think isn't important), while you are obsessing over the Fairness Doctrine, to which Obama has repeatedly stated his opposition. Even Democrats in the Senate just voted 87-11 against it.

      Your arguments simply don't fly. The Plouffe article you cite is over 800 words and only 6 of them are "Limbaugh." The bulk of the article is about how Republicans have not gotten the message of change and bipartisanship from the election last November. And Robert Gibbs spoke about the economy for an hour before making his exit joke (which was really directed at Michael Steele, not Limbaugh).

      But if you want to continue to fight a battle against a phantom Doctrine, go ahead. It just cements your image as obstructionists that have nothing productive to contribute to resolving our nation's problems. Which, by the way, is what Obama is working hard at every day. You just keep chasing demons and Socialists and bears (oh my).

      Good luck with that.

    6. Jazlyn Millane, Prov says:

      Are you guys all crazy? Rush Limbaugh is slime and the people who follow him are the same. He's an angry and hateful man who wants our country to fail. And you're defending him? Shame on Rush and shame on you!

    7. Doc Hilliard, Big Be says:

      It seems to me when/if a re-constituted "Fairness Doctrine" (by whatever name/label) is put in play people like Rush ought to expand into new markets to counterweight the "drive-by media' in all its odious forms in print, broadcast, and internet. At present on the one side there is Rush, along with a few dozen others, while on the other side there are thousands upon thousands of print, broadcast, and internet outlets spewing lies and hate, doom and gloom, despair and despondancy, pessimism and defeatism. Obviously, to comply with any sort of "Fairness Doctrine" either the drive-bys will have to close down and/or Rush's outlets expand till there is parity.

    8. Jaron, Alexandria, V says:

      Jazlyn: Do you read your own words? It seems the hate and lack of "change" is coming from your closed mind too.

      Rush is slime and so are all those who listen to him? Wow. Take a break before you hurt yourself. I know that most of your neighbors in Provo are fans of Rush, apparently they're all slime. Why don't you tell them that, of wait, who's spouting the hate now?

      Get ahold of yourself.

    9. Marco says:

      Rush is the leader of the Conservative Movement in America. Notice how Obama does not attack conservative principle, but rather conservatives most effective leader. First Hannity, then Limbaugh. Straight out of the Alinsky playbook. But don't expect the Obamaniacs to even notice how unusual it is for a sitting president to attack private individuals. Democrats love to hate, and hate to love.

    10. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Mark at Newscorp, I am a Rush listener. I am also a supporter of our founding principles and the US Constitution. I hope you have read some of it. If you think that by voting against what is called "Fairness Doctrine", the issue is put to bed, you are more gullible than your comments would indicate. They will go after it differently. They will classify it as hate speech. Chuck Schumer thinks it is equivalent to pornographic speech.

      Jazlyn, what gives you the right to call me a slime just because I listen to Limbaugh. That same right should be extended to every other citizen of this country. It is called First Amendment.

      There is going to come a time when free people will have to shed their blood so that their children and grand children can live in the USA as free men and women, with life and liberty and pursuit of happiness. I am afraid that time is fast approaching as we watch the destruction of this country commanded from Washington,DC.

    11. Barb -mn says:

      Jazlyn and Mark,

      Are you welfare recipients? You can't admit your weak, but your words speak soundly. Learn what freedom is and the responsibilities it takes to be. Rush, Sean, all worked hard to get where they're at without stealing from either of you. But you won't hesitate to steal from them. YOU'RE JEALOUS AND UNREAL! Everyone in this country can take whatever steps necessary to establish their lives the way they choose. It's called working for it. Obama, your perfect human being is more jealous then you and wants to take that freedom away while you let it slip away in honor of your perfect president.

    12. Barb -mn says:

      I forgot to mention, they (obama and his bunch), have been and continue to steal the freedom of speech from anyone that speaks conservatively. And if you two don't see this, I suggest you get help from a therapist who live their lives with respect to freedom and all American principles…maybe there is hope you will come out of the indoctrination you continue to suffer from.

    13. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Ever notice when we discuss the Fairness Doctrine, the Liberals come out of the woodwork to defend the Left? They try to insult us by calling us hurtful and angry. Those are the words that you use to insult a Liberal! Go ahead, tell a Liberal that they are hurtful and they will just about pull out their hair trying to convince you that they are good Americans.

      They also hate Rush Limbaugh. They do not know Rush nor do they listen to what he says. They hear words "I hope he fails" yet have no idea what Rush is talking about. We all know that Rush wants the policies of President Obama to fail, not the man but the Left only hears the words. They also accuse Rush of being a drug addict. Well, he sought help and beat the addiction. How many Liberals are drug addicts and alcoholics? But question the integrity of one of the Liberal Leaders, they all mass together to defend the accused. Just bring up good ol' Senator Kennedy and his wild night in Chappaquiddick and watch the Liberals run to protect him.

      Anyway, I understand that Rush Limbaugh has invited President Obama to debate him live on the Rush Limbaugh show. Rush offered to pay all expenses so that we (the taxpayer) wouldn't have to. Fat chance that President Obama would ever do this because the President cannot handle speaking without a teleprompter…… and they called President Bush dumb!

    14. pc, la says:

      how easily you all forget that it conservative "principle" that led our once proud nation into a war of choice, bankrupt a the government and depleted the treasury.

      now you want to listen to some fat drug addict criticize the guy who was elected – not chosen by the supreme court, but actually elected – to fix the mess caused by these "principles?"


      tell us, where was rush's harsh laser beam of criticism aimed for the past 8 years? he was wrong about bush. so why are you so convinced he's right about obama?

      because you don't know how to think. and you don't know how to listen. you only know how to hear. and regurgitate easily memorized sound bites.

      stop being cheerleaders. and learn critical thought. our nation's return to prominence depends on it.

    15. Bill, Virginia says:


      "regurgitate easily memorized sound bites": "chosen by the supreme court" maybe you missed the recounts that showed Bush won?

      "aimed for past 8 years" if you had listened to Limbaugh's show rather than "hearing" your sources you would know he often opposed Bush's policies

      There is a small chance you are not familiar with "conservative principles".

    16. Keith - Meriden, Con says:

      where are the Republicans? If we are the party of responsibility and accountability, the party of constitutional rights, freedoms and liberty then there MUST be ( political-GOP party )organization in place to do battle! The Liberals got this right and look what they've accomplished in these hate mongers and liers. Conservatism has to on public display each and every day. I have personally written Michael Steele to take up this challenge. The Republican Party is, in large measure, responsible for allowing this liberal assault on America. We all stood by and watched as "the new america" was being proposed from within a well organized Democrat Party. republicans need to take a concerted stand against the new Democrat Socialist Power Brokers. Rush, Sean, Glenn and so many other conservative minds already have provided the blueprint. All Republican Party members ( elected ) have to do is NOT stray off course or get distracted. And, SPEAK-OUT each and every day. Where are the Republicans? Come ON, Mr. Steele!

    17. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      You can call Conservative radio all the names you want, they are still protected by "freedom of speech", just like those that preach hate and racism. Even the KKK is protected, the Black Muslims, skin heads, and any group you can mention. What the left does not like is the conservative radio people tell it like it is, on both sides of the coin. Obama believes he is right and wants to stop anyone that disagrees with his way of thinking. The fairness doctrine is just wrong. People get enough of the left dopctrine by listening to any of the news networks other than Fox News. I guess he will want to shu them up soon.

    18. Renee Clifford Long says:

      Stop the hate, name calling, and diversion. We have a nation to save. families to feed. Children to protect.


      in a crisis. our nation is in a crisis. Our morals are in a crisis. GROW UP. No one side has all the right answers. WHY DO WE HAVE SIDES ANYWAY???? Is this not everyones UNITED STATES???

    19. sb, NJ says:

      Ask yourself this: Why do Conservatives freely identify themselves and Liberals rarely self-identify?

      Conservatives have principles to live by, starting with the Constitution, and speak out against ANYONE, Republican or Democrat, who seeks to lead the country away from those principles. Those of you who claim that Rush has supported everything that George Bush did obviously haven't listened to Rush rail against Bush's expansion of government and a host of other issues.

      I have yet to hear Liberals enunciate a set of principles other than "big government is the answer to all problems" and "we need to tax people more to get it". Consider other administrations' programs, such as the War on Poverty or the Great Society. Where are the results of these programs except for wasting billions of dollars with little or no positive results.

      For all of you who attack Rush, at least take the time to listen to his message. You have listened to the liberal media for all of your lives; take the time to listen to a dissenting view. Dissenting speech is a gift granted to us by the Founding Fathers. I will actively work against any attempt to infringe on the First Amendment.

      I challenge you to actively listen to both sides before making any decision.

    20. Barbara JK Colora says:

      Rush and Sean are my family's primary source of the news that does not have a liberal bias.They are our fairness and balance in the news. Please do not compare McCarthy/Murrow with Plouffe/Limbaugh- McCarthy was right, but Plouffe is not.

    21. Kathleen, Illinois says:

      My comment is directed at anyone who feels that Rush Limbaugh wants this country to fail, specifically Jazlyn in Provo, Utah. I heard Rush say initially that he hopes Obama fails. He said then, and has clarified repeatedly for anyone willing to listen, that he wants Obama's POLICIES to fail, not the country as a whole. He has further clarified that as long as Obama's POLICIES move us further towards socialism, he hopes he fails. Well, I have to say I agree with that. Socialism has been proven unworkable time and time again throughout the world. The Iron Curtain went down in the late 80's and early 90's for a reason. If wanting socialism to fail makes me slime, then I am proud to be slime. God bless America and all those who want America to succeed! And for those who want socialist policies to "succeed", I suggest taking a look at where Eastern Europe has been. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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    23. Patsy, Texas says:

      wow you can see how Rush threatens the obots, yes I listen to Rush and then I do this real smart thing called research, and by golly gee, there it is in black and white on the computer. So you hater morons, why don't you do the same, instead of condemning a man you don't know a damn thing about. I know, some of you don't have one of those fancy things called a puter…enough is enough.

    24. George,Pennsylvania, says:

      Is it not enough to be Mr. Obama to be the President of the United States of America that he has to be so worried about a talk show hosts political opions on a radio show? In America we have had Mr. Obama freedom of speech politically and religiously for 233 years. And Philadelphia is where that document was written the Declaration of Independance from Great Britain and King George the third a despotical leader who would not give us equal representation in Londons parliment,raised our taxes,and ate out our substance of what belonged to us and our colony.Put their soldgiers in our homes and so forth.Maybe Indonesia or some African governments dont believe in those freedoms but here we do.Mr. Limbaugh or any other talk show host,or citizen or religious folks should also be afforded their constitutional rights as American citizens.And no true American should have any problem with that wether you are a Republican or Democrat,Christian or Jewish or muslim.Those who dont believe these things should seek out a nation more to their liking and beliefs.Lets all at least respect our citizens constitutional rights under the constitution even if we dont agree politically or religiously.And if your a Christian do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Lets not have to apologise to England for having left them for our freedoms.Freedom,remember,is a gift from God our Creator mentioned in the Holy Bible even in Lincolns personal one.

    25. Patsy, Texas says:

      the difference between us and them is we are damn proud to be conservatives, I display it on my car, stickers, and magnets etc. I am not ashamed to say that I am a conservative, I do believe in the way of the conservatives. My husband and I have lived that way all of our lives. We were both born and raised in the military and damn proud of that too, maybe that makes us more agreeable to things, but not to harming our beloved USA. I see what they are trying to teach are children in school. The lies they are teaching them of the history of the US. I have my old school books and it is a good thing, because the books of fantasy they are trying to pass off as our new history books is ridiculous to say the least.

    26. Maria New York says:

      I had look up on Wikipedia site of how many liberal talk radio shows were on and it is a very long list, much more then conservative. It is not the point of conservatives "Taking over the airway", liberals just want to stop any political talk that dose not goose step in their parade. All people better wake up in this country no matter their political views if our constitutional right of political free speech is taken away then we are all censored as a people. I am amazed that there is such hatred on the left that they would give the government such power over us. They may be next if they are not in lock step with those in power. Many, many people died to protect our freedom of speech.

    27. mike baker Dallas C says:

      Rush can handle the verbal assaults from the histrionic left. He's been doing it for years, and the people who equate a dependancy on an addictive pain-killer, taken to relieve the symptoms of a chronic aching back, with the recreational use of coaine as my county's Democrat Central Committee Chairman did recently, is lying to themselves.

    28. Patsy, Texas says:

      the liberals are jealous of Rush, Hannity, Beck and all the rest of the conservative radio and TV, the liberals wish that they had the loyal fan base of the conservative group of radio and TV.

      they couldn't even pay me to listen to the crap they call news. In that group I would like to add CNN (communist news network) I haven't listened or watched any of those shows, I get my news from Fox..say no more By the way, I changed my TV viewing during the election process, the other media was so far up mr.obama's rear end it wasn't funny. That is when I started watching fox and haven't never come back to the local media and will never watch their news programs again.

    29. Patti, Las Vegas says:

      It is laughable to hear us say that the "Fairness Doctrine" died. Instead, what Clear Channel (yesterday) and perhaps others say they "might" do to get rid of so called right-wing talk show hosts is to break up the large radio station conglomerates.

      I wonder what NBC, CBS, ABC would say if someone tried to do the same thing to them?

    30. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Here we have a President and Staff afraid of the

      TRUTH and cannot win a debate! Because the entire

      country would see OBAMA for what he is not!

    31. dmc222 Michigan says:

      Hand over your money, your guns, and now your healthcare, radios, and televisions. Next will be your religion, and then we're steps away from turning over our neighbours. I can't believe so many people didn't see this coming.

    32. Jeff, California (no says:

      We are in trouble. Current estimates are that 40% of Americans pay zero income taxes. The Obama plan is expected to increase that number to 50%.

      When you have a half of a population that pays nothing but receives plenty who are they going to vote for? Half. That's enough to win anything since there is Hollywood to tip the scales.

      Revolution, peaceful or not, is inevitable. We're being out bred by the welfare generations.

    33. MuscleDaddy, Colorad says:

      Death of the Fairness Doctrine, and Dick Durbin's work-around…


      Our vigilance is all we have.

      – MuscleDaddy

    34. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      President Obama is trying to take all of our Freedom away. One Freedom at a time. What I think he forgets, we are the American People, we are not going to give anything up, we will fight!

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